Gobbos in the Water

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Log Info

  • Title: Gobbos in the Water
  • Place: A03: The TarRaCe - Bathhouse
  • Summary: Rune and Fidget enjoy a bit of time at the TarRaCe, which includes discussing the recent events around the Felwood tower.

In the aftermath of facing the Night Gauntlet, there had been long moments where it felt as if it would be difficult to ever be warm again. Enough so that the party involved had left off their encounter with a promise to warm themselves at the TarRaCe, with both warm waters and alcohol.

So, that is what has brought Rune to the central pool. She rarely disrobed in front of anyone, for some unknown reason, so this pool appeals more to her, with the female wearing simple shorts and a sleeveless top as she warms herself in the water. Beside her, there is a glass of a dark amber liquid.

At the moment, the half-sil seems to just be enjoying the warmth, her head tipped back, eyes closed.

The goblin girl had complied with disdain about the clothing requirement, though grubled on the prudish rule. After spending some time losing a few layers of difficult to remove clothing, she had only a sleek black undershirt and some blue panties. Not strictly swimwear, but probably closer than the staff had expected from the purple skinned oddity.

The water parts as Fidget hops into the pool, sending a modest wave cresting over the edge of the bath and onto the tiles around, and probably giving Rune an unexpected facewash. "Hehehe" Fidget giggles as she resurfaces, standing on her tiptoes so that her enthusiastic grin is above the waterline in this part of the pool, and she tiptoes her way over to the slightly shallower area where Rune is resting...was resting.

Hearing the Gobbo grumbling, Rune does offer out, "You know, you could just go into the all-girls baths, those let you be stark naked." However, she seems uninclined to move from the mixed-gender facility. It wouldn't give her the excuse of wearing clothing.

The sudden splash of water causes Rune to open her eyes, wiping water from her nose and mouth. "Having fun?" She asks. "You should be careful, the owner of this place is a Gobbo who can breathe under water. She sleeps down there sometimes." The rogue motions to the deep end, then peers through the waves. "Blends in with the bottom of the pool, too, so you never know when she's lurking about."

GAME: Fidget rolls sense motive: (20)+0: 20

"Does she really?" the gobbo asks with curiousity and some amount of suspicion that Rune is fabricating this idea to toy with her, Fidget gives her a probing stare, deciding after a moment that either Rune was telling the truth or it was an interesting enough lie to believe anyway. "Cooool," she exclaims, "Be right back!" and her head dunks below the water again, perhaps to explore this story.

It was definitely to explore this story, as her hair bobs along the water down towards the deep end, like a porcupine doing a shark impression, then swivels left and right, and bobs its way back up to the shallow end, her face emerging from the deep one step at a time. "Nope, not here today. Shame. Would be fun to meet a gobbo who's running a business." she ponders, "And there's no point in coming to a bath with friends and then going to a different place."

"She scared the crap out of me the first time I was here, but she's one of the nicest people I've met." After a pause, Rune seems to think about this, "She's always offering out baths or drinks, so I can't complain too much. It certainly makes for loyal customers."

Adjusting her position against the wall of the pool, Rune lets her head drop a bit, blowing a few bubbles at the surface before rising again, "I'm sure you'll get a chance to meet her at some point."

Then, seeming to consider their recent experience, Rune asks, "So... you seemed pretty confident back there with those two Sildanyari. How did you end up on an expedition to the Mythwood investigating the tower, anyways?"

"Yeah, I'm sure I will! This place seems good, I'll be sure to come back, and jump in the deep end next time, maybe I can surprise her!" Fidget swirls the water around herself, absently enjoying the eddies and vortices the action creates around her, while some kind of black liquid seeps from her eyes.

"Oh, you know, the usual - a little charm, the right style, a little Charm, and lots of confidence!" Did she say charm twice? Probably just got distracted and made a mistake. "I've been needing to get out more, make some friends. It's hard exploring by yourself if you don't want to get killed." By now, black streaks have run down to her chin and drip off the bottom.

