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Rhyn Salvern


It means... Blood Rain. And it is the name between her names, the hidden words for herself.

Rhyn was born to a priestess of Elune, and unsurprisingly was expected from a young age to follow in her mother’s footsteps. However it quickly became clear that the young elf had no patience for the rigors of such schooling. Rhyn spent all her time out in the wilds, half tame even from a young age. She grew up in the trees, and had little time for any sort of interaction with other people; even her own father however loving.

By the time she was a nearly an adult it was clear that there was no taming her. Few even dared to try as she was prone to violence when provoked and developed a short temperament. More than a few brawls were started on the edge of a misunderstanding and though she was quick to apologize once the anger left her… The temper she could barely control left her with few friends. At least until her father sent her to be trained by those who could perhaps understand best. The barbarians of her people gave Rhyn a focus for her rage, and some measure of control over it.

It seemed natural after that, to spend most of her time in the wilds. More at home among the trees than among people who too quickly sparked her anger. She loved it, and so it came naturally to her to desire to protect it. So she picked up a bow and became a protector of the woods. Now that there is a threat to that environment she comes to Alexandria, a city to be sure but a place with wilds that need her bow to defend them.

Rp Hooks

  • Rhyn is a ranger who enjoys the outdoors
  • She has a hot temper
  • She enjoys adventuring