A Comely Seeming

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Log Info

  • Title: A Comely Seeming
  • GM: Subduction
  • Place: A small village outside Alexandria
  • Summary: A number of young women have gone missing in recent months from the rural communities surrounding Alexandria. Local militias and the watch have done their best to find the missing girls they have had no luck- until now. One of them has turned back up, emaciated and bewildered but seemingly in good health save one thing- she has no memory of where she has been the last few moons. Suspicious of this serendipity, adventurers have been dispatched to perform their own investigation and to see if they can find out where the girl has been, and what happened to the others.

It's a few hours travel by foot outside of Alexandria to the community where our mystery survivor of these disappearances has showed back up, the roads are well travelled and patrolled and the journey is uneventful- the weather is favourable for travel, a touch windy but not excessively so, and the sky is clear safe for wispy clouds drifting by. The morning is cool, though soon begins to warm, and the party arrive to full sunshine at mid morning in a small village- an inn, a farrier, and a couple of small houses- sprung up at a fork in the road. Farms occupy most of the nearby land, with the occasional copse of trees or stretch of fallow grassland. Further to the northeast, along the narrower of the two paths breaking from this one, the cultivated land begins to give way to wilder forest. While to the better travelled northwest, more farmland stretches for several more miles.

The small settlement takes its name from the Inn and roadhouse which it was founded around, the Gander's Gamble, and is known to the locals simply as Gamble. Not that there are many locals- aside from market days, it's only the Innkeep, Farrier and their families that call this little blotch of civilization their home. It is the step-daughter of the Farrier that has turned up, according to the brief posted in the guild, a woman barely twenty summers old by the name of Ayesha. The Farriers son, her husband, died of a wasting sickness winter last- shortly before she disappeared.

<OOC> Subduction says, "So, this is a DC-On event, which means that character death is a possibility. I know most of you are working, so in order to keep things moving I'd appreciate it if you'd let us know if you have to AFK, particularly during combat. If your turn comes up in combat and you're not around to state your intent/actions, I'll give it five minutes and then consider you to be holding action until you return. Aiming to run for 4-5 hours."

Arriving on Swiftclaw-back, Harkashan gets off of the creature after tying it to one of the trees near the small community. He takes a moment to look around. It feels strange to him, these kinds of communities. So small, yet so 'spread out' compared to what one might expect of a small sith-makar community.

Still, he has come to understand that regardless, everyone here will know eachothers' names.

The lava-scaled Sith-makar looks to the others as they arrive with him, before hearing to the meeting place - looking to check up on the Farrier's step-daughter. Moving up to the Farrier's home with the intent of knocking on the door.

With the weather no longer as stifflingly hot, travel is enjoyable enough that Rune seems to have a relaxed expression, at least until they arrive. Dismounting her bay horse, she takes a moment to tie him to the hitchpost and then waiting for the others before she begins to approach. The rogue is fully kitted out, weapons and armor, expecting that this will not likely be a simple matter. It rarely is.

"Since we have at least one survivor, that means whatever or whomever is taking them has someplace to hold them, and resources enough to keep them alive." Rune explains, even as she follows the cleric, "And ways to lure them from their homes. Which means we likely need to watch for mind magic." She sighs slightly to herself.

"Always fun..." Rune likely means the opposite. She doesn't exactly care for mind-control.

Having heard on the grapevine of this development, and thinking perhaps she could help a bit, maybe jog the lost woman's memory with her magic, Fidget had volunteered to come along and see what she could do. Well, more 'insisted'. It didn't seem dangerous, so there's no reason not to join in anyways. She'd spent a little time in these kinds villages in the past, maybe 'borrowing' an apple or two when noone was looking if she was out exploring.

She'd been travelling by mule, so the journey had been less than comfortable, but she'd arrived a little early, and was waiting for the others, sharing an non-borrowed apple with her bumpy-backed companion.

"You should really buy a tin hat, Rune. It won't help but it'll make you feel better." Fidget suggests, "And maybe come by my shop for an upgrade to your cloak, which will help, but it'll be an expensive and long process." she adds, always eager to find an opportunity for some *commerce*.

The draconian known as the runty, ruddy sith-makar, held his glaive relaxed over his shoulder. The blade continued to gleam with its inner fire, like the red heat within hot coals. Just like Aelwyn, who had his own suspicions of what was going on, but who knows? He adjusts the straps over his chain shirt and makes the javelins jutting out their leather box are secure.

"One sounds nearly disappointed, Twin. Should we not cherish that there are no bones to find?" The Dragoon rumbles and gives Rune's ankles a light tap from his tail. "Cheer, for we are here, and surely these blades can carve a difference." He flashes his sharp teeth over.

The draconian lazily walks after Harkashan, still looking at the others over his shoulder. "Let us make it a good difference."

The Farrier answers the door at the knocking, ah human man of perhaps fifty years, carrying a little extra weight around the middle but with broad shoulders and a barrel chest that suggest strength. He sports a moustache which joins with his sideburns and works its way up to thinning, curly red hair atop his head. He takes one look at the assembled group, and says, "You'll be from the guild, then?" his voice gruff with tobacco and drink, but welcoming enough. "Well, come on in then." he adds a moment later and takes a step back to allow them in through the front door- usually reserved for clerics and undertakers- and through the cramped entryway, to the kitchen and the stairs. "Ayesha, we've guests." he calls up to the stairs, and then turns back to the group.

"Poor thing's barely been eating, and holed herself up in her room, since she returned." He explains to the group. "She doesn't remember a thing since she went missing, but something terrible must be racking her. She wails and cries on the night, an' I think she's been scratching at herself." he says, and mimes scraping his own arm with his fingernails. "Found blood on her clothes the other night. I'm at my wits end, If I'm honest. She might not be blood, but I want to do right by the girl, especially since my Todd passed. She's not got anyone else." he adds, his gruff voice softening with pain. "You'll be wanting to see her?" he asks.

