A Midwinter Day's Play

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Log Info

  • Title: A Midwinter Day's Play
  • Emitter: Kaelyn
  • Characters: Kaelyn, Svarshan, Merek, Cryosanthia, Mae, Ezil, Kaydin
  • Place: A07: Lower Alexandria Market District
  • Time: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 1:39 PM
  • Summary: Kaelyn is in the lower market district, transformed into a new form which is a very feathery dragon. She is encountered by Svarshan and Cryosanthia, who don't recognize her immediately. Mae, is also present, and interested in continuing her magic experiments, namely tossing dispell magics at Kaelyn to see how it messes up her artificer device. In an attempt to distract the two sith, Mae shouts out a quote from a Myrrish play, and the two suddenly drop into character, Svarshan as the hero and Cryo as the evil Queen. Ezil is roped in as the betraying friend, and the three players act out scenes according to Mae's direction. As they move about, the witch is finally able to get a spell off at Kaelyn, and her potion makes Svarshan sick. The play climaxes with Kaelyn discovering her breath weapon is some sort of giant rainbow cherrybomb.

-=--=--=--=--=--=<* A07: Lower Alexandria Market District *>-=--=--=--=--=--=-

Just west of the Northern Highbridge and east of the arena, commerce blooms. Noisy and bustling, most anything may be purchased here for a price. Vendors from all cultures sell their wares from exotically colored carts, and the smells of different nations and far-off city-states mix with local ones from Alexandria and its riverbanks.

For all its commerce, visitors are advised to keep hold of their purses. Even the merchants possess a certain, cunning look. Most are positioned at carts or stalls as opposed to a formal storefront, with trade here being mobile, and visiting from all parts of the world.

Though the quality of goods suffers here compared to Upper Alexandria, the options are more diverse. Too, the oversight of the Watch is slightly less, and during times events are held at the Arena, chaos abounds. After dark, the square becomes a hangout for bards and other entrepreneurs whose business is best conducted by night; the shadows at the edges of the square often contain furtive figures engaging in their own brand of business.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=  Appearing, in Order  =--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-
 Kaelyn          As the Luck Dragon Damsel in Distress and Love Interest
 Svarshan        As a soldier, and secretly Prince Angstium, of Castle Broodmoore!   
 Merek           As himself, member of the audience
 Cryosanthia     As the dastardly evil, Vile Viper Queen
 Mae             As herself, potion witch and stage director
 Ezil            As a soldier, Renfield, once friend of Prince Angstium
 Kaydin          As himself, member of the audience

It's really a pretty day! There's snow, there's sparkles from the sun off the snow.. The occasional flurry can be seen... And there's Kae's covered wagon, being pulled by a horse-sized furry/feathered dragon... And... Not..> Kae... The critter is pretty a-typical as far as dragon body's go and all, long, lean, slender, powerful as well, but very very sleek... Aaaand covered in furr, scales and feathers... She has a mane of rich red hair from between back-swept horns down to the end of her long tail which terminates in a big fanned floof of fur and feathers. Her main hair coloration is white, as is her wing coloration, but it all fades to blues, and purples and reds. All in all, it's very striking. She does have belly scutes too, they're kind of the same red and purple and blue as her highlights...

Her eyes are a striking blue and big too... The sleek dragoness is the size of a horse, and why in the world she's pulling a wagon, and not flying could be anyone's guess... Soon eough she comes to a stop and sits upright on her back legs, then uses her forepaw/hands to unlock the harness on her self, then shrugs out of it, dropping the wagon down... Aaand of course one of her wings gets caught.... SHe pauses.. She stares, and then after finally getting loose, she flails "Silly new frigging boddy!" And of course creates a wind storm.... Lots of snow goes flying eeeeverywheeeerrreee!!!

The warrior-makes his way in from the southeast of Alexandria. Slow, easy steps. And then he stops.

Svarshan stares.


The hand at his side twitches, and he pulls out a flask--raises it. Continues to stare. And lifts, taking a long, heady drink from it. He truly can't be a paladin. Paladins don't do that.

Merek is looking around for more supplies to build artifice with, which means he has taken the time to place his black-white attire on, a cloak about him while he picks up a few materials with his gloves, then places them to a satchel while he offers payment for what he buys.

Cryosanthia is wandering through the lower market on her way someplace when she spots the feathery dragon pulling Kae's cart. She doesn't recognize either. The white-scaled sith-makar simply says, "Wow."

She looks around, how are others not noticing this? Is this normal for Alexandria? She can never tell. What does one do when discovering fantastic beasts, just, hanging around, hitched to wagons?

Her current task forgotten, she alters course towards the feathery dragony thing. Now if only she had brough a snack.

