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Sir Faranmidahn Waywalker, Knight of the Purple Rose

About My Character

Faranmidahn, Faran to her friends, is a bit of an odd duck. An albino Lucht Knight, and sorceress from the Desolation who rides a giant black Hunstman Spider. She carries her spider affectations to the limits of her means, or maybe the occasional reality check, but generally follows an arachnocentric slant to her equipment, including some tiny gem settings that she sticks to her face to suggest spider eyes. She's friendly enough, energetic and is still too new to the whole austere knight image to pass it off without obvious forethought. A generally well-meaning soul, she has a bit of a soft heart that will likely one day get her into a great deal of trouble.

She loves Torrent, and dotes on him when not otherwise distracted, and as much so her fluffy coconut spider familiar, the precocious Zephyr.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Magic- She is -really- interested in the workings of magic, ever curious about the possibilities and how it ties to her own potential.
  • Knighthood- While raised by a Knight, her education was slightly less formal than it probably should have been, she is nonetheless more than happy to pester senior Knights, even of other Orders, about the life.
  • Spiders- Oh, boy. Yeah she's really... Really.... REALLY into spiders. Nature in general, but yeah.... SPIDERS!
  • Gilead and Elune- While she venerates Gilead in his Hunter Aspect, she is also 'fond' of his sister-goddess, Elune, and will happily engage with worshipers of both deities.