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Linwen DeMarillis

“I seek justice for those who cannot get it. Now get behind this idea or get out of my way!”

About My Character

Race: Half-Elf
Ancestry: Eldanar
Date of Birth: Eatonis 4 997
Apparent Age: Mid twenties.
Occupation: Investigator and City Guard
Class: Level 1 Fighter / Level 2 Inquisitor
Level: 3
Organizations: The Temple of Eluna
Aspect: Fun (?)
       Linwen is the only child of the human ranger Jorgen Alowhaust and the elf war-maiden Amdiruial DeMarillis. She was born in Ylvaliel shortly after her parents moved there to start a new life together after an unsanctioned marriage. She was educated at home by her parents, learning what it means to be an elf from her mother and a human from her father. She learned how to read and write both Sildanyari and Tradespeak by her parents and was taught Sylvan from Jastira Sylsalor, a druid who tended the grove near the city whom Linwen befriended at a young age after a chance meeting near the forest edge. From Jastira and Amdi she learned of the power of magic as both women were gifted in the arcane arts. She learned to respect it and understand its necessity in the world at a young age and as a result turned to worshipping Eluna as she grew older.
       Linwen was an active child and loved running and pushing her body to the limit. It is no surprise then that as she grew into a young teen she was exceptionally fit. This combined with her half-blood heritage often found her the target of bullies which got her into quite a few fights growing up. She took her beatings and when her mother began to teach her Sildanyari martial arts she began to dish them out until she beat respect into her would be attackers. Despite these years of harassment Linwen remained a balanced and steady youth who tried to talk her way out of fights when possible. And when she couldne let her opponent know the error of their ways.
       As Linwen grew in strength and beauty her mother began to teach her more and more combat techniques from her days as a guardian-protector of House DeMarillis in Marniar She took to the sword naturally but could not harness the arcane power that her mother could. Linwen soon joined the city guard reserve to earn the family some extra coin. When she wasning her duty for the city she helped her parents tend the trading post and general goods store that Jorgen had turned into a successful business venture in the border city. Her father loved it when Linwen would work the store as her beauty and way of speaking to people tended to bring in more coin.
       During her 19th year her parents needed to make a special journey to Alexandria City. They left the business in Linwenpable hands and left. When her parents did not return at the appointed time she grew increasingly anxious. A few months later her father finally arrived but without her mother. In one of the darkest moments in Linwenfe, she was told of her motherath at the hands of a cult calling itself the Voidwalker Arcanus whose doctrine was to syphon magic from the gifted to use for nefarious deeds and to satisfy the cruel desires of their dark goddess Taara whom they serve.
       The loss of her mother put a wedge between Jorgen and Linwen. She blamed him for not keeping her mother safe. The anger building inside her could not be contained and she hastily packed her belongings, strapped on her mother's elvish longsword, and prepared to head to Alexandria to seek out those who had done this evil to her mother. The argument she had with her father that night tore what few threads of family remained between the two. She was determined to find who had killed her mother and bring them to justice and not even a pleading father was going to stop her.
       When she arrived in Alexandria she tried in vain for months to uncover clues that would lead her to the cult members. Her frustration grew as all her leads dried up. She was forced to take odd jobs while living in the city. Finally, one night when she had exhausted all hope of finding the murders she prayed earnestly to the goddess Eluna for the strength to bring her enemies to justice for what they had done to her mother and to any others who had been wronged by these villains. That prayer was answered the next day with an unexpected knock on her door. A man by the name of Rawdon Kuv, a Paladin from the Order of Eluna had a vision the night before that he was to find a fire haired half-sil woman and train her and so it was.
       For the first year of training, Linwen tried to become a Paladin in the Order of Eluna, learning the ways of her order in hopes of serving the goddess as a protector of the magically gifted. The martial lessons took but the rest didn't. She continued to hunt for her mother's murderers during training. The lack of results made is frustrated and unable to concentrate on the lessons being taught. Linwen believed the church was too slow to move on leads and stop more people from falling victim to foul magic deeds.
       After it became clear to her that she wasn't Paladin material Linwen broke from the church to begin pursuing justice in her own way; a faster way, not so bogged down by rituals and a system that seems to care more about outward appearances than hard results. Over the next vew years she proved to be an excellent investigator, helping the church in her own way, solve cases of magic abuse and dark arts practioning. She came into divine power finally during this time period, a gift from Eluna to help pursue the enemies of the goddess. With her new-found abilities and training the gap between the day she finds justice for her mother and now cannot help but to shrink. The power of a goddess is on her side...
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Roleplay Hooks

  • Cult Hunter Linwen's mother was murdered in Alexandria, a crime never solved nor the guilty punished. One of her driving forces is to find the cult and its members who did this horrid act and bring them to justice. Perhaps you have information or can help?
  • City Guard Quite often she can be found guarding the Soldier's Defense or the temple district of the city.
  • Detective Linwen is good at seeing what others don't want seen and seeing right through lies. She is an excellent detective and as an failed Paladin trainee turned inquisitor she knows how to get out of violent scrapes that her prying eyes can get her into.
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People I Know

Morgan - Loremaster of the Mage's Guild.
Ygraine - A fighter I met by the river.
Sabina - Mysterious Lady with a Peacock.
Irshya - My little goblin friend.

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RP Logs

Log Goes Here

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Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: Linwen relates more to the elvish kin of her mother than her human father.
Role: Rejected by the elves and made fun of by the humans growing up has left her forever between worlds.
Faith: Eluna
Homeland: Ylvaliel

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Eluna
Temple: The Temple of Eluna
Role: Ex-Paladin turned Inquisitor
Landmarks: None
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