Mae is manning her impromptu stall, some barrels a few planks, a clean and sturdy cloth proclaiming Mae's Rune-porium. She was standing behind the stall, looking at he nails before picking at one of them with another nail and flicking a bit of something off to the side. A turn of her head, looking over the nails again, then another scratch-scratch flick of stuff. That is...

Until she spots Kaelyn! And she knows it's Kaelyn! Oh she would spot that feathery monstrosity anywhere. And she grins, "Magic Project!" She calls out, already starting to sketch a glowing circle in the air. Completely ignoring the various bits and doodads in front of her. The small cogs, glowing crystals, or other such creations of infinite magical power from rune that she found simply lying around or in discarded heaps!

The sith-makar takes another drink, and then takes a look at Mae. A long look at Mae, before walking over there, and leaning on the stall. "Pleasse tell me," Svarshan says blandly, plaintively, "That you have. Sssomething sstronger, and sspicer for drink. Perhapss ssomething that causse fire. When you sswallow it." Yes. Yes. That would be about right.

When Cryo goes by, he half-turns, and offers a thump of the tail. "Peasse to you." Kae is still sitting upright on her hind legs and litterally moves that way, carrying her harness toward the wagon which she deposits on said wagon...

Then Mae casts her magic, and well Kae's fur and feathers shift a bit, and something in her cart falls out, and *pops* biig amounts of multi-colored smoke and sparks go flying...

Kae stares at it and siiiiiiighhhhhs... If anything she kinda got prettier, and probably more 'cute'... Kae then turns back and notices Cryo walking toward her...

She watches the Sith get closer and closer too, not saying anything as of yet as her long pointy ears perk up around those backswept horns and she tilts her head, subtly changing angles to put Cryo between her self and Mae.......

Wandering from stall to booth, Ezil is shopping the market while there is only just a bit of wind to contend with today. Any time there is blue skies, he tries to get out whole it lasts. Today he searches for replacement clothes, and fabrics. The selection here might not be to many people's likings, but the brighter and more absurd the color, the more it seems the Tsuran likes it. It doesn't have to be vibrant. A pastel, some yellows and oranges.

Currently, Ezil is haggling over some pants. There is some discussion, maybe about fabric or color, while he inspects his intended purchase closely, oblivious to the others.

Cryosanthia hears the tailthump. She thumps in response, turning to see Svarshan, "Sunblade! Peace upon your nest! This one is glad to see you. Have you ever seen a beast like this before? It's amazing, I must see closer."

While she looked away, she missed the carrying of the harness, and other anomolous actions by Kae. Cryo then steps right up in front of the feathery, draconic beast, trusting her own reflexes should things go badly. She presents her hand, the way one would give a sugarcube to a horse, except she lacks a sugar-cube. She hopes the reptillian nature it shares with her species means she will be scented properly and her intentions understood.

Unbitten, the palescale sith commences stroking her head, brushing her hand up between the horns and rubbing the crest. "Oh, you're a beauty, aren't you. Such a good..." *sniff* "... girl. Your feathers are lovely, so fine, excellent colouration. Good Girl. Good Girl."

Cryo keeps gently rubbing with her hand, curling and carefully scratching behind the perky ears, then slapping her gently along the neck. "So beautiful."

Merek notices Cryo and offers a wave, then he notices Ezil, and a wave. Then it's Kae and Svarshan. After, he makes a way to the booth Mae is working, blinking a bit. "Ah, nice, what all do you have in your sale?" he asks, offering a little smile. He peeks at all the things that look interesting.

"Yeah, yeah, uhh huh." And Mae hands over a flask, it might be something stronger, it might be a Potion of Fireball. You can never know, except that it will undoubtedly be fiery... in some way. She finishes the little pattern and the Zot of magic hits Kaelyn.

Which is why Kaelyn now is even stranger looking! But fear not!

Fear not intrepid curio searchers of the arcane! For Mae will keep this discovery going! She sticks her tongue out the corner of her mouth and starts the circ-- Drat! Hmm...

She shifts a little, trying to get a better angle on Kaelyn, but she's using Cryosanthia as a meat shield.

"Huh?" Mae says, giving a glance to Merek, but back to Kaelyn. "Oh, all things marvelous and mysterious from the mystical vaults of Rune, especially the piles of things that they hide from the mundane." She says it all with very little conviction because she's still angling for another shot at Kaelyn.

The world around him is burning down. "Thiss is fine," Svarshan says, as he accepts the drink. Coins are laid on Mae's counter--probably too much, but--then the mage shows up. He gives the man a grimacing look, and who has time to count coins, after that.

So, toss a few down, and move out of the way. He looks to Cryo a while, thinking. And then to Kaelyn. Takes a deep, deep breath.

"Luck of the godss--one ssees you there, flying earstwhile through the sskies! Oh, fickle fate--fickle creature! Where wilst you touch down upon next and bless with such gifts? Is fortune the ssole providence of kings--of the nobility--a merchant, mayhap? ...Or a lowborn ssuch as I?"