"We can help find out what happened, and that should help a little, maybe break through some of her repressed memories and let her acknowledge them. But I doubt we'll be able to 'fix' her mind. That'll be something you have to do, with time and care." Fidget says, trying to be diplomatic for once, even this goblin can read a room written this large. "But to find out what we can do, yeah, we'll need to see her." It's probably an odd speech coming from the shortest and most unusually dressed member of the troop.

With a smirk in the direction of the colorful Goblin, Rune nods her head, "Always out to make a sale, huh?" She gives a chuff of sound, "You're not wrong, though."

And then the touch to her ankle has her turning towards Aelwyn, her hair sweeping across her brow. It's still white, unusually, as if she hasn't had the time to dye it again. "Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm happy enough that we have a survivor, and a potential lead." As for if she would be able to 'carve' out a difference, the half-sil just lifts one shoulder in a half shrug.

As the farrier answers the door, Rune quiets her commentary and gives a nod of her head. Following inside, the rogue doesn't add her thoughts, though there is a speculative look that suggests something familiar about these odd circumstances. "So, she has injuries on her arms?"

Looking to the others, gaze settling on Fidget, Rune nods. "I think talking to her is our first step. But if you happen to have the clothes she was found in, or any details on where she was found, that might help."

Aelwyn thumbs up Fidget. "Always make a sale," He rumbles with a flick of his tongue - but he too falls quiet when things get more sombre. There wasn't much the draconian could offer as far as investigation goes - he was there just for the muscle, really, all unnecessarily exposed bits of it - but he does bow his head. "She must be grateful for having such guardian." He tells Todd.

The glaive is lowered and he leans it against himself.

The man nods over towards Rune at her question, "She came wandering out of the woods on her own too feet, right back into town. A couple of hours before dawn a few nights past." he tells her then. The question has him frown for a moment, puzzlement on his face. He hesitates for a short while before answering, "I don't remember." he admits, finally. "Funny that, I could have sworn..." he trails off, confused by his own lapse in memory.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "I'd like to use Sense Motive's ability to check for unnatural influence on him."
GAME: Harkashan rolls Sense Motive: (11)+19: 30

Harkashan lets the others speak, touching his hands behind his back and calming his tail's motion. There's a slight tilt of his head, almost serpentine in nature as the man trails off his voice.

He then reaches out. Laying a hand on the Farrier's shoulder. "Your memory has been altered. I can see it in your eyes. It's possible it's not your daughter who came home. Or it could be something else." He rumbles.

"Please, will you welcome us in to investigate this? I do not mean to alert you, but I want to make sure you are safe."

GAME: Harkashan rolls Diplomacy: (16)+16: 16

"So... it isn't just the girl who is having memory issues, but possibly the whole village." She looks towards Harkashan, who tends to be the one most familiar with the sort of vile creatures that could have these kind of effects. "Something with that wide an impact is probably pretty powerful."

She lets out a sigh, "One more question from me, and we'll talk to Ayesha." Rune looks thoughtful, "How long ago did the others go missing?"

And then, Harkashan drops a very real bombshell that has her staring briefly. "Craaap. This is why I hate anything to do with mind powers." With a sigh, she flexes her fingers, ready to reach for her weapons. The only thing that holds her back is the man's presence, for now.

The man looks to Harkashan, panic clear on his features at that revelation. He makes reflexive sign against evil. "How can that be?" he asks then. "I don't- I can't remember encountering anything unusual." he says then, and realization colors the panic that if he really having his memories changed, he wouldn't remember. His face pales at the thought, and when he answers the next question from Rune, it is with a stammer. "I-I don't know. It happens sometimes, in these less civilized parts. I suppose a few have gone missing in the last... six moons or so. Ayesha was the first that I know of." he explains.

He looks, stricken, between the adventurers. "Please, don't hurt her. She's the only family I have left." he pleads. "After my boy went. I-I'm sure she's just caught up in something, it must be her." he says to Harkashan, as though asking the Sith-makar to make it true.

Harkashan lowers his head as the man starts to panic. His hand still on his shoulder. "Look, we'll investigate this. There's a lot of things that could be going on. Some point to your daughter, some point to some other things. Beings that walk with another person's face, that kind of thing. But it's good to be hopeful for now." He rumbles to the man. "Please, remain strong." He then offers, before motioning.

"Please, bring us to Ayesha so we can check with her."

Aelwyn's grip on his weapon changes when the others start to get more restless. "Tch, a mirage?" The draconian rumbles, looking around himself. "Perhaps some of us should stay with him and calm him down?" He suggests, moving to lightly lay his hand on him. There's also another look on his face, as he gives a slight nudge towards his blade. To also keep an eye on him; perhaps. "This one has something to calm one's nerves with?" He then offers to the man.

<OOC> Fidget tries to persuade him to allow her to help him recover his memory, to remember more clearly.
GAME: Fidget rolls diplomacy: (2)+6: 8
GAME: Fidget casts Share Memory. Caster Level: 5 DC: 17
GAME: Subduction rolls 4: (11)+4: 15
<OOC> Subduction says, "His mind reflexively fights the spell, but it succeeds regardless. You said you wanted to share the memory of Ayesha returning."
<OOC> Subduction will pose it, only Fidget can see this.

"Oh, well, that might make things complicated." The purple goblin says in response to this new information, "Would you be willing to let me try to recover your memories?" when the man doesn't say anything, she reaches up and...gestures for him to lean down so she can touch his forehead. When he doesn't, she grabs him by the hand and pushes her magic through his resistance, it's for his own good after all. After some muttered words, she instructs him, "Bring us back to when Ayesha came home, what did you see?" and the two of them slip into the memory.

The fact that the creature who inhabits this house along side him may not be his family at all, but something else, is enough reason for Rune not to make any propmises. Instead, she reassurances to Harkashan. The cleric, in his shining armor, is one who tends to give people that confidence. While Rune, with her her array of weaponry, tended to simply look like a threat.

