A Formal Complaint

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   Donk says:
   Some drunk accosted the Donk during his morning constitutional. He was upset about something...
   Bah, if it was important, the Donk would remember it.

Western Residential - Adventurers Quarters

Mill Road forms a very busy intersection with cobbled Nore Avenue here; at the northwest corner is the looming edifice of the Alexandrian Explorers' Guild. It is not an opulent building, built strictly for function from undressed stone and wood. Shouts mingled with the ringing sound of steel on steel can be heard from the courtyard just inside the entrance.

Across the street from the guildhouse is a rugged but homey-looking tavern that's especially popular with mercenaries and explorers fresh from the field. The sign swinging above the door depicts a stylized red dragon resting in a cave, sandwiched between the words "Dragon's Den," and patrons stream in and out of the tavern's front doors at all hours.

Many weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, blacksmiths, general goods merchants and skilled tradesmen have opened shop to the north of the marketplace, lining the sides of both roads. To the east, the elegant Nore Bridge crosses the sluggish waters of the river.

The bustle in this part of town speaks volumes about the area. People of various races, size, color, and gender whirl about in a frenetic wash of activity around the buildings; the majority of activity occurs during daylight hours, but there is still a noticeable level after nightfall.

"Well I have sent word for the warrior named Donk to meet me here, I wish to have a discussion with him" Dante is saying to one of the guild folks in charge..Thye foreman doesn't seem pleased when someone with markings from the church comes to discuss one of its other members, still he seems to listen "Well, its nothing me and him can't discuss, and if we get upset, i will cover any damages" a smile from the half-elf warrior, and the foreman hhmms and so Dante waits.

The Donk... is late. Poor Dante ends up waiting more than a few hours before any signs of Donk's arrival. And those signs begin in a way one wouldn't expect.

From down the street a ways comes the sound of children's voices. Though Dante and the foreman can't see the kids yet, the sound is definitely getting louder. In fact, it's not the random yelling and squealing of kids playing, but rather some kind of /singing/. The voices grow louder and louder, until the paladin can make out some words:

Thunder rolled across the sky
Lightning flashed and giants roared
His lance struck true and fierce
As their bodies hit the floor
Nary a single frost giant
Was left upon the plains
For the Great and Mighty Donk
Had made us safe again!

Dante shaking his head, in some amount of disgust is the paladin, whoose arms are now folded. Still with Donk's -timely- arrival, he opens the door and calls out the foreman, who went back in until his arrival. A deep breath of sighing escapes the paladin's mouth, who isn't wearing his helm at the moment. The children are just an added aspect, so for now the paladin merely frowns considerably as he is quite angry, its evident in his facial features.

Down the way, the late afternoon crowds begin to part for... a huge crowd of children that are making their way down the street. The gaggle is cavorting, smiling, and singing at the top of their lungs. Each of them wears a tunic with the face of a grinning gnome with a huge shock of orange facial hair on it. In fact... the owner of that face is at the front of the procession. Donk Yauti, gnomish cavalier, is sitting high on his high-stepping wolf mount, pumping his lance like it were a baton. He looks pleased as punch, as the whole parade makes its way slowly down the street, towards the Explorer's Guild.

"As I stated earlier, Donk sometimes puts his members at rsk, when we are required to do missions. Now a procession of kids, a parade? What next? now him being a warrior, maybe he doesn't think of team strategies, or that concept? Which would be odd, but still. so I wanted to have a discussion with him about this, with one of you present, and ask has anyone else voiced -any- concerns?" Dante asks of the foreman, while waiting for Donk to finally arrive. the foreman doesn't seem happy about Dante being unhappy.

Onward Donk marches, with a big grin on his face. The singing is loud enough now that it's hard to hear yourself think. The cavalier marches up to...and right past Dante, sparing him the briefest of salutes before going on his way. Like the paladin were just another spectator in the crowd.

Dante moves into the crowd and reaches for Donk "Hey! I did send you a message to meet me here?!" Yes the paladin sounds more than irritated, however he doesn't want to take it out on some innocent kids..However this is when he does raises his voice a little.."Please get off your mount and come have a discussion with me and one of the foreman of the guild?!"

Trying to avoid bumping to hard any of the children, in his attempt to reach and get one hand on Donk

The press of children is indeed hard to wade through, and Dante isn't the only one annoyed by having their normal day interrupted. When he yells, Donk waves a hand back at him, not looking back. "Autographs later, citizen! The Donk will sign autographs later!" The latter remark has him glancing back though, and frowns with bafflement. "You did? When? The Donk does not have any recollection of this," he yells, barely able to make himself heard over the singing kids.