He thrusts a hand forward, pointing imperiously, as though on a stage. The other holds the flask from Mae--which still has the stopper attached.

And now Kae is being petted! Blink... blink... ears perk.. subtle shift and then finally words! Kae just says "12...." She says softly, then shiiiiifts subtly to keep mae from getting a clear shot at her...

"Umm Cryosanthia? Or sooomeoooone? Do me a biiiiiiig favor... Could you keep that lady." Kae points with one fo those leading wing hooks of hers at Mae... "From zapping me with more dispell magics? It makes whatever changed me go haywire, and now I'm this furry, feathery dragon-thingie..." She says and then glances back at Cryo... "Oh yeah, I got turned into a feather dragon of some kind... because of the lady there.." More pointing at Mae....

More subtle shiftying, as Kae glances between Svarshan and everyone else, and then Cryo and gives a kind of shy dragon-smile or something at Cryo now... "Soooo yeaaah, things got wierder..."

It's that motion, and stir of bodies that draw Ezil's attention after he's done with is purchase. A hand is raised after Merek, waiting for the vendor to wrap his things, and tie the parcel. It doesn't take long, and soon the All-Friend is headed the way of Cryosanthia and Svarshan. He is soon put to pause as Kaelyn speaks, and the voice seems to register in a familiar way. "Did I miss something?"

Cryosanthia hears several things that explode her world. First, Svarshan? Reciting Myrrish theatre? Perfectly? She can't believe her ears and turns to verify. It was him. Then Kaelyn speaks.

The white-scaled sith leaps several yards back. Fortunately, still blocking Mae, more effectively even. She's absolutely mortified. She was entirely too familiar with something... that turned out to be a someone. That she knows. Lady Grey spare me this embarrassment. "This one apologizes! So much! This one didn't realize. Not a Beast! Kae. I! I! Apologies! Many!"

Seems she has acquired Svarshan's speech habits. Cryo grips Ezil's arm, and points, rapidly explaining, "That's Kaelyn!"

Merek looks between all of the crazy, then nods a bit while he begins to check on things for sale. This is normal for Alexandria, at least it looks that way to him, while he takes a drink from a canteen.

Oh for the love of Ceinara! Don't they understand that magic needs to be free? Wild? Running amok like a child with sheers?! And yet here's a Sith-makar blocking her from magical discovery! The chance to find out -what will happen next- to Kaelyn if she tries to dispel the magic yet again! Another quarter-circle etched, then lost, as people are blocking her ability to aim at kaelyn.

"Oh curse ye mortal bonds of thyne's own making!" The elf calls out to Svarshan, hoping that he'll move on to the next part of the play which will then require a person for him to anguish over, to draw in -- and hopefully that person will be Cryosanthia, which will then give Mae a chance to cast!

YES! FOR MAGIC! (insert burst of glitterdust)

Another glance at Merek, nope, he's not trying to steal anything. Back off to the others.

Kaelyn pages: having helpd Kae with the tauric body thing, ooone thing you'll notice, Kae is absolutely fluid in this body... like she was born to it n.n Probably something about the tauric form vs a more normal body pattern n.~

Svarshan looks to Ezil--and does a very softskin thing. He winks at the man, before stepping back. The sword in its scabbard--he draws, and aims it dramatically at the transformed Kaelyn.

It's a pose. A theatrical pose, as one might see on a stage. A warrior such as Ezil might comment upon it--the over-extension, the ill placement of the arms. For effect.

"LUCK BEAST! Hoarde not your treassures! Why should they--" a gesture towards Cryosanthia, "--be of its sole receipt? Lords and queens! To ssay nothing of the common man--" he says, and lowers the blade/scabbard, so that it points towards the earth.

The flask from Mae stays firmly in his other hand, of course. He gestures towards Ezil, to himself. "Are we not of greater need, than thesse nobles, who are content to ssit, sspending carelessly that which iss given unto them! While we--the common man, the ssoldier--toil endlessly!"

Another gesture towards Cryo, "Sserving ssuch as thesse! Who would even casst asside--sso carelessly!--that which they have sso little usse for!"

The All-Friend is gripped, giving Cryosanthia a puzzled look with a half-smile. "No.." a hesitation coming with a noise in his throat. "Really?" his question of disbelief seeming to cause him to look Kaylen over again.

"Did the artifice do this?" Ezil's glance darting from Kaelyn to Cryo, then to Svarshan. It's the wink. It seems to have thrown him completely. "I don't know what I walked in on, but this is... something." noting the theatrics, intrigue, and well.... how oddly out of place he feels. Yes, he just shifts that package, and looks back to Cryosanthia with something akin to stun in his eye.

