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Daechir Calithailin


It is easier to say than his full name, so that is the one he chooses to go by more often than not. Daed is a quiet man, but one given to occasional Fae humor. He is a quiet Sildanyar, and clearly Mil'niessa by his bearing; and he does nothing to hide that fact. If anything he flaunts his nature, choosing darker clothing or items which make his dark skin seem darker still. Bold crimsons that bring out the red of his eyes are a personal favorite. Little if anything is really known about him, and he rarely if ever speaks about his past. What is known about him is that he is a sorcerer, and that he is better with a rapier - or a fist - than any of that ilk should be.

Which means that very little is known about what draws him to Alexandria. He owns a home here however, and has been staying there since his arrival.

Spare time is spent...

  • Studying magic and/or fighting
  • Visiting tailors and other fine shops
  • Is looking for housestaff





Mul'niessa PC Badge
Family Name: Calithailin
Role: Among the Mul'niessa? An disinherited son.
Faith: Taara by default, but Tarien by choice.
Other: See below.

Llyranesi PC Badge
Family Name: Name given by the father's side of the family.
Role: Loving son.
Faith: Tarien.
Other: Born to Mul'niessa and Llyranesi parents, Daed physically takes after his father's people. This is not true in other aspects of his life. In those he takes more after his mother and her people.

Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Shadow-Touched
Tier: 1
Development: Daed is touched by the shadows; they love him. They cling to his body and move to his will. In fact he is like a shadow himself, a shadow with red eyes and magic in each fingertip.

  • In restless dreams I walked alone,
  • My shadow's the only one beside me,
  • It calls my name and brings me home.
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