Dante continues trying to wade through the children, and Donk can see that he is being reached for and that the paladin isn't happy at all.

That reaching hand gets gently pushed aside with the end of Donk's lance. He heaves a great big sigh and looks skyward, peering at the sun. He whistles loudly through his teeth, and the children around him fall silent, looking up to the gnome with big smiles. "Take five, Donk-lettes!" There are murmurs of disappointment, but the crowd of kids quiets and mills around, making more "normal" children sounds.

Donk turns his steed towards the paladin, meeting him in the middle of the crowd of children. He looks up at Dante with a deep frown behind his huge orange beard. "The Donk's time is very valuable. What do you want??"

"The Donk endangers his other adventurers when he is on missions with them" Dante answers then motions for the foreman to come forward "Now I didn't want you to think that, your last antics wouldn't be noted or pointed out too you" Now moving closer, and ignoring the lance once he rides towards him "Still, do you not know anything of tactics or how to work as a team? We don't have time galloping off to save you, cause you rush in without thinking of how that affects those your teamed up with. I say this cause I have seen it happen more than once" A slight shake of his head, as he stares at Donk, then finally at the children "Are you lying to these kids too?"

Donk's frown deepens as Dante goes on, head tilting slowly to the side. Destroyer, on the other hand, starts sniffing out the interesting paladin, sticking his nose in uncomfortable places.

When the foreman gets close, Donk looks to him in bewildmerment, pointing at Dante. "The Donk thinks your friend here is drunk."

The foreman seems a bit confused, and concerned at the same time.."Well it seems this warrior of the church, seems concerned of your antics, when your doing missions?" a shrug of the forman's shoulders, as he pulls out a clipboard, perhaps to take notes, then looks between Dante and Donk, and back at Donk.

"Well, now your calling me drunk, based on what I have said to the foreman, as if I speak an untruth, or I'm so uncouth as too speak too him, while I'm drunk really?" This causes Dante to study Donk, and raises an eyebrow, since now his integrity is being questioned..

Donk shrugs at the foreman, and turns a look at Dante, eyes widening in bafflement. "He's speaking in tongues now! Forsooth!" Holding up his hands, Donk speaks slowly and carefully at Dante, "Have you really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

The foreman seems too be confused even more and finally states.."Well Mr. Donk, it would seem, something of a -minor- complaint was made" Now glancing at Dante, who still seems very angry, and looks towards his notes, then continues "Yes, well perhaps you both should discuss that further, I will go inside and make sure management is aware" yep he shrugs too, but hell he has to listen even to the remote complaints, makes more notes then looks at Donk again to see if he has anything further to say.

This is about the time Dante seems like he has had it up too here with the man, then exhales looking at the foreman "Thank you for your time sir" and his gaze switches to Donk "No problem, since you want to play stupid, the next time we are on a mission together and you do something stupid? I will deal with it, in the only way you understand, thank you for taking the time to come to the meeting" glancing around at the children, then back at the forman, Dante waits for either too speak, the anger still prevalent in his eyes.

Donk blinks at Dante in confusion a bit more, setting his hands on his hips. Destroyer jabs his nose right up into Dante's crotch, in dog-heaven at the moment.

"... soooo you're upset about something?" Donk hazards, speaking slowly and carefully. He watches Dante for an indication of whether or not he's right.

<OOC> Dante says, "is wearing Platemail so its okay if he sniffs that area i guess"

<OOC> Donk | Tunk tunk tunk tunk.

The foreman again looks between both folks and shrugs once more and heads back into the Explorer's Guild, figuring that aspect is personal not business related. The paladin on the other hand replies evenly "We are done talking Donk. I have said my piece, your free to respond to that as you wish. Your concern or question isn't concerned for my welfare or what I truly feel or think, leave with your children."

Dante then exhales once more, and studies Donk with those grey eyes of his, then down at his mount, and turns to leave, unless Donk attempts to stop him, though he is headed eastward now it seems.

Donk just continues to stare blankly at Dante, head tilted slightly to the side. When the paladin turns away, to wade through that crowd of kids, Donk calls after him, "Have a good afternoon, citizen! And remember: Faith in Donk is faith in the Right!" He whistles again, and the children gather up once more, breaking out into song as he leads them down the street once more.