Senyelistli means Family

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Log Info

  • Title: Senyelistli means Family
  • GM: Harkashan
  • Characters: Rune, Geir, Schara, Skielstregar, Fidget
  • Location: Am'shere - Wuja Docar
  • Summary: Adventurers come to meet Harkashan's rather eccentric hatchling family, in order to find answers about the Sith-makar's strange bond.

It has been a long trek through Am'shere to get to Harkashan's original hatching grounds. Amongst Sith-makar, family is often one's Caste, not so much the ones who gave birth. So there's a sense of awkwardness from Harkashan - leading the team in the right direction - who has not seen his hatch-family in... well... over a hundred years. They've had to camp in a few Sith-makari communities along the way there. Some more welcoming than others, this far away from the Portal.

It's well into the afternoon as the group approaches the western village so close to what looks like... well, it can't be described as anything but an inactive volcano. Most of it has been covered by trees, suggesting a long time dormancy.

There's interesting patterns along the mountain-side, with multiple 'hills' stretching out into the jungles proper. The community they are looking to visit lies perfectly between two such lengthy hills sloping off of the volcano. There's no Ziggurat, but there are multiple pale white houses built at the center. Notably, and somewhat unusual for Sith-makar settlements, it has a properly well maintained wall around it that forms a nice half-ring, using the side of the mountain to protect its 'back'.

It doesn't have any watchtowers or the like, but at least someone is standing guard at the sturdy wooden gates. As they approach, there's what looks like rather sizable Sith-makar. Red of scale, similar to Harkashan, but missing the black and orange elements, leaning on what looks like an utterly far-too-large sword.

Watching them as they approach.

Harkashan rumbles; "This village is, last I left it, largely populated by Warrior Caste." Which explains why Harkashan didn't remain for very long. "If my Sisters are still living there---" Spotting the red scale. "--- which it seems they do. Be aware that they can be a bit... much."

"Come close, travelers, and let this one see you." <Draconic> The red-scaled one at the gates roars out in Draconic.

Long travel in Am'shere is a difficult prospect for Rune. Many places in the jungle seem familiar to her, though the exact place that their party had been set upon by the Charneth is lost to her memory. That day had been... traumatic. So, it's easy to mistake any clearing or bit of underbrush with a feeling of uncomfortable Deja vu. Thankfully, the allies they travel with are far more powerful than that lost group.

Though it obviously is not the intention of this particular visit, Rune can't help but notice the volcano in the distance. "Shit..." She mutters to herself, sharing a brief look with Geir and Schara, who likely are also well aware that the location of the recent Charneth activity goes back to ruins near here. Not the time for it. Or is it?

Regardless, Rune continues forward until they are within range of the village, "I hope meeting your family goes better than when you met mine." That had not gone well, at all. Of course, she'd been dead at the time, so there is that.

As the red-scaled Makari calls out to them, Rune dismounts looking a little uncomfortable after the long ride. Swiftclaws are quite different from horses. She looks to Harkashan, then back again, then dusts a bit of trail dirt off of her clothing to try to look a bit more presentable.

Skielstregar, after a recent discussion, is mollified and harbors a bit of a determined streak. He's always been the one to take point or protect a rear guard. But now his jovialness is muted, him focused and forward.

Breaking out of the jungles to spy the settlement, dead silver eyes scanning as his grip readjusts on Malefic. His attention settles on the redscale. One thought surfaces, don't transform.

He nods to Harkashan. "Then thisss one can help blunt the muchnesss."

The hulking silverscale dismounts off a black-as-night horse, patting it on the side before he ambles forward, halberd thudding like a walking stick.

Geir has travelled in silence, having kept his eyes open, and his head on a swivel, a close watch kept on the surrounding jungle. The spear that usually doubles as a talking stick has been held at the ready, to be brought to bear at a moment's notice.

The change in landscape to that of inactive volcano does offer some distraction, the copper-scale slowing his swiftclaw mount, to prod the butt-end of his spear into the soil. "Just sso. It providess for abundant jungle growth, they must have abundant vegetabless and fruitss."

He eyes Rune a moment at her expletive, and nods once. The warning is warranted.

