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About My Character

A truly spicy Veyshanti swordsman who favours fabulous hats and cloaks of flowers. Don't be fooled, though. There will be blood and it might be yours. He's earned the nickname 'Bloodrose' for his proactive approach to monster hunting in the name of Althea.

Roleplay Hooks

  • He hails from Taashraan, and if the scars on his arms are anything to measure by, he didn't come from the rich part of town.
  • He's a sucker for fashion -- a nice pair of boots, or a beautiful tunic attracts him as much as a pile of gold and jewels.
  • Even though he's born Veyshanti, he is most at home in Alexandria -- there's something about the city that speaks to him. (City Aspect)
  • An adherent of Althea, he loves a good love story -- he'll go the extra mile to see an adventure through if there's love involved.

Themesong: A Rose for Epona, Eluveitie (