Kae just stares now at everyone..... "Uhhhhmmmmmm... " She squints as she peers at Mae, shifting yet again to the side, Svarshan and Cryo make a good meat shield "Will you quiiit trying to zot me?!? I'm a frigging feathered dragon, why do I need to be made wierder? I just got used to this when I woke up this morning, and good thing I shrunk too!!" she calls out again, she peers at Cryo "Lady there kept on Zotting me with Dispell magics, thought it was fun to see how it scrambled whatever it was keeping me a taur, and now, she thinks this is fun... I ran away yesterday and I was the size of a small house... Had to go to sleep out under a tree in a courtyard, and luckily I shrunk down, unluckily, I think, I maybe stuck like this now!!!" She says and yeah, wing flails...

Kae then peers at Ezil "The artifice thingie reacts to attempts to remove it or dispell it, it alters transformations, she hit me with a buuunch of dispells one after the other so now I'm this.."

Kae then peeeerrrs at Mae and ummms... "I dun wanna be the size of a house again..." She says, and squints those blue slitted eyes of hers, and well yeah, so she can move better she drops to all fours and gets low, kind of cat like in pose as she keeeeps shifting subtly, not to get zotted...

Sooo focussed on Mae, is Kae as her butt and more importantly, extremely long tail shift out into the streets and on a lash or a wag, some poor fellow ends up eating fur and feathers.....

Kae quickly snakes her head around and looks "Ooh sorryyyyy!!!" The guy stares at her and nods, muttering in barely understood common 'Ish *ptooeh spits feathers* Allright Kae..." Yeah he allready knows some how....

A play! The play is the thing! Cryosanthia latches on like it's a life-ring. Think, think! The words are familiar, but the exact play escapes her. She'll have to contextualize. Two warriors, a fantastic beast, and her... seeminly in control of it. And mean.


I'm the bad guy!

Cryo's inner white dragon squees with delight. Time to cut loose! She swells with a huge inhale of breath, and monologues.

"Who are you to come before me? With puny claims and puny weapons! Hearts fraught with fear and full of doubt, to claim wise dominion? No! I see with eyes unblinking, across the ages, the folly of Man. Thou art not fit to govern thyselves, thou needs tight chains, strong fist, harsh guidance, for you will wallow in mud without. See! The spectrum dragon obeys ME! This land is MINE! Thou shalt not prevail!"

Nonono! That's the wrong act. Oh why didn't she spend more time thinking about looking through the books on myrrish theater? Oh right... because Mae hated Myrrish theater. Especially that upstart Gnome Trundlelance. If she had to hear -- okay, nono, this is workable! This is workable! Just need to try and skip the scene ahead a little. What was that line?

"Err-" A dance of the golden eyes around, this way, that, back around, then to Svarshan's production. Cryosanthia was not drawn into it yet, so she still wasn't able to get at Kaelyn. What was that -- RIGH!

"With unknown gaze passed upon, the Hero out among the forests. And pressed upon the midnight hour, the unleashed creature of blighted repose, that unrelenting call of heaven's cast." Mae shifts a bit more behind the table back the other way, trying to get a more clear line. She tried to skip the play to the part where the Hero declares his feelings about the Rainbow Dragon. "Hark! Is this that creature which he sought who very recently he once had fought?"

Shuffle-shuffle, she'll get Kaelyn yet!

Merek looks to all the theatre, and watches as Mae keeps a bit busy. He then walks to Ezil, while he pulls the man back a bit, "Let's watch," he says, finding a nice place for both of them to settle in, while he offers a canteen of water. He shifts away the cloak, his black-white attire a bit shifted into an armor which he wears.

Paladins don't smile. Paladins don't tell jokes. Paladins don't engage in stupid theatrics.

Svarshan could therefore, never be a paladin. He takes a step backwards--a DRAMATIC step--so the kind that leaves one off-balance, or nearly for the size of its step. He brings the blade-scabbard around, and turns to face Cryo.


There's smoke coming from his muzzle. There totally is. "Casst asside," he says, the words hissing low. A snarl, of course. And like on stage, he's probably expected to flex his muscles or let fly his cape, or something equally horrible. Playwrights do that. They so do.

It explains the number of bars nearby, at least. At least they're honest with how bad the writing--is.

"As thhough one had sso little usse, as one'ss plans were in motion!" he snarls. And then turns swiftly, so to scowl at Kaelyn. "One'ss luck had run dry--and one'ss fortunes! From on high I would fall--"

And then Mae has hit the fast forward button--scenes skip, and run through. He stands there bemusedly for a moment, and lifts the flask as though to drink it. Which scene?!?

Kaydin had brought some supplies from his mother to the market. Having sold everything he comes to the scene where the dragonborn was doing...something. Kaydin just raises an eyebrow, looking like he was lost. He then looks to Cryosanthia and gives her an expression like she could explain everything in the world. Why the sky was blue, why the moon turned orange, and why Svarshan is acting the way he is.

