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About My Character

Victor is a War Golem trained as a Fighter and Wizard. He was discovered by Gnomes and is in Alexandria because he suspects he was an adventurer who has lost his memory. He has recently realized how unskilled he is socially and like anything else he has learned, he's convinced he can become better at this by applying his stupendous intellect (ie asking other people how to be more social and doing exactly what they say).

He recently contracted the magical plague and has a sizeable amount of ooze in his lung cavity. He hasn't cast spells and has been carefully avoiding other spells being cast in an attempt to avoid triggering an 'incident'. The exception is Mikilos, and he has in fact agreed to let the more powerful wizard cast various spells on him in a controlled setting to test the ooze's reactions. They are attempting to find an alternate cure that is suitable for normal citizens. So far everything they've tried has only exacerbated Victor's affliction.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Learning new spells
  • Learning how to be social
  • Learning about his past
  • Learning anything, really