At the village gates, Geir dismounts with a sigh, patting at the swiftclaw's neck. "You are an excellent mount. This one thanks you." He eyes the red-scale, and approaches. "Peace on your nest, Warrior.", he intones. <Draconic>

"Peace on your nest, Shaman." The tall red scaled one answers Geir boldly, as she approaches. Notably, now that they are closer, she's just a tiny bit taller than Skielstregar.

Harkashan slowly gets off of his Swiftclaw and touches it by the reins. "Cay~" He begins to remark to the tall Sith-makar, only for them to suddenly step forward and just... GRAPPLE Harkashan. To call it a 'hug' would be an insult to all proper hugs. She just grabs him and practically squeezes the air out of him, lifting him.

"Little Lava!" She roars. "I didn't recognize you. Your scales are so aglow now!" Practically crushing him, before releasing him...

Harkashan manages to remain upright, but he stumbles a bit. "It is good to see you as well, Cayosin." 'Little Lava' answers her, rubbing his muzzle a bit to check if he lost any scales in that encounter.

"You ride with strange people." She then points out to him, looking at the group that is with him. "Come, come in. Bring your Swiftclaws and..." A look at Skielstregar's black horse. "Strange looking mount." Followed by a grinding laughter as Schara falls on her ass - forgetting that softskins don't have scales to soften that landing. "Peace upon your nest as well... metal woman?" How do you assign a Caste to what Schara is?

Turning, she motions for the rest of the group to follow, as she pushes to the heavy gate. Slowly grriiiinding it open inwards, revealing the multiple houses within the community. There's multiple Sith-makar wandering around, but it's rather... empty compared to some. She notices Fidget calling her a guy, but it doesn't sound like she understands what the Gobbo is saying.

Harkashan helpfully translates, though he fixes the gendering of his Sister.

"Many of the others are out collecting food." Cayosin points out as they enter more deeply into the village. Harkashan looking around, trying his best to remember this place. There's a few young ones playing off to one side, who stare at the people entering with confusion and awe. Schara in particular is getting /stares/.

"And the community leader should be in the caverns at the moment." Motioning towards a large cavern mouth that is populated with beautiful glistening lava-rocks and colorful paints. <Draconic>

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Also, Perception Rolls from everyone please."
GAME: Skielstregar rolls perception: (14)+14: 28
GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (12)+5: 17
GAME: Geir rolls perception: (11)+6: 17
GAME: Harkashan rolls 19: (12)+19: 31
GAME: Rune rolls perception: (6)+16: 22
GAME: Schara rolls perception: (17)+11: 2

Skielstregar glances over to Fidget, having to look faaar down. "Overprotective or overzealous," he answers the gobbo and Schara, blinking as Schara tumbles all out onto the ground. There's a half step to help them up, but it seems like they got themselves situated.

He looks back to the redscale. "Peace on your nest," he rumbles in his native tongue- and they're rushing forward! He takes a step towards Harkashan, but the roaring revelation reveals it to be family in some manner. He relaxes.

The black horse, their solid red eyes just slowly shifts to watch the redscale. They chuff once. "Voarexautha is unique," Skielstregar rumbles, gesturing for the horse to follow. And it does, their hoof beats a dull echo.

Skiel looks about as they go, brows raising. "Your village is pretty," he compliments. His head pauses, briefly turning to the side to peer off into the shadows cast from the sun. "Mrrh?" <Draconic>

Of course, Rune is well aware that Harkashan has an extended family, more so than herself. However, having never met them, she just raises her eyebrows in a show of surprise at the familiar greeting and then the sudden grapple of a hug that follows. Slipping into Draconic, "Little Lava?" Oh, that's priceless. Rune seems to barely be containing laughter, but her smile is visible.

Something seems to catch her attention at that point, causing Rune to turn and look towards the nearby shadows. It's obvious that something doens't feel quite right, but she doesn't dwell on it too long. As she turns around, her eyes meet both Schara and Geir and she explains, "This place just looks a bit like how the tracker described the location of those... ruins." Rune seems hesitant to elaborate in mixed company, but she shakes her head. "It's not. At least I'm pretty sure. There are a lot of volcanos in Am'shere."