Of course, then we also have Goblins manhandling the poor guy and Rune has to step back, folding her arms across her chest, "I hope we get something useful out of this, because most people don't exactly care to have their heads messed with." Especially when it seems that he has already had someone messing around in his mind.

There is a flick of her eyes towards the two Makari, her expression wary of the situation.

Fidget meets resistance when she slips into the Farrier's mind- his emotions are a turbulent swell of panic, and knowing his memory has been altered, his mind bucks against the intrusion, instinct driving out reason. But his mind isn't able to fight against Fidget's magic for mind and she finds herself making her way down the stairs, knees aching, in a nightshirt and carrying a candle. There's a knocking on the door, her heart is pounding- dread, but a glimmer of hope there too. She is expecting it to be a neighbor bearing terrible news. She opens the door, and there is a jolt of something primal. Fear? No, terror- abject, heart stopping terror. For just a moment, for a single heart beat. And then joy, relief. Ayesha is standing there, so thin, so so thin. And she falls into his arms, and he carries her up to her room, settles her into her bed. There's a smell, a nagging smell, what is it? It's familiar? It makes the hairs on his arms stand on end. Iron. But why? And her clothes, they were wet. What did he do with them? Burned them. But why? They were ruined, certainly, but why did he burn them that very night?

The memory fades into confusion, and the man recoils away, crashing against the countertop in his kitchen and sending a precarious stack of pots clattering to the ground. "Out!" he bellows, suddenly, "Get OUT!" his pale face gaining color as it's flushed with anger at the invasion.

"You really need to get out of the habit of casting spells on people without their consent, Fidget." Harkashan rumbles down at the small Goblin as she touches against the man and forcefully withdraws that memory.

Especially as that man recoils, and he steps back, withdrawing. This entire interaction could have gone so much better. And now they're immediately in a worse situation.

He can't see what Fidget has seen, but he shakes his head a bit, looking out to the rest of the town. Checking if this scene is drawing further attention.

GAME: Fidget casts Deep Slumber. Caster Level: 5 DC: 18
GAME: Subduction rolls 4: (13)+4: 17

"Yep, I should. And I'll be sure to start doing that right ... after someone catches him." Fidget says, casting another spell without the poor man's consent, and gives him a firm command to sleep, sending a wave of tiredness to overwhelm his already battered mind. "It's for his own good." she says with a bit of a frown, and slight uncertainty in the face of the rebukes.

Aelwyn moves to step in between Fidget and the man, blocking the goblin from view. "Calm down." The Dragoon flatly states as he holds his arm around his glaive, the other moving to keep the man still. He wasn't paying much attention to what the others were doing. "This situation will be resolved with or without one's help. And this one feels it is better with one's help."

As Harkashan heads outside, he'll spy the Innkeep- watching across the way from by the front stoop of his Inn, and is making his way over. He pauses when he spots the Sith-Makar, "I heard a commotion." he says then- a hint of guilt to his features hinting that he might have been eavesdropping to begin with.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the Farrier sags and then slowly crumples, sliding against the counter unconscious under the effects of Fidget's magic.

While Rune may not agree with the Goblin's methods, it is clear that something has transgressed between the two and that is enough to have her raising an eyebrow. With the clatter of pots, Rune bends down and starts to gather them together, setting them to the side before she looks towards Harkashan, then back at the farrier.

"Listen, I don't agree with the Goblin's methods, but her heart is in the right plae. She's trying to help you." While Harkashan may be quick to retreat, Rune is a bit more stubborn on the matter. "Unfortunately, we can't do that. We weren't hired by you. The guild sent us here to investigate, and..."

And there goes the Goblin casting magic again.


"That is problematic." Then, to the Goblin, she states, "Tell me you figured something out from all those spells? Otherwise, I'm not going to appreciate the paperwork with the Guild to explain why we knocked out one of the potential victims."

Fidget sighs with relief as the man slumps to the floor relatively gently. "Whatever's upstairs horrified him on sight until some kind of enchantment overrode that emotion. He smelled iron. And he burned the clothes immediately after he put her to bed, he felt he had to, but doesn't know why." the goblin lists off, "The whole thing was disjointed, modified as we thought. The time passing could have been altered, too. And whatever is upstairs probably heard something. He'll be fine...mostly. No damage done except whatever he remembers when the alterations fade away."

Aelwyn was about to do some more glaring - before the man just faints. Or sleeps. Or - he pulls up a hand over his snout, rubbing at the edges of his eyes. "At least it is not fire, this one supposes." He rumbles quietly by himself, then takes in a deep breath, before listening to Fidget.

"Hmmh. Then it sounds certain." The Dragoon rumbles, tilting his head. "Tch, whyfor are the stories here always so grim?"

<OOC> Fidget says, "Would I be able to roll to see what iron smell and burning of clothes might signify?"
<OOC> Fidget says, "And the 'so, so thin'."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Not much to go on, but give me a knowledge/nature check"
GAME: Fidget rolls knowledge/nature: (16)+9: 25

For the time being, the commotion in the kitchen hasn't roused Ayesha- or at least, if it has, she hasn't made her presence known. It remains all quiet upstairs. The Innkeep outside moves closer, exchanging a few idle words with Harkashan, and clearly using the opportunity to be nosy about his neighbor's business, given he seems more interested in what's going on behind Harkashan than the Sith himself.

Ducking her head out of the building, Rune offers out to the inn-keeper. "I'd recommend making your way back to your home, my friend. There's a very real possibility of a monster or monstrous creature running around." Rune advises as she looks to Harkashan.

"Come on, big-guy we need to get going." Then, to Aelwyn and Fidget. "Looks like we need to find the girl, or whatever she is. If anyone has a way to steel their mind, you might want to do that now, too." And then, she adds, "Alas, I don't have time for the tin hat, so we'll just have to wing it."

Aelwyn makes sure the man didn't just... die on them - paperwork, he hates gnawing papers - before he straightens and nods his head towards Rune. "Tch, there's four of us - how many minds can one creature swallow?" He flashes his teeth. That is to say, he has no way of steeling himself against any mind trickery.

