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About Aspect Spends
Rpp limited.gif Aspects are a new type of ability on Tenebrae. These abilities are not native to Pathfinder and are intended to reflect the development and energies you've spent on your character, as well as the high-magic setting of Ea. Due to their benefits and nature, each character may only ever receive one.

These Aspects cause ingame effects. Returning to the Grave-Touched Aspect, such a character may receive a certain "chill" to their aura. Or, it may be less obvious, such as that elements they craft will always carry that "feel." An elemental-touched person may be prone to sparks or static electricity.

Aspects are not a sign of divine favor, though they could be an indirect blessing. Aspects are an effect of sympathetic magic on the realm of Ea, that responds to certain needs. It is influenced and sometimes directed by the gods, but it does not mean the creation of divine scions.

As with all RPP Tiered spends, a character may advance up to a tier up to their level/2. Aspects are considered to be a Limited spend. That is, a character may possess only one Aspect type.

If an Aspect gives you the ability to craft a specific type of item, you must pay the crafting cost for that item. It does not let you bypass level restrictions: that is, a crafter's level must be 3x the enchantment or effect added to the weapon. In addition, if it lets you add a property to a weapon, that weapon must follow the normal rules--that is, it must possess a +1 before Effects are added. These abilities otherwise let you bypass any and all feat, skill, and spell prerequisites. Crafting abilities offered by aspects are considered automatic successes as the character is more able to call directly on these forces. Unlike ancestral weapons, you may craft these for anyone, unless the aspect states otherwise.

Rpp limited.gif Rpp tiered.gif Aspects
Reward Benefit Cost
Aspect Purchase an Aspect! You may select one Aspect per PC. If your PC already speaks a language granted by an Aspect, then Tier 1 of that aspect is only 5 pts for you. 10 per tier
Minor Aspect Tattoo If you possess an Aspect, you may use energies from that Aspect to enscribe a permanent tattoo into your skin. Choose one effect (this may not be changed):
Social Focus: If your Aspect gives you a social bonus, that bonus increases by +1.
Skill Focus: If your Aspect gives you a skill bonus, that bonus increases by +1.
5 RPP, Aspect T1
Major Aspect Tattoo You have had additional work done to your tattoo, to bind the energies there. Or, it just developed naturally. Regardless, it is spectacular. ...or just mysterious. Choose one effect (this may not be changed):
Ability Focus:' If your Aspect gives you a SLA, you may use that ability 1 additional time per day.
Talent Focus: If your Aspect gives you a 1/day use ability, you may use that ability 1 additional time per day.
5 RPP, Aspect T3, Minor Aspect Tattoo



You're closer to your ancestors than most.

Tier 1: You possess close ties with your ancestors, some of whom you know by name. Others, more faded, you know more by sense of purpose. It's likely they know you as well. By concentrating, you may draw upon their wisdom. As a standard action, you may make any skill roll with a +1 insight bonus as you briefly draw on the bonds which bind your ancestors to you. For a skill which requires longer than a standard action to use, it takes the longer time, instead. You may use this up to three times per day.
Tier 2: One of Ours: There's something about you...when your people look upon you, something reminds them of those who came before. You receive a +3 racial bonus to social checks with others of your race.
Tier 3: Racial Memory (su): You can call upon not only your own Ancestors, but encourage the latent memories of others. By clasping the arm of another willing creature and speaking briefly to them of their heritage, you can enable them to draw upon near-forgotten knowledge. In game terms, the creature may retry any knowledge skill check it has made within the last minute. This check is made with an insight bonus equal to your wisdom modifier. You can use this ability three times per day.
In addition, your form becomes closer to your ancestors' in some way. Your bonus in T2 increases to +5.

Animal Affinity

You possess a kinship with wild creatures, no matter if they walk, fly, swim, or crawl.

Tier 1: Somehow, you always know what to say or do when you meet the gaze of a wide-eyed creature, or face down an angry boar. Your whispers work to calm frightened creatures. +2 insight bonus to handle animal.
Tier 2: You may call upon your bond to do something extraordinary. Three times per day, you may speak with animals as a spell-like ability.
Tier 3: Touch of the Shepard (Sp): By laying hands upon a creature of the animal type, you may imbue it with the healing powers of the wild. This acts as a cure light wounds, using your character's level as the casting level. You may use this ability three times per day. Once per day when using this ability, you may remove one of the following status effects from the animal, in addition to hit points healed: Fatigued, Shaken, or Sickened.


