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Log Info

  • Place: Felwood
  • Time: May 6th, 2023
  • Summary: It has been learned by some that the spire in the Felwood is a Temple of Eluna, thought long lost to the Demon Wars that helped create the Felwood Approach is dictated, say legends, by the phase of the moon, when the temple harvests Eluna's light at its fullest, but maybe there's more to it than that?
  • APL: ?
  • Encounter 1: Non-combat checks and poison traps
  • Encounter 2: Giant plant tentacle monster

The Guild of Explorers and their Mythwood allies have deduced that the Spire sighted in the felwood is the so-called 'Temple of Laneia'. Laneia, an elven priestess from the days before the demon wars, was said to have conceived of the structure to harvest the light of Eluna in an effort to regain access to magics that had been 'lost' to time.

According to legend, the temple is most approachable in the Full Moon, and wouln't you know it, tonight happens to be one, and Eluna's grace is shining down all over you.

And it is also why there's such a large group. Heading towards the Felwood right now. That you're all in. In an effort to see if you can get closer to the Temple.

As you head from the border regions into the woods, a deathly silence has settled in, as if the forest itself and everything in it is holding its breat h, just waiting. You're all painfully aware of each clank of armor, every twig crunched beneath your feet, every beat of your own heart in your ears. All too quiet, and so all too loud.]

Striding along with her sword drawn and at the ready... if only because the woods -are- so creepy, Huian is letting her eyes flicker to and fro. The slightest sound in the distance draws her focus easily. And as usual, she is not speaking casually. She's just... riding quietly. She is one of those oddballs who doesn't see the need to fill silence with idle chatter. Only speaking when it is necessary.

GAME: Harkashan casts Light. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14

A spire amidst evil, dedicated to Eluna. With the recent matters having to do with a particular being and the attempts to unfetter it - a being of Nightmare - Harkashan could not help but believe it was related in some way.

With the gathering of information amongst Mythwood elves, and stepping towards the Felwood and the spire itself - feeling the silent around him - Harkashan lets out a rumble of discomfort.

The Felwood is always a nest of evil. And recent encounters near the Spire have left him feeling there is a 'Sentient' or 'Aware' being testing them, toying with them...

Light flits through the woods, from amidst Harkashan's horns, shining from the Lavastone between them. Looking to help light the way for the group. But with it being so quiet, he's listening even more carefully to the world around him. Feeling the tremmors beneath his toes...

OOC Harkashan says, "General Perception check to keep watch."
GAME: Harkashan rolls PErception: (20)+5: 25

Rune's relationship with Eluna is an uncertain one in the best of times, but that doesn't stop her from accompanying the others in this journey into the Felwood. Her mask is pulled up over her nose and her hood is drawn up over her ears, moving with as soft footfalls as she can manage. If this is their chance to approach the tower, then so be it.

Not taking any chances, Rune has her weapons drawn, but they are kept close at her side as she moves near the front of the group, trying to make sure she can spot any potential threats ahead of time.

GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 2 DC: 14

The Guild of Explorers have sent Jacob back to Felwood.

A deep sigh leaves Jacob's features as they head towards the Felwood. They have to get closer to the temple. While Jacob is not the most knowledgeable of Eluna, given he's not one of her followers, perhaps he can provide some insight. He steadies his spear, tightens his shield to his arm, and keeps moving. He walks alongside Rune, nodding to her as he keeps his eyes open for anything that may come up.

GAME: Jacob rolls Perception: (17)+6: 23

The uncanny quiet works on Aelmeh's nerves. Shadows dance and weave now that one of their party has cast a light spell. Almost she protested, that what makes it easy for us to see marks us to anyone who would attack, but she keeps the protest to herself. In the distance, she can catch glimpses of the spire, limned in silver under the full moon.

GAME: Rune rolls perception: (5)+15: 20

Aelwyn keeps adjusting the fresh leather cloak around his shoulders; once moving it over both, the other timing cinching it on one side. The Dragoon seemed to carry an air of nonchalance around him - but the ruddy scaled sith-makar was holding the haft of his polearm quite tightly. The tension in the air was quite palpable, and it was catching easy.

On the other hand, speaking of the gods - he has no regrets. Not yet, anyway.

Reithak was strolling along with the others, and the large egalri, in spite of the circumstances, seems rather at ease. "Well, an elunan temple doesn't so bad. Assuming that the work this elf was doing there was well, something Eluna would approve of." The egalrin muses in an attempt to break the silence. "What do you think is keeping a tower like that hidden?"

They stretch a bit and peer into the forest, as if a tower might somehow be close enough that they didn't notice it yet.

Sticking towards the back of the group and trying not to look too nervous, this place is creeping Fidget out. There's definitely a part of her that thinks this was a bad idea and she should have left the murder forest to more experienced, or at least larger, adventurers. But... she did help figure out how to get to this place, and she was too curious about it to back down, and, well, now it was too late to turn back. She's definitely not going back through the creepy forest by herself. So, she's extra watchful while they work their way through the Felwood, the little mage keeps her eyes peeled for anything unusual - at least anything unusual outside their party.

GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (17)+4: 21
GAME: Reithak rolls perception: (13)+11: 24
GAME: Aelwyn rolls perception: (7)+1: 8

So far, so good.

No creatures are leaping out to consume you, no threats looming in the trees. And now that you're in the right area, after an entirely too long and quiet a march, you can see that spire's shadow between the trees, just barely. You're closer, it's *there* and real, but if you look away, you can lose sight of it all too easily and it seems like it takes entirely too long to find it with your eyes again. With that, it's easy to see how it has remained hidden for so long.

As you move forward together, you find that the trails here are increasingly overgrown. Before much longer, the trails are narrowing, forcing you into increasigly heavy foliage and overgrowth.

With everyone else looking away, looking around and all, Huian decides to focus her attention on the tower itself. She begins weaving through the foliage, drawing a dagger in her left hand and starting to use that to clear her way. But her eyes are -locked- on the tower itself. Using only her peripheral vision for the rest of the forest.

She is trusting her companions to watch her back and keep her out of too much trouble.

GAME: Harkashan casts Daylight. Caster Level: 5 DC: 17

Harkashan slowly unsheathes his weapon as the foilage gets thicker. His Khopesh suitable enough as a hacking weapon to cut away at anything that makes progress impossible. They'd been closer to the spire before than they are now - he doesn't recall the approach being so difficult.

What's worse, the thicker it gets, the more it feels like he's starting to lose sight of people. The Light spell in his horns is notable.

"Let's keep communicating, so we don't lose eachother." Not moments before that 'beacon' of light suddenly BLAZES. Like the sun's very flames bursting at the leafs and branches around him, whilst he hacks away.

"Follow my light if you lose your way!" As he proceeds onwards.

Opposite to Huian, Rune seems to be focusing more on their surroundings rather than on the Tower, itself. It is easier to follow her companions, while making sure that they remain safe. No strange clearings with monstrous tables and finger-nibbling jam-jars. Not this time, it seems.