"I wonder which of you would surprise whom?" Rune smirks with amusement. Only then does she notice the black substance running down Fidget's face. "Uh..." Stare.

"You... know you have something on your face, right? I'm not sure Irshya would appreciate whatever that is getting into the pool water." It isn't quite enough to fully alarm Rune. She has definitely seen some shit lately, but this is not the oddest of those things.

"Well, just be careful with that charm of yours. Things around the Felwood are pretty dangerous. Last time we were out there, we stumbled on this clearing with a table, jars of jam and biscuits." Rune explains, running a hand through her dyed hair. "Turned out the table was a mimic and the jars were mini-mimics. Got tongue-nabbed by the big one and nearly lost an arm to one of the little ones."

"Well, if you just jump right in, she won't expect that. Noone expects you to do that. She'll be very surprised." Fidget says with that same confidence, then looks around as if worried someone might overhear her dastardly plan and ruin it. She's distracted and confused when Rune talks about her face, "What about my face? I've got lots of things on my face, and they're all supposed to be there, probably." she reaches up with her hands and pats down the various parts of her face that are supposed to be there, the slightly upturned flattish nose, the small pointed ears, the red eyes with the splotchy black rings around them.

"Of course they were mimics. Natural grown picnics are surprisingly rare in the forest. Much more likely to be a mimic." she asserts matter of factly, and takes her hands away from her face, revealing the streaks of black makeup that had gotten on her hands now too...

"Those BASTA-" she glances around, noting the stares of a couple of other patrons, and she repeats in a quieter, politer tone, "Those 'unscrupulous gentlemen'," she rephrases with a deliberate eloquence, "told me it was waterproof." she pauses, unsatisfied, "And they were bastards." she says with a grin.

"Right, but the suspicious thing about it was that it was exactly set for the same number of people that we had in our traveling party. Like... someone was watching us, or knew that we were coming." Rune explains, "At least we know a little more now. That we need to try to reach it during a full moon."

Then, Rune is left watching as Fidget tries to figure out what is going on with her appearance. Even before the realization strikes, the half-sil starts to pull herself out of the water. She downs thes shot that had been sitting next to her and walks over to grab a towel. When she returns, Rune offers it out to the Gobbo. "Here, clean yourself up?"

She had seen Fidget use magic for that sort of thing before, but Rune doesn't know the limits of spells like that. "Seems that you may just have found some people who need to be taught a lesson."

Fidget half wades/half swims over to the edge of the pool and hauls herself up, taking the towel and dabbing at her face. It definitely makes it look worse for a few dabs before it gets better. "Thanks" she mumbles into the fabric, then looking at the face-shaped blotch she'd left on the towel, like a minimum effort portrait. She lowers the towel and looks over at Rune, her face now missing the subtle highlighting that helped emphasise the colour differential between her purple skin and her red eyes, but no longer looking quite so horror-show. Her hair plume had also wilted a little in the water, a few stray clumps having fallend and now framing her nose in red and blacks.

"Ah, no need to rush, I'll have to have some words with them the next time I visit. But for now, I think they've finally found my drink!" she says as a sharply dressed man carrying a tray with a full, but small glass of faintly yellow liquid, and on the tray next to it was a flint and steel. After claiming the items and setting them on the stone floor, Fidget sets to work on scraping the firestarter tools together, showering the potent alcohol with sparks until one catches and the top layer of the alcohol catches ablaze.

When humans have drinks like this, the trick is to put the flame out before drinking it, and enjoy the hot beverage. But where would be the fun in that?

At the very least, the attempt at cleaning up the mess might just save the poor cleaning crew some trouble, though it's likely that some blobs of the makeup have already run onto the floor. Rune just grabs her own towel, running it through her short hair and then wraps it around her shoulders.

"You know, I think I'll leave you to your drink. I don't want to be responsible for burning the place down." She's... relatively certain that Fidget knows what she's doing, but if nothing else, there's water nearby so it can't go too wrong, right? Riiight?

"I'm going to go catch up with Harkashan. I'll see you around." She offers, giving the Gobbo a wave before she heads out.