Shambling Jungle VI - Finale

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Log Info

  • Title: Shambling Jungle VI - Finale
  • Summary: A group of adventurers seek to end the smuggling operations from Am'shere into Alexandros by seek to confront the leader Xioyah in order to capture their quarry, Vabon Redfallow.

This should be it. The noble that is at the root cause of all of the smuggling, the illegal fighting arenas, the recruitment through most underhanded means. Vabon Redfallow should be within the camp of the exile Sith-makar, Xioyah. Having completed a trial, those here who are not Sith-makar instead bear tokens of recognition by the Hunters Caste, to gain credence to challenge Xioyah.

The team is being led to the camp by Tetli, the green scaled Sith-makar. The Swiftclaws they've been riding had to be abandoned a few miles out due to the dangers of this part of the jungle. A group of nomads looking after them while the team has proceeded onwards.

It has been a long and somewhat exhausting journey. Heading north across the Great Plains of Am'shere, where the group has had their chance to make a few more purchases along the way. But things were made worse by a Monsoon-like rain for the last day of their travel. Luckily, it's held up, but there's still a 'warm rain' constantly coming down, if weak. It's almost pleasant now.

The sun's light has turned into a strange, if beautiful, kind of twilight light here in the North of Am'shere. The light hits the wetness on the ground in various places rather oddly, creating shimmers of rainbows and blues across various woods. The smell of rain is everywhere, and there's a plentiful muddy pools of water.

Approaching the camp, they could already see the big wooden watchtowers, stretching well over the trees of the jungle. They've been spotted, but are not being interfered with as they approach the crumbled ruined walls of this encampment.

Seated at a massive central fire fire ahead are a few Sith-makar that look 'larger' than many of the others. Notably, Vabon is seated at the fire with a dark scaled Sith-makar that - those who have received Tetli's memories through Fidget - would recognize quickly as Xioyah.

To his left is a red scaled Sith-makar who looks like an absolutely 'unit' of a Sith-makar, Morning-star at his side. To the right, practically the direct opposite. A tiny blue scaled Sith-makar who appears to have strewn some bones in front of her, and is saying something just out of earshot of the approaching Adventurers to Xioyah.

As they get closer to the walls, the Sith-makar guarding the entrance look their way, silently, but they simply wait to see what will happen.

Burai is well suited for traveling, especially when it has to be on foot (or wing), through undeveloped lands. It helps that this journey has a purpose he was able to focus on. He's helped Sith and their causes before, and was greatly pleased that his help was accepted for this one.

"They know we are here," the half-orc muses. Most likely the others noticed as well, but one can never be too sure. "The guards. We should announce ourselves. Give them all a chance to come to their senses."

Despite having shucked his armor and other outside trappings, for this part of the journey, Geir has donned his scale armor once more. His spear, his namesake, is carried in one hand, while shield and khopesh hang from his back and belt respectively. His holy symbol, normally hidden, is prominently displayed around his neck.

The copper-scale eyes Burai a moment, before nodding. "They have known we are coming for ssome time now. They have spiess among the People and villagess we have stayed in, or passed by. They ssee through the eyes of small animals and spirits. They know what we are here to do. That we have not been attacked means either Xioyah or Vabaon want to see this through to its conclusion."

The Sith lets out a lengthy huff. "Either it's a trap, or there is ssomething we've overlooked.""

Riding strange creatures, making their way through jungles that have eerie familiarity and dealing with her own anxiety about being this far from the portal, Rune has been largely quiet. The flitting movements of her eyes have given away some of that emotion, but largely her demeanor just shows determination. The painted lines that represent the warrior caste mark her untattooed cheek, though they have stated to drip slightly from the moisture of the rain. Though the rogue is a half-elf, it does announce that she's earned some right to be here somewhere along the line.

Peering first at the camp guardians and then beyond them to the Makari who seem to be acting as protectors to their quarry, Rune draws out her twin short-swords keeping them lowered to not show an overt threat, but to announce that they are, indeed, ready for a fight. She gives a nod to Burai, "Tell Xioyah that we are here for Vabon RedFallow. He can hand him over willingly, face us in honorable combat to claim the right to take Vabon into custody, or we can make a mess of his camp. His choice." Rune says in the common tongue, then repeats in Draconic.

