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Born among the Sildanyar to loving if a bit stifling Llyranesi parents, Shizin was a quiet child. In fact Shizin did not speak until well into childhood, a choice as Shizin's parents learned when seeking the council of clerics and wizards to learn the reason. It seemed that there was simply nothing at all to say. Shizin did however have something to play. From the moment Shizin could there was music to be made. Banging on wood, shaking things to make noise. So Shizin was given musical instruments and this became how the child communicated. When Shizin was sad, the music was sad. When Shizin was happy the music was happy.

Still, Shizin was never quite happy in the Llyranesi lands however. For though they were understanding of that quiet nature, there were expectations that it seemed could never be met. Shizin would never become the great sorcerer or wizard that the family hoped. Nor was Shizin satisfied with only the music that could be learned among the Sildanyar people. So Shizin traveled. Found the language of the Oruch and their music. Found the Sith-makar, halflings, gnomes. A world of words and music. And little in the way of companionship, for Shizin still found that words were hard to come by. Here in the wide world there were few if any who could understand Shizin's silences.

Now Shizin wanders the world, still searching for music, but more than that too. Searching the world for places to hold the notes felt in the heart. Places to inspire the music that created with these hands. Shizin uses music to speak to a world difficult to communicate with. Struggles to find the courage to use one's own words to do the same. More and more Shizin reaches out to find a connection to something more physical than sound, and warmer than the breeze which carries away what is created. This is why Shizin is found in the midst of a great city. To find the places where music can sound, and those who might yet teach how to find peace..


Ways to meet up

  • Loves music
  • Stands out in a crowd
  • Wanders around to odd places





Llyranesi PC Badge
Family Name: Hinota (translates as: of Fire)
Role: Son, and bringer of song
Faith: Follower of Dana
Politics: Shizin is glad to be one of the Llyranesi to rejoin the world.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Low self-esteem
Development: In spite of being a bard Shizin finds it incredibly difficult to communicate with other people on a personal basis. In fact the dawn elf has trouble stringing more than five words together to anyone who isn't a close friend. Even then, communication remains a barrier that Shizin struggles to break down.

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