Your skin prickles when the arcane brushes too close.

Tier 1: Something about the flow of mana just...makes sense to you. Perhaps not in a way you can express, but on a more primal level. You gain +2 insight bonus to knowledge/arcane checks.
Tier 2: When you focus, you can sense the ebb and flow of the ether. Three times per day, you may call upon the ability to detect magic, as per the spell. Activating this ability is a standard action.
Tier 3: Eyes of the Warring Gods (sp): The name of this refers to the war between Taara and Eluna over the arcane's flow. As a standard action you may open yourself to the world of mana and observe its ebb and flow in creatures around you. In mechanical terms, you may use Arcane Sight once per day, as per the spell, with your character level acting as the caster level


Caverns and deep places fascinate you. Like treasures within a geode, you seek their depths.

Tier 1: The deep places whisper to you, and you learn the language of Undercommon. In addition, you receive a +1 circumstance bonus to survival checks when underground as well as to knowledge/dungeoneering checks.
Tier 2: Your circumstance bonus from Tier 1 increases to +3, and you can always take 10 on knowledge/dungeoneering checks.
Tier 3: Scent Stone Passages: You have a keen sense of underground caverns and stoneworks. You can 'scent' differences in the landscape, giving you a +2 on perception checks to spot hidden passages within 10 feet. If for some reason you lose your sense of smell, you cannot receive this bonus until it is restored. In addition, your senses alert you to dips and pitfalls in underground terrain, giving you a +1 on reflex saves to avoid pits, pit traps, and similar effects from stonework.


Tier 1: City Bond (Su): Most people would say the City has no soul. You may suspect differently. Every city, every street has its own feel and its own rhythm. You've learned to tap into it. When reaching a new City, by taking a minute to concentrate and align yourself with its landscape, somehow, you're able to tap into this unknown presence. Thereafter, you receive a +2 insight bonus on all knowledge/local checks relating to that particular City. You must re-establish this link whenever you exit, then re-enter a City. For purposes of this ability, a City has more than 500 people.
Note that this process does not always go smoothly. If the City is opposed to your alignment on either axis, you'll experience discomfort at the very least. Sure, you may understand the City a little better...but that's not always a great thing to have on your mind.
Tier 2: Parkour (Ex): It isn't only the City itself, but the people and the commerce which moves within it. It's the structures and the rooftops, the crowded streets. When moving among the City's rooftops and ledges, you receive a +3 competence bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks for the purposes of jumping, climbing, and moving along any building's narrow surfaces and walls. This City must be a city with which you currently share a City Bond with.
Tier 3: Crowdface (Su): When among at least three other people and within the confines of a city which you've aligned yourself with (see your Tier 1 ability), you're able to use Hide in Plain Sight as a standard action once per day. This is a supernatural ability. Whatever its reasons, even when opposed, the City is willing to work with you (or at the least, you're able to force a portion of it to do so). As a consequence, shadows may shift subtly, a brick or two may appear momentarily out of place to aid your endeavor. Unfortunately, Cities are large behemoths and their magic is not always subtle, even when trying to be. Use of this ability leaves you imbued with a lingering trace of city-magic for a short time...that is, during and for a full round after, this essence (and you) is detectable via detect magic and similar means.

Elemental or Spirit-Touched

The rocks sing and the trees tell tales...they are more to you, more living than inanimate objects. Though you may view all of them this way (or not) you possess a particular affinity for one form of element or spirit. When you select this aspect, be sure to specify which element it applies to.

Tier 1: One day, and perhaps you can pinpoint that day, those strange, unseen voices you'd heard at the back of your mind began to form words. You learn a language tied to your element's type, such as: Earth (Terran), Fire (Ignan), Auran (Wind or Sky), Aquan (Water). In addition, you gain a +1 racial bonus to social skill checks related to your chosen element.
Tier 2: Elemental Blooded: The elements recognize your kinship, and parts of them fuse into your blood. Though your race type (or subtype) does not change, there's a little of them in you. You receive a +3 racial bonus to knowledge and social checks related to your chosen element (this replaces the +1 to social checks at T1). This benefit occurs even if it isn't ancestral: Ea is a living world, and magic sometimes has a mind of its own. It could also be something that only recently awakened.
Tier 3: Imbue Element: By invoking your ties to your element, you're able to imbue a weapon with elemental energies. In game terms, you may add any of the following to a weapon, as though you had the appropriate crafting feats and had made the appropriate rolls: Earth (corrosive, corrosive burst), Fire (flaming, flaming burst), Wind/Sky (shocking, shocking burst OR thundering), Water (frost). You may also craft this type of resistance into armor. You may add elemental effects even if they are outside of the one you had chosen.