Geir's warning doesn't fall on deaf ears, and the rogue obviously remains on alert, ready for whatever might come their way. Some would prefer to avoid bloodshed, and she seems fine with giving them that chance, first.

The warm rain. The mud. The dazzling display of lights. What joy, Aelwyn was having - one could nearly forget their potentially very murderous task ahead of them. He had lit one small clay pot around his front, its oil fueled flame flickering brightly, whilst his leather cloak is hanging off one shoulder. Rest of him were either bare, or mud covered. The once gloriously bright ruddy scales had dimmed down.

It was obvious though, that the sith-makar was enjoying himself. "This one suspects Xioyah is well aware of our demands," He clicks his teeth with a shake of his head. "Yet this one is not sure if this Vabon will play along, even if Xioyah will." He lightly rolls his glaive off his shoulder, spinning it around his body. "Only so many bodies against the endless well of subterfuge."

Schara was glad for the mounts beong left behind. If it was possible for a featureless suit of armor to look uncomfortable, Schara was making a good attempt at it. At least it passed the further away from the swiftclaws.

Reaching the camp was a lot easier, and the artificer walked with the others, scanning the area. "Yes, I would not expect them to be unaware of our presence given the noise made going through the forests." The artificer nods. "I really hope they will be given up without a fight however."

For one, Fidget seems to have really enjoyed the rain, the travel, and the rainbows - also the puddles, it seems that if you can just clean up with magic, getting messy isn't a concern. As they approach the camp, her form occasionally shimmers faintly with the protection spell she cast in preparation. "Well, if it's a trap, then we can fight them or run away. We should probably decide which of those we plan to do beforehand though. But it'd be disappointing if they just gave up after all this work."

"Not sure we should have given them the choice, though. We're here to kick his butt. What if we did all that work and he just - gives up?"

Given the talk of traps, though, she weaves a detect magic spell to keep an eye out for anything strange.

GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 3 DC: 15
GAME: Burai casts Barkskin. Caster Level: 7 DC: 15
GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14
GAME: Geir casts Bless. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14

Rune, interacting more directly with the guard, notices that the guard has more snake-like qualities to them rather then the more standard lizard-like ones she is used to seeing. They watch her for a bit, slowly swaying their head on their taller neck, until she speaks Draconic. Setting an expectation without having spoken yet.

"Pleasssse. Thissss waaay." <Draconic> Their tongue bleps out for a moment, before turning. The rain and strange light makes the iridescent nature of their scales stand out more as they lead the way towards the Fire of this camp. Their expression unreadable while turned away, because of the wide 'hood' around their head. Notably, Tetli remains behind outside of the camp, raising her hand and shaking her head. She does not wish to risk approaching Vabon, knowing what she does now.

Once they get close enough, the guard halts and turns back towards them, lifting a hand in a manner that indicates to halt. The guard then steps to the side as the one on the left begins to rise. The massive red scaled Sith-makar moving forward to inspect those who have arrived.

"Jatziri speaks true." <Draconic> They hiss and growl back at Xioyah, which has the one on the right click her jaws together a few times before wiggling her head left-and-right a few times. "They come bearing recognition." <Draconic>

The large one ends up standing in front of Burai in particular for a while. Not because of the half-orc, but because it puts him in front of Geir and Aelwyn both. Looking them over for a moment, before he returns to the stone he'd been seated upon.

Xioyah finally rises and steps around the fire. Vabon remains seated and... remarkably quiet. He's not as tall or big as the red one, but the greyed scars across his scales tell plentiful stories.

"Thank you Chalmecacihuilt." He starts in slightly broken common, before addressing the Adventurers. "I ssssee you already come prepared for battttttle." He growls in a deep tone, noting the shimmer around Fidget amongst others.

