Forgotten Blood II - Sorrowful Emptiness

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Log Info

  • Title: Forgotten Blood II - Sorrowful Emptiness
  • Place: Am'shere - Abandoned Village
  • Summary: Adventurers have discovered a Charnite plan to create more Forgotten, but they still lack a dangerous amount of information. They are planning to head to a place known as 'Prion Prison' - a site of the first war against the Charnites in Am'shere. However, on the road there, they come across an emptied village... What awaits them there?

It has been a little while now that the team discovered the Charnite at one of the larger Am'shere communities. They've discovered a plot to create more Forgotten Sith-makar through some kind of disease -- but they still are lacking in information on exactly how this is all coming together. They're traveling westwards in order to get to a place called 'Prion Prison', a former lab and prison the Charn used during the first war against the Sith-makar.

It's been a long series of treks westwards towards Prion Prison. Harkashan has remained at one of the previous villages in order to help with some burial rituals. The further they've gone west, the less and less people understand the common tongue.

They've been given the directions to the next village to stay over at. But when they arrive, there aren't the usual flames of life. There are no Hunters, welcoming them. There's just the noise of the jungles, and a few stone-made houses before them.

There's a strange tension in the air.

Carver has her bow slung over a shoulder, already strung. Something about the mood of the jungle, the change of atmosphere from the heady moisture to the danger one can almost taste in the sweat on their upper lips. This village was different from the others. It was unwelcoming, almost unresponsive to their arrival. She will scuttle through her pack, to try to get a torch. "Ah, well.. I can barely see anythin' so, dark as hell innit?"

She pitches her voice low, not a whisper but soft all the same. She holds her torch, not yet unlit. "I guess you lot don't have to worry about that though. Uh, anyone mind if I light a torch or somethin'?"

Simony rolls Perception: 1d20+11: 5+11 = 16

The albino Goblin swelters in her robes and armor, huffing and puffing by the time they reach the village. She leans against a tree stump, happy for a break, popping the cork of her waterskin, and guzzling at the liquid within. It takes her a few moments to realize... "Hey, uhm... shouldn't there be uhm... someone on watch? Torches lit, like at the other villages?" There's hollow sound as she smacks the top back into her waterskin.

Simony peers at Carver. "Dark? What do yo... oh, right. Yes. It's dark now. I don't mind if you light your torch. I am concerned now, of what we may find."

Simony's head tilts to one side slightly, her eyes narrowing? "Anyone else hearing that?", she wonders softly, gesturing to the house nearby on their right. "Sounds... sounds like scratching." She squints in the direction of said house."

Schara is not the happiest to be going on this trip, but it was a necessary evil, unlike the work which may be going on near the volcano they were investigating. The artificer stops when they reach the village, and their head tilts to one side. "It is not that dark out, but I understand that not all races are capable of seeing in conditions of little to no ambient light." They consider for a moment. "It is not a bad idea regardless, as being able to see what is going on in color may reveal things we missed."

Rune rolls Perception: 1d20+18: 5+18 = 23

On a night like tonight, Rune's heckles are raised even more-so than normal. Her anxiety about traveling within Am'shere is kicked up to full blown alertness, knowing that enemies or beasts of significant danger could be lurking in any shadow. Her swords are already out and at her side as they travel. "I don't like this. We should have seen firelight from a fair distance out." Her voice is kept in a hush.

One ear twitches, and then Rune looks towards Simony, offering a nod. "I hear it, too. It's quiet." Then, her eyes flick from the building Simony already pointed out to another, "And something from there, too. Like... mumbling."

"Let's assume the worst and approach with caution." Then, looking over to Carver she adds, "If you need it to see, go for it. I expect we don't want to be fighting in complete darkness if things go bad. And I assume they will be bad."

GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14

Fidget giggles at the realization by Simony (and herself) that some people here can't see very well in the dark. "Oh yeah, light might be handy for some of you." She glances over at Simony, "No~ooo? Don't hear anything." she frowns and looks around. "We thinking trouble?"

The goblin pauses for a moment to decide and then nods to herself and weaves a blue web of energy and throws it over herself in a glowing armour that then fades away.

GAME: Schara casts Shield. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15
GAME: Simony casts Bless. Caster Level: 7 DC: 14
GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
GAME: Carver casts Gravity Bow. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14

Carver wrinkles her nose when everyone reminds her how much better their eyes are, but resolves to not share commentary. Instead, she draws out her torch and lights it. In the same action, she chooses to bless her arrows. A muttered chant in Dran, an evocation of a good hunt and then a press of a fingertip to her bow and drawing the shape of a great stag.

With her enchantment completed, the bow seems to grow heavier once she tosses it onto her back again.

The torch goes up, the tiny spark of warm fire flickering in the dark. "This place is makin' me tits sweat, and it's not jus' the humidity. Uh, what do we do? Start lookin' around?"

Schara rolls Perception: 1d20+11: 8+11 = 19

Schara tilts her head to the other side, and the artificer sighs. "I hear something odd from the right house as well, and it is concerning there is no one hear at this hour of night, from what I am aware, sith-makari do not go and hunt this late while leaving their village empty. We should be on our guards, that sounds like a good idea." They consider. The artificer pulls a small block out of a pouch on her armor, which unfolds out into the palm of the hand, glowing and conjuring what almost seems like a floating pane of glass in front of Schara, before the box shatters and the pieces fall into a pouch Schara opened beforehand.

