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Leirune Bio Header.png

Leirune 'Rune' Theran

Race: Half-sil
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black w/ Blue Highlights
Homeland: Ylvaliel, Mythwood, Alexandros
Age: 27
Occupation: Adventurer / Messenger
Class: Rogue (13)
Faith: The Sky-Singer
Alignment: Neutral Good

Leirune Theran is a half-sil with a fascination for stories, songs, languages, exploration, and discovery. Preferring the name 'Rune', she has developed a bit of a reputation with a keen mind, deadly blades, and clever fingers which she lends in the aid of others. Tales tell of a young woman who died in battle against the Charneth, only to be returned to life by blessing of the Goddess of Dreams.

Rune is a rogue, an adventurer, a lover, a trusted friend, and an honorary warrior caste among the Makari. It's also rumored she may just have some connection to the Fey as well. When she isn't dragged into some nonsense or another, she travels with her mate, the Cleric Harkashan or offers her services as a messenger or translator.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Do you need someone to carry a message or package? Rune sometimes acts as courier, including handling discreet correspondence.
  • Do you need a linguist, translator, or scribe? Rune is fluent in: Auran, Draconic, Handspeech, Merc-Talk, Mynsandraal, Sildanyari, Sylvan, Undercommon and Yrch-Speak.
  • Do you need someone skilled in exploration to aid your party with tasks that require a sharp blades and quick fingers?
  • Rune is the daughter of Archivist Caeles Míranórë of Ylvaliel, but neither seem to acknowledge this connection in most circumstances. He sometimes sends people to check up on his children.
  • Rune's mother (Kiira Theran) is a storyteller of some renown, perhaps you heard one of her fantastic tales?
  • Rune has ties to the Fey, perhaps you do, too? Or you want to know more about these elusive and sometimes dangerous beings?
  • After her death and ressurection, Rune has become a follower of the Sky-singer (Eluna). Even now, she still is quick to take on work she sees as in service of the goddess.

Art Gallery
Extended Character Gallery with Additional Images: https://imgur.com/a/KbVMwfX

Rune's Monster Enmity List
Rune has a special hatred for monsters who have caused her significant difficulties in the past. This list represents the specific monsters which she feels are particularly irritating:

  • Mimics
  • Phase Spiders
  • Elementals
  • Babau

Sound Track/Inspiration





Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Shadow-Touched
Tier: Tier 3 + Major Tattoo
Development: After her death and resurrection, the shadows seem to remain close to Rune, sometimes trailing with her as she walks. Whispy markings have joined her existing tattoo, a subtle but noticable change.

Blood pact.png

(RPP) Blood Pact PC Badge
Tier: Tier 5, Blood Lore (Message), Bound Soul, Lingering Auras, Seance
Entity: Glasina the Blue-Winged
The Contract: Rune is tasked as a keeper of songs and stories. She is meant to live, witness, and experience tales of adventure, love, and wonder, bringing the mortal perspective back to Glasina so it can be shared further with the Fey's own patron: The Lady Tanith.
History: The two met when a strange Fey being saved Rune and her friends from a dark being known as the Corpse-Eater on an adventure gone awry. From that point, Glasina was a point of contact for Rune learning more about her mother's past and how to undo the time loop that her mother was caught in with the Golden Fate (a powerful norn) and her wife.

Halfelf02 druid.jpg

Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: Llyranesi/Human. She has always fit in better among Humans than with with her Sildanyari kin.
Role: Scribe, Translator, and Messenger
Faith: Eluna. Rune has developed a deep respect and honor for the goddess. The Sky-singer not only was involved in her resurrection, but has also been a source of comfort and guidance. This connection has been forged deeper due to the connections Rune's Fey Patron has to the Goddess.
Homeland: Ylvaliel, Alexandros. Rune's father is a historian and archivist in Ylvaliel. Her mother was once a renowned storyteller in the area around the Mythwood.


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