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New to the town. Fiona is still making her name in the Explorer's guild. She has been in several missions for the explorer's guild so far!

Role Play!

Fiona has been on several adventures of different types so far! Over all, she has meet some interesting people and done some interesting things in her short time. Nor can she wait to do even more! If you would like to RP with Fiona just drop her an @mail! I love to scene, though mostly it happens after 2000EST.


Date Log People
November 11, 2012 General Rp -- Coming to Alexandria Fiona, Cesran
November 11, 2012 General RP -- Young impressionable Youth Younger, Fiona
November 13, 2012 Staff Plot -- Till Death Do us Part Mel, Ashlynn, Zalara, Eliathitae, Fiona
November 14, 2012 General RP -- Goblintown Sandy, Jareth, Younger, Fiona
November 16, 2012 Staff Plot -- A Land Down Under Hilal, Gavisa,Mel, Vennan,Angrid, Zalara,Fiona,Jessa
November 17, 2012 General Rp -- Once Upon a Jail Cell Sandy, Myrana, Svarshan, Fiona, Eliathitae, Selia
December 10, 2012 General RP -- Rocks, Poop, Hips, and Stew!! SandyOatesSvarshanFionaLeisel
December 11, 2012 Staff Plot -- Mercantile Obligation (Porocora DM)