A Suddenly Bad Day

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It's a rather nice afternoon for a winter day, the weather warm for the time of year, not much snow on the ground. The gates of the city are wide open as it lets people in and out for travel, trade and the like. Elessa has a big pack on her back as she looks like she's been on the road for some time. Going through the gates and past the guards, she walks past the part of the guardhouse that has wanted posters on it. It's a habit, to make sure wasn't spotted doing a job or anything. It starts with a glance until her eye catches one of the posters in which she just STARES... Her bag then just drops to the ground with a heavy 'thud' and she quietly says "What -- the -- fuck..."

Sometimes you need to get out and catch the marks before they come into the city and get wise. So, Tatyannah is there, casing victims when she spots Elessa. She steps away from where she was snacking and says cheerfully, "Elessa. So. You've been busy."

Lily is quite the wanderer. Today, she's returning from beyond Alexandria with her minimum amount of supplies as usual. Her violin is still slung across her back, and she reaches the gate not long after Elessa. Just as she crosses the portal, her ears catch the curse and frustration, and she glances over towards the posters. Inconspicuously, she wanders over thataways and stops next to Elessa to look at the posters herself.

"What the fuck is this?!?!" Elessa now screams at the poster. Hearing a familiar voice, she looks at Tatyannah. "You did this didn't you?!" she points at the poster. "You did this and now they're blaming ME?!" She's still screaming.

"I'm a thief, not an assassin," Tatyannah points out. "Mostly. But no, not me. I'm just - " she stops and looks around, before she corrects, "Doing other things to him." She begins to wave her hands, "However, we should probably not discuss this right out here in front of the Gods and everyone, hmmm?"

Benthus is nearby, probably chatting with the city guards on duty. Probably looking over the list of people who are wanted for something or another. Probably.

Lily looks over towards Elessa, then the poster. She raises an eyebrow and cants her head to the side. Lightly, Lily comments "That does appear to have an uncanny resemblance to you." She does catch the conversation, and she looks over, "Did you two actually have a hand in those events? I wouldn't mind hearing that story."

"I'm not an assassin either!" Elessa shouts, obviously upset about this whole thing. "And you know I had nothing to do with any of this! I was back home!" She pauses as there's another voice that speaks up and turns to Lily, taking a step back.. "I don't know what it's about, I wasn't nearby. I was in the Vast, with a whole undead nation between myself and this dabacle."

Tatyannah continues to shoo Elessa and anyone else to some place quieter. "Elessa, stop yelling and I'll actually buy you drinks. You don't want people to try and fill the bounty do you? I do not want to spend the afternoon fighting off idiots who are going to try and capture you."

Lily actually follows Elessa and Tatyannah, as part of the whole shooing effort that she's swept up in. She does regard Elessa, but her expression doesn't read as hostile, more just genuinely curious. "I really don't know anything about this, either. But not drawing attention seems to be the best idea if you're looking to avoid confrontation," the elf agrees. She's helping!

Elessa opens her mouth in order to potentially protest, but then she falls silent. "You're right. I should get off the streets." She bent over and picked up her pack that she dropped. "And you're telling me everything you've been up to because I want to know why they are saying I did this," she pointed at the poster again, glaring at Tatyannah. "You want to know anything, bug her," she says to Lily.

"Okay, someone tell the sword that can't read anything what is going on!" Elessa's blade speaks up from her side, finally annoyed with not being told anything.

Benthus looks at some of the posters on the wall as a habit, skimming through the list of those that city guards are after. Seeing a few new posters being put on display, he looks them over. One particular poster draws his attention. He picks the paper up from the wall and approaches one of the guards who has been assigned at the gates. A conversation ensues with Benthus frequently drawing the attention of the guard to the poster. There's a lot of head shaking and shrugging from the guard and not too long, Benthus could be seen sighing visibly, shaking his head as well. He returns to the wall where he got the paper and places it back there. The paper has a rough sketch of a face that looked like Elessa. There's a sign that says 'Wanted'.

Tatyannah blinks at Elessa, "Why are you blaming me?! I'm innocent. I've never done a bad thing in my life." Nevermind she just pickpocketed someone for booze money, "Look, we have money for alcohol." She asides to the sword, "Learn to read. That is if you have eyes, though it does make one wonder how you can talk if you don't have a mouth." She trails off to contemplate this for a few moments, before saying, "Oh, where was I? Anyway, someone has fingered your owner as having tried to assassinate a very bad man in Dran."

