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Darius Isaaik

About My Character

Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker: "That Which Does Not Kill You Only Makes You Stronger"

These are words that the mercenary warrior known as Darius lives by. His history reads like a tragic legend, a boy who was the son of Dragonieri gentry and who at only six years old during the war where Dragonieri was razed and the earth salted by the enemy and her citizens subject to rapine, pillaging, and the worst sort of slavery, was forced to watch his family be slaughtered in front of him. He was taken away by the soldiers who desecrated his family home, stole whatever they could find and burnt the rest. His last memory of his childhood was of him being chained to a war carriage with a bunch of other children like him and forced marched away into the wilderness. He was brought to the mines outside Alexandria where he was forced into terrible conditions, having to mine gems and meet a daily quota, just to be able receive a meager portion of barely edible food and a small corner with which to curl up and sleep clutching what little possessions he managed to accumulate. This went on for a few years until a mercenary warrior who was guarding a caravan that was taking the mined gems to be used in jewelry and other crafting endeavours saw Darius as he was dropping off another small load of crystals into the pile to be sorted took a shine to the boy and with his earnings, bought him from the slavers.

The man's name was Roland and he was one of the soldiers who had done some of the things to his family, but he himself did not know that Darius was the child his squad had enslaved. At least, not at first, until Darius saw the greatsword on Roland's back, the same one he took from his father's corpse, Ddraig. Ddraig was his family's ancestral sword having been in the family for generations protecting their home and lands from invaders until now. Darius was angry that he was taken by the same man who killed his parents and siblings but after a long journey back to Alexandria where the boy and foster parent were forced to bond, they had reached an understanding. Darius would grow up as Roland and his wife's adopted son and train to one day be stronger, better and faster than Roland and when that day came where Darius could defeat his stepfather in a duel of swords, Ddraig would be returned to him.

And so it came to pass as the years went by, Darius started by training his stamina and muscles to be able to handle such a huge and heavy sword, he began by running up and down the mountains and chopping down trees with an axe that was weighted like the greatsword he was to use someday and then bringing the firewood back to Roland and Eluria's farm where the mercenary had retired to after adopting Darius. This went on during his teenage years and lessons in military tactics, organization, ranks, battle strategy and monster slaying were interspersed with time spent learning how to use the practice greatsword given to him on his 15th birthday and sparring with his father. On his 18th birthday, Darius was finally ready, and in a climactic battle, defeated his stepfather in a duel, disarming him of his weapon and leaving him at his mercy. Ddraig was handed over on the spot and once again, family and sword were reunited.

With that done and having learned enough to go out on his own, Darius said goodbye to his stepparents and left to join the Adventurer's Guild, where he became a member and like his stepfather before him, a mercenary warrior serving to fight for honor and pay to this very day.

Roleplay Hooks