To the guard who seems to be Harkashan's sister, Rune inclines her head, "Peace on your nest." As for being strange, Rune is quite strange, so she accepts that for what it is, following as Cayosin leads the way into the village. <Draconic>

Geir does his best to contain his mirth as the lava-scale Sith is manhandled by the gateguardian. "Little Lava.", he says with a snort, wisps of acrid smoke escaping his nostrils. "Little.... lava." The rumble gets louder, and soon the copper-scale is guffawing, his tail slapping at the ground behind him. He may have missed the 'strange people' comment, but the swiftclaw serving as his mount is guided into the settlement.

"The metal woman is Schara, and she is what you might consider to be a battle shaman. Wielder of magics, but of a.. mostly offensive variety, this one believes?" He glances to her a moment, before leading the swiftclaw to its lodgings for the time being.

Geir nods to Rune, his voice lowering. "We should wait until later, discuss it quietly. We may wish to inform the village also, annnnnnd... what of Silver, hmm?" His gaze falls on Fidget next, and he chuckles. "With some practice, Fidget, you will be able to discern the differences, but at first glance, the men and women of my People can appear to be the same."

"Little Lava?" The artificer wonders aloud. "I do not see what is little about him. Is it little in comparison to a volcano, perhaps? Nicknames are difficult."

Ah, right. the swiftclaws. The artificer looks up to the one which brought her here, and hesitantly they hook their left arm onto the reins. "Oh, my name is Schara, and I'm not a metal woman." They answer." The artificer greets, before tilting their head to the gobbo. "Ah, I understand, I had difficulty telling them apart before Skielstregar explained things to me." Schara notes. "I am fairly certain Cayosin is a miss Cayosin, based on facial structure and other attributes."

Fidget nods, and takes Skeilstregar's information to heart, she didn't think she'd been 'too overprotective or overzealous', but maybe it's not as obvious to the person who's doing it. She'd be sure to be more laissez faire in her actions in future.

Fidget nods, "Yeah, it's a little hard to tell. No boobs." she says in agreement.

GAME: Harkashan rolls 10: (14)+10: 24
GAME: Rune rolls will+2: (1)+5+2: 8 (EPIC FAIL)

Harkashan is throwing Rune and Geir - especially Geir - both a bit of a look as they repeat the name given to him. At Schara's comment, he does at least explain; "I was the smallest in the hatching cycle." He explains to her. "And unlike my sisters, I did not become a Warrior."

"Voarexautha. It's a strong name." <Draconic> The red-scale answers Skiel, as he mentions the horse. Once everyone is inside, she rounds back to the gates, and moves to close it with quite a bit of 'ease' for just how enormous they are. One they are closed, she steps into a forward position and motions her hand. "You are friends of Little Lava, so feel free to treat this place as your home. I am going to retrieve the leader. He will want to see Little Lava." <Draconic>

She turns to face them proper for a bit, moving the blade from one hand to the other. "Schara is Battle Shaman. Yes. I understand." <Draconic> She does NOT understand. But she's /very/ convincing at pretending that she does!

And with that, the large-blade wielding Cayosin wanders on off towards the cave-mouth and disappears around a corner.

Just long enough that they might not notice what has come from the shadows. Approaching them in a way that seems like it would have been impossible to approach. There's this loooong 'sniff' inhaling breath, as a black figure seems to practically 'rise' or 'appear' from the Shadows. There's a long black tongue that slithers out, tasting the air right near Rune's head.

"Thisssss one tastessss of the shadowsssss." A tall black-silver Sith-makar is slightly hunched over, moving its head like a serpent might try to hypnotize its prey. Turning its head, shifting just a bit. Unlike Cayosin, who is wearing just a loincloth, this one is wearing various black leather-like materials on a harness. Various little knives and other implements made out of what looks like Obsidian or another dark glass.

Her eyes watching Rune, slithering, moving their head. Drawing Rune into what almost seems like a trance. The shadows growing a bit stronger around the two of them. "Tell thissss one... why do the shadowssss follow you~" The black Sith-makar whispers to Rune, tongue flickering out.