The wilderness whispers in a different way. Perhaps you're a sildanyari who aims to get closer to your roots, or just possess a connection to the wild, often capricious, creatures who lurk in the wild.

Tier 1: You learn the sylvan tongue, and gain a +1 racial bonus to diplomacy, bluff, and intimidate with oruch, gnomes, sildanyari, and half-oruch and half-sildanyari, as well as creatures of the fey type.
Tier 2: The realms of the fae call to you, though you're uncertain the source. The sildanyari seek Quelynos, though most have never been. Your social bonus from Tier 1 increases to +3.
Tier 3: Fae Friend: Your ties to the fay also make you more resitant to their magic. You gain a +2 to will saves versus the illusion school. In addition, you may cast faerie lights 1/day as a spell-like ability.


To most, the graveyard is a forbidding place, but to you it may seem like a second home. You may possess a cold aura and find comfort among the still places of the earth.

Tier 1: Others may find it unsettling; the Vardamen might consider you blessed. The willingness of the grave to "speak" with you grants you a +2 insight bonus to heal for forensic uses, such as discovering the cause of death and so on.
Tier 2: Guard Against Undeath (su): Your understanding of death enables you to guard against its desecration. By performing a personalized ritual, you may ward a corpse against rising. While you may not prevent it, you may certainly make it more difficult. That is, a caster attempting to raise the corpse for the next 24 hours must succeed in a caster level check of 10+your character level. The ritual takes a minute to enact, though you may renew it once per day.
Tier 3: Voice of the Dead (sp): Past the Gate, it's said, there is a universal tongue. Normally no mortal may speak this tongue, and yet at needed times, knowledge of this forbidden language may come to you for but brief moments, along with the chill of the Gate and Grave. When using or working with a speak with dead spell or effect, a common language is no longer a barrier. In addition, you may use Speak with Dead as a spell-like ability, 1/day. However, because of the subtle aura which now surrounds you, treat Thulites or undead creatures as one step worse towards you when handling diplomacy and similar effects.


All philosophers claim to study the stars. To you, they hold an unending mystery.

Tier 1: One day, and perhaps you remember when, or perhaps it was a more gradual looked to the sky and realize the stars speak with one voice. You learn the language: Celestial. In addition, you receive a +1 sacred bonus to social skill checks when interacting with Celestial beings.
Tier 2: They are more than points of light to you. When you quiet your mind, you might imagine you can hear them speak. You receive a +3 sacred bonus to knowledge checks relating to Eluna, celestial bodies, etc., and your bonus to social checks from T1 increases to +3.
Tier 3: Once per 24 hours, when you and a group of willing volunteers (up to twice the number of your tiers in this spend) fall asleep beneath a starry sky, you may call upon this aspect. Beneath its magic, all join in a shared dream and begin to venture towards their destination within said dream. However, you have no control over the dream itself, only the destination.
When they awake, they have moved towards their destination in a manner similar to the Wind Walk spell with a caster level equal to your character level. However, the magic is as fragile as dreams. The effect ends as soon as even one member awakens, or one hour before sunrise, whichever comes first. One person waking will automatically wake everyone else.
Treat dream walkers as sleepers while traveling under the effects of Wind Walk, except the Aspect provides the locomotion; therefore, they are not tired or fatigued at the end of the journey.
At the end of the journey, they awake nearer their destination, in an open area under the skies. The Aspect will attempt to find a safe area, though this may be relative given the terrain and situation. If participants wake early, they appear on the ground wherever the effect ended. If no stars are visible in the sky (such as a clouded night) when participants go to sleep, the effect fails, as the Aspect's magic is hidden from them.

Like other aspects, this is a reflection of magic's responsiveness to the the world. It is not sign of a personal favor of the gods, and so on.

Healer's Affinity

Perhaps you were always a healer. Perhaps not.

Tier 1: You may craft potions of cure light wounds.
Tier 2: You may craft potions of cure moderate and cure serious wounds.
Tier 3: Healer's Breath (su): Once per day, you may transfer the gift of life contained within a Cure potion into a person, as an immediate action. Doing so renders the potion inert, but provides one of two effects (your choice):
An ally within 30' is healed with an effect of twice the effect of the potion (so a CLW potion would cure 2d8+2)
An ally within 15' may receive the benefit of a Breath of Life effect (however, the Breath of Life heals twice the effect of the potion sacrificed, instead of the normal amount described in the spell).
Finally, you receive a +2 circumstance bonus to diplomacy checks with Altheans.