As the ground starts to become more difficult to move through, Rune takes more careful steps, trying to make sure not to get tangled or caught up in underbrush. She squints slightly at the daylight given off by Harkashan, but nods her head in appreciation. "Try to stay in sight of at least one other person."

She cuts through some of the thicker bits of underbrush where she has to, but Rune keeps moving, occasionally checking behind her to make sure she can keep her companions in view.

 Aelmeh posed  

The encroaching forest seems to protest their presence, wishing them gone. Branches snag the wizard's cloak, leaves brush her face, roots seem to grab her feet. Aelmeh is not in her element, city born and raised, her contact with nature has been limited to manicured parks and clearly marked trails. With an effort she keeps Huian in view as they slog ahead.

Despite thedifficulty, she admires the magic that makes the Spire disappear from unwary eyes and ponders on why a temple consecrated to Eluna would be under such a spell.

"I don't like this."

Jacob remarks as he keeps his full attention on his environment. He lets others keep their eyes on the spire, but he does catch it in his vision. "Not too far away least, I think." He tells the group as he turns to look at Rune for a brief moment. "Agreed." then to Harkashan. "Don't stop talking." He echoes him. Though the light of his helps guide the way.

He takes a deep breath. Branches prick his cloak and glide across armor.

"If anyone sees anything...sound it out."

OOC Whirlpool says, "Once you've posed, I'd like you to roll a ref save. :)"

"Well, there's the tower we were looking for! At least, fairly certain it is." The egalrin laughs once it was in view. "There's a first good stroke of luck, hopefully they'll keep up, huh?"

The egalrin takes a few steps forward. "I should probably head in first, after all, I'll probably have the most trouble getting through, right? Hopefully I'm not picking twigs and leaves out of my feathers for too long after this, but small price to pay and all that." Reithak continues as she works on muscling her way through the overgrowth, stopping to take a dagger hidden from somewhere in her jacket out in her right hand just in case anything was too tough.

"And I thought you looked fiery already, Harkashan." They joke. "Now you're lighting up this place like a proper bonfire!"

"Oh! Oh! I see it!" Fidget's high-pitched voice calls out excitedly, followed by a less excited "'s still so far away. Why didn't we bring the horses again?" This journey has been tiring on Fidget. Not only are her legs half the length of everyone else's, in some places the underbrush is higher than her eye level. Another reason to hover back and let the longlegs trample the pesky greenery down.

She does scuttle a little closer when the others express worry about getting seperated. "I don't know how anyone could lose track of Harkashan's incandescent butt, though."

Off to one side. That is good. No, it is getting chilly. Back and forth, Aelwyn adjusts; until his eyes narrow into the growth creeping up on them.%r "This one still believes we should set the forest on fire." He rumbles, starting to slide his hand along the haft of his glaive. It was a beautiful glaive. "Now with the woods closing in... this one fears the trees themselves could descend on these ones."

And then the light just blazes out, making the sith-makar shy away and squint. "Careful outdoing the sun, Lava. Gods may get jealous." He says, with great amusement.

GAME: Fidget rolls reflex: (13)+3: 16
GAME: Huian rolls reflex: (17)+7: 24
GAME: Harkashan rolls Reflex: (12)+3: 15
GAME: Aelwyn rolls reflex: (7)+4: 11
GAME: Aelmeh rolls reflex: (20)+3: 23 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
GAME: Reithak rolls reflex: (14)+3: 17
GAME: Rune rolls reflex: (6)+9: 15
GAME: Jacob rolls Reflex: (5)+6: 11
OOC Whirlpool says, "Most of you are able ot avoid snagging. AElwyn, Jacob, you both get caught on thorns."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Go ahead and pose painfully getting thorn-struck, then roll fort. :D"

Aelwyn wades into the foliage, looking like he was increasingly having difficulty as he grunts and heaves. The thorns are constantly pushed aside by the end of his spear; but then he hisses sharply.

"rainbow" The Dragoon snarls, sliding his hand down onto his calves. His hand slides down to touch his leg. "hiss" He takes in a deep breath to calm himself. 'The claws, they are under my scales.' He says out calmly. They were also in his cloak. What's worse - what about his tail? <unknown language>

GAME: Aelwyn rolls fortitude: (5)+6: 11


Jacob feels himself getting caught in the thorns and bamble, the sharpness of the rotted vines stabbing into his legs and tearing some of his clothes and scarring lines across his armor. He tries to move himself free from them and keep moving, even as he looks forward. "Hnnnh...I hate ths forest..."

GAME: Jacob rolls Fortitude: (5)+7: 12

The thorns snagged painfully, yes, but you're able to move on.

The frustrating part is that you don't seem to be getting any closer to the spire, and it's position in the treeline seems to ...shift. You're never quite looking in the same place for it.

Weird, right?

The confines tighten, but with Harkashan serving as a brilliantly illumating waypoint, at least no one risks getting seperated, and so far, there's no sign of horrible creatures, or elves with pits.

Pausing in her forward motion, since progress seems to be fleeting, Huian looks back over her shoulder, "The Elven elders did not give us more clues about getting into the tower, did they?" she asks. "And, I do not suppose anyone here happens to be a specialist on rituals for followers of Eluna?"

I mean, if moving forward is getting nowhere fast, then a different approaches seems to be called for.

OOC Whirlpool says, "Spellcraft if ya got it!"
GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (20)+11: 31
GAME: Aelmeh rolls spellcraft: (3)+13: 16
GAME: Aelmeh rolls knowledge/religion: (4)+8: 12

Harkashan's lava-like scales no doubt are making for rather interesting shapes and flow patterns right now, with the Daylight spell so potent between his horns. He makes a bemused sound to Reithak; "Indeed. Of course, it may draw enemies our way. But I would rather stand against the Evils of Felwood with all of you, than alone." He rumbles.

He then smirks at Aelwyn for a moment, letting out a bemused scuff of a sound from his throat. "I do not believe the Gods have much to be jealous of."

Though, when Jacob and Aelwyn get stuck, he turns for a moment. Nobody left behind. That's what Rune always says. "You help Jacob?" As he gets near Aelwyn and uses his Khopesh to aid in getting his Kin and his cloak free.

Then, they move onwards.

"I'm starting to have trouble tracking the Spire..." Harkashan rumbles.

While moving through the darker reaches of the forest, it's not always easy to see the thorns and vines of the underbrush, but Rune manages to avoid a patch as she moves forward. "Careful. There's some rough patches thta you don't want to be --" And that's when she hears a Draconic cursing. Just as she is looking back, Jacob joins the sounds of pain. "You two alright?" Concern in her voice.

At the instruction from Harkashan, Rune takes her blade and starts helping to hack some of the thorny vegetation away from Jacob.