Uncultured is about where Ezil stands, not having heard or seen these words, or... the inside of a playhouse. He watches as Cryosanthia is engaged, and begins to spout lines back at Svarshan, and he in turn back at her. Mae gets a glance as the 'director' of these events, his mouth falling closed as he just watches this small theater play out in the market. One part curious, one part confused, but equally impressed for it.

Kae blinks "Luck dragon?:" she says, and yes, Kae's an artificer, one that is sooo rediculously devoted to her work she hasn't really done much of theater... She blinks, and turns her head completely sidways now, yay long necks... And yeah her jaw is sliiiightly agape as she stares at Cryo and Svarshan...

Ooh movement, other advantage, keen eyes.. She Sees Mae trying to get another shot and sidesteps some more... It's like one crazy circling thing going on!!!

Kae stares again and ummmms... She then comes up with an idea "Heeey, soo if you at least quit trying to zot me and all, I'll give you some feathers!" She calls to Mae, waggling her wings some.

She then ducks back down as those tapered ears of hers prick up... Hopeful furry feathered dragon luck dragon, whatever!!!

Cryosanthia is rooted to the spot by Svarshan's smouldering and draconic gaze. Her thoughts wiped clean. So she is equally bewildered when Mae fast-forwards things. Fortunately as a Speaker, she's used to sudden changes. And as a dramatic romantic, this is right up her alley. It still takes a moment to process. New scene? New scene. Right! SAMPLE Street Theater. Not possible to do the whole play. That would be absurd. Excerpts. And some of the other actors need direction.

She immediately grabs Ezil, tugging on him as Merek pulls him away, and stage-whispers, "You're a good guy bespelled to obey the bad guy, me. Svarshan is your best friend. It's a play, play along."

She hisses loudly, to the crowd, but also to get Svarshan on the same page, "Now, The Climax!" Hopefully that explains, that's all the audience is likely to get.

The white-sith swirls dramatically, waving her tail, speaking and moving with excess to draw attention. Stalking about like a villain. Svarshan is good, she'll have to be as good! She gears up her evil grandstanding again

"At every turn I find you! My plans in ruin. Thou wilt not obey, then thou will perish! See thy hearts-blood friend, my thrall now! He will battle you, you will not take the Feathered Dragon from me. There is no room in her heart for love, as there is none in mine! See how she sheds Luck Feathers for the pain you cause. Feel my wrath! Feel the cut of thy fellow and the pain of betrayal."

Cryo pushes the paladin towards the other paladin, cackling, "Let you and him, Fight!"

Merek watches as Ezil is pulled into that foray, and watches. He takes a drink while he nods a bit, looking content. Kaydin has reconnected.

Nono! He wasn't supposed to drink yet! He was supposed to soliloquy! To Admonish himself for such thoughts and-- and... Drat! Okay, what was the... Mae scratches at her chin, another dance of eyes, hrmble. No, this was the wrong scene. This was the one that was the part where the villain and the Hero were just getting to the main conflict. Mae needed the other one.

"That Rainbow Dragon of once he spat, the words of vile and of Abyssal's pact? But that was gone, with her turning shade, of hues and shimmers within the glade." Mae tried to remember more of it, it was such a terrible play. Apparently about some elf for that matter -- or the Dragon was some elf more rather. So she simply squinted a bit longer behind her booth of Mae's Rune-porium All things Rune-ish from their forgotten heaps.

"The Hero sought to slay his beast, but was drawn to quarter just beyond the hour. A rending inside to to say the least, of old party and losses did once it cower." There we go! PERFECT! Set it up for the reveal!

The Hero stepping into the streets after the epic fight between good and evil, to see the Rainbow Dragon transform back into Lady -- whoever that elf was! THIS WAS IT! SURELY! SURELY THIS WOULD LEAVE KAELYN IN THE OPEN! Wait... Dragon Feathers? There's a furrow of a brow and she starts to consider this idea.


Fast forward. Switch. Turn. Pivot.

The warrior turns and stares at Kaelyn with a mixed and mournful expression, and-- "--and yet," Svarshan says, sounding more thoughtful, as he looks towards the luck dragon and lowers the blade/scabbard. "Perhapss luck dragon you are not--"

"One hass a memory. ...a clouded one..." he says, unsure. "Do you--do you remember me? I--and yet, yet, our converssation, thiss most tearful reunion--and which reunion iss not?--musst wait. For the viper'ous queen--! Sshe sends her minionss after me!" he roars, as Ezil is thrust onto the stage!

As Ezil is--and he halts, as though hit by a barrel-flask, itself. Staggers, as though from the force of it! Ezil!

"Do the betrayalss fasse no end! You--you...who were onsse my friend! I name you Renfield," Svarshan says as he looks to Ezil, his voice cracking. "Renfield, onsse-friend to no mere ssoldier, but Prince Angstium, of Casstle Broodmore!" Mae's flask is still held, clutched. Kaydin can see it sloshing, slightly.