Just look at him at the late hours in TarRaCe.

"Shall Twin move first and the rest of us secure the exits?"

GAME: Harkashan rolls Knowledge/Religion: (20)+13: 33
GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 5 DC: 16
GAME: Fidget casts Shield. Caster Level: 5 DC: 16

Starting at the sudden appearance of Rune, the Innkeep eyes her for a moment. "What manner of monster?" he asks, surprisingly calm. But then, living a decent way outside of the city walls, an occasional monster encounter is to be expected. "It better not be bloody ankhegs again." he grumbles.

Harkashan rubs his face, hearing the talk back in the kitchen as he begins to walk out. Similarly to Aelwyn, in many a ways. He then huffs and shakes his head, looking to Rune as she remarks to head back in and see to preparing their minds with magic.

"Alright." Muttering for a moment, tilting his head. "Vampire?" He wonders out loud for a moment, a minor glow showing on his scales. Then, a shake of his head as he begins to cast spells on Rune and himself and others. "No... from what I understand, she's been eating." Looking at the kitchen itself. "And she's been seen during the day. We better be careful. I don't know what we are going up against."

"Yeah, not sure what that all means except trouble. I've heard of hags like that, but... there's not much to go on. I'll let you know if I figure out more when we see what she/it is. Fingers crossed it's something that's not his daughter if we have to kill it." the goblin says, interspersing her explanation with quickly chanted arcane words to wrap layers of magical protection around herself. "Let's go?" she says, nodding in the direction Ayesha might be.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Self:"
GAME: Harkashan casts Protection From Evil. Caster Level: 9 DC: 16
GAME: Harkashan casts Magic Vestment. Caster Level: 9 DC: 18
GAME: Harkashan casts Owl's Wisdom. Caster Level: 9 DC: 17
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Rune:"
GAME: Harkashan casts Protection From Evil. Caster Level: 9 DC: 16
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Aelwyn:"
GAME: Harkashan casts Bull's Strength. Caster Level: 9 DC: 17
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Aelwyn & Fidget:"
GAME: Harkashan casts Shield of Faith. Caster Level: 9 DC: 16
GAME: Harkashan casts Shield of Faith. Caster Level: 9 DC: 16
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Team:"
GAME: Harkashan casts Bless. Caster Level: 9 DC: 16

With their preparations made, the party brave the narrow and slightly askew staircase up to the second story of the Farrier's modest home. While the ground floor is daub and wattle, the upstairs is a later addition made of wood with a thatched roof. There are only two rooms up here, and both doors are closed. The floorboards are creaky with age, but the place is clean and clearly well cared for. At the furthest door, there is a faint sound. A quiet, soft sound, like stifled sobs.

With all the blessings of the moment, the prayers of the kind, and the muttered curses are uttered, Aelwyn picks up his glaive and starts to head first up the stairs; slowly, his clawed toes click along the stairs. He takes his time to measure his steps, before he moves to stand near the door, waiting for the others to take their positions.

'Keep an eye out on the door', the ruddy sith-makar gestures, before he then opens the door leading into the furthest room and slides in.

Sitting on a chair facing the wall is a slender figure, back turned to the door. Her shoulders shake softly, those sobbing sounds continue- intensifying even, until they warp and shift into a spiteful cackling. "You really are a nosy lot." she says then, still not facing them. "It just makes my heart ache, bullying papa like that." she says, finally turning towards them, hand on her chest. Her fingernails digging into the skin there. "Just makes me want to TEAR it out." she hisses. And then with both hands, rips into her own chest. She tears off her skin like she's peeling off a robe, casting it to the ground in a grisly heap.

She still looks the comely young woman, but her fingernails are long and sharp, and her mouth is full of pointed teeth. "I really thought thought you'd be more delicate. But if it's to be like this, then so be it." she growls.

The blood soaking her from head to toe smokes, and then sparks into a conflagration which subsumes her completely- leaving a raging ball of fire where she stood. A ball of fire which bursts through the window behind her and sails out into the sky overhead. The curtains catch immediately, and begins to climb the fabric.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Any Knowledge that would apply here?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "/nature"
GAME: Harkashan rolls Knowledge/Nature+2: (9)+4+2: 15
<OOC> Fidget says, "Would my previous nature roll work, or should I roll again?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "I'll send you some more info, Fidget."
<OOC> Subduction says, "She moves 120' as a withdraw action."
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-	Subduction has dropped a TIMESTOP!
-	Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Subduction to instruct you further. You may earn RPP by logging a scene for a GM.
-	For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.
Round One - Init 23.
It is now Blood Hag's turn! Fidget is next!
Round One - Init 20.
It is now Fidget's turn! Rune is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "Currently she is in midair, 120' away from the window."
<OOC> Fidget will rattle off everything she knows in the pose I'm working on, then move into the room so she has clear line of sight out of the window, grasp the rod firmly and draw upon it to Elemental Metamagic a fireball, then lob an ice explosion at her.
GAME: Fidget used a Rod of Lesser Elemental.
GAME: Fidget casts Fireball. Caster Level: 5 DC: 18
<OOC> Fidget says, "And if possible move the rest of my movement towards her, not sure how high up we are?"
<OOC> Fidget says, "I'll take the 1d6."
GAME: Fidget rolls acrobatics: (20)+3: 23
<OOC> Subduction says, "That does it, no damage. Alrighty, so you close in I'm going to say 20 feet, so you're 115' away from her now, since she's still in the air. Roll for spell penetration on your fireball."
GAME: Fidget rolls 5+5: (11)+5+5: 21
<OOC> Subduction says, "Alrighty, that's a hit."
GAME: Subduction rolls 14: (7)+14: 21
<OOC> Subduction says, "She saves, so half damage. Roll it."
GAME: Fidget rolls 5d6: (18): 18
<OOC> Fidget says, "18 Cold damage halfed."
<OOC> Subduction says, "The fiery form wavers, but she is able to maintain it. Pose it."

