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Roleplay is central to Tenebrae, and consists of a mix of scenes, grid, and PrPs. Here you may read some of the logs our players have posted, or wanted to share. This page may also be used to post logs for PrPs, to share an item for staff review, or to tell players about a great scene. Remember too, if you're RPing in a public area, a log may end up on this site! All areas ongrid, and Plot Rooms, are considered public areas.

Most recent logs are at the bottom.

Archived Logs

2012 Logs


Date Log People
Jan 1 2012‎ PrP: Maggits Yrqemm, Azog, Munch
Jan 13 2012‎ PrP: No Sympathy Spike, Jinks, Otto, Zahd
Jan 25, 2012 PrP: Mr. Grumpy Elf's Forest Synestria, Jeor, Iskimirik, Sebropert
Jan 27 2012‎ PRP: Overdue Spike, Alteri, Sharna, Teppus, Cesran
Jan 31 2012‎ Social: Lost in the Lake and Saved by a Bustle Eva, Svarshan, Sandy, Cesran, Jugga


Date Log People
Feb 13 2012‎ Charitable Intentions Phanuel, Valen, Kaline, Svarshan
Feb 16 2012‎ Treehuggers and Hippies Magnus, Wren, Syn, Jugga, Sandy, Ormarr, Eleia, Druji, Cesran, Synestria, Yaakrr, Phanuel
Feb 17 2012‎ Social: Bad Man Xander, Rainbowbeam, Phanuel, Sunshine, Fluffy
Feb 18 2012‎ PrP: Cambions and Quasits Divada, Azog, Eleria, Melon, Rainbowbeam, Jeor
Feb 25 2012 PrP: Bodyguards Yaakrr, Jeor, Eleria, Melon, Doloril, Wren


Date Log People
March 11 2012 PrP: Warehouse Cleanup Melon, Jeor, Divada, Mogrinaar, Qat
March 13 2012 Social: For Peace! Garrin, Melon
March 17 2012 DPrP: Keg Run! Azog, Divada, Mikilos, Achala, Teppus, Gragnar
March 19 2012‎ Social: Fishing Garth, Kama'o
March 23 2012 Hungry Hungry Goblins Magnus, Ormarr, Ashlynn, Qat
March 23 2012 PrP: A Boy's First Hunt Munch, Azog, Yaakrr
March 27 2012 PrP: Robots! Qat, Gragnar, Teppus, Wren, Ashlynn, Lothario, Donk


Date Log People
April 5 2012‎ Social: Solanum tuberosum Teppus, Harric, Kama’o, Melbert, Savannah, Katja, Myrana, Achala, Ashlynn
April 14 2012 Scene: Something in the Water Munch, Melbert, Myrana, Abrahil, Vala, Emir, Cesran, Eleria
April 27 2012‎ PrP: Tracts of Land Moonshadow, Qat, Teppus, Donk,Tannin, Younger
April 27 2012 PrP: Space Kitties from Beyond the Moons Magnus, Ashlynn, Savannah, Tannin, Byrrom, Vala
April 27 2012 PrP: Gnomesplosion! Sonja, Selia, Carsten, Vala, Citarus, Selerik, D'Alaron, Tannin


Date Log People
May 7 2012‎ PrP: Something That Starts With 'S' Quint, Jibbom, Savannah, Melbert
May 22 2012 PrP: Into Hagsmarsh, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Cesran, Vala, Tannin, Eleria, Kanyk, Sonja
May 30 2012 PrP: Ghostbustin' Dante, Halani, Wilma, Donk, Quint


Date Log People
Jun 14 2012‎ PrP: The Ox Skull Tribe Conrad, Lliannan, Angrid, Savannah
Jun 21 2012 PrP: Of Contracts and Defence Conrad, Melbert, Jibbom, Munch, Kalkorth
Jun 26 2012 DPrP: Tarienball! Gorthrax, Albrecht, Angrid, Gragnar, Sonja, Jibbom, Younger, Garrin, Myrana, Sharna, Aenyn, Achala, Donk
Jun 27 2012 PrP: Kingdom of a Thousand Faces, P 1, P 2, P 3, P 4 Players
Jun 28 2012 PrP: Ill Met In Alexandria, Part 1, Part 2 Jibbom, Sonja, Angrid, Aenyn


