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About My Character

A scythe wielding Korite mercenary that wandered into Alexandria one day after leaving her old outfit, the Brazen Stride. She's shown knowledge of military theory, but is frequently prone to rash, decisive actions. The most notorious case of this ended with Chay, albeit briefly, dead by her hand trying to save him from The Black Mask. An avid drinker, and generally boisterous, she occasionally fidgets with a tiny brass skeleton that dances from a ring in her left ear.

In more recent months, she had been afflicted by some kind of artifice that left her in a silvery, inhuman body that was curiously susceptible to dispel effects, though the condition changed over time, leaving her in an assortment of bizarre hybrid forms.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Drinkies- She tends to support the local economy through her bar tab.
  • Korite- She follows Kor, and generally dedicates her exploits to his entertainment.
  • Military History- She's been schooled in military theory and, in fact, is looking into a particular figure, but only has a vision to go by.

Common Braeisms

  • Cake eater- Rich person, especially idle wealthy
  • Landed cake eater- A cake eater with land and probably noble title.
  • Murderchicken- A Witchcrow in particular, also crows in general.
  • Luv- Term of endearment to someone of acquaintance.
  • Luvvie- Usually applied toward lesser acquaintances. Barmaids, proprietors, etc.
  • AROOOYAH- A heartful cheer, usually for honoring the fallen, victory, or a well delivered story of valor.
  • Mojo/Hoodoo- Effects of a mystical nature: spells and certain monsterous abilities.
  • Mojo tech- artifice.
  • Spook tech- Black Artifice
  • Spooky- Trying to look grim/monstrous for intimidation's sake, or actual spooky.
  • Mouser- Someone who plays with a kill, esp. for the giggles of it; a sadist. Usually preceded with a vulgarity.