Rune rolls Perception: 1d20+18: 19+18 = 37

"I think that's our best bet. Be on alert." Rune advises as she starts slipping closer to the building on the right, noting that it was the source of the loudest of the sounds. The rogue presses herself against the wall of the building, one ear against the outer wall.

Then, looking out towards the others, she offers in a hushed voice, "Scratching. Biting. Mumbling in Draconic." What they are mumbling, however, has her blood run cold. There is a shake of her head, "This is bad, I think. They're begging for ... 'more'." Her eyes look over to Simony, and then beyond to the others.

Simony has been slowly edging towards that house, though with a bit more confidence as Rune takes up the lead. She puts her hand against the wall, but pauses at what Rune says, her eyes locking with RUne's as the Half-Sil looks her way. She shivers, backing away.

"They've... already turned?", she whispers hoarsely. "There's few options left now...", the Gobbo says with a noisy swallow.

GAME: Fidget casts Detect Thoughts. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
Forgotten rolls Will: 1d20+5: 3+5 = 8

Fidget walks up to the door as Rune is listening, and leans up to the wooden surface, peering through the thin barrier as she couldn't through the stone walls, after a moment, she takes a step back and says in a quiet-ish tone "Magic, but not controlled magic, a wild magic aura. Stronger than me but not by a lot" she explains, then glances over to see if the other nearby door hides the same aura behind it.

Fidget casts another spell, a glow emanating briefly from her forehead as she tries to sense the thoughts of the people Rune can hear, and after a moment, she gives a little 'eep' of surprise. Whispering to the others, "Whoever's in there, they're very very hungry. Did anyone bring food?"

The other Gobbo lets out a breath. "Yes, Fidget... however, the food they want is us. If what we've heard of the previous Forgotten recipe is correct. That's their 'fall', and how they become Forgotten, the sin of cannibalism."

Schara creeps up with the others, and the artificer watches the others work. "It seems that this place has been recently tested on if they are already forgotten." The artificer notes quietly with a long sigh. "Which also means they are aware of the other villages perhaps. I do not wish to say it, but they may be a threat to the others. Do we press on after here, or return to warn the others?"

A saddened look crosses Rune's face as she shakes her head, "That's what I feared." Still keeping her back pressed against the wall. "If this one is already contained, we should probably leave it be and deal with other, more immediate threats." Then, with a flick of her ear, she looks towards the next nearest building, "And search for survivors."

"Oh..." Fidget says with a little sadness, "Should we try to, like, knock them out then? Can they be helped?" She sounds naively hopeful.

Carver doesn't have anything to add. Maybe because she's had two close encounters with being eaten, there isn't even platitudes about saving the poor bastards from their awful fate. Instead, uncomfortably, she looks back over her shoulder and then steps out of the other's way so they can lead.

Simony shrugs her shoulders. "I am afraid that I have no certain answers. It may be possible to cure if it's a disease, or a curse, or another form of affliction.", she says softly to Fidget. Looking to Rune, the Albino nods. To Schara, she shrugs her shoulders. "Part of me wants to warn others, while the other part of me wants to get ahead of the problem, and get to the next village. We... we need more people, I am afraid to say."

Rune rolls Stealth: 1d20+22: 16+22 = 38
Fidget rolls Stealth: 1d20+10: 6+10 = 16
Forgotten (secretly) rolls Perception: 1d20+1: 1+1 = 2

"We'll double back and warn the other villages, but I think we need to focus on this, first." Rune explains, still keeping her voice low as she moves to follow Fidget, offering them some sort of physical back up were things to go poorly. "Find survivors first, eliminate threats, contain any we can." She suggests.

Of course, Rune doesn't have a /lot/ of first hand experience with the Forgotten. Other than Skielstregar, that is, and he doesn't /really/ count.

Fidget creeps up to the other door, pausing in the middle to wonder aloud if "Can we barricade that door, keep them from getting out? There's no lock.", then slips up to the door as quiet as she can to peer through with her magic. In a poor imitation of Simony's handspeech, she points at the door, holds up a single finger, and does a scary claw gesture, followed by shaking her head. She wonders if anyone will actually understand that, and steps away so she can whisper to clarify if anyone looks confused.

<OOC> Simony says, "Sense motive on Fidget's Goblin Handwhatever? XD"
Simony rolled Sense Motive: 1d20+3: 8+3 = 11
Schara rolled Sense Motive: 1d20+1: 20+1 = 21
Rune rolled Sense Motive: 1d20+8: 15+8 = 23
GAME: Carver rolls sense motive: (12)+3: 15

"I'll stay here, keep watch." Carver offers, the little light bug looking real cute and useful with her giant 'I am here' sign of the torch above her head.

<OOC> Fidget nods and will go peek at the other doors, "More stealth checks?"
Fidget rolls Stealth: 1d20+10: 17+10 = 27
Fidget rolls Stealth: 1d20+10: 1+10 = 11
Rune rolls Stealth: 1d20+10: 7+22 = 27
Rune rolls Stealth: 1d20+10: 18+22 = 40
Survivor rolls Perception: 1d20+0: 5+0 = 5
Forgotten rolls Will: 1d20+5: 5+5 = 10
Forgotten rolls Will: 1d20+5: 5+3 = 8
Survivor rolls Will: 1d20+0: 19+0 = 19

Using the same signalling method, Fidget indicates at the left house, that there are 2 Forgotten. And in the north house, she indicates that there is 1 non-Forgotten. Unfortunately, while stepping away from the last house, she stumbles and trips over a loose rock, letting out a tiny squeak of a curse and a thump.

