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Serraphine "Fi" Gottschalk (AKA: Serraphine Nachtwulf)

About Serraphine

To start with, it's important to note that very few people would know her by by the name of Nachtwulf, it's a name she's intentionally tried to distance herself from. A name of a family that was one of those in the Crimson Templars. She's too young to have really known such things, but it is still in her family.

An Arvek that cares little for style outside of her own. She wears what she likes and everyone else can go get their own ideas. This sometimes means that she wears something people would consider odd for a rather rough and ready paladin, and other times odd for someone who's supposed to be dressed for court. That is her way, and she'll be damned if she doesn't dress the way she wants. She's lived most of her life by other's rules, it's time she made some of her own.

Serraphine is a Lancer of Serriel. It is her calling, and one of the things that drives her ever onward. She is serious about demons, and expunges them at every opportunity she has. She is pragmatic to nearly a fault and will always act the part of the Arvek. Because she's an Arvek and that means she's dense and doesn't get your silly human jokes and ideas.


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Roleplay Hooks

  • Lancer of Serriel - Are you a follower of Serriel too?
  • Arvek Nar from Blar - Are you from Blar too?
  • Watcher of the Agent of Chaos - The human named Serra must be stopped!
  • Like Horses? Serraphine does not. Why are we talking about them? :|
  • Think Sandy is a demon? SO DOES SERRAPHINE! Let's concoct a plan.
  • Like Kerbasi's Coffin Cookies? Serraphine stea- borrows them all the time.
  • Isn't Acleese just the cutest? HANDS OFF I SAW HIM FIRST!
  • Do you remember the Crimson Templars? So does Serraphine, especially the Nachtwulf family.

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Arvek Nar PC Badge
Family Heritage: Blar
Military Role: Paladin
Faith: Serriel
The Dawn: It is important to make a steps to move forward in this world. People will not give us anything, it is our responsibility to uplift those around us and create our place. We will move forward.

If we don't, we die.
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Horse art by Ben Wootten and Paizo, Inc.