Peeking around the people in front of her, and having shortperson problems seeing, Fidget doesn't get a good look at first, but then she squeezes a little up to gets a glance as the creature is giving the horrifying speech, and she sees the skin tearing off - that's what jogs her memory clearly to what she now knows for sure is a Blood Hag. After a cringing pause as the flesh sloughs off onto the ground, she tries to fill in the others as rapidfire as possible, "It's a blood hag! Fire bad. Magic and Iron good. She's dead and that thing killed her. And when it's a fireball, it really doesn't like..." Fidget says, charging up a ball of fire in her fingertips ready to throw, but with a squeeze on the rod in her hand, the flames flicker blue and it starts radiating a chill instead of heat "...the cold!" and she throws the iceball in an arc that shoots through the air and explodes on contact with the Hag's fire in midair. It's a beautiful explosion of ice and flame above the small town's buildings, but to Fidget's frustration, it doesn't knock the hag out of the air. Not yet.

Round One - Init 14.
It is now Rune's turn! Harkashan is next!
<OOC> Rune says, "Will wait and go after Harkashan"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Blessing of Fervor."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Jump down Window, prepared to take some damage."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Alrighty, cast it and pose it."
Round One - Init 13.
It is now Harkashan's turn! Aelwyn is next!
GAME: Harkashan casts Blessing of Fervor. Caster Level: 9 DC: 19
GAME: Harkashan rolls Acrobatics: (15)+2: 17
Round One - Init 12.
It is now Aelwyn's turn! Fire is next!

"Hag seems right after all." Harkashan rumbles as he quickly draws his weapon and prepares for battle, covering his face partially as the flames burst outwards. Some of the embers licking past his scales.

"Me and Aelwyn are more suited to deal with this kind of assault." He rumbles, "I'll try my best to keep them under control so you guys can act." He remarks. "But first..." A motion outwards of his hand, and silvery ribbons rise from the ground, burning like fires and then filtering into their lungs as particles, enhancing their bodies. Their veins left to glow red for just a moment.

Harkashan steps up to the window and rumbles;

"Do not let it get away. And don't get burned until I get her rooted down." As he tries to make sure he keeps 'range' on Fidget for the spell's casting, before jumping down himself. Managing to land onto the ground below, and grunts a bit. He then leans down in a manner Rune has seen before. Clearly preparing to spawn some literal wings.

<OOC> Rune says, "Anyways, since it is not actually possible for my character to help there, she'll follow the hag, full speed, using the extra movement speed from BoF."
GAME: Rune rolls acrobatics: (7)+19: 26
<OOC> Subduction says, "No fall damage."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Running and taking the AC penalty?"
<OOC> Rune says, "Yep"
<OOC> Subduction says, "You keep up with her, but she's 15' above you."

"The blood would lead me to consider that, yeah." Rune affirms, "But there's things that work against that theory as well. My guess? Some sort of creature that likes to eat people. Which would explain the disappearances." With an expertise that lies more in dungeoneering rather than more natural monsters, Rune just shrugs and reaches for her blades as they move through the house.

A spells pass over her, she doesn't even halt in her progress up the stairs. It isn't until she hears that sound, like sobbing, that her ear twitches. Her hand motions in that direction, moving behind the others only to step in after Aelwyn and Harkashan.

She might have tried to say something, but then the creature is ripping off the skin of the girl and standing in a complete mess of blood before bursting into flames. "What the flying fuck?" She shudders a bit, a shiver running down her spine.

The creature is moving /fast/ so Rune waits a beat, looks at Harkashan, expecting the magical effect that rolls over her before she shouts, "Either get that fire out, or get the Farrier out of here before he gets caught up in it! I'll go after the monster."

<OOC> Aelwyn says, "Jump down, run after with the extra speed and throw a javelin at. ._."
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "Assuming I'm not doing something silly somewhere along the way."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Alrighty, single move to follow you'll still be 55' away, so that's a -2 penalty from range increment. Also, give me an acrobatics check first."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls acrobatics: (14)+9: 23
<OOC> Subduction says, "No damage from the jump, roll your attack."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon2-2: (10)+10+-2: 18
<OOC> Subduction says, "Wiffs."

The sight in front of him makes Aelwyn widen his eyes and instinctively reach out for his glaive - before the creature gets up and flees. "Tch. Nearly makes this one miss the sewers." He rumbles by himself, before he turns his head towards Fidget. "Fire?" Oh no. No no. His flaming glaive quietly winds down, as Aelwyn shakes his head.

"Then let us do it the hard way..." The draconian hisses as he follows the others outside the house, falling down. Giving Harkashan a tap on his ankles with his tail, he then rushes forward with the blessed speed of his; pulling out a javelin and throwing it over his shoulder in vain attempt to down the hag. Naturally, the javelin misses and goes for the record instead.

Round One - Init -4.
It is now Fire's turn! Blood Hag is next!
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d20: (19): 19
<OOC> Subduction says, "The fire spreads 3 squares in every direction."

The flames climb up the curtains- the recent dry weather makes the thatch roof a veritable tinderbox, and as soon as the tongues of heat touch it, it bursts into flames. Within moments, the fire is roaring like a bonfire and the entire bedroom the adventurers had previously occupied is engulfed in flames. The Innkeep, who had been on his way back inside, balks at the sudden explosion of fire, and is then in motion and hollering. "FIRE! FIRE!" he bellows out banging on doors as he runs towards the town's well. The fireball in the sky is, for now, ignored- that looks very much like an adventurer problem to him as he begins hauling up the chain for the well. A young man bearing a resemblance to him comes rushing out of the Inn, too, fastening his britches with one hand and carrying a bucket in the other.

Round Two - Init 23.
It is now Blood Hag's turn! Fidget is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "The hag casts Deep Slumber on Rune, and then moves 60' away"
<OOC> Subduction says, "Moving upwards at a 45' angle"
<OOC> Subduction says, "Give me a will save, DC 17, Rune"
<OOC> Rune whistles and points at: "Half-sil are immune to magic sleep effects"

A wave of magic washes forth from the miniature sun in the sky, surging towards Rune but passing over her without harm - and then the ball is moving again, rising higher into the sky as it moves away, gaining distance and height both until it is floating above the top of the Inn.