<OOC> Simony says, "Simony will cast stone shape on the biggest stone in the wall that is part of the door frame, and smoosh that rock so that it blocks the door."
GAME: Simony casts Stone Shape. Caster Level: 7 DC: 16
Simmony rolls Stealth: 1d20+7: 12+7 = 19
Charn Mage rolls Perception: 1d20+1: 11+1 = 12

At seeing the gesturing from Fidget, Simony squints, and then nods. She moves to the recently investigated door, taking care to as quiet as she can. A prayer is uttered as she reaches up to her holy symbol, holding it firmly with one hand while her other hand glows dimly. One of the stones at the base of the doorway is pushed at, and molded like it were clay, made to trap the door in place.

"It's not much, but, we should know if they bash in or out of here."

As Fidget moves to investigate the other houses, Rune follows as body-guard for the Goblin. If nothing else, they shouldn't be left alone when there are possible Forgotten throughout the village. Rune, however, is remarkably more quiet than the normally quite flamboyant Fidget. At times, it may be hard to even catch that the rogue is there at all, sa she flits between shadows.

However, at the sound of the exclamation, Rune winces and tightens her hands on her blades. "Shit..."

Charm Mage casts Magic Missile (x5) against Stone Wall for 1d4+1 (x5) for 5+5+3+2+5 damage.

The moment Simony finishes putting up the Stone wall before the door at the center of the village, there's a sudden shift in the air. A muttering coming from beyond the walls, followed by a sudden cascade of detonations of force against the stone wall...

Right before the stone wall detonates outwards and into the community itself. The loud detonation of stone immediately seems to draw the attention of other creatures. There's strange 'rooo?' sounds around them, right before there's loud draconic hooowls from all around them within the community!

"Okay... so..." Whatever else Simony was going to say is lost in the crack and shattering of stone. The Goblin squeaks, and runs along the side of the house, panting heavily.

"Fidget? You okay...? The door and stone just shattered... I think we've been noticed!" <Goblin-talk>

The howling gets louder. Scratching on the doors to the west. And it isn't long before the door opens, and two Forgotten step out. Their bodies look... bulged. Like their bellies are 'too full'. Newly formed, it seems. Mana drooling from their maws. Long clawed fingers, spikes across their bodies. Clothing torn to pieces. Howling in agony; "Hungry..." "Fooooood." "Pllease..."

<OOC> Schara says, "is moving up there"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Alright. What other actions?"
<OOC> Schara says, "can I see in that house?"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Yep!"
<OOC> Schara says, "death ray the mage"
Scara rolls Death Ray: 1d20+7+1: 5+7+1 = 13

Schara moves to watch the first two buildings as the others investigate the remaining buildings, only for the sudden din of breaking stone and splintering stone to announce that their presence was not unknown. "I'll keep watch over here!" She shouts to the others as she moves up guard the entrance to the house where it was said there was a non forgotten. The artificer stops, and looks to the door, before sending a sudden blast of flame through it, that misses what was on the other side. "In here! Someone from Charn!" She shouts to the others. "Some manner of spellcaster I believe, but I can't be certain!"

Charn Mage casts Blur.

Schara moving closer to the central house, she spots him. The black robes, the tattoos on their face. Clear indications of being a Charnite. Her death ray flashes towards him, but he quickly shifts out of the way and touches himself with a spell. She can see his vision begin to get... strangely blurry, before he ducks deeper into the house.

<OOC> Fidget says, "I think I'll be running over to get closer to you all on my turn, so we can work together and buffs can hit more of us."
<OOC> Fidget says, "Hold action, casting Scorching Ray at the first enemy to come into range before my turn."

Scrambling back to her feet in a rush after the explosion and the call for Simony, Fidget replies in Goblin, "Yep, definitely spotted us! Coming!", she says and hurries over towards the sound of the explosion and the call, but she doesn't see her fellow goblin yet. She starts casting a spell, fire forming around her hands, and waits for one of the Forgotten or the mage she can hear indoors to come close enough to zorch, the flames circling her aiming arm in anticipation.

<OOC> Rune says, "Double move, gonna camp next to the exploded wall/door in hopes of an AOO maybe. Stealth while in concealment."
Rune rolls Stealth: 1d20+22: 8+22 = 30

With Fidget withdrawing, Rune is momentarily caught between following Simony's voice and moving to join the weaker mage. In the end, spying Schara just around the corner of the building, Rune darts in that direction. Ultimately, she can't see the enemy, but she calls out, "We've got two Forgotten coming in from the West. Watch out!"

Then, Rune tucks herself in against the building, drawing close to the wall next to the door. If anyone decides to exit, it would give her a good opportunity to turn this into a very bad night for them.

GAME: Fidget casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
Fidget casts Scorching Ray: 1d20+4: 19+4 = 23 -- Damage: 17 Fire

Carver raced forward, torch held aloft as she does, breath raspy and hoarse. There is danger then there is running toward danger when you can't even see what the danger is. She slides to a stop, looking about, clocking the positions of her allies but not the Forgotten that comes upon her flank and bites right into her shoulder. She already has confirmation: Not Tasty. She really wishes things would stop trying to eat her all the time.

Her gasp comes as she drops the torch by instinct, fumbling for her bow.