Hunter's Bond

You've dedicated yourself to the hunt of a particular type of creature...or they, you. In any case, it's become a Focus, not just a focus, and the world around you has responded. When you select this Aspect, please let staff know which creature type it applies to (select from the ranger's favored enemy list).

Tier 1: Who knows the countless hours you've spent studying them, either from hatred, paranoia...or something else? Your knowledge is almost uncanny...and it may come from more than books. You receive a +2 insight bonus to knowledge checks related to this type of creature.
Tier 2: Quarry Sense (ex): Your senses twitch when they're near. It isn't always your choice. You are treated as having the Scent ability, though only as regards the chosen creature. It isn't just their smell: it's their overall presence and being you are hyper aware of.
Tier 3: Hunter's Reflexes (su): When confronted with this creature type, something in you responds. It didn't always...but that it does now might make you wonder just what happened to make this connection so strong. In mechanical terms, when confronted by a creature of this type, you may as an immediate action strengthen your mind against them. Once per day you may roll twice for any saving throw made against any effect (extraordinary ability, spell, spell-like ability, supernatural ability) from this creature type. You may choose the higher of the two saves. This ability must be used prior to rolling.


Yours are the hidden spaces, the secretive whispers. It does not mark you a loner--merely that you have a nearly unusual aptitude for quiet and stillness.

Tier 1: You gain a +2 insight bonus to Perception when looking for hidden spaces or objects--such as searching a room or attempting to find a hidden doorway. Such things call out to you.
Tier 2: You may whisper through the hidden spaces. You may use the Message cantrip an unlimited number of times per day.
Tier 3: Hidden spaces don't always want to be found. You've a sense for getting in where you aren't supposed to. As such, you can disable devices as a rogue can, with a competence bonus equal to twice your ranks in this Aspect.


When the world was born and the first materials spun, there was the Hymn of Creation. The Hymn lingers on...and sometimes you're spotted stepping out of tune, out of step, to a music you may hear. You're probably infamous for the ability to inflict earworms.

Tier 1: Just as the Hymn is tied to Creation, itself, so your tie to it is unique. You learn to express this in a method of performance. You gain a +2 sacred bonus to a single craft, perform, or profession skill.
Tier 2: Earworm (Su): Music calls to you, and you to it. You've a knack for recognizing the latest trends, and perhaps creating them, too. Calling on this talent, you may produce minor distractions and invoke wandering ears and eyes, and people begin tapping their foot, or perhaps just can't get that song out of their head. You receive a +3 insight bonus any social or perform skill check made to distract or persuade.
Tier 3: Greater Earworm (Sp): The Hymn was never meant for one person, and neither are the words you have to share. You've learned to channel it somewhat, to share its gifts with others around you. In game terms, you may use Enthrall once per day as a spell-like ability as others become entranced by your performance. Despite the name, this may also be an impassioned speech and so forth (though the speech will tend to have a particular, hypnotic cadence).


The shadows cling to you. You likely possess ties to a variety of places, but may arouse suspicion among any of the Gods of Light and Twilight.

Tier 1: The flickers of shadow along the wall, the twist of subterranean voices. The language of the Undercommon comes to you as naturally as breathing, and you receive a +1 profane bonus to stealth checks whenever shadow is present.
Tier 2: With a flick of your wrist, and at times, shadoes react to your intent and presence. Your Stealth bonus from T1 increases to +3 whenever some form of shadow is present.
Tier 3: Call of the Black Wind (su): As a standard action, you may summon the shadow winds. Treat this as a Gust of Wind effect, with the following changes: all nonmagical sources of light, such as torches, candles, and lanterns (but not something as large as a bonfire) are automatically extinguished as they're absorbed into the shadow wind, even if protected. In addition, there's a 50% chance that magical sources of light are suppressed for one round. This is usable once per day.


Hunting may be a way of life to some, but to you, there is a deeper connection.