Turning towards the others, Rune pauses in her progress, seeming that they still seem to be having trouble reaching the Tower in question. Turning to Huian, she shakes her head, "Blessed by the Sky Singer, perhaps, but... I don't know anything about magics or rituals." In fact, there is a hint of uncertainty there in her expression.

Defeated, Aelwyn bows his head to Harkashan. "chomp" He breathes, inhaling as he snags the rest of the thorns of his body with a yank. Blood flows, but most that got hurt was his scales and his pride. "click rainbow sizzle roar chomp sizzle hiss sizzle roar sizzle chomp growl rainbow growl hiss chomp" A flash of his teeth.

Even with more vigilance, the Dragoon follwos on after the rest. 'It seems there are always tricks at play - perhaps that Spire is not the the spire we are looking for."click unknown

Reithak pauses, turning back to look at the others. "Hey, are you two alright?" The egalrin asks, sounding concerned. "Stay close behind me, I'll do my best to keep the worst of it out of the way.

"Well, either way, if something happens, then I'd rather we know what's going on than not. It trust you to watch my back if something happens, just like the rest of you." The egalrin notes. "Maybe we'll find what we're looking for closer to it. Nowhere to go but forward, I'd say!"

Aelmeh winces in sympathy with the others in the party ensnarled by the vicious thorns. "Nothing grows like this naturally...these are under a spells." She smiles wryly at the Sith's curses muffled by the thick foliage.

Speaking loudly enough for Huian to hear her, "This maze of thorns is not typical of the goddess - she asks for wisdom and compassion from her followers. Not -this- morass."

"Oh! Oh! I see it!" Fidget's high-pitched voice calls out excitedly, followed by a less excited "'s still so far away. Why didn't we bring the horses again?" This journey has been tiring on Fidget. Not only are her legs half the length of everyone else's, in some places the underbrush is higher than her eye level. Another reason to hover back and let the longlegs trample the pesky greenery down.

She does scuttle a little closer when the others express worry about getting seperated. "I don't know how anyone could lose track of Harkashan's incandescent butt, though."

Her being towards the back probably helps her avoid the brambles, as she hears the yelps from ahead in time to watch her feet carefully, and step around anything dangerous. Of course, no she has to watch for the tower, watch for the glowing Sith-Makar, and watch her step. Plus look around for any interesting magic amongst the forest. Her mind wanders for a bit, watching the way the tower seems to dance in and out of sight, it's almost like... "Oh. Cool! I know a thing! I think!" she exlaims. "The tower, it's a displacer beast! Or... it's like a displacer beast? It's doing that thing where it isn't where it is."

Well, that clears that right up.

Rune is helping Jacob out of the brambles and he manages to escape them with her help, his own efforts to break free aided heavily by her.

"Hnnnh..." He brings a hand to the bridge of his nose, looking ahead. "Uh...I feel..." He takes a knee, and he looks up.

He sees IT.

A dark creature, with six legs, finger-like paws clawing through the ground as it growls at him, the maw of some kind of great devourer, looking him in the eyes, licking it's teeth like it's come to a feast.

"Rune...move..." He picks up his spear, looking like he's about to throw it...and he hesitates. "I...It shouldn't be..." His breath quickens and he freezes completely, he was sweating...

He was afraid.

"Displacement?" the wizard muses aloud. "Fidget it -is- like a displacer beast. But, why does the Felwood want to keep us from our goal and shadow Eluna's silver light. It is like something is drinking it."

OOC Whirlpool says, "Just so the rest of you know, none of you seew hat Jacob says. ;)"
OOC Aelmeh says, "May I cast Mage Armor, WP?"

"The elves did say that their ancient priestess was trying to capture the light of Eluna to restore ancient magics." states Huian with a nod to both Fidget and Aelmeh. And then Jacob reacts, and she whirls... her sword at the ready. The oddest part is that there is just the hint of a flash of white at the base of the blade... and the barest hint of a feline snarl sounding like it is coming from a distance. That may not help Jacob's panicking brain, but it is what it is.

OOC Harkashan says, "Can I help Jacob fight his Fear by using my armor (+4 to fear) and a Diplomacy roll or something of the likes?"
OOC Harkashan says, "(Or Herbology if it's something physiological)"
OOC Whirlpool says, "A Heal check is what you use to grant a second save against poison, with the idea of treating it. Do you have a Healer's kit? :)"
OOC Harkashan says, "I do!"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Well, there you go then! But you're gonna need to get him to stand still :)"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Aelmeh, yes you c an cast."
GAME: Aelmeh casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 3 DC: 15
OOC Aelwyn says, "Can I pose in interim or should I wait?"

There's things happening, and Harkashan is having trouble catching what is going on. It seems like Jacob is seeing things that aren't there. And other people are speaking of a Diplacer Tower. Something going in and out of Phase with the Phase of the Moon?

"Rune, can you hold Jacob still? I think something got into his bloodstream." He remarks, as he takes out a small packet of items from a satchel and approaching Jacob to seek to treat him.

GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 2 DC: 15

"A displacer beast?" Rune asks, squinting into the trees as if she were trying to understand what the more magically-inclined members of the party are talking about. "So, it's like some sort of illusion?" She looks to Aelmeh, much of her expression hidden but her brows furrowed. "With everything we've encountered, I have to wonder if the Tower is even held by the Sky Singer's power or if it has been corrupted by something else."

Jacob's warning causes her pointed ears to twitch, looking quickly over her shoulder in the direction that he seems to be staring. "Jacob... there's nothing there." She tries to tell him, reaching a hand to try to lower his spear. It may very well not be successful, but it's obvious the human cleric may not quite be himself.

"Aelwyn, you're not seeing anything weird, are you?" It may, at least, give the others warning that something may not be well. Then, with Harkashan asking her to hold Jacob still, she gives the Makari a side-eye. Rune is hardly strong enough to hold anyone, but she does try to keep a hand on Jacob's spear, for now.

GAME: Harkashan rolls Heal+2: (6)+8+2: 16

Aelwyn too, comes to a stop. He stands there in quiet, looking around. 'Do you hear that?' He suddenly asks, his breath quickening. 'The music?' His nostrils began flaring, as he looks around in alarm. The Dragoon looks at Jacob then - and the man also saw it. He instantly springs into action.

