Selerik Intros Elian to the City's Malaise

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It's Kesenday, Vhast 06 18:47:25 1019. The full moon isn't up. The tide is low and rising. A cold wind blows from the west, driving charcoal clouds before it and blotting out the stars in isolated patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere the stars shine brightly.

A10: Temple District

The temple district is a location many in the city can be found, faithful or not, because of the position it holds as a major throughway for traffic between the noble district, the port, and the northern gates. Today there may be a few more people than usual, asking questions. "I've got water running sideways on my wall!" "The trees keep pushing back against the wind I tell you, they're leaning the wrong way." "I swear to you, my shadow is trying to kill me! Just, it is waiting for me to be alone."

Selerik is one of the people here, trying to puzzle things out. He has a handful of pebbles and looks thoughtful, like someone given a riddle he hasn't yet been able to crack. He is walking away from the Temple of Eluna, making it likely they were no help with the matter.

At the same time, Ga'Elian is walking out of the Temple of Gilead to where another wild elf is standing beside the ranger's griffon. He says, "I'll be just a moment longer, Pendaril." <sildanyari>

He walks directly over to Selerik and says, "How go things? Hast thou heard the stories about the city's odd behavior?"

Selerik glances over, taking a moment once he sees Ga'Elian to glance around for the griffon. "Are you on these tracks as well? And I see you have a third today." He gives a small smile towards the other wild elf, before looking back to Ga'Elian. "Certainly odd, the last time anything like this happened it was after that cannon was fired. But then there was a certain ambiant magic to be found, where this time..." He holds up the pebbles. "Things just don't behave as they should. Very curious."

Ga'Elian glances back at his companions and says, "Oh, Pendaril is recently arrived from my native tribe. I'm showing him around, and he looks after Erithamiel when I go places where a griffon would be... awkward." Then, "As for this matter, I have only heard mutterings. I haven't been aware though of it being a matter for serious investigation. The truth is, I've been away from the City for a couple weeks lately. The last time something wierd like this happened to my knowledge, was when the demonic artifice thingies kept popping up all over. I'll certainly check into it, though. What have you found so far?"

Selerik shakes his head, tossing the pebbles off into the cobblestones. "Nothing of substance, but I'll check in with you later. Best of luck in your own search, I've got a few avenues left to investigate." He gives Ga'Elian a smile. "Safe travels to you all."

Ga'Elian replies, "Thanks. I'll look you up if I find out anything."