As an afterthough, Svarshan reaches back and gives his cape a shove. Flutter, damn you! Flutter!

Caught between two worlds, Ezil is thrust out into the middle of this play, stumbling on his feet. His eyes dart to Merek, surprise and shock as that effort to help escape was thwarted by Cryosanthia's push. He has no skill, no way with words like the playwrights. "Yes, It is I! Your friend no longer." knowing not the lines, or what he was even supposed to do.

"I... uh...Renfield, betray you!" a balking word, trying to throw in some flare as he straightens and tosses his cape, despite the discomfort.

"I will have at thee?" Those unsure words coming with contorted features. Ezil has to break, looking back to Cryosanthia and whispering loudly. "Do I have lines?" a bit of panic to his tone.

Kae blinks and tilt sher head to the left, completely sideways and then her ears prick up and she glances from one actor to the other... Her eye continually dart toward Mae... She then carrefully gets a few loose feathers off her self, one off that crest at her neck, a couple off her wings including a very loose pinion feather, and some off her tail, where she can reach... She then holds them up...

"Loose feathers, iiiiiiiif you quit zotting me, and remember! If you scramble me into another form I can't give you dragon feathers!" She says and hopes this bit of temptation works...

Kae glances back to the play and sits on her haunches, blinking now.....

Kae blinks and tilt sher head to the left, completely sideways and then her ears prick up and she glances from one actor to the other... Her eye continually dart toward Mae... She then carrefully gets a few loose feathers off her self, one off that crest at her neck, a couple off her wings including a very loose pinion feather, and some off her tail, where she can reach... She then holds them up...

"Loose feathers, iiiiiiiif you quit zotting me, and remember! If you scramble me into another form I can't give you dragon feathers!" She says and hopes this bit of temptation works...

Kae glances back to the play and sits on her haunches, blinking now.....

Kae shifty-eyes, those bright, nearly glowing blue eyes looking left and right, before she gives a few subtle flap of her wings, yes now Svarshan's cloak flutters in a new breeze!!!

Merek takes a drink from the water, "Ya, you get him, thee thou!" he contributes to it all, in the best way.

Cryo thinks! Thinks thinks! How does this end? The dragon is transformed. That's funny, because Kae actually is... no, no no. Focus on the play! Ezil needs help, she stage-whispers to him, "tell him you see through his deception, dissapointment. And that you're of few words!" That will help, "also you snap out soon."

The palescale sith hisses as she struts about, casting evil glares towards the audience, Mae, Kaydin, Merek. Wave, but don't wave at your friends, think. Right, the dragon who is the maiden must be saved, villain must die, overplaying her hand somehow... got it!

Cryosanthia the Vile, strides towards Kaelyn, her cape fluttering with her practiced gait. She stands beside the feathery dragon and laughs, laughs! At Svarshan and Ezil, no, Prince Angstium and Renfield. "See the folly strength of friendship! The oaths of oafs. Wanton fate that turns as the tides. You thought love could hold! Tis mere sentimentality, to collapse in the face of Raw Power!"

Cryo immediately takes the feathers that Kaelyn is holding, and stuffs them around her costume, a couple in her shoulderpads, two on the ridges of her head, one each at her wrists. She throws her legs wide, hands high, "See how I take up the mantle of the Luck Dragon! Her power is now mine!" Cackle, mad cackling, "You have failed! Your heinous heroics have led to my triumph."

Then her posture changes, she crouches down, clutching her hands to her chest. "No, what is this feeling? No, never, I am resolute. I ... agggggh."

One last whisper-quick direction to the paladins, "Now you kill me."

Hrmble.... chin-scratch again, yes, clearly this will work. She can use those dragon feathers, a squint as she looks at them. They would be nice, then a tilt of her head the other way, she reaches up, riffling her fingers through the mane of gray hair.

More 'hrmble' noises and then she slowly starts to nod. Yes, this would work. This could.


Cryo took the feathers that were her's. WHELP! GUESS THE DEAL IS OFF! And she doesn't need to scene set right now so she can enjoy the show-

Cryo ducks.

"AH HAH!" And Mae moves her finger quickly, leaving that blaze of magic in the air as she casts Dispel Magic once more at Kaelyn (Though who's to say it'll catch her, might miss)!

Svarshan looks towards the dastardly Viper Queen, and takes a half-step forward. "Fiend! Does your treachery know no bounds? You have onsse more sstolen the luck dragon'ss form! Sshe sstands there besside you, a ssad sshadow of her former glory! Her featherss, fallen upon the earth, her wingss sshriveled and ssadened at her sside--!" Before we could explore our mutually sad and tragic history! he may as well have said, but the pose does it for him. Jaw clenched, staring BROODISHLY with ANGER at the Viper Queen! His fist shakes, clenched!