Followed by Harkashan swatting his tail at the black one's tail. "Kyfe, do not hypnotize my friends." Before stepping in between Rune and Kyfe, trying to break the eye-contact and help Rune break away from it.

A toothy grin at Geir is Fidget's reply, but her eyes are drawn back to Rune as the half-sil girl says some creepy stuff, and looks totally out of it. Fidget looks between Rune and the Makari who'd captured her eyes, trying to figure out what's going on there, but as quickly as she looked over, she looks away at something moving off in the distance, some kind of lizard-squirrel thing darting along the walltop, and the goblin is entranced watching it until it skitters out of sight. What was she thinking about before? She looks back to the group, blinking. After the boobs... oh yeah, Rune saying creepy things about death. Oh well, the moment's gone. But she does cast a little spell to see if she can spot whatever hypnotism effect had been used. And see if Rune really does have death in her wake. She'd probably have noticed that before, though.

"It's fine." 'Little Lava' answers Schara. "Many of our people are named after our physical attributes. The same with titles and nicknames." Schara might recall Zeke's name and its meaning; 'broken'.

Harkashan doesn't miss the Sildanyari answer that Rune gives, as he is stepping before her. The feral manner in which she says it showing a different side of her. But he needs to deal with his sister first. He can ask about the shadows later.

Kyfe, as Harkashan and Skielstregar interject between her and Rune, leans forward. Sniffing at both of them. "Ssssss - you both sssssmell..." Then, a bop. Harkashan swatting his finger over Kyfe's nose. The Sith-makar quickly backs up her head and looks in utter confusion, grabbing at the front of her muzzle with both hands. An almost adorable look back.

Still, it does not stop her from looking towards Skielstregar, then to Harkashan. "A ssssstrange friend for a Deathssssssinger." A curious gaze slips back to the not-quite-dead one. A crinkle of her nose, before her tongue lisps out.

"Kyfe." Harkashan warns, before the black-and-silver one suddenly hugs Harkashan and coils her tail around him. "It has been too long, little lava. Are you too embarassed to come visit your nest-kin?" She asks him. Harkashan answering the hug in earnest, before relinquishing his hold on her.

"It's not that..." He rumbles in a deflecting kind of manner.

"What did sssshe ansssswer?" Kyfe then asks of Harkashan. "Thissss one did not understand."

But 'little lava' doesn't give her that. "That is for Rune to answer - willingly. Not for you to take from her, Kyfe. I see you still have some bad habits."

At Geir's mention, Kyfe lisps; "Thissss one has become one with Shadowssss. Yess, this one can teach." She answers. And with Schara revealing some, Kyfe tries to lean in around Harkashan and Skielstregar towards Rune. "Hmmm! Death for thissss one too?" She lisps.

"Kyfe!" <Draconic> Suddenly, a heavy voice that just... feels like it could tremble the stones themselves. As a <giant> Sith-makar steps out of the caves. Eight foot something, an absolute monster of a Sith-makar. Black scales with red markings. His eye is pale white and scarred over. Slowly stepping forward with Cayosin traveling with him. "You do not hypnotize our honored guests!" <Draconic>

Heavy steps taking him forward, holding no weapons, and wearing absolutely nothing but a loincloth. One would not be remiss to wonder who even makes loincloths his size. He's chubby-muscled. One hand up, holding steady someone who is literally riding on his shoulder. This tiny Sith-makar who would make Aelwyn seem tall. 4'11" sprite of a green Sith-makar in Shaman garb, legs danging over his shoulder and against the man's torso.

Notably, to Fidget, she'll see a LOT of magical items on the Shaman riding the tall Sith-makar's shoulders.

Skielstregar doesn't understand what Rune said, but the tone was there, a certain edge to it. As she pulls herself out of it, he turns back to Kyfe. He's /trying/ to be supportive of everything, but its hard given the recent developments. A quiet exhale leaves him, and it looks like taps his horn with his own halberd.

He chuckles at the hugging, but he raises a scaled brow at Kyfe. "Thisss one isss hisss friend regardlesss of ssstrangeness..." he mentions.