Lily walks along Elessa's side when she moves, leaning forward a bit, she looks at Tatyannah. Well, looks /up/ to Tatyannah. Then she glances to the passerby that just got pickpocketted. She doesn't say anything and just goes back to walking. When the sword speakss, she jumps a little to the side, "Yeek! Did your pants just talk?" She can't tell it's the sword, how would you even guess that?

Clearing her throat, Lily looks back at Tayannah, "Was that man Grey Gore? I don't know much about him."

This person stands at roughly six feet in height and is of broad-built. An elegant blue cloak that appears to shimmer in the light of day covers his body. A weight of around two hundred and ten pounds could be estimated. A great sword can be seen poking out of a slit-hole at his back, as well as a composite longbow and a quiver of arrows. The cloak is drawn together at the front, but not fastened, to keep the warmth in. If by chance a strong wind should push aside the cloak for a little while, one would see the intricately crafted breastplate of unusual material beneath. Engraved on the chest-piece is the symbol of the sun.

The hood is worn over his head, but not covering his face. The face, if one manages to get a look at it, appears that of a human. Still, there is an odd feature about his face should one look closer. Aside from the slightly slanted eyes and the ever present-smile on his lips (which some people might consider odd), there appears to be an other-worldly beauty to his feature. The slightly pointed tips of his ears suggest that he may be of more than human origin. His eyes have a soft, patient quality to them, giving him an appearance of a kind-hearted individual. When he speaks, he speaks in a soothing tone, almost hypnotic. But it is not spoken barely above a whisper, for his voice can clearly be heard by those around him. His appearance may suggest a docile person. But the armaments he is carrying clear says otherwise.

He walks about in a a calm and collected manner, tipping his head and offering silent hellos to anyone who would glance his way. There is a grace and strength to his movement that sets him apart from the normal populace. But it is his presence that seems to hold most people's attention. Exuding out of him is an intangible aura of goodness that sets people at ease (and probably unease to those that are not good). But with all these qualities, he doesn't appear haughty or prideful. There is always an air of humility when he talks to people, even the lowly denizens of society.

A few people manage to spot Elessa during the time that she was very upset. Drawn to the incident, a few snooper types make a passing stroll to where she is and try to get a glimpse of her. Several more people try to do this too. Then a very small gathering of people can be seen not too far from the gate. One of the group approaches the guard on duty and points towards Elessa's location. The Guard merely shakes his head and points to the gate and then himself, and then at all the people he has to examine before they can enter. The group continues to look at Elessa. Then they spot Benthus putting something back on the wall. They gathered around Benthus. A lot of finger pointings are being made towards the location of where Elessa is located. And then a few more on the poster that Benthus just recently placed back on the wall. Benthus listens attentively and begins to speak to them. It takes a while but the people begin to understand as they seem to be nodding their heads at the sunblade. One of the person in the group goes even further and takes the paper with the picture of Elessa on it and begins tearing it apart. Benthus grimaces and shakes his head but does nothing to stop it. But he does urge them on, patting some on the shoulders and seeming to appreciate their vigilance. As soon as everyone had departed, he moves over to where Elessa might be located.

Elessa sees Benthus return her wanted poster. That is something she never wanted to see, especially for something she actually didn't do. "Alcohol it is. This was supposed to be a good day. I was coming home, catch up with friends. And what happens? I get framed for murder." She pauses at Lily's question about talking pants. "Oh no, that was Lysander, my rapier. He talks." Yep, totally normal.

"While I am knowledgeable and can speak, I am unable actually see what is written and understand it. Perhaps as I become stronger in time," the sword speaks again.

"Yes. He's a very bad man, who is very good at his job. It would be best for the world if he was no longer in it," Tatyannah remarks. However, I do not believe that Elessa did it. As she was in the Vast. Visiting family." See, Elessa, Tatyannah believes you. "Also, she'd never have done it without me." She turns on the groups that come anywhere close to her small group, "I will stab you all. Move along before there is an unfortunate accident with my knife." She pulls out her kukri and twirls it.

"Framed for /attempted/ murder," Lily says, trying to be of some help in technical detail. "For whatever it's worth, I believe you." She can offer that much. "Lysander? I've heard about talking swords in lore, but I've never seen one. My clan actually had a legend about a sword who was imbued with the soul of a murderer, it was supposed to be a wise tale about being greedy." She smirks a bit. "So why is she being framed?" Lily also offers a small wave, "I'm Lily, by the way."

