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Half-Sil PC Badge
Ancestry: Apparently from Llyranost, at least in part. The rest is all Alexandrian, especially his adopted father.
Associated With: The Temple of Tarien and the Explorer's Guild
Faith: Tarienite

About My Character

Aenyn was born and raised in Alexandria, at least, as far as he can remember. He's a member of the Explorer's Guild specializing in stealth, light blades and even some trapwork. When not out adventuring, he can often be found at Tarien's temple, helping out with odd jobs, and seems to have an almost father-son relationship with some of the older priests there. He's been observed to have an unusual paranoia around furniture he isn't familiar with.

Artist's representation of Aenyn hard at work (Thanks, Lash!)

Roleplay Logs

Excerpts from Aenyn's Journal

First Entry What day is it? I don't even know. Should still be 1014, though. Doubt I slept THAT long. Had my first job from the Explorer's Guild. Me and some others had to hunt down a missing apprentice. Easy, right? No. The crazy bitch tried to create some kind of magic hair tonic and OF COURSE it went wrong and her hair proceeded to eat her. And not in the good way. No, it was draining her into a withered husk which is really the worst kind of husk let me tell you. It also tried to eat us when we found it. We managed to kill it somehow, but it was too late for the apprentice. Oh, well. We got paid anyway and I promptly pissed it all away at the Ox. Now I don't even know what day it is. I think I'm going to go shave my head...


Firetide 26, 1014 Tarienball. I had never heard of it before despite growing up in the temple, but there it was. I think Steel von Ironblood, Bane of the Night, just made it all up on the spot. But whatever the source, it was a lot of fun. And my team won! I think. It was rather hard to tell by the end of things. It certainly seemed like we won. I wonder if the game will ever be played again.


Aestry 1, 1014 Just got back from another mission for the Guild. Had to help a Veyshanti caravan because their leader was missing. Well, that opened a whole privy of trouble. Turns out politics aren't limited to the muckity-mucks in the city. Even jeen gin genies have their politics and we fell right in the middle of it. Air and fire don't like each other I guess. I would've assumed fire would hate water more than air, but I'm obviously no expert on genies. All I really know is that it hurts like hell when they hit you, so I've decided that, if there's a next time, I just won't get hit. Easy, right?

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