The silverscale turns towards the loud voice. He blinks. Tilting his head up... up. Up. Well, this is a first. A kin taller than him. "P... peace on your nest," he greets, side eyeing Harkashan. <Draconic>

To Kyfe, Geir offers a shrug of his shoulders. "This one will allow Rune to speak for herself, this one was only offering a viewpoint for the others to consider." His eyes briefly widen at the size of the Sith that arrives, head and shoulders above even Harkashan's birthmates.

He glances back at Kyfe. "This one suggests not angering your village leader, nor the Silver-scale or Lava-scale before you. This one would be hard pressed to put your pieces back into the right places."

Rune is lightly tapped on a leg by the coppery tail. "This one notes that you did indeed say something in a language this one does not know. Hopefully one among us can speak to what it was you said. It did not sound, friendly, even if the language was flowery."

Geir turns then to their gigantic host, and his smaller companion. Bowing formally, he intones, "Peace on your nest." <Draconic>

To Kyfe, Geir offers a shrug of his shoulders. "This one will allow Rune to speak for herself, this one was only offering a viewpoint for the others to consider." His eyes briefly widen at the size of the Sith that arrives, head and shoulders above even Harkashan's birthmates.

He glances back at Kyfe. "This one suggests not angering your village leader, nor the Silver-scale or Lava-scale before you. This one would be hard pressed to put your pieces back into the right places."

Rune is lightly tapped on a leg by the coppery tail. "This one notes that you did indeed say something in a language this one does not know. Hopefully one among us can speak to what it was you said. It did not sound, friendly, even if the language was flowery."

Geir turns then to their gigantic host, and his smaller companion. Bowing formally, he intones, "Peace on your nest." <Draconic>

GAME: Fidget casts Prestidigitation. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14
<OOC> Fidget uses her bonded item to recall Charm Person and cast it on big shadow derg.
GAME: Fidget rolls bluff: (5)+8: 13
GAME: Harkashan rolls 11: (19)+7: 26

"Oh, you said some creepy stuff about death in Sildanari. If you're planning to start a goth phase, I can hook you up with the outfits." Fidget fiddles with her sleeves, and her outfit turns to all black with just a few coloured highlights. She then looks between her new outfit and Rune's. "Uhh... I mean, more goth?" She fiddles with her sleeves again, and the outfit goes completely monochrome, only blacks, dark greys, and white around the edges, it makes her clothes look like a charcoal drawing.

"Hmm, yeah, you've already got a good start on it, but we can go blacker." Fidget nods at Rune.

After a moment, Fidgets gets a little troublesome smirk on her face and she winks at the Shaman, who will undoubtedly catch on to what she's up to immediately, she nonchalantly casts a spell, much like she's done several times recently, and does her best not to look like she's up to anything special. But when she's finished, she says "No worries! You made Rune tell something personal, so if you share something personal right back, it'll be all even!"

"So, you finally return. And I see you have chosen a mate!" <Draconic> The loud black-and-red boisterous giant of a Sith-makar rumbles out to Harkashan, as he stares between him and Skielstregar standing next to eachother like that across from Kyfe.

Followed by a pat of the hand from the small Shaman, slapping the top of his head. "That's clearly not his mate. They're both still just boys." <Draconic> She hisses at him, waiting to speak further when the giant steps over Harkashan. Casting a shadow over him and anyone else standing close.

Black fumes come out of the giant Sith-makar's nose, before his arm descends on Harkashan's shoulder with enough force one can practically hear it echo amidst the walls. This loud hearty SLAP. "MY BOY!" Suddenly, in tradespeak. Proud as all can be!

Harkashan winces just a bit in pain, before he answers; "Warrior Inhelk. Honored Shaman Nasir." In a much lighter tone, before turning to the rest. "These are my Egg-parents." Then, explaining the rather 'odd' way these Sith-makar are behaving, he adds; "They have had a Cihuaa bond since..."

"Since twice longer than you have been around since cracking that egg, my boy!" Inhelk answers heavily, before picking up Harkashan and pulling him to his chest similar to his red-scaled sister had. Just crushing him to his chest.