Forgotten uses Bite on Carver: 1d20+9: 19+8 = 28 -- Damage: 9 Piercing
Carver rolls Fortitude: 1d20+5: 17+5 = 22
<OOC> Simony nods. "Does Carver look injured? LOL. Simony will channel. She can't move more and attack, so, channel to help Carver out with some heals.
Simony uses Channel Energy: Excludes Charnites: Healing 4d6 (4+6+4+5) for a total of 19.

Simony squints as she can hear things happening, but suddenly everyone else seems to have run off. "I need to get better eyes... is there a spell for seeing through stone and wood, I wonder?", the Goblin comments quietly to herself. With a huff, she runs towards the spot where Carver vanished into.

"GAAAAAH!" She comes to a halt upon seeing snacktime for lizards. Her hand reaches up to her holy symbol once more. "No, bad Sith, no eating Carver!" A pale glow reaches out to touch all of the group nearby, but studiously avoids the Forgotten and the Charnese mage."

Schara activates Titan Armor: +4 Dex.
<OOC> Schara says, "I'll stay where I am and shoot the death ray at the forgotten that's already damaged"
Scara rolls Death Ray: 1d20+7+1: 13+7+1 = 21 -- Damage: 17

Schara falters as the others get close, and the Artificer takes aim at the forgotten that attacks Carver, setting it ablaze for a moment with another shot from their death ray. "In the building here!" She calls out to Rune in particular, gesturing to the door.

Charn Mage casts Fireball: 8d6 (2+5+3+4+4+4+6+3) for 31 damage to Rune, Schara, Carver and Forgotten. DC: 16
Schara rolls Reflex: 1d20+7: 14+7 = 21
Rune rolls Reflex: 1d20+12: 18+12 = 30
Carver rolls Reflex: 1d20+8: 20+8 = 28
Forgotten fails check - takes full damage - dies.

The moment Carver gets near the rest of the party, the door to the south breaks open. A Forgotten rushing out. Scorching rays from Fidget blasting it in the body, but it seems undeterred from continueing forward, biting onto Carver's arm and holding on for a bit, dragging her body, before Carver manages to get it to release by shaking it off!

Schara's Death Ray tears across their body moments later, ripping parts of the Forgotten's body apart...

Only for there to suddenly be this little cute red dot that wisps and 'floats' out of the door from the central building. Schara can see it leaving the mage's hand. Drifting, drifting, until it touches the ground near Carver...

And detonates, erupting in place. Consuming all around it - ripping apart the Forgotten that was laying into Carver - turning it into a crispy corpse upon the ground.

"That's enough. You will not interfere." The Charn Mage declares firmly. "It's time to eliminate you."

GAME: Fidget casts Hideous Laughter. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
Forgotten rolls Will: 1d20+4: 12+4 = 17

Glancing between the different threats a little nervously, Fidget calls out arcane words and thrusts purple magic tendrils towards the nearest one that is kind of coming her way. The tendrils swirl around it, seeping into its nose and ears, but the twisted Makari gives barely a grunt in response and keeps coming at Fidget. So, the goblin backpedals a bit, dodging around a tree for a little cover.

<OOC> Rune says, "Gonna walk into the building, find a mage who is talking all powerful n' shit and stab 'im."
Rune rolls attack: 1d20+13=15+13=28 -- Damage 17
Charn mage rolls 1d100: 93

As the fireball rains down around them, Rune is just tucked close enough to the building that the roof prevents most of the damage from ever reaching her. She does kick at a bit of ash that seems to be smouldering near her boot.

As soon as the mage begins to talk, she rolls her eyes and darts around the corner, spotting the Charneth in the process. In that moment, her irritation is far stronger than her fear, "Oh shut the fuck up. You sound like a villian in one of those Crimson Pen novels, and I'm not in the mood to get fucked, in either variation." She slashes out with one of her blades, the runes along it dripping acid as she slashes towards the Charneth's arm.

<OOC> Carver says, "I'd like to move then take rapid shots at the leading forgotten."
Carver rolls attack: 1d20+9: 14+9 = 23 -- Damage: 12
Carver rolls attack: 1d20+9: 14+9 = 23 -- Damage: 14

Oh, now she's getting cooked and eaten. Carver barely has time to mourn dropping her torch before the fireball is going off, and she has enough stars dancing in her vision to see into the universe. Pain lingers even if the flames do not but she's a tough girl, and she bites through the pain as he dance-steps over the smoldering corpse nearby and releases a flurry of arrows at the approaching Forgotten.

<OOC> Simony says, "OKay, she's going to move, channel and say some stuff in her pose."
Simony uses Channel Energy: Excludes Charnites: Healing 4d6 (3+4+5+3) for a total of 15.

Another prayer is said as Simony continues to move around to the front of the building, the soft light once more touching those around her, dulling pain, and causing wounds to begin closing. Turning to peer into the house, she gasps and yells, "BEHIND YOU, RUNE!", at the top of her lungs.

"We gotta help her!", she calls out to the others, hefting her warhammer up."

Forgotten attacks Rune (Bite): 1d20+9: 13+9 = 22
Forgotten attacks Fidget (Bite): 1d20+11 = 12+11 = 23 -- Damage: 8
Forgotten attacks Fidget (Carver): 1d20+11 = 8+11 = 19 -- Damage: 8
Carver rolls Fortitude: 1d20+5: 6+5 = 11
Fidget rolls Fortitude: 1d20+4: 17+4 = 21
<OOC> Schara says, "Death ray on the forgotten on fidget"
Scara rolls Death Ray: 1d20+7+1: 11+7+1 = 19 -- Damage 14

Schara has nowhere to hide away when the fireball explodes. There is a loud cry of pain from the artificer as the flames scorch their arms and armor, but nothing near as violent as when nearly cooked alive by the druid. It seemed the additional padding and adjustments to heat transfer in the armor were at least making it bearable as she ducks as best as she can to mitigate the worst of it.