Round Two - Init 20.
It is now Fidget's turn! Rune is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "It's now 45' up, 10' above the roof of the inn."
<OOC> Subduction says, "And 175' away from you."
<OOC> Fidget says, "I think that ray of frost might not be enough now the whole top of the house is on fire. Do I think that Ice Scorching Ray would do it, or Ice Fireball?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "It's a big fire, basically the entire second story at this point, but a fireball should cover it since it's a relatively small house"
<OOC> Fidget says, "Angle to see roughly the middle of the fire and use the second charge on the metamagic rod, throwing a second exploding ice bomb into the house, yell out to the people worrying about the fire "There's one person in the house, in the kitchen!" just in case it  doesn't work. Then, assuming it seems like the fire's handled, chase after the Hag."
<OOC> Fidget uses her Bonded Object to prep/cast the Fireball. 
GAME: Fidget used a Rod of Lesser Elemental.
<OOC> Subduction nodnods. "Alrighty, the fire is put out- no roll required. Go ahead and pose it. Are you using BoF for bonus movement speed?"
<OOC> Fidget says, "Yep, movement boost."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Alrighty, you close in another 60' so are back down to 115' away"

Fidget is about to charge after the Hag when Rune points out the fire behind them, steadily growing in a building that there's an unconscious man which they (as a group, definitely not Fidget) bear some responsibility for. "Gaaah." She groans, turning around and eyeballing the growing flames, they rapidly become too large for any minor magic to help, so it's going to have to be something awesome. Fidget once again cups fire from the aether in her hand and transmutes it into flickering frost, then carefully aims it at the house's engulfed roof, sending an explosion of cold that consumes the flames, as well as freezing the roof and shattering some amount of the wall. Fidget winces, then shrugs, "He coulda been chill, and then that blast would have been for the Hag, but no, had to get all upset just because I fixed his mind and brought up enormously traumatizing memories. Stupid tall people."

And the fire is out by the time the Innkeep and his son manage to get the first pail of water from the well. What remains is a smoking hole in the top of his house- most of the roof is gone, the thatchwork having burned away with extreme speed. The timely intervention has kept most of the rafters intact, if charred, and stopped the fire from spreading down through the house. The bedrooms are rather open-plan, now, though.

Round Two - Init 13.
It is now Rune's turn! Harkashan is next!
<OOC> Rune says, "I guess that leads to my question, how tall is the inn? (ft/stories?)"
<OOC> Subduction says, "Climbing is an athletics check, unless you have a climb speed somehow. The inn is about 40' tall."
<OOC> Rune says, "Rune will take the movement speed buff to get near the inn but not inside it. Still a little back so she can watch what the creature is doing. I'll do total defense and shout a warning to the people that might be inside."

The half-sil gives a shake of her head, seeming to dismiss the magical effect that was thrown her way. "Shit, she's definitely throwing magic around! Be careful." The rogue warns.

At this distance, with the hag still flying in the air, there is little that Rune can do to attack it. She can't climb a building fast enough, even with Harkashan's god-blessed speed, nor can she do any real damage, given Fidget's warnings about needing magic to harm the creature.

A string of curses as she spots the fireball above the inn, causing her to skid to a stop a distance away, her weapons still held in her hands. Keeping them defensively raised, Rune calls out, "Anyone in the inn, evacuate now! You've got a fucking flaming fireball above your heads! Get out of there! Run!"

Round Two - Init 13.
It is now Harkashan's turn! Aelwyn is next!
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Angelic Aspect, take movement, fly up to the Hag as close as I can get."
GAME: Harkashan casts Angelic Aspect. Caster Level: 9 DC: 20
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Casting takes my standard. So I can only get 60 feet towards them."

Harkashan watches as the Hag continues to fly. With Fidget occupied on putting out the fire, this is a troublesome enemy for them. They can't reach this creature...

So, wings. A blast of red flame and silvery light bursts from his back. A feathered deck of wings ripples out, though the feathers are stiff. More like scales. Embers wafting off of his position as he extends his leg and suddenly takes off. Wings slamming down towards the ground as he takes off towards the Hag, sheathing his blade...

Intention in his eyes.

Round Two - Init 12.
It is now Aelwyn's turn! Fire is next!
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "I'll follow with speed buff and throw another javelin at the creature. ._."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon2: (11)+10: 21
<OOC> Subduction says, "What's the Javelin made out of?"
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "It's just a regular javelin."
<OOC> Subduction says, "It goes right through the fireball, no effect."

Aelwyn had very little to do either against this creature. A flow of draconic curses leaves his lips, before he shakes his head. "This one's blades will do very little." He hisses in frustration - and just much in frustration, he runs back towards the inn, throwing yet another javelin through the fireball to no effect.

Looking at Harkashan, Aelwyn rolls his heads towards Rune. "Looks like the plan is to dance with the fireball?" He asks, with mirth in his voice.

The roof of the inn is shingle rather than thatch, thankfully, so doesn't burst into flames with the mere proximity of the hag's fireball form. The fireball hovers in place for a moment, as though assessing the odds she is upp against. And then dives behind the inn, disappearing from view behind it. There is a brief pause, and then a massive explosion rocks the rear side of the building- fire catching the timber construction of the building. The hag attempts to make her escape under the cover of the chaos created, heading north towards the woods.

Round Two - Init -4.
It is now Fire's turn! Blood Hag is next!
Round Three - Init 23.
It is now Blood Hag's turn! Fidget is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "She lets out a 30' burst of 8d6 fire, which hits no one but the building, and attempts to stealth as part of her movement."
GAME: Subduction rolls 21: (3)+21: 24 
Round Three - Init 20.
It is now Fidget's turn! Rune is next!
GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (20)+6: 26
<OOC> Fidget says, "Do I see her?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "She has total concealment from you right now as she's on the other side of the Inn."
<OOC> Subduction says, "And she is around 150' from you."
<OOC> Fidget will double move to get 120ft closer.