It's easy to see where Cayosin had gotten her ways from.

"Ah yes. Peace upon your nests!" The giant answers the group boldly, as they welcome him - still squeezing Harkashan.

Then, peeking from behind Inhelk and the Shaman, steps a smaller green scale. Well, 'smaller'... she's still 'only' 6'11". "Jessssk bids Kin and friends welcome." The green scale bears two daggers at her hips, sheathed along her loincloth, as she approaches Schara in particular. Curious about all the metal on her it seems. Quiet, trying to figure things out on her own. Sniffing at her, in a similar way to how Kyfe had sniffed at Rune earlier.

Kyfe, who has not gotten a word in edge-wise with the boisterous leader around, lisps at Rune. "Yessss. Let us speak further..." <Draconic> Motioning at her. But Cayosin wraps her arm around the black-scale. "Let the guests get settled in Kyfe. I am sure Little Lava will remain longer." <Draconic>

Kyfe still wriggles a bit in that grip, before giving up and kind of half-hanging there for a bit. Giving Geir a bit of a stink-eye at threatening her. But eventually, she just relents and instead helps Schara by introducing the daggered green-scale; "The quiet one is Jesk. She lives in her own world." And further, prompted by Fidget, Kyfe turns her head and whispers; "You cannot steal them. My secretssss are for those who walk in the shadowsssss."

"So, what has you return to your hatching grounds? Tell me that Nasir is wrong - you come here to present your mate, yes?" Inhelk finally relinquishes a now somewhat-crumpled Harkashan, who manages to stay on his feet, but has clearly had the air squeezed out of him. The lava-colored one holding up his hand - he needs a moment before he can answer. Inhelk keeps looking to Skielstregar.

At Schara's comment, the Shaman - Nasir - touches Inhelk's large horns and answers; "We make it work." Without any further context given, before giving Fidget /a look/. "Please do not influence my Kin through magics. You are honored guests, and friends of Harkashan. But there is a limit." She politely reminds the Gobbo.

She then taps Inhelk's shoulder, and he lowers the small shaman down, who quickly steps up to Harkashan and touches his arm. She's even shorter than Rune! Looking him over, she then whispers; "You come here, because of your memories, don't you?" <Draconic> Quiet enough that people close to him can still hear it.

Skielstergar can't help but chuckle as Schara says aloud what others were thinking. The greenscale reminded him of Eztli. Though, he was certian they were smaller. Fidget gets a slight look, they casted magic earlier, but this time he squints harder. "... don't... do that," he prods her with a foot.

He blinks at the massive leader. Looks to Harkashan. Looks back up. Harkashan. Up. "Erm... sssa, not this one's mate. Though this one is flattered you think so, Great Warrior, as Deathsinger Harkashan is a great Shaman," he says wit his head held high.<Draconic>

There's a hard wince as Hark gets a shoulder clap. "Ah, thisss one can sssee the... ressembelence," he says in Trade slowly, glancing at the other Kin stepping out. There's a glance to Inhelk, dead eyes looking between Hark and his mother. Here his attention drifts some, trying to drudge up an old memory that refuses to surface. He sighs.

"It's... okay Schara. I just honestly don't remember." That confusion lingers with Rune, but she doesn't press the matter. Geir's touch to her leg is met with a small incline of her head, "I believe you." She just genuinely seems puzzled, then she seems to put some of the pieces together, "It was about the shadows, wasn't it? I've had a connection to them since I was ressurected at the temple."

The promise of talking more to this similarly shadow-touched individual sparks a lift of one eyebrow, though. Curious.

And then, the looming shadow of the massive Makari drags her attention back to the newly arriving pair. She looks betwen Harkashan and Skielstregar, that moment of amusement returning as her lip quirks upward. And then the cleric is all but being squashed in another hug.

"It's an honor to meet all of you." Rune states in Draconic, using one hand to draw a few strands of dyed hair behind one ear. "We accompanied Harkashan because he was starting to have some strange experiences as of late, and we hoped you might be able to lend some insight." <Draconic>

Geir remains silent, though his expression is mirthful, watching Harkashan being nearly loved to death... at least, loved to unconsciousness. The appearance of the green-scale earns the copper-scales attention, the Shaman offering her a nod of his head. "It is well to meet you.", he says softly.