Tier 1: The whispers of the wild make sense to you. You learn the language of Sylvan.
Tier 2: Your ability to "read the woods" is almost of a second nature. You receive a +3 insight bonus to survival and stealth when within a natural setting.
Tier 3: Hunter's Prayer (su): By uttering a quick prayer to the Hunter, once per day you may designate a creature as your prey. When under this effect, a ghostly set of stag's antlers may appear briefly upon your brow. The following are in effect so long as you are actively tracking your quarry:
  • Neither undergrowth or terrain impedes your movement (treat as Woodland Stride)
  • The earth itself moves to cover your trail (treat as Pass without Trace)
  • Your movement is light and swift (you move at full speed instead of half when tracking your designated prey)
During this time, you may choose whether or not to leave a trail...though you may always be detected by magical means. This effect lasts until you find your prey, you cease searching, or the 24 hours are up, whichever comes first.


Stone speaks to you, and you find a home in the places beneath the earth. Though you may or may not be khazad, the People of the Mountain tend to bid you welcome among them.

Tier 1: Though young still, the connection shows in your words and actions. You receive a +2 racial bonus to social skill checks when interacting with the khazad and any earth elementals.
Tier 2: Stone-wrought (su): Ages ago, they say, Reos struck the iron that crafted the world. When your fingers brush across iron, across rock, you feel the faintest echo of the Forge. Once a day, as a standard action, you may touch a piece of iron or steel and cause it to grow into a weapon, armor, or craftman's tool. Reos' blessing makes the object's quality temporarily masterwork. The object produced must weigh within 10 lbs., such as a light steel shield. There must be enough iron or steel present to complete the transformation, and enchanted material may not be transformed in this manner. The end result is always an item of sturdy, masterwork quality. Items which cannot be made of steel or iron may not be "crafted" in this way. The object remains in this form for 1 hour or until broken or destroyed, or until you let go of it, whichever is soonest.
Tier 3: Blood of Stone (Su): Your skin takes on a craggy visage, and it is said, the mightiest of this aspect possess blood that runs with the elements of the greates mountains. Add double your tiers in this spend to stabilization checks whenever reduced to negative hit points. In addition, whenever you stand upon stone, you become hard to move and gain a +1 to CMD against bull rush or trip.


There is warmth in your heart, and kindness, though perhaps righteous wrath as well.

Tier 1: One day, there was a whisper of fire. Or, perhaps the warm words from a beloved mentor. Either way, and the tale is up to you, you suddenly understood the Celestial language. It fills your heart with warmth to use it, and its golden tones rest easily upon your tongue. In addition, you gain a +1 to social skill checks relating to Celestial creatures.
Tier 2: Emblazoned Sigil (su): By drawing upon your Aspect, you may imbue an object with light, similar to the light spell. This works as a spell-like ability and is usable up to a number of times per day, dependent on your Charisma modifier. However, any object emblazoned in this way also counts as a holy symbol, and will cause vampires and similar creatures to recoil.
Tier 3: The Sunforge (sp): Once per day, you may summon an aura of Daylight (as the spell), centered on you, with your character level as the caster level. Allies within this aura receive a +2 sacred bonus to fear checks.

Trickster's Affinity

You possess a more than usual touch of mischief.

Tier 1: Your fingers are tricky, like the Luckbringer's own. You receive a +2 competence bonus to sleight of hand checks.
Tier 2: Trickster's Coin (su): Your affinity for trickery grows stronger, as does your fascination with pranks and mischief. At any time and whenever it would aid in your mischief, you may produce any mundane item valued at 5 GP or less from your person, as you just happen to have a variety of funny items on hand. The item must be something you could easily carry. Too, Coyote senses intent, so the item must be produced with the intent of a joke, prank, to illustrate a boasting tale, or similar effect. The item will fade out of existence after its use is complete, though will not last longer than an hour.
Tier 3: Trickster's Fingers (su): With a sly twist of your wrist, you've the ability to invoke the Trickster's subtle grace from a distance. This ability has two uses, and only one may be used each day, but not both.
Option I: Once per day, you may manipulate the ether in a similar way as per mage hand.
Option II: Once per day, you may focus your energies and use it to make a Sleight of Hand check at a range of up to 30'. Working at a distance increases the normal skill check DC by 5, and you may not take 10 on this check. You must have at least 1 rank in Sleight of Hand to use this second option.
Any object to be manipulated must weigh 5 pounds or less.

Tinker's Touch

The taint of Kulthos is there, somewhere, even long-buried. You have an unnatural connection to artifice and machinery.