"chomp rainbow" With a quick step forward, he attempts to pull the man away - except he reels back. "hiss click chomp click" He glances around the rest of the group and he picks up his spear, starting to quickly back away - especially from Harkashan. "roar chomp hiss roar growl click growl" Orange eyes were wide as saucers, as he screams from the top of his lungs. "sizzle growl rainbow chomp click roar hiss sizzle"

And when the music's over, the Dragoon rushes at the group trying to help Jacob, trying to push them aside. <unknown language>

OOC Whirlpool says, "So now Aelwyn is also hallucinating! XD"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Unsurprisingly, these are the two who got nailed by those thorns a bit ago."
OOC Aelwyn sees so many colors and they are not nice colors. ,_,
OOC Whirlpool says, "So, Hark wants to treat for poison, obviously."
OOC Whirlpool says, "But to do that, Aelwyn and Jacob need to be held still."
OOC Whirlpool says, "They're hallucinating, so they are not likely to be very cooperative."
OOC Whirlpool says, "So for expediency, here's what we're going to do."
OOC Whirlpool says, "I'm going to assume the lot of you will work together to restrain them. I am going to ask for everyone to roll CMB. The collective average of the rolls will influence *how long* it takes you to restrain and treat. Harkashan, I'd like you to roll heal twice instead of a CMB check."
GAME: Huian rolls cmb: (4)+3: 7
GAME: Aelwyn rolls cmb: (10)+7: 17
GAME: Reithak rolls cmb: (12)+4: 16
GAME: Jacob rolls cmb: (1)+5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Rune rolls cmb: (16)+3: 19
GAME: Fidget rolls cmb: (15)+0: 15
GAME: Aelmeh rolls cmb: (15)+2: 17
GAME: Harkashan rolls Heal+2: (6)+8+2: 16

It quickly becomes clear that figuring out the tower is going to have to wait: you have more immediate problems of your own in Aelwyn and Jacob panicing in a way that threatens to alert any creature within a five mile radius as to where you are, if Harkashan's light hadn't already.

It takes time. They fight hard. They're too paniced to make sense of the fact that you're trying to help them, but eventually, after way too long it feels like, Harkashan is able to draw an antidote from his healer's kit, helping to calm them down and relieve them of their hallucinations. It's guess work, but it does the trick for the moment, but the toxin is likely still in their system for now.

Still, that problem is dealt with.

Sheathing her sword, Huian charges forward to try to help. She gets an elbow to the forehead for her troubles, and stumbles back a half pace. Once the antidotes are administered, she reaches up and rubs her head before drawing the sword once more and looking about for the tower. "So..." she begins.

"If the tower is displaced, is it by the same -acale- as such a beast? Or do we have any hope of piercing the illusion? We were told we could only find it during the full moon. Is the moon itself the key?" She asks, turning her dark eyes skyward towards the full moon.

GAME: Harkashan rolls KNowledge/Religion+2: (11)+5+2: 18

It is frustrating for the wizard to not have anything in her arsenal of spells that could help Jacob or Aelwyn. Still, Harkashan's skills answer to their needs to her relief. Felwood even in the light of day is unwelcoming, much less when trying to approach a magical tower hemmed by defensive spells.

Speaking in a voice meant to carry no further than her companions, "There are tales of magical castles hemmed in by thickets of roses and thorns. It makes a kind of sense if the priestess Laneia was seeking power for evil purposes. But I have nothing to counter them I?"

When people start drawing weapons, Fidget immediately wraps herself in Mage Armor, while looking around for the threat. It takes her a moment to figure out that there isn't a threat, or at least not one that she can fight.

It doesn't help much, but Fidget grabs a leg while they're trying to hold the two afflicted people down. She has a good grip on the leg, but that just means she gets waved around with the leg. She's helping!

It took Reithak a moment to realize what was going, but once the large egalrin figures out what is going on, she's quick to help. She's able to mostly pin the dragoon with some help from the others until everything is done.

"Goodness Aelwyn, you could use that tail of yours like a whip if you had half a mind to." The egalrin laughs, rubbing one of her shins. "Feeling better now though, I hope? Smart thinking on that antidote, Harkashan. And you too, Jacob?" How are you feeling?" They offer softly.

One of the hardest things is often to face fighting your own friends. In this case, both Aelwyn and Jacob are not in their right minds and that much is obvious to anyone. It's quite likely that the rogue gets pushed around a bit in the process of trying to help the pair.

By the time the two are treated, she's pushing herself up, rubbing at her rear end from being shoved to the ground. "No more drugs for you two." Reclaiming her weapons, Rune looks to Huian and Aelmeh, "I wish I understood more about these sort of magics." She looks upwards, trying to spot the sky through the trees.

"There are ways to navigate by starlight, or by the position of the moon. But if it's not where it seems to be... " Her brows furrow in uncertainty.

OOC Fidget says, "With the high spellcraft roll, can I make an better estimate of where the tower actually is?"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Fidget, that's more likely a math issue based on the radius and so on. However, spellcraft can give you a bonus. :D"
OOC Huian says, "so I -was- right about it being to scale?:)"

When Harkashan is finally done, he checks on Aelwyn and Jacob for a moment. Certainly, they've dealt with this crisis. But they're not any closes to the Spire right now.

"Take a moment to take a breather." He tells the two of them, before looking to the moon right alongside Huian. He's got the same feeling. But the problem is, they are on the clock right now. A full moon doesn't just happen every day. If they fail now, they'll have to wait another month.

He stands there, pondering for a moment. Brow furrowed.

"It's corrupted... it no longer stands under its original purpose." He isn't surprised the felwood would have corrupted something like this. But...

"Before this, I thought the Spire was the source of the Felwood perhaps. Corrupted the woods around it. But instead, it's the other way around it seems. The Felwood has corrupted the temple of Elune." A tap to his cheek.

"Look." He then motions. "It seems to be... going around in an area. Like it's stuck around a center. Let's keep moving closer, but in a spiral pattern. That may give us a better idea of its limits."

Aelwyn was very good at grappling with people. He was also like a feral beast, slashing and biting at anything he could get a reach in. Good thing his teeth seems to have not been sharpened lately.

Eventually he calms down, breathing in a more calm fashion - while his slit pupils are wide as uh, weird looking saucers. "This one... had a nightmare, these woods..." He mumbles as he comes around - before cold blood settles in, when he realizes what he had actually done. "Apologies. Gratitude. This one is truly sorry." He mumbles quickly and with quite a bit of swallowing of pride, before getting back onto his feet.

And yet, the Dragoon looks still uncertain, eyes darting over his shoulder. "Tch, whipping is only the least of what it can do, Fashion. Many have said as much." He rumbles and stands in an overly casual fashion. No confidence? Replace with fake confidence, at least until breath runs out.

OOC Whirlpool says, "That's a great idea, Harkashan!"
OOC Whirlpool says, "To do that, we'll need you guys to pick someone to navigate."
OOC Whirlpool says, "That means, to not lose your sense of direction, you'll need a survival check."
OOC Whirlpool says, "So find your best survival, then two people may roll to assist that person."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Then that person can roll with up to a +4 bonus from them."
OOC Jacob has a +4
OOC Whirlpool says, "Please take a moment to work that out on WhirlChan."

Nodding to Rune, Huian shrugs. "That is essentially what Aelmeh just said. That the power of Eluna was being drained, or consumed by the forest, or the magics of this ancient priestess. My theory is that the priestess lost control of the magic she was draining from the goddess, and corrupted through her own evil soul, it spread into the woods and that became the Felwood. But that is jsut a theory." says Huian, likely the most words she has said at once in quite some time.

