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Deity eluna.gif
Position Lesser Deity
Symbol A crescent moon with a smaller silver sphere within it.
Colors Argent and Blue
Celestial Symbol The Silver Moon
Alignment Neutral Good
Home Plane The Border Ethereal
Portfolio Sildanyari, Moon, Good Lycanthropes, Magic, Sorcerers, Wizards, Seers, Dreams
Domains & Inquisitions Knowledge, Magic, Good, Rune

Fate, Illumination, Recovery, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment NG, LG, CG
Favored Weapon Star of Tears (star knife)
Other Names The Dreaming Goddess, Ni’essa, Sky-Singer (sildanyar) The Huntress of the Heavens, Brightlady (Dragonier) Sky Dancer, The White Magician (Rune), Mistress of Dreams, The Prophetess, The White Disc (oruch) The Pale Eye (evil creatures), The Silver Moon
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Eluna, Society of Progressive Arcanists, Acquisitioners, Silver Crescent, Order of the Thinning Veil, Shining Chalice, Order of the Seal, Order of the Tome
Some IC Hangouts Alexandrian Grid: A10: Temple District, A14: Society for Progressive Arcanists

Main Grid: H05: Shining Chalice Observatory

The mysterious Silver Moon has long been an icon written of in the legends of men and sildanyari ages. For as long as sages remember, its light has shone down upon Gaea, giving peace to the night and light to darkness. Yet, only those true immortals and gods can remember the day that the Silver Moon first rose into the night sky and the heavens celebrated the creation of Eluna, the Dreaming Goddess and daughter of Daeus and Althea.

The light of the Silver Moon brought an immediate light, and hope, to the darkness of night and has hindered the efforts of evil ever since. Her role first became known during the War of the Gods. She is beloved by many nationalities and walks of life, from diviners who seek to divine past and future through dreams to the nocturnal who revel in her light.

Sailors and air-pilots and travelers make offerings to Eluna as well as Rada, for she also patrons the night sky and the great constellations that pattern the midnight blackness of the heavens. The power of the moon is a mysterious power that influences dreams, the tides and the power of transformation as well.

Though Neutral Good, Eluna represents multiple facets and her face turns towards both law and chaos equally. An inheritor of a shard of the vanished god of magic, Eluna has embraced the governance of the Sea of Mana in her domain and she bathes the volatile powers of Arcane Magic with her light to still and calm the raging portents of the endless sea. Through the Daughter's efforts, mana was saved from an enslavement to eternal Evil. For this, Taara hates her still, and encourages ever more Caracoroth to harry her across the night sky.

With Caracoroth, she has her brother Gilead to call upon for aid--a master of beasts, the two work in tandem to fight off His influence, and sooth the rage of Dark-touched beasts.


Eluna's followers combine the study of magic with compassion. Eluna's parents stand for justice and compassion, and she herself is said to be influenced by these traits. Traditionally, the sildanyari, more then any other race, have been followers of Eluna, though in recent years the struggle between Good and Evil has drawn an increasing number of mages and practitioners to her side.

Her followers are told to be bold; do not fear the night but embrace it. The cool of the evening is comforting and sleep is a time to renew your spirit and restore your soul. Diligently hunt those who would use the cover of night and magic to bring harm to others and patron the good and kind use of magic. Magic is a gift and it is not to be abused.

Instead, cultivate it wisely and use the power it provides to aid those who cannot aid themselves. Seek knowledge, for it is precious, and use it to uplift others. In these efforts, the clergy often works with the faiths of Eluna's family and other members of the gods of Light. Therefore, relationships between these temples tend to be in good standing. It is in this way she is a sponsor for redeemed lycanthropes--she sees in them the misuse of magic and darkening of the moon, and stands against both. It is not that she is a hunter; that aspect belongs to her brother Gilead, with whom she is often in familial company.

Eluna has always patroned the wise and just use of magic but in recent years some have administered to her the title of Goddess of Magic in the aftermath of the fall of Animus. There are those who follow in her tenants while also pursuing the growth of the arcane arts. She urges those who do to temper their quest for power with wisdom, to use magic to enhance the qualities of life and to combat cancerous growth of necromantic power and the corrupted use of arcane magic to bring harm to the world.

Her eye is vigilant in searching the world for those who would abuse the gift of magic and bring harm to the world. She patrons the wise just use of the power and urges the tempering of the quest for knowledge with foresight and wisdom.

Temples and the Faithful

Cleric Seer
Paladin Silver Guard
Inquisitor ...coming soon!

Clerics of Eluna pray for spells at night, always facing in the direction of the moon. In general, females out number the men and elves out number any other race in terms of census, though the clergy is by no means exclusive.

Eluna's clergy is organized at the top, but grows much looser in organization as it reaches the interface with the followers. Given that most followers have very long lives, the worship is more communal than flock and shepherd, with those that follow into the orders just seen as men or women of wisdom that a follower can go to for guidance and advice. Garments that elegantly mix white, silver and night blue are common among the faithful of Eluna. Eluna encourages elegant dress and loose clothing. Traveling priests favor armor of silver or blue with the symbol of Eluna engraved upon it somewhere. White hooded cloaks trimmed in silver are common for clergy that remains at scrying pools.

Elunan Cleric Traditions: Clerics of Eluna are often known for their at times odd, and contemplative discipline. They are tasked with encouraging the ethical use of magic. A minor number of them are dedicated to recovering the lycanthropes, cleansing darkness from the moon.

Elunan Paladin Traditions: Paladins of Eluna rarely gain full levels of paladins throughout their career and some times turn their attention to minor development of arcane might or the gift of foresight. They often hunt down instances of evil magic and black spells which bring harm to the world, and so have little to no problems working with magicians and other goodly aligned arcane spell users.


Eluna has many faces and in some culture she and Tarien are unified as a type of trickster deity who changes shapes often. In Eluna’s case, her association with dreaming and the dreamscape causes all images of her to tend to be fleeting and quick glimpses that come and go, swept away into the ethereal sea. At times she seems distant and stern, cloaked and armored in white and mithril. Other times she is youthful, exuberant, and joyous, revealing in light, dance and magic. Other times she is a radiant aged being, given the wisdom of time and the ability to perceive the fates of others most clearly. Traditional artwork of Eluna in the Sacred Kingdom tends to focus on her youthful aspects and her nature as the daughter of Daeus and Althea.

One facet shows her as a huntress, running alongside her brother, Gilead.