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Princess Kisaiya "Kisa" Forest

About Kisaiya

The long story short is that she grew up in a caravan, the slightly longer version is that she's a Tsuran who frequented Vandalheim more than any other city.

Her childhood was filled with travels through The Vast and into the Desolation. Seeing sights that others have only read or heard about. Skyhold, the Broken Planes, even The Sea of Sundered Time, they were all places she was able to see and wander with her family. For her, by the way, her family is the caravan. It wasn't just her parents, but all of them. That's how they were raised, to understand that they all needed to rely on each other and grow up as a family.

Growing up like that tended to give a rather different view of what some might consider stealing. Most everything that people owned was simply what the caravan owned. If you set down a brush, it would likely be gone when you looked for it next, but you'd be able to find another easily enough. That shirt you hung out to dry might turn into someone else's tunic, but you did find a great pair of sturdy pants! It was simply the way of things, and everyone simply accepted it. If it was there, and wasn't attended... then it really wasn't anyone's right then. Want it? Take it!

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Roleplay Hooks

  • A Princess of Vandalheim (TOTALLY IS NOW! I HAVE PAPERS!);
  • Doesn't quite fully grasp the what others consider stealing times;
  • Enjoys looking at fabrics;
  • Grew up in a caravan;
  • Traveled all around The Vast and into Desolation;
  • Often traveled to Vandalheim;
  • Has a passing resemblance to a non-active caravan raider.

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(RPP) Influence PC Badge
Spheres: Alexandria's Lower Markets
Rival 1: Feeora, Queen of Trade: "HEY! I KNOW YOU!"
Feeora was quick to tell Kisa all about what she remembered of the one-time bandit. A bandit who /has/ to be working an angle now! Feeora is absolutely sure she has to be, and she's not taking any of what Kisa is trying to feed her. This whole "gone legitimate" nonsense, what a load of hoo-hah! Might as well say she's a Princess next! Wait... She is saying that?! BUWHAHAHAHAHA!

Feeora grew up on the streets of Vandalheim, she was a pickpocket by trade until she got a bit older. Turned out, she is a rather lovely looking lady and she used that to her advantage! One scam after another she worked her way up the streets of the city of Bandits and Thieves until making her way over to Alexandria. She continued her work out there, except now making more money and living in a nicer place. She likes it here.

She was trying to get a merchant to pay her for some new rugs "just coming in" when Kisa dropped by and offered a better deal. Took Feeora a moment to realize it was good ol' Kisaiya, the caravaner and bandit. Now that she's figured it out, she's going to lord that over her head and milk it for all its worth. Trying to one up me at my game in my new town?! I don't think so!
Rival 2: Drake Thorn, Chief Detective: "I'll hunt you down!"
He's a Chief Detective with the Alexandrian City Guard. He was after Tami for quite some time but could never really find enough to pin the sale of illegal goods on her. When Tami went straight, and started working under Kisaiya, he decided that Kisa must be running some sort of racket. HE WILL FIGURE IT OUT! One day he will figure out what her angle is, he knows she must have one. And when he does, she's going down. Not just for what he can pin on her, but for everything else that he almost had Tami for too.
Accomplice: Tamara Sinclair
Other Landmarks: First Sphere: Merchants of the Lower Trades
Second Sphere: Merchants of the Upper Trades
Hard to Pin (Can Escape Imprisonment w/ Diplomacy)
Title: Princess of Vandalheim
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Tamara "Tami" Sinclair (NPC Accomplice, RPP Influence Spend)

Tami grew up on the streets. She wasn't the most agile, but she is smart and quick with her words. Soon enough she started to run small rackets to keep the money flowing. At first it was enough to live, then it was enough to start her own business. She always tried to skate to the inside of the law (even if by a hair) and only take from those that could afford it. Eventually she became a fence, a role she fell into easily even if it was a bit more toward the illegal than she would have liked. Kisaiya ran into her while handling business dealings in the Lower Trades and offered her a job. Tami decided to give it a shot and work a more legitimate job.

She counts as a 3rd level expert and uses the NPC array.

Name: Tami Race: Human
Class: Expert 3 Align: NG
Role: Tami is a Bookkeeper and a Merchant, she handles logistics in whatever way is needed. Not to mention, she knows a bit about everything going on around town making it difficult for others to slip an excuse by her. She wasn't always in this line of work, she used to be a fence until Kisaiya offered her more legitimate business instead.
Stats: Str: 8, Dex: 10, Con: 9, Int: 12, Wis: 11, Cha: 15; HP: She won't see combat, she'll run if she does.

Skills: (Class skill marked with *)

Appraise:* 3 (7) (I sell things, how else would I figure their value?)
Bluff:* 2 (8) (Don't judge! Sometimes it's the best way)
Diplomacy:* 2 (8) (And sometimes this is)
Disguise:* 1 (7)
Knowledge/Local:* 3 (10)
Knowledge/Nobility:* 2 (6) (Do you know how Vandalheim gets a princess?)
Linguistics: 1 (2)
Perform/Oratory:* 2 (8)
Profession/Bookkeeping: 3 (6)
Profession/Merchant:* 3 (9)
Sense Motive:* 2 (5)


Skill Focus: Profession/Merchant
Voice of the Sibyl
Skill Focus: Knowledge/Local


Trade Language
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