Fidget will note, there is some magic here. The weapon at Xioyah's side, the tooth necklace around Jatziri's neck, and the Morningstar on Chalmecacihuilt's side. There's other Sith-makar present bearing things. Magical armor, magical weaponry. Nothing that espouses special function so far though.

"Good. You would be foolssss to come here and not be prepared for battttttle." Xioyah adds, looking them all over similarly. "Ssssso... you wish to challenge me for the human in my posssssessssssion. What of value are you wagering?"

GAME: Fidget rolls appraise: (5)+12: 17
<OOC> Fidget tries to figure out what would be the minimum acceptable offer.
<OOC> Harkashan says, "They favor implements of war, and recruits."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Also, Perception Rolls while you folk are thinking about it."
GAME: Rune rolls perception: (8)+16: 24
GAME: Schara rolls perception: (5)+10: 15
GAME: Burai rolls perception: (2)+13: 15
GAME: Geir rolls perception: (3)+6: 9
GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (7)+5: 12
GAME: Aelwyn rolls perception: (17)+1: 18

When the Makari motion them forward, Rune is quick to speak up and explain to those who do not speak the native tongue. "They wish us to follow." Then, she motions to the others, her expression wary.

Each of the Makari is looked at in turn, but her eyes settle on Xioyah the longest. Though he may now be casteless, she seems to regard him as the more serious threat among those gathered. Then, her eyes flick to Vabon and back again, "Interesting. You made sure he's not in any state to run. Good." She looks over to Geir, "He's been drugged, I think." She informs the healer.

Then, at the question of what they have brought in wager, Rune looks towards Fidget, who likely stands out quite a bit against the jungle in her bright colors. She motions a hand to the Goblin.

Then, to the others, she clears her throat, "Take care where you're stepping, there's some places around here that the ground isn't quite stable." This is likely something that Xioyah and his co-horts would like to use to their advantage. Rune takes the time to point out what to look for.

In the pause that follows that demand, Fidget thinks back to the tense discussion they had about the wager only a few days ago, and how they'd all offered something of value - often personal value - to the wager. But ultimately, Fidget had argued that her dragonspitter was more replacable and less sentimental than the magical weaponry, and it had a 'wow' factor due to the rarity of firearms. Plus Fidget wasn't all *that* attached to it in the worst case, she'd be much more concerned about how losing might be bad for her immediate health. So, while they wait on the group to offer something of value, Fidget whips out the dragonspitter and fires it into the air with a loud BANG rather abruptly, no doubt causing a bit of a panic.

"How about this, then? Doesn't look like you've got any of this advanced artifice technology among your group." The gun looks even more impressive in her hands since it's way too big for her.

Aelwyn tilts his head as Chalmecacichuilt moves to tower over Burai, Geir and then him, as the third shortest in their group. Not the shortest. "Tch, Boulder has seen quite the craftsmanship on him." The Dragoon compliments with a flick of his tongue. "Try not to bend and break."

At Rune's comments, he turns to look towards Vabon momentarily, then at Xiaoh. "Hmmh... one would not drug a valuable commodity." He says quietly, by her ear shot.

Then the gun goes off and Aelwyn leans back with whip of his head. Fidget gets a stare - then he breathes in. Goblins and their explosive devices. <draconic>

"Is that so? Are these things given by Vabon, or acquired by themselves?" The artificer wonders with the rest of the group. "Regardless well, someone else should do the talking other than me so I don't say anything that causes further complications. I'm just worried about severely injuring someone, that's all."

Schara looks over to Fidget, and nods. "I just hope there aren't any giant sleeping dinosaurs here this time, we don't have miss Cuemoni from last time to pacify them if they wake up."

GAME: Geir rolls sense motive: (1)+7: 8 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Geir rolls sense motive: (12)+7: 19

Geir returns the gaze to Chalmecaciuilt, and then offers a nod to Xioyah. "Hunter Xioyah, peace on your nest.", the copper-scale intones to the grey-scale. <Draconic> He gestures to Fidget and her offer, "That is one such offer we could make." The Sith turns a little, to pace a few steps to the side. "Thiss one had thought of a better thing. That one..." A clawed finger points to Vabon. "Has forfeited his landss. The coward ran, rather than pay what he owes, either with gold or his life. Sso his lands are going to be taken from him."