He snorts at Schara's apologies, "Thiss one would point out... your actions are not exactly... strange among this crowd."

Geir eyes Fidget a moment, not sure of what she is casting, only noticing similarities and familiarities in her doings. His gaze at Kyfe, as she offers stinkeye, turns into a thousand-yard stare, eyes that have seen death, lost love, shorn hope, and a childhood lost. Only briefly however, as he gives his head a shake.

"Oh, Skielstregar isn't Harkashan's mate, at least, I am fairly certain that he is not. And alright Rune, though if you don't know what was said, maybe you should still know later." Schara adds, glancing up as Harkashan does his best to remain with functional bones. The Potential force of it is enough to freeze up the elf as she winces behind her helmet.

The artificer shakes her head, and finds another makari nearby. Schara tilts her head. "Oh, hello miss Jessk, Peace on your nest. I don't smell like shadows too, do I? I don't even know what that means" The artificer greets. "You live in your own world? What does that mean? Are you just visiting here?" <draconic>

"Those sleeves are interesting in function, quite handy!" The artificer nods. "Although, yes, maybe refrain from any mind altering magic without consent."

Fidget pouts a little at her failed prank, and mutters to herself, "He did it first, so it would have been fair *and* funny". The goblin does relent for now, though, if she went poking for gaps in his mental scales they might get mad even if it was really funny. Shame. Anyways, since that's a bust, she moves onto something she can do - she recites exactly what Rune said back to the half-elf, since half the group already knows what Rune said and Rune herself does not, it seems only fair. Well, as exactly as you can translating from Sildanari to Tradespeak.

"So, you practicing poetry, or you just got a lot going on up there?" Fidget asks with curiousity.

Harkashan lets out a small rumble of a sound, lifting his hand. "I'm okay. I'm okay." Before getting up. "Skielstregar is a mighty Warrior, but he is not my mate." It would be a rather... odd pairing, that. Much like Kyfe had already pointed out. He would point something else out about the topic, looking to Rune for a moment, but Shaman Nasir speaks to him of his memories.

"Yeah. I was hoping we could talk..." He whispers back. Rune speaks of the same matter, and Nasir looks at her for a moment. There's this look of momentary understanding there, noticing the way Harkashan immediately looks back to Rune. "I think I can." Nasir nods her head, grabbing Harkashan by the hand and drawing him away from the group for the time being.

Leaving the crew with Inhelk, Cayosin, Kyfe and Jesk for the time being. Inhelk nodding at Schara and the rest as they point out Skielstregar is not Harkashan's mate. "A shame! He looks like a strong Warrior!" It seems important to the big man that Skielstregar is a Warrior specifically.

"Ah, the honor is all mine. Please. Come. You must all be tired from the long journey." Inhelk remarks to the group, motioning for them to follow him to one of the houses. He then calls out; "Ocuir!"

Followed by another green-scale to pop their head out of the door. This one is... old. Most of their green has faded for silver. Their body trembles a bit as they step out, using a thick branch to make it out. Their eyes, almost like a chameleons, wander. One shifting to look at the gate, and the other quickly snaps to Rune, then Geir, and it follows through on the others. Leading to Fidget eventually.

"Oh! A Gobbo! I have not seen a Gobbo in ages!" She croaks out in an old voice, trembling a bit further as the old greenscale proceeds to step forward a bit.

"Ocuir. These guests will stay in your chambers for the night. Please make them some food." Inhelk 'asks' of the elder Sith-makar.

Cayosin moves to flank Skielstregar, eyeing up his blade, before deciding; "When you have rested. You and me, spar? If you're up for it, Warrior." <Draconic> She bids.

Kyfe remains close to Rune and Geir for the time being, having been released by Cayosin. "Hmmm, this one has seen much death." Kyfe then whispers to Geir, seemingly having gained a bit of respect for him suddenly.