She turns her attention to the forgotten attacking Fidget, and sends another bolt of fire towards it, before turning to the door, reaching into a pocket of her armor and locking a dagger into her right hand as she closes the distance. "Get away from her, or I will be forced to stop you!" She warns the large lizard, not expecting much.

Charn Mage casts Magic Missile (x4) at Rune: 1d4+1 (4+5+3+2) = 14 Damage

As Rune gets her knife into the Charnite, he backs up. At the same moment, a Forgotten breaks through the door in the house behind her. Tearing towards her position and trying to bite at her. Just barely missing, before the Charn mage gets a chance to cast Magic Missile at her, plummeting missiles of Force against her body.

Outside, Schara manages to tag the Forgotten that are rushing Fidget and Carver - as they dig their teeth into the two of them. The one fighting Fidget looking real bad at this point. Fidget gets her chance thanks to Schara, sending her own Magic Missiles into the forgotten that was trying to chew on her - taking it down and sending it to the ground. The mana dripping from their maw splattering onto the ground.

Fidget casts Magic Missle (x2) at Forgotten: 1d4+1 (3+3) = 6 Damage

Crying out in pain at the bite, which she blocks with her arm and gets a nasty set of toothmarks near her elbow, seeping vital fluids into her outfit. She pushes the Forgotten away and tears her arm clear, then hops back just out of arm's reach while winding up her magic, pointing a finger at the bloodied maw of the Forgotten, and two beads of white force flash out from her fingertip and catch it straight in the face, sending it tumbling to the ground unconscious. She gives a grin, and turns to face the next nearest of her enemies.

<OOC> Rune says, "5ft step forward, full-round attack, use two-weapon feint to bluff."
Rune rolls Bluff: 1d20+16: 20+16 = 36
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14-2: 7+12 = 19 -- Damage: 25
Rune rolls Attack; 1d20+14-2-5: 15+7 = 22 -- Damage: 12
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14-2-5: 6+7 = 13
Charn Mage rolls 1d100: 47
Charn Mage rolls 1d100: 37

The warning comes just a split second before another Forgotten comes barreling at Rune, causing her to have to duck to one side to avoid being bitten by the turned Makari. "Thanks for the heads-up!" She turns back towards the mage, just in time to be blasted by multiple volleys of magic.

Cursing, her armor showing signs of damage in places, revealing the mithral shirt beneath the layer of leather and padding, Rune narrows her eyes, teeth gritted. "One mage, one Forgotten inside." The more information they have, the better for her allies.

The fact that she is staring down a mage leaves a slight tremble in Rune's hands, but the Rogue continues to press forward, all but ignoring the forgotten behind her and focusing on the larger threat. "You end here." Rune darts forward with one blade, the motion frightening enough to cause a flinch from the mage as they expect the blade to impact one way, but Rune turns and jabs one sword into their side, followed by one that slices up along the leg, the third glancing off a bit of armor.

Carver rolls Attack: 1d20+9: 12+9 = 21 -- Damage: 10 
Carver rolls Attack: 1d20+9: 17+9 = 26 -- Damage: 12
Carver rolls Fortitude: 1d20+5: 2+5 = 7

Carver does not have any mithril shirt, just more furs and leather beneath her armor. She is feeling every minor burn, every lingering wound now, sweat running down her face in lines as they struggle for their lives. Everything is miserable. Even the satisfaction of more of her arrows planting into center of mass of the poor bastards that are taking bites out of her isn't enough.

Her wounds itch, especially the bite, and her stomach roils. Nausea? No, she realizes that she's hungry. Should have eaten a bigger dinner.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Forgotten attacks Schara."
Forgotten attacks Schara: 1d20+9: 13+9 = 22 -- Damage: 8
Forgotten attacks Schara: 1d20+9: 1+9 = 10
Forgotten attacks Schara: 1d20+9: 18+9 = 27 -- Damage: 9
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Schara, Fortitude Roll x1"
Scara rolls Fortitude: 1d20+6: 9+6 = 15
GAME: Simony casts Blessing of Fervor. Caster Level: 7 DC: 17

Simony pauses to glance around the battlefield, worry creeping into her expression. Once more, she invokes her God's name, praying for Him to imbue her companions with the barest mote of his divinity. A moments pause passes, and she exhales, a little smile on face as she feels the answer to her plea. Lifting her warhammer, she pats her palm with it.

Turning to her right, she rushes the Forgotten that threatens Carver and Fidget.


Rune's daggers continue to bite into the Charnite mage. His spell unable to keep her blades from touching him. The Forgotten behind her in the meantime has found a tasty morsel in Schara, biting down on her shoulder while laying its claws into her armor. Its teeth sharp enough to pierce through her armor! Growling. Blue mana drooling down to the inside.

As Simony rushes a Forgotten, it rushes right back at her! It fails to get its jaws on her small body, but a rending claw rips across her chest and pushes her towards the ground, before she can push it off with her weapon!