Having dealt with one fire, Fidget turns around, looking for the flying fireball, and sees a huge explosion blasts chunks of the inn into the air, and then the hag vanishes out of sight. "Damnit!" Fidget yells, and starts running towards the inn, keeping her eyes open for the reappearance of the fireball or the hag, and between the scurrying quickness of a goblin, and the enhancement spell of the cleric, the buildings rush past as she sprints down the street, nearly reaching the inn in seconds.

Round Three - Init 13.
It is now Rune's turn! Harkashan is next!
<OOC> Rune says, "Okay, so I saw her go behind the building and explode. Rune is going to use the movement speed buff, and move around the building to try to spot her with perception. If spotted, she'll head towards her and try to attack if she can get in range."
GAME: Rune rolls perception: (19)+23: 42
<OOC> Subduction says, "You spot her, and can close in on her with your double move."
<OOC> Rune says, "Will do that."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Oh wait, you were already at the wall of the inn"
<OOC> Subduction says, "Hmm, sure, you can manage an attack."
GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+1: (3)+15+1: 19
<OOC> Subduction says, "That's a wiff."


Rune raises a hand as if to ward off any flying debris. "That is what I was afraid of." At the moment, she doesn't have the time to worry about the building. Looking to Aelwyn, "I'll find her."

Then, Rune races off around the building, eyes briefly clouded by smoke before she manages to step through it and into clearer air. She eventually spots the Hag moving towards the forest and heads to catch up, swinging her blade towards the bloody creature's back, the weapon glancing off.

"She's over here!" Rune shouts out. "Trying to sneak off. Huh?"

Round Three - Init 13.
It is now Harkashan's turn! Aelwyn is next!
<OOC> Rune says, "Rune will be ICly calling out the location, if that matters to anyone else's actions."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Can I get into Melee with the Hag, since Rune called out their position?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "Sure, as you're flying you can zip right over the inn and into melee with the buff from BoF"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Alright, will double-move and threaten her alongside Rune then."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Taking up flanking position, I assume?"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Yep"

As Rune calls out the Hag's position, chasing her across the ground, Harkashan flies over the Inn and then nose-dives close to the ground. The moment he gets close, using his claws to scrape a tree and make a rapid turn maneuver, closing his wings and taking position behind the Hag.

"You cannot hide. You cannot escape." He growls to the creature.

Round Three - Init 12.
It is now Aelwyn's turn! Fire is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "You have a little over 100' to catch up with them as you've been single moving, Aelwyn."
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "I'll just run on after them then. ._."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Alrighty, you can close the distance at a run to get into melee range but won't be able to attack and will take an AC penalty till your next turn."

"Tch." The Dragoon rumbles, putting away the rest of his javelins. He keeps on running after the others; following on after Rune. He doesn't quite get in time to do anything more than that - but at least he looks somewhat menacing as he fights on through the fire, heedless of the flames around his body.

Round Three - Init -4.
It is now Fire's turn! Blood Hag is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "There's a new fire! Rolling for spread."
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d20: (20): 20
<OOC> Subduction says, "It spreads four blocks in every direction."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Which includes the grass behind the Inn, Hark, Aelwyn and Rune are now in burning squares."
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d6: (1): 1
<OOC> Subduction says, "Doesn't hurt either of the sith"

The flames spread like wildfire, tearing their way up the wooden rear wall of the Inn. The outhouse near its back door was completely leveled in the initial explosion, scattering fragments of burning wood to the dry grass which itself catches fire. The aborted bucket brigade gets started again, the filled pail picked back up again as Innkeep the younger comes running around the building- before skidding to a stop and falling onto his backside at the sight of the hag. The Inns sole patron comes stumbling out of the front door, falling onto the beaten dirt path out front.

Round Four - Init 23.
It is now Blood Hag's turn! Fidget is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "Blood Hag full attacks rune. Bite plus two claws."
GAME: Subduction rolls 18: (9)+18: 27
GAME: Subduction rolls 18: (12)+18: 30
GAME: Subduction rolls 18: (16)+18: 34
<OOC> Subduction says, "Two hits, I think?"
<OOC> Rune says, "Two hits, yes"
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d6+4: (1)+4: 5
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d6+4: (4)+4: 8
<OOC> Subduction says, "Plus grab."
<OOC> Rune says, "DC 27"
GAME: Subduction rolls 22: (4)+22: 26
<OOC> Subduction says, "Not grabbed."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Also I forgot to roll her cooldown last turn so"
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d4: (3): 3
<OOC> Subduction says, "2 more rounds until something."
<OOC> Subduction says, "She will 5' step deeper into the flames."
<OOC> Subduction says, "South one square"  

The hag swears as she is cornered- the blood burned off her, her form would be lovely if not for its unnatural thinness and the long claws and sharp teeth and the murder in her eyes. "Fine, I'll tear you to pieces, and my sisters will feast on every last soul in this cursed hamlet!" she screetches, and lunges at Rune in retalliation for the strike. Her claws lash out, razor sharp and hard as steel, they slice through armor and flesh alike drawing crimson. She attempts to grip Rune by the upper arm, and drag her deeper into the flames of her making, but fails to maintain her grip. "Such pretty flesh." she hisses maliciously, licking the blood from a talon tip with a wicked smile.