Date Log People
Jul 2 2012‎ PrP: What's in the Box? Benthus, Ormarr, Quint, Brannigan, Albrecht, Moonshadow, Halani,
Jul 7 2012‎ PrP: Tides of Magic, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Brolin, Ashlynn, Jibboml, Rotgut, Savannah, Brick, Liessa, Conrad, Emir
Jul 10 2012 PrP: Of Agitation and Artifice Aenyn, Angrid, Conrad, Halani, Jibbom
Jul 21 2012 A Cart of Rainbows Jibbom, Earthquake, Svarshan, Sandy, Younger, Djibril, Mikilos, Quint
28 July 2012‎ Cultists Selling Propaganda Spike, Teppus, Munch, Ormarr, Kama'o, Jinks,
29 July 2012‎ Second Fiance Jibbom, Emir, Svarshan, Sandy
30 July 2012‎ Social: The Tale of the Thirteen Dwarves Kama'o, Sharna
July 31 2012 A_Duel! Svarshan, Sandy, Constantin, Azog, Kathryn, Emir, Llianna, Quint, Myrana,
The Princess Armor Svarshan, Mikilos, Sandy, Quint, Angrid, Azog, Constantin, Emir


Date Log People
Aug 1 2012 How_to_Smite_with_a_Poo_Cart Characters
Aug 3 2012 Crusaders,_Start_Your_Engines! Characters
Aug 3 2012 Adamantine_Tinkering Characters
Aug 4 2012 Storytime_in_the_Dragon's_Den Characters
Aug 6 2012 PRP: Unbearable Constantin, Nadara, Leisel, Quint, Dante, Jibbom
Aug 7 2012 A Formal Complaint Donk, Dante
Aug 7, 2012 The Overturned Cart Kalkorth, Constantin, Donk, Emir, Trank, Svarshan, Myrana, Eira
Aug 8, 2012 Felicia's Very Sandy Birthday Party Emir, Svarshan, Mikilos, Katja, Sandy
Aug ?, 2012 Fox Ears for Azog Azog, Abrahil, Myrana, Kalkorth, Conrad, Garrin
Aug 9, 2012 Raising Halani Halani, Kerbasy, Craft, Jinks
Aug 22, 2012 Wanted Posters Abrahil, Sandy, Myrana
Aug 14, 2012 Sildanyari do Not Birth Gnomes Jibbom, Rotgut, Faun, Boshter, Cesran, Ormarr, Mikilos
August 23, 2012 A Tea Cart Svarshan, Jibbom, Azog, Sandy, Mikilos, Lumina, Moonshadow
August 25, 2012 Moonwatching Kama'o, Mikilos, Colrick, Locien, Usha, Constantin
August 31, 2012 Prancing Poncy Swiftclaws Jibbom, Sandy, Lumina, Svarshan, Locien


Date Log People
September 1, 2012 Dastardly Dealings Jibbom, Mikilos
September 3, 2012 PRP: Catacombs Kidnapping Sonja, Grunak, Colrick, Seadhna, Jibbom, Kathryn
September 4, 2012 Social: BAD DOG! Kama'o, Moonshadow, Nadara, Lumina, Ashlynn
September 5, 2012 PRP: The Laughing Anna Moonshadow, Munch, Seadhna, Zarr
September 6, 2012 The Best Medicine Jibbom, Lumina, Savannah, Boshter, Zalara, Mikilos
September 8, 2012 Social: Hangover Kama'o, Teppus, Chloe, Lumina, Donk
Sept 13, 2012 Muse of Doom Sandy, Azog, Jessa, Zalara, Quint, Svarshan, Chloe
Sept 14, 2012 Career Day Wonderpony, Jessa, Mikilos, Angrid, Zalara, Constantin
Sept 15, 2012 PrP: Sanctuary Cleansing Jessa, Melbert
September 15, 2012 Not Yet a Knight Kerbasy, Jareth, Azog, Cesran, Mikilos
September 15, 2012 Double Rainbow Man (Again) Svarshan, Agril, Jessa, Constantin, Selia, Younger
Sept 16, 2012 Coyote Meets Phoenix Jibbom, Jessa
September 17, 2012 Younger's Busted Leg Abrahil, Younger, Jessa, Munch, Chloe, Lumina
September 18, 2012 Thrax Savannah, Jibbom, Cesran, Mikilos
Sept 25, 2012 Hip-pest Reaction Sandy, Zalara, Jessa, Moonshadow, Ellerela