She looks to Rune and shrugs, "I only know that our friend is very good at magic." she adds, gesturing to Aelmeh, "And apparently so is our new friend." A gesture to Fidget.

Jacob was moving like a rabid animal.

Friends try and hold him and he pushes back with all of his strength. He doesn't even try to fight them. He's trying to save them from /that/ *thing*. The beast that prowls around him, getting closer. "I need my spear!" Stronger than he looks, he resists wholeheartedly until Harkashan's concoction is permitted to work it's magic.

Slowly, the beast disappears...and Jacob is brought back to his right mind. "What? It's..." He lifts a hand to rub it across his forehead. "...poison? I was hallucinating?" Jacob takes a moment, a brief moment, before he's rising to his feet. He looks at Harkashan. "No time." The longer they stay in this forest?

The worse this is going to get.

"I hate this place." Jacob chimes again.

He turns to look at Rune. "I don't want any more drugs...ever." Jacob chimes, and he starts to move...before he nods to Reithak. "Alright...thanks to all of you. Thank you."

OOC Rune says, "Rolling to assist."
GAME: Rune rolls survival: (5)+5: 10
OOC Whirlpool says, "10 is a success on the assist another roll."
OOC Rune says, "Jacob is going to roll the other assist, waiting on him."
GAME: Jacob rolls Survival: (17)+4: 21
GAME: Harkashan rolls 7+2+4: (7)+7+2+4: 20
OOC Harkashan says, "I'll take a 20. That feels pretty good at this level."
OOC Whirlpool says, "That is!"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Go ahead and pose, Hark, leading the way with Rune and Jacob's help./"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Then everyone make a perception check. :)"

"I am not fond of this place either. But as you say - we have no time. So let's keep this going." Harkashan agrees with Jacob. The Sith-makar begins to move forward, taking the lead somewhat on matters of positioning. Using the moon, rather than the tower, to help guide them. The trees will betray him.

"Rune, Jacob, help me out. I need you to just stay within sight of me and make sure I don't get turned around." As he moves further, lizard tail swaying.

GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (11)+4: 15
GAME: Harkashan rolls Perception: (18)+5: 23
GAME: Rune rolls perception: (11)+15: 26
GAME: Huian rolls perception: (13)+7: 20
GAME: Aelwyn rolls perception: (9)+1: 10
GAME: Aelmeh rolls perception: (5)+7: 12
GAME: Reithak rolls perception: (14)+11: 25
GAME: Jacob rolls Perception: (20)+6: 26

The spiral isn't the worst idea at all, but it does mean you're moving through a forest that seems to be doing everything it can to slow down your exploration. The trails have vanished altogether, now, and you're having a heck of a time keeping your sense of direction. Only the full moon is really proving your saving grace, at this point, but even that is proving elusive as the canopy above you seems to thicken to choke out the stars themselves.

The quiet remains omnipresent.

And then, after two hours or marching in a gradual spiral-shape around the tower, you catch sight of something in the distance, a glimpse of civilization as it were.

Entwined with roots and shrouded in ivy, you're sore of it, you see what has to be a structure of some kind deeper still within. Not the tower, no, but something outlying it.

Gradually approaching it, now, you see that it's so encrusted with vegetation that it's nearly impossible to get a sense of what it is.

And now that a plan is in place, and being executed, Huian goes back to her silent mode. Apparently, she put herself into airplane mode. Sword out, buckler attached to off wrist, she walks smoothly and gracefully if not silently. She is bringing up the rear now, since the others guide from the front.

If only so that Fidget and Aelmeh can be kept between her and the others. Just in case. You know.

"Hrrrm. What's that over there?" Harkashan remarks, pointing to the structure ahead. "This must be one of the satelite structures to the temple." He expresses to the team as he slowly approaches it. "Just be careful. If the tower got corrupted, so might these. But it's possible these places may be serving as a limit of its ability to move...

It's just a theory.


"Just watch out for any more thorns, alright?" Rune clasps a hand onto Jacob's forearm, giving him a nod.

Her eyes look over to Fidget and Aelmeh, then back to Huian. "Hopefully that will be what we need." In regards to those who have magical skills.

"On it, big-guy." Once, it had been both Jacob and Harkashan who had trained Rune to navigate in the woods, now she is putting it into action. Overall, she is not as skilled as either of the two clerics, but her input helps to keep them on track through the woods.

Spotting what looks to be some kind of structure, Rune seems grateful for the change of pace from plodding through the woods. "It looks like something worth checking out, at least."

OOC Aelmeh says, "Can I cast detect magic, Whirly?"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Oh yes!"
GAME: Aelmeh casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14
GAME: Aelmeh rolls spellcraft: (7)+13: 20
OOC Fidget periodically refreshes her detect magic, wouldn't want to miss anything shiny.
GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 2 DC: 14

Aelwyn follows on after the rest of the party with Huian; he still continued to look towards the shadows in the trees, ubt his thoughts were completely elsewhere.

"Hmmh." The draconian rumbles in annoyance and slaps his tail down, feeling like they've barely made any progress. "Perhaps next time we should bring the artillery. What hope can forest have against the might of Goblintown ingenuity?" A long growling sigh.

"This got a lot more complicated than first thought. But that's alright, I think we'll be up to the task. At least, I think we will be. Just need to keep an open, focused mind, and get to the bottom of this." The egalrin hums. "... I wish I was more help with actually sorting this out. But you need me to do anything, say the word, and I'll get right to it."

Continuing on, the egalrin keeps an eye on things, and nods in recognition of the structure. "Well, it could be relevant to what's going on here. Especially if it's actually a physical object. Let's leave any explosive demolition until after we know what's going on though, Aelwyn. After all, we still don't know exactly what this priestess was up to."

Jacob nods at Harkashan and follows along with the group.

He guides Harkashan in leading this group, memorizing the path of the spiral shape. Hours pass by, he looks at Rune nd points out things to her and vice versa, and Harkashan to the two of them and vice versa. the trio assisting each other as necessary.

"Maybe...I expect trouble."

He resists the urge to spit on the ground.

"Trouble always comes in this forest."

Helping where she can with the travel plans based on her understanding of the magic at work, Fidget adds, "Well, it might not be exactly where we end up, but it won't be too far away, it can only displace by so much. So we'll get there eventually. As long as we don't all get eaten in the forest anyway."

... no sooner than Fidget has spoken than do the mass of vines on the building start to move.

Aelmeh stops once to gaze up at the fat orb of the moon floating serenely above them.

"Eluna guide us," she whispers.

Two steps later the canopy hides Eluna's face but not her light. They continue, slowing at Harkashan's sighting of an outbuilding. "He's right to be suspicious of anything connected to the Spire. Give me a moment." She gestures at the building and mutters a cantrip under her breath, "Detect Magic."

Before the cantrip is finished the building seems to ripple. Like the magic she detects, it seems to flicker. It is profoundly wrong. Not wishing to alarm the others, "There is a curse on this place, scarring the wood." The wrongness is beyond her words to explain, " is very evil, twisted, I won't say more." She has no wish to delve deeper into what she detected.