Then, it is time for a Heroic Step Back, and a gesture towards the knight beside him! "...and besside me, there iss Renfield, who wass my friend--he alone knew of my dark, and ssecret passt, of the sshadows which I musst overcome! Of how, even at my brightesst hour, I am tempted by the darkness within!"


"...do you truly think you can sstand before our combined friendsship!?" he snarls. Broodingly. And, staring broodishly upon the Viper Queen and Luck Dragon, he lifts, and flexing broodishly his broodish arm, broodishly, takes a first, dramatic, brooding swing from the flask, and--


Then, he can only stare, bug-eyed at the sky. The flask--Mae's flask--has ruined everything. He swiftly spews its entire contents onto the street, and part of lunch.


Trying to remember what the city people did in their performances, Ezil stomps a step forward for dramatics. A hand sweeps outward and down with a flick of disgust. "There are few words, but I see through you... and I am dis....." forgetting a few words there as the Sith-Makar loses his lunch, and he freezes like a deer in the lamps.

Ezil rolls with it, as Cryo throws in her dramatics, and has succumbed to the Luck Dragon's mantle, a confused and wide-eyed glance settles on Svarshan. Ezil can't think well on the flu, and so he shrugs, and darts with a hop to the Sith-Paladin's side. "Friend, is that you? I was tricked, and bewitched!" eyes then on Svarshan and Cryosanthia, a hand patting Svarshan's back. "It is okay, her foul poison has not taken you yet! We must quickly dispatch her!" as afte rall, the show must go on. Or not. He's very lost.

Aaaand now big, like really big... again... she's gone from the size of a small horse to well probably weighing as much as a big horse.... Ooh wait, she's tot two fairly short, chin whiskers too... *blink* Kae siiighs.... She then flails, wings and arms... "I dun wanna gets bigger!!!" there's more feathers at least... Some fall loose and she gathers them uip and quickly goes around the actors, before she -shoves- them at Mae ... "Staaaahp zapping me!!!" she calls out.. If she's lucky she'll revert back to at least the smaller size... "here has feathers! no more zappies!" She calls out, that long, feather tufted tail lashing in annoyance....

Kae is now poking at Mae with a clawed finger... "Quiiiiiit with the dispelling, it messes up this curse thingie on me and if you make it too bad there's no fixing it!" she says and stares, squiiiiiiiiint!!! She's really pretty much too fuzzy, feathery and cute, even at her current size to really be at all intimidating....

Mae finally looks over at Svarshan, then throws up her hands, "OH NO! NOT THE OTYUGH BILE! Give that back, it is my best cleaning agent!" Mae half dives over the table and runs toward Svarshan. She takes the feathers as Kaelyn shoved them at her, and crams them into a pouch as she makes grabby hands at Svarshan with the other hand.

Then of course she steps in it, starts sliding toward the Sith-Makar, her arms windmilling about. "ACK!" Sliding in Sith/Otugh bile and lunch. "Give me that! Do you have any idea how hard it is to make an otyugh throw up?!"

Cryosanthia blinks. Thinking quickly she flickers her fingers, a tattoo glows, and some ghostly sound effects are added. Humorous slide-horn whoops, a horn honking, cymbals clashing and a couple spring 'boing' noises, which coincide with Svarshan up-chucking, Mae sliding, Kaelyn hopping around as a TRULY GIANT OH MY SCALES dragon now. The play seems to be over, this is the comedy denoument.

"Thank you everyone, for coming to this sample show. Check the theater district for matinees and showtimes." The Vile Viper-Queen takes a bow, plucking the feathers out of her 'costume'. Cryo stands, gives another bow, then moves to Svarshan's side.

Carefully, around slick of sick. She puts a hand on Svarshan's shoulder, glances at Mae and the mess, "He eats demons, whatever that is it's probably a lot stronger now."

Hack. Spit. ...Svarshan stays that way for a while. Just a while. Hunched over.

Hunched... Oh thank Dragonfather. The speaker has it in claw. He closes his eyes for a moment.

Eeeeeeh. "..." He looks upwards, eventually, just one eye. One eye towards the witch. Then towards Ezil. Straightens broodishly, and drops a hand on the other warrior's shoulder. "You are. All right. Perhapss we and the sspeaker sshould find a. Drink in an hour or. Sso?" he suggests.

He raises an arm and wipes at his muzzle. A squint, at the flailing witch, but only lightly. He's going to remember this.


"I don't think anything from those creatures are safe to eat," Merek mentions, while he lifts a brow in thought. Then he nods a bit while he looks to Mae, then it's back to Ezil, "How are you?" he asks.

Kae is well, maybe a quarter longer/taller/bigger and all in overall size? But that probably doubles her weight....

