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Eliathitae is a llyranesi woman and cleric of the Althean faith; a Hearthguard. Up until now, her experience as a member of the clergy has been training as an non-combatant, focusing on her work in one of the following places:

  • Within the Soldier's Defense, taking up her former role as a healer, nurse, and sometimes doctor.
  • Before the temple, aiding the less fortunate (whom know her simply as "Elly"), particularly in feeding them.
  • Within the temple, performing rites (especially marriages), domestic/familial/civil disputes, and other such clerical duties.

All of these places are places to easily find her and are great for hooks. She is extremely altruistic and is likely to not say no to anyone in need unless it somehow goes against her faith, which is unlikely. She has only recently taken up the mantle of Hearthguard, but thus far mostly in a guard capacity. While she is often wielding the quarterstaff noteworthy of her kind, as a llyranesi, she is not seen without a longbow nor longsword either when in full gear.

She has taken a couple of adventures thus far, but is still very much inexperienced with the process and is still at a "do what your told" phase from her perspective.