When the vines begin to move, Aelwyn takes his glaive out. "This one still holds firm in his believe, that no matter the evil, no matter the curse, no matter the depths of darkness we must enter in-"

The draconian rolls his shoulders. "... fire would be the most convenient answer to these-" A word in draconic, "Woods." The glaive wielding sith-makar moves to stand in more the center of the party, swaying his blade as he gets ready.

"Can we bypass these outlying buildings and reach the spire?" asks Huian. "I have a feeling that the damage to the area may be reversible if we can get inside. I am not sure -how-, but I think that we may actually find the Priestess Laneia in there.... I am no expert on magic, but I have a gut feeling that she is tied to this... she started the magic and then lost control of it.... and is imprisoned by it. Again, just a gut feeling that could be wrong. But the more time we take out here and the more damage we inflict on the exterior places... the worse off it will be if we can clear the corruption."

A smile crossing her face, Huian shrugs, "Or it could be something else entirely. Who is to say?"

The sight of moving plants has Rune tightening her grip onto her swords, looking around to the others and taking a defensive position. "I'm starting to agree with Aelwyn when it comes to fire."

There is no questioning what role the Sky Singer had to play in all this, that is beyond the scope of her understanding. Instead, Rune seems to just focus on the matters at hand. "If this place is cursed, then what /can/ we do about it?" Clearly, playing 'gardener' with weapons is not likely to be the solution to the problem.

OOC Harkashan says, "Are there any loose branches nearby that are not currently moving and looking attached to things?"
OOC Whirlpool says, "For sure :)"
OOC Harkashan says, "I will cast Spark one a loose branch, and approach the moving vines to see what happens. For good measure, will Bless and Prayer just in case things go super south."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Go for it :)"
OOC Huian says, "or, we could -not- avoid them, and just go for it"
GAME: Harkashan casts Bless. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15
GAME: Harkashan casts Prayer. Caster Level: 5 DC: 17
GAME: Harkashan casts Spark. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14

"Well, if the Felwood is the evil. Burning away the plants may be the way to go." As such, he picks up a nearby heavy looking branch, and lights it aflame with his divine gift.

He then rumbles; "Be prepared for trouble." Sending out twin waves of power through his allies. A grey-red pulse of energy rippling through them, before approaching, blade out and at the ready, moving towards the vines with the intent of just...

Setting them on fire!

"Unless you can eliminate the -source- of the evil without damaging the other parts of the.... well okay I guess this is the wrong crowd for that." admits Huian with a shake of her head.

"Well, if the corruption is physical? It might be right, get to the root of the problem." The egalrin nods, taking one hand and resting it on the thin sheathe at their side. "Maybe things will stop shifting around if we make the place more stable? To be honest, I'm out of my wheelhouse. This is, really not what I was expecting. Usually when someone tells you to go some place, the place isn't actively trying to avoid you."

...well, the good news is that they seem to notice Harkashan's approach somehow. The squirming mass of vines begin to move closer and closer and then ... FIRE!

The vines go up in flmes the way dried out plants often do, and then a mass tears itself free from the building (hardly all of it) and hurls itself directly to the ground, a screaming, clawing, weaving mass of ichor-covered violence.

"I like the fire plan." Fidget agrees with a little too much eagerness, flexing her spell casting fingers in the hand that is not currently holding a dragonspitter (where did that come from, and why is there glitter on it?). She waits to see how Harkashan's plan goes before expending valuable resources on any flames though.

"And here we go. This... was a mistake." mutters Huian as she shakes her head and prepares for yet another fight where she is out of her league. This one avoidable and unnecessary (at least in her mind).

"Aelmeh, please do not expend -too- much power in this engagement. I have a feeling we will need all we can get inside." And then she is marching forward, shaking her head.

OOC Whirlpool will heal when everyone has rolled initiative, so as to get ya'll full on HP

"It is not intrinsically evil! It is cursed." Aelmeh crosses her arms, intensely unhappy at setting the place on fire. It is like killing a being that has been infected by an outside agent. The burning vines have a predictable reaction, lashing out at the source of their pain.

"A curse....I may be able to fix it." Jacob mentions, though he sees the darkness that approaches them. "Serriel guide us."

OOC Whirlpool says, "Please prepare your poses after your action. When I get to the end, then we'll do poses."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Reithak, you're up first.]"
OOC Reithak says, "I'll go to attack it for now!"
GAME: Reithak rolls melee +3: (12)+4+3: 19
GAME: Reithak rolls 1d6+3+1: (3)+3+1: 7
OOC Whirlpool says, "Aelmeh!"
OOC Aelmeh says, "Going to throw Ray of Frost"
OOC Aelmeh says, "And move to within 30 ft of the object."
GAME: Aelmeh casts Ray of Frost. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14
GAME: Aelmeh rolls ranged+3: (7)+3+3: 13
OOC Whirlpool says, "Hit."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Rune!"
OOC Rune says, "Going to flank with Rei if possible, then stab."
GAME: Aelmeh rolls 1d3 +2: (3)+2: 5
GAME: Rune rolls weapon4+2+2: (13)+9+2+2: 26
GAME: Rune rolls damage4+1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+3d6: (3)+1+1+(7): 12
OOC Whirlpool says, "You can move and approach it from the side to flank with Rei, yes, actually. That will only work until it's turn, 'coz then its reach kicks in."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Fidget!"
OOC Fidget will move barely into range for Burning Hands!
GAME: Fidget casts Burning Hands. Caster Level: 2 DC: 15

The damage is already done. They have put the magical defenses of the Spire into action against Aelmeh's instincts. But not everyone sees magic with her eyes.

The air cools, she can see her breath as she transforms the ambient mana into a blast of frozen energy. She lobs the ray of ice at the rustling mass of vines.

GAME: Fidget rolls 2d4: (4): 4
OOC Whirlpool says, "Hark!"
OOC Harkashan says, "I will use that stick of fire."

Well, the plants certainly weren't going to wait for them to decide what to do with them it seems. Luckily the egalrin already had one hand on their saber, and with a flash of steel from any remaining magical light, Reithak slashes at the plant, landing a solid blow.

OOC Harkashan says, "I assume that'd be a improvised weapon?"
GAME: Harkashan rolls Melee-4: (12)+4+-4: 12
OOC Whirlpool says, "Yeah, I'd say so."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Are you trying to whack it, or just set it on fire?"
OOC Harkashan says, "Set it on fire."
OOC Whirlpool says, "More of a touch attack, I'd say."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Roll 1d6 for the fire damage."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 1d6: (3): 3
OOC Whirlpool says, "huian."
OOC Huian says, "Rush in reluctantly, pokey pokey. Make sure I am standing between it and Aelmeh. As usual, shifting my BAB to AC using Expertise. If I hit, I have no idea how -intelligent- the thing is, so I'll try my swift action Intimidate check anyway."
GAME: Huian rolls weapon10+2: (6)+9+2: 17
OOC Whirlpool says, "Miss."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Aelwyn!"