Elessa smiles softly at Tatyannah. "Thank you Tatyannah, and of course, I would never go and do something so big without you. But I'm a thief first. I don't murder people." She eyes Benthus as he walks over, uncertain of what the Sunblade might do, and so she actually moves around the giantess in order to somewhat hide from him.

Benthus narrows his eyes at Tatyannah as she threatens one of those people who strayed their eyes on them. "Threatening people, Tatyannah? Bad manners. Very, very bad manners." He consoles the people who were visibly frightened at threat thrown their way by the giant-born, trying to tell them that someone is having a very bad day. The small group are not as frightened as they were before, probably because of the Sunblade's presence. They cast accusing eyes at Tatyannah before going off towards the gates.

Benthus draws closer towards Tatyannah's group and shakes his head, "What is wrong with you, Tatyannah. Threatening people in broad day light? You should be thankful that none of them are calling for the city guards to arrest you right now. And considering that I am present as well, I'd be forced to declare the incident as true." Noting the presence of several other people, he changes his tone, "My apologies, my name is Benthus. I am a sunblade." He notes Elessa but refrains from saying anything about her.

"Murder, she killed the guards," Tatyannah points out to Lily. "Well, the imposter killed the guards. Unless you're saying the guards don't count. As for why she is being framed, I would guess that someone didn't like her very much." The knife gets tucked away - somewhere. She rolls her eyes at being accused of bad manners. She utters, "Pirate," as if it explains all. She shrugs, "Arrest me then. Like I could be kept there," she snorts at the very idea.

"Oh, I guess that's a fair point," Lily concedes to the guard murder. "What would it take to clear your name? It's a little odd that you'd be framed if you were obviously so far away. You have an alibi, yes?" She turns her head and nods towards Benthus. "Hello."

Elessa moves around Tatyannah and glares at Benthus. "She was defending me Sunblade. And I am innocent of what shit that Dran is accusing me of. I do not murder people, Sunblade. I admit, I have sticky fingers, but I don't murder people. Though Masterly deserves it for having killed me..." She looks to Lily, "I have my family... I was with them the past couple of months. I just got back from the Vast. And there is Lysander," she taps the hilt of her rapier.

Benthus answers back, "You know that I would not. Unless the law of the land demands for it, of which I know it has not. I can't just arrest people willey-nilley, you should know that, too. And I am not your enemy here. But I am concerned about your friends safety. As much as it may go against the grain for you or your friend there, I urge you to tell her to come with me to the city's hall of justice (or whatever it is called here). More for her safety than anyone else. You see what the common citizen did. They are trying to protect themselves, and their families. They don't know exactly the truth. They probably think that she is a very, very dangerous criminal who eats babies for breakfast. And letting this thing continue will only solidify that belief. Now, it's just vigilant passersby. But later, probably well armed and highly-trained bounty hunters. If she follows me, I can provide your friend some protection. And she can explain everything to the local authorities who can vouch for her, and render any form of arrests as unlawful." He turns his attentiont to Elessa and sighs, seemingly sad about her predicament. "I know." He refers to the comment about Tatyannah defending her. "But I am afraid that I am not the person you need to convince. It is the local authorities here that hold power as to who is to be arrested or not. Please. To preserve the peace of this city and yourself, follow me to the city court."

"Talk about your bad men. Masterly's someone else we have to take care of," Tatyannah trails off for a few moments, before shaking her head. She refocuses on Benthus, "One, she's right here, and it would have been better to have asked her first, before encouraging me to help convince her. Two, you know that humble act of yours would go over so much better if you actually /were/ humble and treated people with respect. I don't know if it's the prancy elf in you or being a part of the Church that's doing it, but you don't really come off as humble. Three, the local guard don't seem inclined to arrest her from what I saw. And four, even if she /did/ come with you and you vouched for her and everyone else vouched for her, who is to say whether Dran will believe anything we say and whether they won't think that by not handing her over we're protecting her and that makes her the real killer?"

"I think the only real solution would be to offer up evidence of who was actually behind the assassination beyond you. If you can offer hard evidence that someone else was indeed the killer, they'd have no way to incriminate you for that." Lily says, completely glossing over the other facts like Elessa being a thief. Not that it seems to bother her at all.

