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About My Character

Not too long after Alexandria reappeared in the world, a half-mul'niessa in ill-fitting clothes and with uncanny body language entered the city. She called herself Strike, and still bewildered by her circumstances, she explained to whoever ask that she was, originally a War Golem. This is generally taken with varying levels of credulity, though in the years since... alright, there's still people who think she's insane, but she's come to accept being 'wrapped up in all this meat' as the way of things. Mostly. Most times she's not doing something for the Guild, she hires herself out as a bodyguard.

Roleplay Hooks

  • War Golems- She's most comfortable with them, though they usually wonder about the new experiences her transformation have afforded her.
  • Transformations- She 'accepts' that she is no longer an armored juggernaut, but still looks into possibilities about regaining her original 'beauty'. Finding out about someone else being changed, especially by magic tends to burrow into her feels.