Round Four - Init 20.
It is now Fidget's turn! Rune is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "You can make it around to the rear of the inn with one more move, Fidget"
<OOC> Fidget will do that, assumes she can then see the Hag?
<OOC> Subduction says, "You can, yes."
<OOC> Fidget says, "How clustered are my allies?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "All of them are within 15' of the hag."
<OOC> Fidget says, "Okay, I can haste some people, I think. Cast haste target all of us."
GAME: Fidget casts Haste. Caster Level: 5 DC: 18

Round Four - Init 13.
It is now Rune's turn! Harkashan is next!
<OOC> Rune says, "I will take my turn after Harkashan so he can get into position for blender." 
Round Four - Init 13.
It is now Harkashan's turn! Aelwyn is next!
<OOC> Harkashan says, "I will take a Proper Move Action to get into diagonal flanking position. This will trigger an AoO. Taking the +2/+2 from BoF."
GAME: Subduction rolls 18: (5)+18: 23
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Miss."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "I will then activate my Sipping Jacket to Swift-drink my Potion of True Strike."
GAME: Harkashan used a Potion of True Strike.
<OOC> Harkashan says, "And then Bestow Curse."
GAME: Harkashan casts Bestow Curse. Caster Level: 9 DC: 18
GAME: Harkashan rolls Melee+20: (6)+7+20: 33
<OOC> Subduction says, "Roll to penetrate"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 9 + 1 + 5: (5)+9+1+5: 20
<OOC> Subduction says, "Spell penetrates."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "DC 19"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Will Save"
GAME: Subduction rolls 11: (11)+11: 22

"Ah, so there's others. Excellent. Thank you for giving us that information instead of us having to hunt for it. We'll make sure to take care of your Sisters after this." Harkashan rumbles somewhat intimidatingly while looming behind the Hag. She may realize that the flames aren't even remotely hurting the Sith-makar.

He then suddenly reaches out, his fingers touching the hag to her arm and breaking through her magical ability.Trying to Curse her...

But he should have expected a Hag would be able to resist a Curse. "Just stay right there." Harkashan growls at her, trying to push past her resistance... but failing.

<OOC> Fidget nods, "What I'm wondering is you get +1 dodge bonus to AC from Haste, and dodge bonuses usually stack, but BoF and Haste say 'these effects don't stack with similar' which probably overrides the general rule on dodge bonuses.
<OOC> Subduction says, "It says that about the extra attack and movement speed, the bonus to attack wouldn't stack but the dodge bonus should, I think."
Round Four - Init 12.
It is now Aelwyn's turn! Fire is next!
<OOC> Rune says, "Okay, taking my turn."
<OOC> Rune says, "5ft step to get into flanking with hark. Extra attack from Haste. +2/+2 from BoF. Full Attack."
<OOC> Subduction says, "And you're stepping into more fire"
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d6: (1): 1
GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+2+2+1: (4)+15+2+2+1: 24
<OOC> Subduction says, "Hit"
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2+2+1-2: (4)+15+2+2+1+-2: 22
<OOC> Subduction says, "Miss"
GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+2+2+1-2: (4)+15+2+2+1+-2: 22
<OOC> Subduction says, "Miss"
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2+2+1-7: (15)+15+2+2+1+-7: 28
<OOC> Subduction says, "Hit"
GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+2+2+1-7: (1)+15+2+2+1+-7: 14 (EPIC FAIL)
<OOC> Subduction says, "Miss."
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1d6+5d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1d6+5d6: (6)+1+(5)+(19): 31
GAME: Rune rolls damage2+1d6+5d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1d6+5d6: (1)+1+(6)+(18): 26
<OOC> Rune says, "Weapon 1 has 5 damage from Acid, Weapon 2 has 6 damage from cold."
<OOC> Subduction says, "Alrighty, that hurts her pretty badly but she's still up. Pose it."

All around Rune, there is fire. At the very least, she wears a layer of leathers over most of her exposed flesh, meaning that only in places where the heat and flames manage to damage her armor does it singe through to the skin underneath. There is a slight hiss as she walks through the flames, wounds from the hag's claws dripping a bit of blood from one cheek and down along one arm.

"Thanks for the intel. We'll make sure to kill them, too." Rune replies, echoing Harkashan's own words. Moving into position to keep the hag harried, Rune lashes out with her blades, though the Hag's claws manage to swipe away a couple of them, leaving only two where her weapons dig into flesh, leaving behind a lingering bit of hissing acid, and creeping ice.

<OOC> Aelwyn says, "Can I five foot to slap the hag with full round attack?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "You can, you'll be stepping further into fire"
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d6: (4): 4
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon11: (7)+12: 19
<OOC> Subduction says, "I'll assume he moved to optimal position, so that is a hit."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon11+2+1+2: (4)+12+2+1+2: 21
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon11+2+1+2-5: (6)+12+2+1+2+-5: 18
<OOC> Subduction says, "And then two wiffs"
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage11+1d6: aliased to 1d10+5+1d6: (4)+5+(2): 11
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "The 1d6 is fire damage. ._."
<OOC> Subduction nods. The fire doesn't seem to do anything, the enchanted steel does, though

Aelwyn reaches out and stretches out his arms, as he wades further into the fire. The fire, it does nothing; it simply makes him more enflamed. "Dance with me, Twin," He rumbles as he moves to step behind her.

In tune with her attacks, his own fall and slice down, as he steps and circles behind her. One of them cuts, but the others miss, even with his hastened moves.

Round Four - Init -4.
It is now Fire's turn! Blood Hag is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "ROlling for fire spread"
GAME: Subduction rolls 1d20: (3): 3
<OOC> Subduction says, "It spreads 5' south"
<OOC> Subduction says, "So, further into the inn."

Round Five - Init 23.
It is now Blood Hag's turn! Fidget is next!
<OOC> Subduction says, "The hag moves out of melee range, attempting to tumble to avoid AoOs"
GAME: Subduction rolls 18: (14)+18: 32
<OOC> Subduction says, "I think that beats everyones CMD?"
<OOC> Subduction says, "She takes a withdraw action and makes for the treeline- but, we're about out of time."

The hag wails as Aelwyn and Rune's weapons bite into her flesh, and her arms come up to shield herself from the blows. She hunches low, and then shoulders through the bodies and flames as she makes a break for it running for the tree line. "Curse your blood, and the blood of your blood!" she howls back at them as she runs for it. "May you fester and rot a thousand times!" she adds. Bold words for someone bravely running away.

<< Continued: A Comely Seeming, Pt2 >>