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The Honourable and Esteemed Professor Emeritus Basil Theodore Cunningsworth
Race: Human
Ancestry: Cerenzan, somehow, despite being of Myrrdion!
Apparent Age: Old, I say, quite old!
Occupation: Professor Emeritus (retired)
Class: Wizard
Organizations: Himself

Behold, his visage!

This is not a youth, a young man, an upstart, a whippersnapper, or any tiresome combination to explain or detail an individual who is not indeed venerable. For this is, as one would assume from the prior statement, a venerable man, a noble man, of haughty demeanour, proud breeding, and an attitude of "and don't you fruitcaking forget it!" The Honourable and Esteemed Professor Emeritus Basil Theodore Cunningsworth, Basil T. Cunningsworth to his friends or those who cannot handle the mouthful that is his proper collection of honorifics, shame upon them, is old. There, I said it. He's old. His face is canyons of age-lines hewn from a dangerous youth, this is a metaphor, do not get tied up by it (also a metaphor, see previous instruction). His complexion is almost-but-not-quite fair owing to a mother of fair, maidenlike breeding and frightful, hag-like demeanour and a swarthy and notoriously jolly father. His eyes are dark glittery things full of wisdom and judgement that regard everything with condescension and apathy, unless it is tea, which is regarded quite fondly, one might say abnormally fondly however one cannot be abnormally fond of tea as such fondness is perfectly normal. His hair needs a trim, the shock of grey-white reaching his collar presumably for some sort of Look, as the youth describe it. His beard is short, crisp, and surprisingly well maintained because why must one shave manually when one has an Unseen Servant, hm?

And his voice! Oh goodness me, we could spend days discussing it. It was as though someone had taken an accent associated with that of royalty, class, snobbery, and associated looking down upon the help, run it through some sort of rumbly gravel filter, added a cup of tea, and released it upon unsuspecting teenagers. His accent, impeccable. His discourse, remarkable. His rambling, endless. Come, stay a while and listen. Or don't. Actually don't.

His attire. Yes. There is attire, thank goodness, as some of the elder members of Rune have become so enamoured with their studies that they lock themselves into their rooms for years on end. Years! Their clothes rot off from age! Pity the poor interns that maintain the privies and bring them food! Where was I? Oh yes. Attire. And what attire it is! A brown and yellow-trimmed overcoat of practicality whilst still showing nobility and wealth, adorned with a yellow high-collared mantle. Underneath all this ostentatiousness is a grey tunic of sorts, linked as though it were military dress, grey pants, and tall black boots. Practical, somehow, and showy. It wouldn't be like the Honourable and Esteemed Professor Emeritus Basil Theodore Cunningsworth to walk into a room and not demand everyone's attention, now would it?

Excuses for Tea.

  • Tea: Do you like tea? The Honourable and Esteemed Professor Emeritus Basil Theodore Cunningsworth likes tea. He loves tea. He adores it. It is the drink of champions. Come, join him for tea, bring crosswords.
  • Linguistics: The man knows eight languages and will blow up at you if you use the word 'decimate' to refer to anything other than 'reduce by one-tenth', or 'immolate' for setting something on fire as opposed to offering a sacrifice. And yes, he can hear you whippersnappers talking about him behind his back!
  • Forgotten Magic: The Honourable and Esteemed Professor Emeritus Basil Theodore Cunningsworth, in his infinite and ineffable wisdom, is a master of long-forgotten magic. However, before you go gallivanting off to the gentleman to say, "You there, Mr. Cunningsworth, I wish to learn how to fart out a magical thermonuclear explosion," I must clarify. By 'long-forgotten' one does not mean 'magic lost to history', one instead means 'Basil, in his old age, has lost his old spellbook and can't remember anything beyond first level, being distracted with tea and tales, and has also aged significantly since his strapping youth'. Forgive my ramblings, are you a wizard? Come, talk magic.

Idle hands are a baatezu's playthings, as it were.

The Honourable and Esteemed Professor Emeritus Basil Theodore Cunningsworth was formerly a notable crafter of arcane implements. Since recovering his formerly annihilated power he has tapped back into his old capabilities and can offer the following wares at 60% of base price and some tea:

  • Scrolls. Being an absolute hound for magic, Basil will swap scrolls with anyone offering spells he doesn't personally know.
  • Rods.
  • Wands.

Power overwhelming, as they say!

A learned (two syllables, you philistines) man, Basil has studied magic frack to bunt and has put together a little repertoire of spells for perusal. These spells can be cast by him at a (prepared) whim, or scribed to a scroll for further digestion or sale.

Level Spells Known
1 Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Enlarge Person, Feather Fall, Grease, Mage Armor, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Silent Image, Unseen Servant
2 Flaming Sphere, Glitterdust, Invisibility
3 Fly, Haste, Slow, Summon Monster III
4 Arcane Eye, Fear, Resilient Sphere, Summon Monster IV
5 Summon Monster V, Telekinesis, Wall of Force, Wall of Stone