Forgotten attacks Simony: 1d20+9: 3+9 = 12
Forgotten attacks Simony: 1d20+9: 12+9 = 21 -- Damage: 10
Forgotten attacks Simony: 1d20+9: 6+9 = 15
<OOC> Schara says, "Step back and a death ray on the charn mage"
Scara rolls Death Ray: 1d20+7+1: 5+7+1+2 = 15

Schara drops the dagger she was carrying as Rune goes to stab the mage instead, partially from the lack of need, and partially from being bitten repeatedly by the forgotten in front of her. The artificer takes aim at the mage, attempting to burn them to a crisp, but a sudden bout of dizziness makes Schara stumble again, sending the flames licking across the side of the building instead.

Charn Mage casts Fireball: 8d6 (6+5+1+5+6+3+4+2) for 32 damage against Schara, Carver, Simony, and Forgotten. DC: 16
Schara rolls Reflex: 1d20+7: 20+7 = 27
Carver rolls Reflex: 1d20+8: 2+8 = 10 (Carver is downed)
Simony rolls Reflex: 1d20+5: 18+5 = 23
Forgotten rolls reflex: 1d20+2: 14+2 = 16

The mage stumbles back from Rune. Just barely getting out of the way from Schara's shot. His eyes are calculating. Looking to Rune for a moment. She's clearly the greatest danger here. But there is no way 'out' for him if he doesn't take down those waiting outside.

So, another red mote is released from him, flicked towards the area behind Rune and Schara, out of the house...

Detonating outside, engulfing the area in flame once more. Ripping across the bodies of Schara, Carver, Simony and the Forgotten - taking down Carver!

<OOC> Fidget will move up and do a heal check. She...uh, sucks at this, but will try!
Fidget rolls Heal: 1d20+0: 20+0 = 20

Fidget winces as the fireball explosion stops just short of her and singes the edge of her hat, she covers her face with her wounded arm, wincing at the renewed pain. When the smoke clears, she sees her friends are all badly injured, and Carver is knocked down by the blast. The goblin vacillates between stopping the nearest threat and making sure that Carver is okay. She *barely* leans towards going to help. Those burns look really bad. She runs over and kneels down by the injured woman, putting pressure on the worst of the wounds to stop bleeding, and using her other hand to pat out the remaining flames. It helps a little, but it's no healing spell.

<OOC> Rune says, "I will take the extra attack from BoF. Same as last turn. Skip first attack to bluff/feint. Then 4 attacks."
Rune rolls Bluff: 1d20+16: 20+16 = 36
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14-2: 10+12 = 22 -- Damage: 20
Rune rolls Attack; 1d20+14-2-5: 13+7 = 20 -- Damage: 7
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14-2-5: 3+7 = 10
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14: 11+14 = 25 -- Damage: 3
Charn Mage rolls 1d100: 87
Charn Mage rolls 1d100: 92
Charn Mage rolls 1d100: 17 (Auto-miss due to Blur)
Charn Mage rolls 1d100: 79

The sound of a fireball exploding again behind her leaves Rune wincing, her anger rising as she narrows her eyes at the mage. "That was not a smart idea." The rogue spins her weapons, one in each hand, as she feels the power of Simony's magic bolstering her speed in battle. "You see, I'm very protective of my friends. And you just can't stop hurting them."

Threateningly, Rune runs the blades against one another so that there is a flash of sparks and a splash of acid that lands near the Charn Mage's feet. Then, with a cry of rage, she charges forward, stabbing one blade into the wall next to the mage's head in order to distract him before following up with a series of slashes that cut across his form in short order, sending the mage's form tumbling to the ground, sliding down along the wall with a smear of blood to land in a heap.

Carver was raising her bow, just as another fireball is dropped on her. This time, there is no gritting of teeth. No squeal of pain, or a string of expletives. It's simply the loud bang and then the vacuum of sound being blown away by hot air, and the young girl laying face down with her furs smoldering cherry-red until Fidget pats them out.

It seems unlikely she rises again anytime soon.

<OOC> Simony says, "OKaaaaaaay. Channeling time, and a 5' stumble away from crispy hot lizard."
Simony uses Channel Energy: Excludes Charnites: Healing 4d6 (1+2+2+6) for a total of 11.

The scream from Simony is high-pitched, and lengthy, as the fireball explodes nearby, roiling flames causing her to vanish from sight for a moment. She staggers a few steps away, her breathing pained and laborious. Some of the charred skin along her arm cracks and falls away as she slowly reaches up for her holy symbol. The hour glass of Navos is already glowing as she clasps it, her voice faltering through a prayer, forcing it out between blistered lips.

Her form may falter, but as the glow once more reaches out to sooth pain and mend wounds, it is obvious that her faith remains solid, come what may.

Forgotten attacks Schara: 1d20+9: 4+9 = 13
Forgotten attacks Schara: 1d20+9: 2+9 = 11
Forgotten attacks Schara: 1d20+9: 1+9 = 10
Forgotten attacks Simony: 1d20+9: 11+9 = 20 -- Damage: 8
Forgotten attacks Simony: 1d20+9: 13+9 = 22 -- Damage: 11
Forgotten attacks Simony: 1d20+9: 14+9 = 23 -- Damage: 11
Schara rolls Fortitude: 1d20+6: 11+6 = 17
Simony rolls Fortitude: 1d20+6: 15+6 = 21

The mage grimaces as Rune gets her blades into him, cutting into his chest. He grips at her should, staring into her eyes. Blood sputtering from his mouth. "You are too late..." The man looks at her. "He-uhgh-he..." Before he releases and falls to the ground.