"I can protect myself just fine," Elessa folded her arms over her chest. "I have a few safe places I can stay until this blows over. And the city guards are obviously not doing anything. I do thank you for your offer of help, Sunblade, but the law and the courts have never really done anything for me in the past, and I don't see how they are really going to do much for me in this regard." She sighs as she looks at Tatyannah. "I guess I'll have to tell Renfrey I can't do any security jobs for a while..."

Benthus looks at Tatyannah and this time his eyes turn from polite to barely-restrained anger. "If you feel like you want to fight me here and now, Tatyannah, then I am here for you. Just draw your sword and stab me with it." He looks really menacing at her. "But if you ever challenge my honour again, I will draw my sword and stab you with it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?"

Tatyannah turns to eye Lily, drawling, "Gosh, I wonder how we can do that, since the attempt took place a thousand miles away from here, behind enemy lines and a few days, weeks ago. Yes, I'm sure there's evidence just laying around to be discovered." She rolls her eyes, "Oh yes, that's really honorable. 'Attack my honor again and I'll stab you without warning or getting a chance to defend yourself.' Yes, I think I do understand you, perfectly." Back to Elessa, "Yeah, probably ought to keep to adventuring. Pays better anyways. Also, is it just me or do you wonder about how someone's honor can be pricked so easily. In my eyes, if their honor is so sensitive, it makes me wonder how thin that honor is. I mean, seriously, all I said is that he wasn't humble. This," she makes a circular mark towards Benthus, "doesn't seem very humble at all. It seems prideful to me."

Benthus thinks it through and smiles, "Oh course, Tatyannah. You are right. I leave your friend in your care then. My apologies." Benthus adds, "But say, how do you feel if something sensitive about you is being talked about cheaply? I hope you do not react as I did." He bows and turns around, moving away, "Good day to you all."

Lily shrinks a little bit, "My apologies, you're right. If anything that highlights the futility of attempting to absolve the situation through legal proceedings." She doesn't offer anything else in retort to Tatyannah.

Elessa sighs as the paladin leaves. "I'm sure he has good intentions, but I still don't see how it would help." She looks to Tatyannah. "You mentioned alcohol before? I think I seriously need some now." With a smile to Lily. "Come along, we can share some good stories about why I hate Dran and want to kill one of their agents."

Tatyannah shrugs as she starts to reply, but Benthus moves off. She turns to address the others, "I'm a thief and pirate and Tarienite. Seriously, what /isn't/ talked about me cheaply?" She shakes her head, "He gives up much too easily. So. Drinks." She does say to Lily, "I do agree with you, that we should find who did this and offer them up, but it will not be so simple, as just going out and finding evidence so easily, that's all. First, we have to look at Grey Gore's enemies. He's got a lot of them and not all of them are us. I mean, this may have been an internal matter, someone jealous of his power. I know that I've arranged for some rumors to be raised against him, so his rivals might have seen him as being weak. Though, clearly, it would be someone who knows about Elessa. Though, that seems oddly specific." She turns to eye Elessa, "It's as much an attack against you as against Grey Gore."

"You said a Dran agent had killed you once?" Lily echos from an earlier point in the conversation. Again her voice is piqued in curiosity as she comes along with the other two. Her eyes remain on Tatyannah for the duration of her explanation, small nods and noises giving her the acknowledgement of understanding. "I agree with you, I didn't mean to make it sound so easy, obviously it isn't. This Grey Gore seems to be a man of power, and I imagine he would have many enemies, as well. Especially if he's disliked as much as you say. This does seem a bit out of my league, but if there's ever a task you need assistance with, I can always offer my assistance."

Elessa sighs as she heads toward one of the nearby pubs so they can get some drinks. "It is attack against me as well, I will have to deal with mercenaries and bounty hunters... The question is who would want to ruin me along with Gray Gore?" However, it seems she can't think of anything or any reason.

"Well, who have you pissed off lately?" Tatyannah asks as she follows after Elessa. "Actually, they should have come after me, not Elessa, if it comes to Grey Gore. I've actuallly /been/ doing things to Grey Gore," she admits. Then to Lily, "She got better," with regard to Elessa's death. "It happens. I've died like three times."

"You'll have to explain that one to me," Lily says with a small laugh. "Where do you two prefer getting drinks? I've only been in Alexandria for a few months."