Tier 1: Your hands are uncommonly skilled in a way that tugs you towards artifice. There's perhaps something familiar about it. Perhaps only an affinity, perhaps a family history. You receive a +1 competence bonus to craft/artifice checks, and learn the Kulthian tongue.
Tier 2: In you, constructs recognize a kindred spirit. Though not immediately apparent, something within you has changed...or perhaps it was always there. You receive a +3 racial bonus to bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate when speaking in the Kulthian language to a construct.
Tier 3: Engineer's Blessing (Sp): By touching a construct or machine constructed primarily through artifice, you may make repairs practically instantaneously. This acts as a Repair Light Damage, using your character's level as the caster level. You may use this ability three times per day. In addition, you may use Make Whole once per day.

Verdant Friend

Tier 1: The Wild is sacred to you. When you look upon a vine or tree, you feel its beating heart or hear the whisper of its leaves. You receive a +2 insight bonus to knowledge/nature checks regarding any species or type of plant or plant creature.
Tier 2: Blend (Su): When among areas where plants are present, you may call upon your bond for aid and support. When moving among plant life, you receive a +3 circumstance bonus to any stealth checks. The plants may move subtly to obscure your movement, or gently rustle their leaves to obscure the sound of your passing.
Tier 3: Garland Wrappings (Su): As an immediate action when dropping below 0 hit points, you may call upon the earth to protect you. So long as you are near earth or some form of plant, the earth reaches out and wraps you in vines, which flower and bloom. The vines immediately stabilize your wounds, and stop any ongoing bleed effects. Finally, any poison effects are suspended. This benefit lasts for up to 1 hour, or so long as the vines are present, whichever is shorter (they wither away after 1 hour if not removed). You may use this ability once per day.


War has touched you in some way.

Tier 1: The clash of blade speaks more to you than mere combat. You receive a +2 insight bonus to k/military theory skill checks.
Tier 2: Weapon's Tongue (Su): By touching a weapon and focusing for at least a minute, you come to understand the basic history of that weapon. For instance, you might sense roughly how old it is, or gain a clue about its last wielder. Interpretation is up to the DM, though this information does not tend to be overly specific. For example, she might say: Forged in fire, wielded by a great oruch chieftan nearly two hundred years ago. It was lost in battle shortly after his death. There is nothing to roll; you automatically succeed.
Tier 3: The Forge of War (Ex): You possess a sort of rudimentary affinity, perhaps innate magic, with the weapons of war. By invoking a deity such as Kor or Serriel, you may enchant any masterwork weapon with up to a +3 enhancement (not effect) bonus, as though you possessed the requisite feats. At this time, you may also choose to add one of the following to the weapon:
War's Hunger: The war's hunger blessing may applied to a weapon you've enchanted using this ability. Such a weapon hungers for war, and lends an aura of menace to its owner. Such a weapon grants a +2 competence bonus to the wielder's intimidate checks, so long as the weapon is actively worn or wielded. (Market: 400g, Craft: 200g)
War's Mind: The war's mind blessing may be applied to a weapon you've enchanted using this ability. Such a weapon possesses an intuition for war, and passes this on to its owner. Such a weapon grants a +2 competence bonus to the wielder's knowledge/military checks, so long as the weapon is actively worn or wielded. (Market: 400g, Craft: 200g)
These abilities may only be added to weapons enchanted with this Aspect. That they were birthed in War sets them apart, and makes them both rare and desired among followers of such faiths.

Wave-rider Aspect

Maybe you've lived your whole life on the sea. Maybe you've only dreamed of it. Maybe you were found in a basket on the shore as an infant. Whatever the reason, the ocean, seas, and rivers have always called to you. Now it bouys you up as well, and whispers its secrets to you.

Tier 1: The waves support you. You receive a +2 racial bonus to Athletics when in or on the ocean, a river, or similarly large body of water.
Tier 2: The ocean and its kin whisper their secrets to you. You receive a +2 insight bonus to all Knowledge rolls related to the ocean, rivers, and seas.
Tier 3: Ocean's Breath: The ocean guards your breath, but is a jealous guardian. 1x/day, you are able to cast Water Breathing. However, when you share this gift with others, their duration is a half hour less than it should be. This is a spell-like ability.

Character Page Badges

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Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Name of your Aspect
Tier: Your tier within it
Development: What the Aspect says about you, or reflects upon your PC. How has it developed, or how might it?

{{Badge-Title|Aspect PC Badge}}
{{Badge-Entry|Aspect}}Name of your Aspect
{{Badge-Entry|Tier}}Your tier within it
{{Badge-Entry|Development}}What the Aspect says about you, or reflects upon your PC. How has it developed, or how might it?