All while behind Rune, the Forgotten are still active. The one in the room with her going after Schara, but the elf is being able to hold him off. But there's a scream from further outside where one of the Forgotten gets its bite on Simony, digs in, and begins to TEAR into her. Clawing at her small goblin body and shaking her around like a chew-toy, until it slams her to the ground and there's a viscous 'CRACK'.

<OOC> Fidget says, "Fidget uses Arcane Bond to bring back Scorching Ray, and burninates the derg next to Simony."
Fidget casts Scorching Ray: 1d20+4: 12+4+2 = 18 -- Damage: 17

More injuries. More friends fall. Fidget's normal glee is definitely more in the concern range now, is Simony okay? Simony's the one who's kept everyone else safe so far. And there's a Forgotten towering over her.

Drawing on her arcane power, Fidget touches the ring on one hand with the other and pulls magic from it, raw magical power being specialized into her fire magic. She holds it in her hand for a moment, then stretches out her arm and bathes the corrupted Makari in fire, setting it ablaze for a few seconds as the fire empties from Fidget, then she runs up and pushes the unconscious derg over to get close to Simony and make sure to keep her from further attacks until someone can heal her.

<OOC> Schara says, "alright, I'm going to eat an AOO to get up to Simony"
Forgotten AoO against Schara: 1d20+9: 19+9 = 28 -- Damage: 11
GAME: Schara casts Cure Light Wounds. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15
Schara rolls 1d6+5: 4+5 = 9 

Schara looks in to see the mage go down, and the artificer coughs loudly into her mask. "He is already what? What is in place?" They wonder aloud, growing more panicked as the barely manage to ward away the forgotten still in front of her. She looks back and starts ducking backwards, earning another bite for her troubles and another cry of pain, but she is able to tear free and reach the others. The artificer kneels down, and hesitates for a moment, looking at Simony, holding out one hand towards their wounds, that would be so easy to tear further and break the flesh free, and sate the pang of hunger she was feeling.

She shakes her head violently, and drags her arm back, instead fishing around for a brass cylinder in one of the pouches, which she holds to Simony, pricking the goblin with a needle that starts to glow a soft green, before retracting back into the cylinder just as quickly and ceasing it's light.

<OOC> Rune says, "Take the +2/+2, move up to Forgotten. Do a stab. One, single, sad stab."
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14+2: 10+14+2 = 26 -- Damage: 6

With the mage falling to the ground with another of those disturbed laughs, Rune glares down at them. "Are all these fucking Charnites insane? Maniacs, the lot of them." Who the hell dies laughing like a mad man. Creepy assholes, that's who.

Turning, Rune just barely is able to see the downed forms of her allies with the bulky form of one of the Forgotten in the way. "Hey, tall dark and gruesome!" She calls out to the ex-Makari. "I think you need a new dance partner."

Then, she charges up, jabbing one of her daggers into the Forgotten's back, making sure that a bit of pain draws their attention towards her and away from her friends.

<OOC> Simony says, "She is going to stand. And channel again. Pls dice gods, max roll. For the party."
Simony uses Channel Energy: Excludes Charnites: Healing 4d6 (5+6+4+1) for a total of 16.

The Goblin looked almost peaceful, even taking into account the burnt skin and the claw wounds that looked like a sausage after being overcooked and bursting. Schara's healing spell works, bringing Simony back from the brink.

She wakes up screaming as with consciousness comes the near overload of nerves reporting bad things have happened, all at once.

The scream stops in short order, and on very shaky legs, Simony drags herself into a standing position. With a laboured breath once more, a shaking hand reaches up to clasp at the hour glass symbol yet again. The Gobbo manages a smile then. "Navos, I realize it has been some time since I last prayed to you..." A pained giggle escapes her lips before she straightens, imploring Navos to once more pull her companions from the literal fire.

Forgotten attacks Rune: 1d20+9: 18+9 = 27 -- Damage: 7
Forgotten attacks Rune: 1d20+9: 16+9 = 25
Forgotten attacks Rune: 1d20+9: 19+9 = 28 -- Damage: 11

As the dagger stabs into the Forgotten, it slowly turns around, staring at Rune. Grimacing at her with its viscous gaze, it is quick to swipe at her. Rising above her, staring down at her with it's massive maw...

And then suddenly snaps forward, almost like an alligator. Behind it, Fidget tears down one of the Forgotten. Only this one remains. And this one intends to put up one heck of a fight. Biting onto her shoulder and gripping its claws into her arms, ripping into her flesh! Blue glowing mana drooling down her shoulders!

Fidget rolls Knowledge (Local): 1d20+8: 13+8=21
Fidget casts Dazing Touch: GAME: Fidget rolls melee: (19)+3: 22

Fidget gives Simony a pat on the arm, glad to see her up again, and then she dashes over to the last Forgotten fighting Rune, and knowing from her recent experience that their minds are weak, she reaches out and touches it on the arm, sending a magical shock up its arm that clouds the mind. "Time for you to go back to being forgotten, Forgotten." Fidget says to it as the Makari tries to gather its thoughts once again.

<OOC> Schara says, "Charging the last forgotten with titan grips"
Schara rolls Attack: 1d20+11:15+11 = 26
Schara rolls 1d6+1: 5+1 = 6

The artificer gives a sigh of relief when the cleric gets to her feet, and Schara turns her attention instead to the remaining forgotten. A large pair of clamps on her wooden right arm, crudely welded to a band around the limb springs out, as she charges forward, thrusting the device out and cutting hard into the maw of the forgotten. "Kill it now, please, while I am still thinking in a normal way, please!" The artificer begs of Rune, while struggling to keep the forgotten's attention for a moment longer.