The copper-scale paces a bit more back the way he came. "Thiss one seess, however. You have built community here. You command respect. You have followers, grow strong. Why not... why not seek to remove the stain of exile? Trade that filth..." Again Geir gestures to Vabon... "For your good name back. Instead of trading away beasts, and getting little value from them except what he pays you... have others of the People come to you for trade. Trade swift claws. Lead hunts again. The softskins have a saying, "Mending fences makes good neighbours."

The Sith inhales and exhales. "Besides. We know Vabon is the trouble here. Not you. He has lost everything outside of Am'shere. Let us have him... you win, he loses."

Burai walks with the others. They end up forming a line facing the campfire and those that were already around it. Burai finds himself close to the middle. He watches the guards sizing up the party, and runs his gaze over them in turn. "A wager." His expression turns inscrutable while he watches Fidget and the dragonspitter. Schara and Geir he listens to, only half-turning his head, because he doesn't want to take his attention completely off of Xioyah and the others from the camp.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Geir, roll me a Diplomacy check."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "And everyone else, Sense Motive."
GAME: Geir rolls diplomacy: (9)+7: 16
GAME: Burai rolls sense motive: (17)+3: 20
GAME: Aelwyn rolls sense motive: (19)+1: 20
GAME: Rune rolls sense motive: (8)+8: 16
GAME: Schara rolls sense motive: (15)+3: 18

"You have keen eyes, marked one." The tall black-and-silver Sith-makar notes, before adding; "Shaman Jatziri indicated he was trying to use magic to influence me." Xioyah answers Rune, when she points out that indeed, Vabon is in a bit of a stupor. He doesn't give away more than this, but there's a clear indication that he's none too happy with Vabon himself.

Then, a bang. Xioyah stumbles back for a moment, and the other Sith-makar around them are immediately looking at Fidget. Glaring. There's a silence that follows. The Sith-makar all listening, not to them...

But to the sounds of the jungle. The sounds of distant Thunderlizards. Flocks of birds having just flown off...

After a good half minute or so, they turn their heads down again. "A most loud contraption. It would scare off our prey." Xioyah sounds like he's about to refuse the wager, when the smaller Sith-makar speaks.

A soft and far more soothing tone, Jatziri offers; "But it would scare away beasts as well. Take the Gobbo up on her offer. It will help protect the Hatchlings." She proposes, as she touches some of the bones still strewn on the ground. "The bones say the waged device is not a bad omen."

Xioyah pauses though, as Geir speaks of a return from exile. Of people coming for trade. He narrows his eyes. Burai and Aelwyn can tell, there's a moment he considers it. But the fact is...

"You are not of these jungles. Not anymore. I can see it on your scales, Shaman. You do not have the ability to undo my exile. Nor do you understand -why- I am in exile. I must remain here." The Sith-makar then motions to his side and indicates; "I will provide for them."

At Schara's comment on healing, Xioyah notes; "A killing might happen in any challenge. But I have Shamans who will see to it that no lives are recklessly wasted." It's not a matter of honor, but rather the idea that life should not be wasted in a challenge. Utilitarian, in a ways.

"Hand the Warrior your wager." He motions from Fidget to the serpentine Sith-makar. "You will face me, Jatziri, and Chalmecacihuilt today." The man proposes. "Make your preparations. We will start when this bone touches the ground." He grunts, and then pulls out an old looking bone with various markings on it, and throws it to Chalmecacihuilt.

They wait for Fidget to give the guard the item of the wager - just as Vabon is not part of the challenge - and then... Chalmecacihuilt throws the bone straight into the air as hard as he can!

GAME: Geir casts Divine Favor. Caster Level: 5 DC: 14
GAME: Burai casts Barkskin. Caster Level: 7 DC: 15
GAME: Schara casts Blur. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16

Rune only acknowledges the praise with a nod of her head, wiping a few strands of damp hair out of her eyes with her thumb. With another quick look to Vabon, she gives a distinctly draconic huff of breath, "That one is trouble. You'd be better off without him, one way or the other." Meaning: Either sending him with the Adventurers, or ending him, themselves.