Elessa shakes her head, "No one I've stolen from on that level. Heck, I'm the one pissed at them for Master...." she pauses. "Think Masterly has found out I'm alive and after his blood?" She looks to Lily and smiles. "Depends. Ox-Strength for cheap or Fernwood for nice. Tatyannah's paying, so she unfortunately gets to pick.

"We deserve nice," so the Fernwood, it is, apparently. "Shall we?" She does muse on the question, "It could be. Though, why you, I mean, I'd flay him and gut him if he were here too. Unless he just /really/ hates you more. I mean, I can forego being the best enemy." She tells Lily, "I had to do a thing. We need certain people distracted. If we're going to win this thing with Dran."

"So Masterly killed her, and she undied. That's a possible vector, I suppose." Lily says, musing a bit on that a bit herself. She chuckles a bit about the deserving nice, "I can serenade us with music while we drink." She's joking, of course, but it's always fun to joke about. "Can we really make a different against Dran? I'm but a lowly musician."

Elessa smiles and leads the way to the Fernwood Pub and sighs when she sees that it's like home. And not a wanted poster to be seen. "I was raised from the dead thanks to my friends, like Tatyannah. Dying isn't fun, try not to do it if you canhelp it." She settles at a table, easing her rapier to the side. "There is always a chance. Just have to be willing to take it."

"Yes, you can make a difference. Depends on what you do, of course, but hire out with the adventurers' guild, that helps," Tatyannah points out to Lily as she enters the pub. Trailing over to a table, she sits and summons a server, "Just booze or booze and food?" She pulls out the bag of gold to see how much she came away with.

Lily steps in last, taking a moment to glance around the pub before following the others to the table. "A lot of musicians that study magic appear to sign on with the adventurer's guild. I'd never really considered it." Thinking about it, she realizes it's more than likely given her insular childhood with the caravan. Wild elves stay far away from civilization often, but not always. Not every clan is as antisocial as hers. "Are you two both adventurers? You're both thieves by trade, yes? ... I don't mean that in an insulting fashion, of course."

"Food, hungry from the road," Elessa says. "But I'll help pay if you would like." She smiles at Lily. "There is power in song, and I have heard it from various people. And we both work for the guild and have other... avenues of income as well. But yes, we're thieves. I grew up in the Vast, and have always been quick on my feet. I'm not saying my family are thieves, far from it. I just... I'm good at what I do and I like doing it."

Tatyannah pshaws at the idea of insult about being a thief. After all she said so, which is what she says to Lily again. She says cheerfully, "My family are pirates. So thief is actually a step up." Then she's ordering food and alcohol to be brought. She asks for a side of peppers, deciding not to be a smart ass Tarienite and play a prank. "Musicians are welcomed in the guild and provide much needed assistance on adventures."

"I don't have any spare money, so I can't chip in, but I would be extremely grateful for food," Lily remarks. At least she's honest and not about to dine and dash. She does have some money, but well, it's in savings, so to say. "The Eidolon Hymn," the power of the song, Lily's happy to know that much, at least. "Pirate parents? How did your families work? I grew up in a caravan, I was taught many things. How to disable traps, lockpicking, healing, how to handle a blade and hunt, and also I taught myself magic. I'm almost a thief myself." She laughs a bit, "Anything to survive."

Elessa nods and listens, giving herself an order of food really quick. "OH yes, it's a lot of that at the beginning. But the Guild pays very well if you're willing to do some pretty nasty and dangerous things. But if you're up for the challenge, they'll treat you very well. Actually the headquarters are only on the other side of the city."

Tatyannah shrugs helplessly, "They were parents, they were pirates. My father captained a ship, my mother stayed home to raise my brothers and I, and when we were old enough, she went back to sailing out as well. You learn how to fight, how to climb, how to sail," nevermind her motion sickness, "how to be a pirate."

"That's what I would expect," Lily says while looking to Tatyannah, "I hardly ever expect things are as fanciful as the tales and imaginations of those who imagine such things. Though, stories would be much more boring without the fanciful parts, right?" A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, "There are no entry requirements to the guild? At the very least, I could employ with them while I search for magic."

Elessa chuckles at Lily and nods. "Oh yeah, not really on the entry requirements, just willing to go wander in some sewers a few times..." She rolls her eyes. "Oh! I should go take care of something really quick before I forget. I'll try to be back soon."

Tatyannah gives Elessa a little nod, before telling Lily, "You just walk in, sign up. Trust me, you run across all kinds of magic on these things."