<OOC> Rune says, "Yep, taking the extra attack, full round cast of 'Will it blend'."
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14+2: 13+16 = 29 -- Damage: 19
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14+2-2: 14+14 = 26 -- Damage: 19
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14+2-2-5: 5+9 = 14
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14+2-2: 18+14 = 32 -- Damage: 18
Rune rolls Attack: 1d20+14+2-2-5: 17+9 = 26 -- Damage: 13

As the Forgotten turns towards her, Rune is eclipsed briefly in the creature's shadow before it starts to rip into her. The Forgotten's jaws clamp down onto her shoulder and the rogue barely contains a cry of pain.

As Schara races back, there is a look of confusion, even as the bite leaves Rune feeling 'off' though the exact feeling is not quite explainable. "I'm on it." She has no idea why Schara is concerned about thinking clearly, but the magically enhanced blades of the rogue start to tear into the creature, who is clearly distracted by having enemies on both sides.

Eventually, blood spills free onto the ground and another form joins those lying still. "That... was distinctly unpleasant." Rune shakes off her blades and looks towards the others, feeling yet another wave of healing energy pass over her. "We should still search the village for any signs of survivors. I'm going to search this asshole's pockets and see if he left any surprises like his friend."

Simony uses Channel Energy: Excludes Charnites: Healing 4d6 (6+4+3+4) for a total of 17.
Simony rolls Heal: 1d20+10: 12+10 = 22

Now the battle is clear, and things are quieting down, Fidget goes around and gives hugs to each of the people who got badly hurt - Simony, Carver, and Schara. She instead gives a nod of approval to Rune, who despite being in the thick of things, is covered only in blood that isn't her own. Then a thought occurs to Fidget "Wait, this is the only non-Forgotten we fought. There was another person with an uncorrupted mind up in the north building. We should go see if they need rescuing or stabbing." and she hurries off that way to investigate just in case the person is going to escape.

Fidget rolls Perception: 1d20+5: 6+5 = 11
Rune rolls Perception: 1d20+18: 10+18 = 28
GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14
Fidget rolls Perception: 1d20+5: 10+5 = 15
Fidget rolls Appraise: 1d20+10: 19+10 = 29

"If any of you are feeling poorly, tell me now. And if it happens in the very near future, inform me immediately. We've all been clawed or bitten, it's possible we may have contracted the ... disease? infection? .. that the Forgotten have.", the Albino says, limping towards the house with the Charn mage inside. She huffs then.

"Fidget!! Don't go running off on your..." Simony smacks her forehead with a sigh.

"I often wonder how we all get home, in the end.", she mutters quietly. "Everything alright in there, Rune?", she wonders. "And uh... we should probably burn the bodies. I would prefer to give them whatever rites and rituals the Sith use, but, I think they may forgive us this in light of what the disease is capable of."

Schara drops the grip on the last forgotten, and the artificer dry heaves as the armor she was wearing ceased it's whirring for the time being. "Carver, Simony, you are both alright? And everyone else?" They ask shakily, before turning back to the building. "If you are checking the body, I will stay nearby Rune, in case this one has any traps on it as well." She adds, stepping inside and taking a look at the room where the forgotten came from.

Carver is sitting down against an abandoned hut, head down between her knees. It's clear that she is trying to recover from the trials of this fight, and whatever strange feeling lingers in her gut. Her quiver of arrows is by her feet, forgotten.

She's stable enough to respond to the inquiry, "I'm fine. Jus'... me arse is crisped and my head rattled. Gimme a moment, iffin ya please."

Taking the time to go through pockest, checking boots and other places for hidden items, Rune manages to take out a few things that look to be travel rations. Some of which is food. Which she promptly starts to munch on idlely on it while she continues her search. "Wouldn't say feeling poorly, but there's something weird." She reaches up and rubs at her bitten shoulder.

"We might want to double-back to the last village, warn them, and maybe have Harkashan and Geir check all of us out. Not that I don't trust your abilities, but I think we're all a little wiped out and carrying on forward today seems like a bad idea." In the end, after pilfering the dead mage's travel rations, Rune manages to find a couple minor magical items which she takes off of him.

When she stands up, still crunching on a bit of jerky, Rune asks, "Where's Fidget?"

GAME: Fidget casts Charm Person. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
Survivor rolls Will: 1d20+0: 7+0 = 7

Fidget hurries over to the room, and opens the door in a rush, having completely missed Simony's suggestion. She pauses, seeing the room empty and devoid of any people. Perhaps the person was an enemy who had escaped? She'd need to ask Rune to check for tracks.

The room contains barrels, and not much else, so with curiosity, Fidget cracks open one to peek inside and see what these people are hoarding - components for their vile magic? She isn't prepared for when she finds...

A Sith-Makari in miniature, maybe only a few months old, scared and alone in the barrel. Fidget double-takes out of shock, "Oh no, you poor thing, we need to get you out of there." she says, but the child doesn't understand at this age, and they're scared of her given the situation.

She talks to the child soothingly, cheerfully as is her nature, but to enhance the effect, she mixes magic in with her words, and Charms the young Makari to gain their trust and make sure they'll feel safer around her as the group tries to rescue them.

The fear in the child's eyes slightly subsides as Fidget is cemented as a friend, and she gently tips the barrel over so she can reach with her short arms and pick up the child.