Kae looks between person to person, peers at the doors to the pub, then griiiiins... "Soo I like has nooo clothes to talk about? So can we just go inside and stuffs while I figure out how to get smaller agains?" She asks

Kae then peers again at Mae and tilts her head... she then well gets a good whiff of the bile at this point and she blinks, eyes watering up as she puts both her hands over her nose "How do you guys live with this sense of smell!" She calls out, aaaaand she now has a tickle in her nose...

Blink... Blink... A sloow stuttering inhail, like she's prepairng to sneeze? Yup, more and more her lungs fill, and anyone familiar with dragon breath weapons might recognize what's happening.....

It's time to retreat, but Ezil pats Svarshan's back once more with a nod. "Yeah, we can do that." glancing to Merek and smirking. "Hello, Merek. I'm.... I'm having a day."

It's Kaelyn and Mae who get the stare. He doesn't know how Kae had been changed, but he knows Mae is responsible to an extent. Mae willingly doing so despite the other elf's protests. "There is a story here, but I don't think I want to know it. I didn't even know the one I was in just a moment ago." a bit overwhelmed, but all he can do is huff a laugh, and try and get his parcel.

I MEAN! Mae saw that sneeze coming, she knew exactly what it meant was about to happen. And with the play done, and a snatch of the otyugh bile in hand, there's another circle of magic. An etch of it in the air, and for a brief second a flash of runes. She steps sideways, and instead of just... stepping to the side, she sort of steps sideways and appears back at her table, well out of sneeze shot of the large Kaelyn.

"DERE SHE BLOWS!" Mae calls out with both hands as she stoppers the cleaning solvent and lets out a cackle.

Oh. Oh god. And warrior-caste /moves/. Moves, because--there are people, here. And importantly, People. Svarshan lets go of Ezil, and runs towards Kaelyn as quickly as he can, to try a shoulder-tackle into Kae's giant form. Shove, shift--try. To try to shove hard enough and in the right way, just enough to aim upwards or AWAY.

He might also take a faceful of bile-fire-snot.

Merek offers a light smile to Ezil, then he notices Kae, and begins maneuvering to where Mae might be, avoiding that while he nods a bit, "You have anything that's for sale?" he asks.

"Aim at the Sky!" Cryosanthia yells.

She isn't waiting to find out what sort of breath weapon Kaelyn's new form possess. It might actually even be luck, somehow, and seven years bad luck is not what she wants on her plate. Probably not, probably worse.

She moves to help Svarshan up, but he's off like a shot. Instead, a quick glance to Ezil, and she's backing up, arms wide, attempting crowd control. "Back up everyone! It's the finale explosion!"

Kae is shouldered, sliding back, and well teeters backward, good news is, the confused person has her muzzle pointed more skyward, and well with a suddenly explosion as it were she sneezes... The breath weapon? Well its a line with a kind of ball at the lead end like a build up of energy, all of it wildly chaotic in color like Kae is... It goes zipping off over the tops of the houses, arcing away, and there's even an explosion in the distance, bright varied colors go flying everywhere at whatever point of impact it was....

Somewhere, there's a Gobbo screaming and running around happily at having made a multi-colored rainbow explosion accidently, and wanting to reproduce it!!!

Otherwise, there's a sniffling Kae, rubbing her nose and blinking... "Sooo ummmmmm......is that something dragons gotta worry about all the time?" Yup, the Kae-tastrophe is probably muuuch better armed for causing mayhem than she ever was!

Svarshan steps back, shaking slightly. The scarleg looks well, stunned. "...not that one knowss of," he says, and the world around him, well. It continues to burn.

This is fine.

"Drink," he pronounces, and then offers a thump of the tail. And, heads that direction. He doesn't...he doesn't smell of alcohol at all.

Ezil still doesn't know what all happened, but as the crowd disperses, and his package is found. "I'm glad I don't drink." taking a moment to look over the scene, and head towards the Fernwood. "Coming, Merek?" intent to sit and relax.

A few deep breaths, and Kae stares around "Eeeef..." Well after all the snow settles, really beek Kae is back to being big but nog giant beeg Kae. There was a lot of magic in that blast...

Kae blinks and looks at her self.. "Yaaay! I'm smoller!" She calls out, then peers again.. "Eeef, I'm still a big fluff-dragon.." She mutters again and well insert the massive pouting at this point.. Really it's kind of adorable on multiple levels as Kae is sitting on her haunches, sulking......

Merek makes to follow Ezil!

"I... don't know Kaelyn. This one has no experienced a breath weapon." Cryosanthia admits, "you are smaller."

She looks at Svarshan, vanishing, Ezil also. "Come on Merek, Kae, I think you might fit inside Fernwood still. I'm going for a drink also..."

She flips the luck feathers around, running them against her hand, taking them with her and pondering the role of the Vile Viper Queen.

The pale sith slips off.

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