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Harkashan in his younger years. (Art commissioned from Neolab)


Character Details
Race: Sith-makar
Class/Level: Cleric (12), Inquisitor (1)
Gender: Male
Deity: The Death-Singing Dragon
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Scales: Like shoals of ash upon great fields of lava
Horns: Plates leading to reaching spires of black obsidian
Eyes: Red in Black

Harkashan has been alive since before the first Charneth raids within Am'shere. He's an old, but respected name within the region for the many burial rites he's offered to his people, and his duties as a messenger during the many stages of the war within Am'shere. He is welcomed by both Speakers and Shaman Castes - both treating him as one of their own, due to his duties to the Silver Empress and work in the back lines against undead menaces. Things have only changed 'recently' for him, traveling outside of Am'shere in order to offer his services to the outside, where far fewer know this man.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Did you have parents or did you perhaps yourself travel within Am'shere during the Charneth conflict? You may have met Harkashan before, or perhaps he buried people important to you.
  • Following the Death-Singer, he aims to assist in eliminating undead presences.
  • Do you have connections to The Teacher or the Silver Empress? Harkashan will wish to speak with you.
  • New to the world of Am'shere, are you able to offer him with insight he doesn't yet have?


Name Description
Leirune You perished, I watched you die with my own eyes, now you are back. I do not understand.



Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Speaker
Caste: Shaman
Draconic Ancestry: Flame / Lava
Tribe: Wuja Docar
Faith: The Death-Singing Dragon
Politics: Active Agent of the Silver Empress

Scroll med.png

Faith PC Badge
Faith: Vardama
Temple: Althea's Temple in Alexandria
Role: Death-Singer, Burial Rites
Landmarks: Well known in Am'shere for well over a hundred years of service to the Death-Singer, cleansing undead infections, healing, and burying fellow Sith-makar. Notable presence during even the first of the Charneth assault.


Inquisitor PC Badge
Deity: Vardama
Inquisition: Opposing Undeath and mutilation of the dead
Hand of Faith: A patient approach to life.
Role: Enhance my team so they can do what needs to be done, while protecting them from death.


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Ancestor-Touched
Tier: Tier 3 + Minor Tattoos
Development: Having lived closely in tune to many of his peoples great Fires, and having Awakened within his own lifetime, Harkashan is both well known, and well in tune with his ancestors, and those he's buried. In his time outside of Am'shere, his awakening almost seems to have progressed further. The draconic nature to him, reminiscent of a Lava Dragon, growing more powerful by the day.

Blood pact.png

Blood Pact PC Badge
Tier: Tier 6
Entity: Astahii Svaust Uclar Thirku
The Contract: In return for the survival of his family and the destruction of their foes, Harkashan was promised to Thirku.
History: Harkashan has had a Seance to meet Thirku.

"May this cleansing fire ensure a peaceful passing."