Jesk sticks around Schara; "I do not know what the shadows smell like. No, you smell of steel. Why do you smell of steel?" <Draconic> Jesk asks. Kyfe throws a surprised look at the fact that Jesk is speaking even <this> much.

Inhelk generally leads the group to Ocuir's hut and then rumbles; "Tonight, we will have a feast. Celebrate the Harkashan's return, and you - his friends. Feel free to walk around and get familiar with the place."

Geir pauses, looking around at the slow moving chaos, and simply shakes his head. His gaze takes in Kyfe once more, the copper-scale throwing himself on the Kyfe-grenade. "This one has indeed seen much death. So much so, this one is a shaman of the Deathsinging Dragon. A question then, if you would answer it. Why the focus on death? If that is not too ... nosy a question? This one's impression is that you have... also seen much Death."

There is a moment where Rune's eyes meet those of the smaller shaman. The two are just about at eye level. Then, her blue gaze looks to Harkashan and back again. It's quite possible that whever the small female is looking for, she very well finds it. However, Rune seems preoccupied, likely by the words that come out of Fidget's mouth. "I said that?" She blinks. "I mean, it's not wrong, but..."

Brows furrowing, Rune lifts one shoulder in a half-shrug. "Well, I've noticed that this particular Aspect tends to react strangely at times to other magics. It may just be that influence." Alas, Slixvah is not here or she could speak further to that strange intermixing of magical abilities. "And I have no idea what a 'goth' is."

And then Geir is asking more of the dark-scaled one, Rune simply listens with some measure of curousity. Slipping back into Draconic, she adds, "We should talk more, perhaps I could learn a little about how you acquired your connection with the shadows." Then, with a motion to their large and boysterous host, she chuckles, "Maybe after dinner."

Rune's stomach growls. It has been a long trip.

"You can have all the honor you want, that's alright." Schara nods of the large makari, tilting her head with everything going on. "I'm glad everything is okay Harkashan, let us know if you need anything after talking to them, alright?" The artificer offers. The elder makari showing up however, makes Schara vehemently shake her head. "No, it's alright! I don't want to intrude on their space, and you don't have to trouble yourself on our behalf." She states. "Or, if that is impolite, then I will accept your offer of shelter and food, but if there is anything that I can do, please let me know."

The artificer tilts her head in Kyfe's direction, before looking back at the smaller makari. "That's alright, I don't know what shadows smell like, but apparently Jesk does. I'm not sure you mean about smelling like steel, I do have a lot of steel in my armor and prosthetic limbs, and I guess it transfers from wearing it a lot, I guess?"

Kyfe lisps, "Thissss one honors you, Deathssssinger Sssshaman." Pausing for a moment as Geir asks why the focus on death. "I have come out on the other end of death and nearrrr-death too many timessss." She explains, continueing to note; "I was active in the firsssst war against the Charn. Ssssseeen mucchhh." Before glancing towards Skielstregar. "Itssss why I recognize that one's sssscent..." She hisses at Skielstregar. "It'ssss why the shadowsss cloak thissss one."

Inhelk notes Skielstregar speak of Chuiaa as well. It is not unpopular, or extremely rare. But it's still not a word one hears very often. "Bid her my best wishes." The towering Sith-makar rumbles to Skiel.

Cayosin slaps Skielstregar on the shoulder and then shakes him a bit. "Good! I will see why Little Lava travels with this one." <Draconic>

And then there's Rune's rumbling stomach, and Ocuir is already upon her. Quick, for such an old cane wielding lady. Practically pressing a small bit of dried meats wrapped in leaves at her which she'd just pulled from a small bag at her sack. Something Fidget would recognize as a bag of holding through her Detect Magic and her own knowledge. "Eat." Ocuir offers to Rune. "It is important to have a healthy appetite. Come. Follow. Help us prepare for the feast." She taps her cane to Rune's chest. "Come come. Quick!" And then leads her to her home, before motioning to Schara. "Come come! Hurry up then." Clearly, Schara does not get to refuse.

Jesk follows; "Can you teach me? How to work steel like that?" She asks Schara. Clearly wishing to learn. "The others, they do not understand..."