Date Log People
October 13, 2012 Shamblers in the Woods Svarshan, Leisel
October 15, 2012 Clara the Lance Cinnamon, Kerbasy
October 16, 2012 Sandy is a Dandy Sandy, Kerbasy, Jinks, Constantin, Arissa
October 17, 2012 Tent Fires Myrana, Svarshan
October 17, 2012 The Statues Eleia, Kerbasy, Boshter
October 19, 2012 Challenge Beyond Our Means Albain, Craft, Svarshan
October 22, 2012 Punchy Friends Aenyn, Gragnar, Liessa, Sandy, Svarshan
October 23, 2012 Alleyway Donk, Faun, Quint, Selia, Whendi
October 26, 2012 Kittens, Jessa, Kittens! Quint, Jessa, Sandy, Svarshan, Cesran,
October 27, 2012 There Can be Only One (Pretty Pretty Princess) Azog, Cinnamon, Sandy, Constantin, Svarshan
Unknown Giant Pink Hips Gragnar, Jessa, Svarshan, Sandy, Jibbom, Emir


Date Log People
November 11, 2012 Coming to Alexandria Fiona, Cesran
November 11, 2012 Young impressionable Youth Younger, Fiona
November 13, 2012 Till Death Do us Part Mel, Ashlynn, Zalara, Eliathitae, Fiona
November 14, 2012 Goblintown Sandy, Jareth, Younger, Fiona
November 16, 2012 A Land Down Under Hilal, Gavisa,Mel, Vennan,Angrid, Zalara,Fiona,Jessa
November 17, 2012 Once Upon a Jail Cell Sandy, Myrana, Svarshan, Fiona, Eliathitae, Selia
November 18, 2012 Bar Talk Angrid, Azog, Kaedin, Mikilos
Novenber 19,2012 Of Honor and Laughter Kaedin, Azog
November 19, 2012 The Beginning of an Odd Partnership Kaedin, Maxine
November 28, 2012 Thoughts on Jobs and Life Hilal, Oates, Halani, Quint
November 27, 2012 Sandy Gets Hitched Sandy, Saevrinimata, Mikilos, Kerbasy, Arngrid, Constantin
November 29, 2012 A Type of Armor Kerbasy, Aenyn
November 30,2012 Goblin Caravan Craft, Mikilos, Oates


Date Log People
December 4, 2012 Late Night at Wayfarer's Inn Maendir, Zalara, Oates
December 5, 2012 Jinks' Pearly Temple Sandy, Oates, Abrahil, Jinks
December 5, 2012 Beyond the Pearly Temple Sandy, Oates, Jinks, Svarshan, Myrana, Maendir, Constantin, Quint
December 10, 2012 Rocks, Poop, Hips, and Stew!! Sandy, Oates, Fiona, Svarshan, Liessa, Azog, Achala, Leisel
December 11 2012 Mercantile Obligation (Porocora DM) Katja, Ashlynn, Albain, Fiona
December 20,2012 Grin Apolypse Cesran, Gwendolyn, Kuumvu, Mikilos, Remethaer, Sandy, Sonja
December 21, 2012 Bar Chatter Gwendolyn, Sandy, Selia
December 23, 2012 Poor Holiday Tidings Emir, Zalara, Donk, Remethaer
December 30, 2012 Art of Slice, the Chloe, Gwendolyn, Liessa, Munch, Remethaer, Vennan
?? PRP: Clearing Jeribald's Mine ??
December 31, 2012 Adventurer's Guild: Bringing in the New Year Karelin, Azog, Svarshan, Tavissha, Mikilos, Sonja, Oates, Cesran, Myrana, Wilma