"Looks like there's creatures amongst the plants. Let's deal with these first. If this doesn't work, we'll work on the next plan. But for right now, this is the best we've got." Harkashan answers as he proceeds forward, ready to fight!

And as the plants come to life, lashing at them, Harkashan proceeds deep into the dense vine presence, presenting himself as a prime target, and waves the torch about at first, then presses it into the vines themselves, burning them further!

OOC Aelwyn 'll try to maneuver to flank/and or try sneak in few AoOs. Then smack smack. ._.
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon10: (4)+10: 14
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage10: aliased to 1d10+4: (10)+4: 14
OOC Whirlpool says, "Whiffaroo."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Naturally, the monster is consumed with 'this guy is trying to put fire on  me'."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+11: (8)+11: 19
OOC Whirlpool says, "Fortunately, Harkashan has 'armor' and a lot of it."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+6: (2)+6: 8
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+6: (8)+6: 14
OOC Whirlpool says, "And it does not succeed."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Jacob."
OOC Jacob says, "Inflict Moderate Wounds!"
OOC Whirlpool says, "So you'll need to either cast defensively to attack this round, or cast out of its AOO reach and move in to touch next round."
OOC Whirlpool says, "As its reach is now active."
OOC Jacob says, "ah, nevermind. I'll just poke it with my spear then."

"Okay, so... attack?" Fidget wonders aloud as the creature begins to writhe towards them. The others move in to attack, so she follows slightly behind, weaving a spell as she moves to summon a spark that becomes a burst of flame roiling over the heads of her companions. Close enough to feel, but not to singe, and it rolls up the side of the creature, burning away some extraneous vines.

Whatever the creature is that the vines were attached to is very much unhappy with them, and that is enough to have Rune giving a faint curse under her breath. Unlike some of the magic users in the group, she has no access to fire, only to blades. Seeing Reithak moving in to fight the creature, Rune tries to get into position on the opposite side.

She slashes out with one blade, trying to catch whatever plant-like limbs the creature is currently flailing out with. "Well, you're certainly keeping it distracted!" Rune calls out to Harkashan.

GAME: Jacob rolls weapon2+3: (10)+5+3: 18
OOC Whirlpool says, "Did you remember the +2 from prayer and bless?"
OOC Whirlpool says, "'Coz that is one shy of hitting."

Aelwyn is pleased that his idea for fire is gaining traction. "This one did not hear any alternative plans." He points out as he moves out in defensive fashion, trying to guard the party's flank in preparation. His glaive swings for the nearest vine; but the Dragoon whiffs, giving an annoyed snarl.

OOC Jacob says, "Yep. it's included. :("
OOC Whirlpool says, "Foo."
OOC Whirlpool says, "All right. Some of you have, but we've now reached the end of the round. I'm gonna emit the monster and everyone should pose."

Shaking her head, Huian snorts. "I really disagree with this course of action." she states as she tromps forward. Almost like she is stomping while throwing a temper tantrum. Almost.... but she has her blade in hand, and adopts one of the most basic stances... balancing on one foot for just long enough to thrust forward.

But her heart is not really in it, and her magic sword just kinda skips along the vines rather than inflicting any damage. She withdraws her weapon and weaves it into a defensive pattern to ward off potential counterattacks.

The creature rears up, now revealing exactly how big it is ... and ... the answer is 'big'. A mass of writhing tentacles with a giant, thorn-tooth-maw at its center, it seeks to wrap itself around Harkashan. Only his armor protects him from ripping vines and that maw. It's dripping with ichor, too -- no... venom.

So many vines. So, many.

.. and there's still plenty on the building.

It is now Reithak's turn! Aelmeh is next!
OOC Reithak says, "so it's here for when WP gets back, flank if possible, otherwise attack again"
GAME: Reithak rolls 1d20+4+1: (14)+4+1: 19
GAME: Reithak rolls 1d6+3+1: (6)+3+1: 10
OOC Aelmeh says, "I'm going to go ahead and roll my actions. I'm going to fire my crossbow."
GAME: Aelmeh rolls weapon1+3: (18)+4+3: 25
OOC Whirlpool says, "You can flank with Rune, yes. :)"
GAME: Aelmeh rolls 1d8+2: (1)+2: 3
OOC Rune says, "I think I'm next up. Should already be flanking with Rei. So full round attack."
OOC Whirlpool says, "That's right, Rune. Go for it."
GAME: Rune rolls weapon4+2+2-2: (7)+9+2+2+-2: 18
GAME: Rune rolls weapon4+2+2-2: (18)+9+2+2+-2: 29
OOC Whirlpool says, "That latter is a hit."
OOC Whirlpool says, "The 18 is not."
GAME: Rune rolls damage4+1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+3d6: (4)+1+1+(12): 18
OOC Fidget fires a dragonspitter.
GAME: Fidget rolls weapon1+2: (14)+5+2: 21
GAME: Fidget rolls damage1+1: aliased to 1d8+0+1: (1)+0+1: 2

"Good Job! Keep up the pressure!" Reithak shouts over the din of combat, using a momentary opening to slip off to one side. When rune has it's attention with one of her strikes, the egalrin thrusts, piercing through a large chunk of it, even if she was uncertain it hit anything vital.

OOC Fidget says, "Ah, I don't have precise shot, so -4 for firing into combat (unless the big creature negates that)"
OOC Whirlpool says, "Within 30 feet, a gun is a touch attack, yes."
OOC Whirlpool says, "hark!"
GAME: Harkashan casts Archon's Aura. Caster Level: 5 DC: 17

Fire, frost, steel, new fangled pistols - Aelmeh adds her crossbow to the mix. She unshoulders the light crossbow she has been carrying, nocks a bolt into its frame and lets fly. She can barely hear the thunk over the noise of battle but sees a piece of vine fly into the air, chipping a piece off the thing.

OOC Harkashan says, "DC 17 Will Save or take -2 AC & Attack Rolls"

"Keep it distracted between the two of us, so it can't focus on either one." Rune calls out to the Egalrin. Once in position, Rune is able to focus on looking for just the right weak points in order to strike.

As she lashes out with the first blade, it is lashed aside by a flailing vine, but the second finds its mark, causing a splatter of ichor across her blade.

OOC Whirlpool says, "Casting a spell in its reach will draw an attack of opportunity"

Jab! Weave! JAB!

Jacob lunges forward with his lance, but finds that he's unable to strike at these devilish greenery with enough force to slay it!

OOC Harkashan says, "Let's assume I move a bit first, draw AoO so I don't risk losing the spell."
OOC Whirlpool says, "That makes sense!"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+11: (12)+11: 23
OOC Harkashan says, "Miss."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+4: (11)+4: 15
OOC Whirlpool says, "Fails the save."

Harkashan can be seem shifting his grip on his blade, adjusting it to cut into vines as the creature tries to wrap itself around him. Tearing into its vines in that moment and continueing to engage close to that maw, drawing its attention with that torch of his.

"You don't like fire huh? Good!" Harkashan hisses at the thing. Waves of 'flame' starting to leak from his presence, as a 'mantle' of pale-red almost seems to spread across the ground.

It sinks into the being before him, warping its senses!

OOC Whirlpool says, "Huian!"
OOC Huian goes ahead and declares now - simple move: 5 ft step to flanking. Pokey pokey. BAB into AC. Again, if I hit, will swift intimidate (no idea if it -can- be intimidated)
[WhirlChan] Harkashan says, "It now has -2 AC and -3 Attack and Saves/Skills -- that should help the team a bit more."
GAME: Huian rolls weapon10+1: (1)+9+1: 11 (EPIC FAIL)
OOC Whirlpool says, "Aelwyn."
OOC Aelwyn says, "Will attack."

Talk about half-hearted effort. It's like Huian is back on the fencing challenge floor fighting against a nine year old who thinks he knows what he's doing. She really wouldn't want to hurt the kid. Her thrust skitters off of the vines once more and she shrugs, pulling back defensively once more.

GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon10+2: (13)+10+2: 25
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage10+1: aliased to 1d10+4+1: (2)+4+1: 7
GAME: It is now Ichor Covered Violence's turn! Jacob is next!

Aelwyn rolls the glaive about his hands, and he moves in for an attack - this time his blade sinks through and draws some damage. Rumbling, he strides for a second slash.

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+9: (6)+9: 15
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+4: (1)+4: 5 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+4: (19)+4: 23
OOC Whirlpool says, "Hey, will you look at that! A hit with a tentacle. It's not gonna use all its attacks on Hark forever. XD"
OOC Whirlpool says, "So it bites at Hark, tentacles at Rune, and then also tentacles at Reikthak."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d6+3: (6)+3: 9

The light blinds it.

There's a yowl from it, like a wounded animal and not some kind of plant monster, and it turns towards to snap at Harkashan again, it's massive bulk enabling it to only need move a little before it can attack again. Throned tentacles grab at Rune, but miss, and snag Reikthak, wounding them. Ichor is getting everywhere.

...and were there more screeches in the distance to answer this one? Yes.

...yes there are.

OOC Whirlpool says, "Jacob!"
OOC Jacob says, "Gonna stab it again!"

Taking a quick step back to make sure to stay out of its reach, Fidget aims the dragonspitter into the mass with both hands and fires, the kickback sending her stumbling back, her arms windmilling to keep from falling over. "Shame these things only carry one shot, terrible design" she grumbles as she passes it to her offhand and starts preparing to cast another spell.

GAME: Jacob rolls weapon2+3: (1)+5+3: 9 (EPIC FAIL)
OOC Whirlpool says, "Rei."
OOC Reithak says, "well, gotta attack it in that case"
GAME: Reithak rolls 1d20+4+1+2: (15)+4+1+2: 22
GAME: Reithak rolls 1d6+3+1: (6)+3+1: 10
OOC Aelmeh says, "Will fire another bolt into it with her light crossbow."
GAME: Aelmeh rolls weapon1+2: (18)+4+2: 24
GAME: Aelmeh rolls 1d8+2: (6)+2: 8
OOC Rune says, "If Rei is staying put, same as last time. Two attacks."
GAME: Rune rolls weapon4+2+2-2: (9)+9+2+2+-2: 20
GAME: Rune rolls weapon4+2+2-2: (18)+9+2+2+-2: 29
GAME: Rune rolls damage4+1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+3d6: (4)+1+1+(14): 20
GAME: Rune rolls damage4+1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+3d6: (1)+1+1+(11): 14
GAME: Fidget casts Acid Splash. Caster Level: 2 DC: 14
GAME: Fidget rolls bab+dexterity+2+1: (2)+1+3+2+1: 9
OOC Whirlpool says, "Ouch."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Rune kills it."
OOC Whirlpool says, "The fire kept it from regenerating too."
OOC Whirlpool says, "Not that you guys knew that.,]"
GAME: Fidget rolls 1d3: (1): 1
OOC Fidget does 1 damage to the corpse.
OOC Harkashan will heal Reithak out of combat.
OOC Whirlpool says, "However, given the sounds you guys just heard..."
GAME: Harkashan casts Sanctuary. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15
OOC Harkashan says, "More is coming."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 2d8+5: (8)+5: 13

Why is it always tentacles? Rune has momentary flash-backs to her last encounter in the Felwood, which included the giant, flailing, saliva-covered tongue of a mimic wrapped around her. "Not again." Thankfully, Rune is pretty agile and manages to avoid the flailing appendage.

Seeing the creature lash out at Reithak, Rune dives in with full gusto, lashing out with both blades as she channels her inner gardener and turns weed-whacker on the creature. She's likely to very much end up covered in plant-goo. It won't be the first nor last time.

"Hark, we're going to need some healing over here for our feathered friend. And then I recommend we get the hells out of here. It sounds like we have more incoming."

"Reithak. Don't be afraid to shift to the back lines." Harkashan calls to the tall Skysister. Watching as Rune finely starts cutting away at its vines. This gives the Sith-makar a chance to drop back and shift over to assist the Skysister and touching her shoulder, sending a wave of healing magic through her in order to seal her wounds and fix her fine deck of feathers.

"Already on it." Harkashan calls back to Rune; "But I am in agreement. Let's depart." He remarks, though he does grab a few particular small Lavastones from his pockets, and drops them onto the ground. To most, meaningless...

But to him, it'll help him Find This Place once again in the future.

Sometimes a Wizard has got to get physical. Aelmeh stays put and loads another bolt into her crossbow, sighting carefully under the light of the moon. This time the twang-thump is more satisfying and the bolt sticks into the monster's side, getting a roar out of it. The others, real warriors unlike her, wade into the fight. It looks fair to fall before long.

OOC Harkashan says, "Dropping some Lavastones here so I can Find Object later to find this spot."

... are there more of those things out there?

Yes, yes there are. You have gleaned some valuable insights into the nature of the spire, however, thawt others will be interested in hearing, especially back at the camp.

... if you survive to get there.

Hearing the sounds in the distance, Huian sighs, "I said we should not have started this fight." she mutters before she looks over to check on Reithak, but since Hark is healing the guy, she nods her head and turns to begin gathering the people and trying to organize a withdrawl.

Aelwyn is more than glad that the creature lays dead. "A fine showing, Twin." The Dragoon breathes, then nods to others. "A fine effort all." Yet he seemed to be more interested in heading out the woods and back towards the camp. He had a head to clear up, after all.

Conjuring a ball of acid in her hands, Fidget prepares to hurl it at the creature when it falls to an onslaught of blows. Somewhat dejected, she lobs the acid at the pile of tentacles as its movements slow.