Then, there is the gunshot which causes Rune to flinch and look towards Fidget with an expression of clear surprise. Thankfully, the act doesn't drag the entire camp down on them. In that moment of indecision about the wager, Rune seems about to offer up one of her blades, but it seems the Makari accept it willingly enough.

So, she remains where she is standing, but flips her two blades around forward, dropping into a readied stance. "Let's do this." There is a flash of her teeth and a flicker of magic and scales show across Rune's forearms and cheeks, a dusky black coloration.

After a moment's hesitation, Fidget tosses the weapon at the indicated warrior's feet. "Try not to blow your ear off by accident." she says, kind of annoyed at the requirement not to use her wager. "Stupid rule" she mutters, while Burai casts a protective spell on her that makes her skin harden and grow a slight wooden texture. Her annoyance vanishes in a moment "Cooool!" the goblin exclaims, "Thanks! Now let's fuck them up!" she adds, taking a step back so the tougher people are slightly in front of her.

The copper-scale rolls his shoulders in a shrug. "This one has been gone a time, but this one is not as outside as you would believe." With his holy symbol glowing, Geir reaches his hand up to grasp it, offering prayers to the Deathsinging dragon, to guide his companions weapons in battle, and to bolster their courage.

"But the time for talk is later, this one sees. Battle shall be had."

Burai moves to stand in front of Fidget. He places a hand lightly on one of her shoulders and summons his power. "I'd guess you don't need that weapon for this battle," he says. Then he turns to face Xioyah, giving the exiled Sith his best canine-bearing smile. "But there are other ways to fight."

"I am not surprised they intended to use magic to control people, given previous actions, they are a danger to people around them and while I do not wish to see people incapacitated with medicine, I am finding it difficult to find much, sympathy? Yes, sympathy for their current state." The artificer sighs. "If she is offering her dragonspitter, then I will offer my own tools which will give you the necessary parts and equipment to repair it and create the used ammunition for it."

Schara is spending a minute pulling the various parts out of pouches from her armor and setting them in a pile as Geir talks, and the artificer nods. Then the bone is tossed, and Schara realizes the challenge would start immediately. The artificer flips one switch hidden in their left arm, and the armor shimmers for a moment from several points, until their whole form appears to be moving in place with a slight crackle of electricity.

GAME: Aelwyn rolls intimidate: (19)+10: 29
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "For dazzling display. demoralizes all in 30 feet radius if they fail. ._."

Aelwyn lightly holds onto his cloak whilst he listens to the others talking, arguing and talking. In the end, it comes back down to the old challenge of blades, and those the blades wield.

A languid look on his face, Aelwyn looks up towards the bone flying up - and with the ease of a snake gliding on water, the ruddy scaled sith-makar strides forward. His heavy glaive on one hand, tail on the other, he sways forward with uncanny counterbalancing of weights; before he flings his arm up and stops the bone on its tracks.

It stays balanced atop the very tip of his glaive.

"This one shall enjoy this dance." The Dragoon replies, standing on one foot and his arm held high.

Then he flicks the bone in the air once more.

GAME: Harkashan rolls 14: (8)+14: 22
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Xioyah demoralizes the group."
<OOC> Fidget says, "Is it obvious what dragon type of Sith'makar each of them is?"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "@Fidget - Chalmecacihuilt (fire), Xioyah (acid), Jatziri (ice) based on /scale colors/."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "@ Aelwyn"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 12: (16)+12: 28
GAME: Harkashan rolls 9: (15)+9: 24

As the bone is thrown to the air, Jatziri begins to retreat a bit. She does strew a few more bones to the ground, and then throws something into the flame that causes it to /flash green/ for a moment. A ripple of light warping outwards, touching her allies.

Xioyah and Chalmecacihuilt both step forward, protecting Jatziri's repositioning, bringing out their weapons. Followed by Xioyah suddenly spraying a massive gout of green light from his maw over the group. The sky almost seeming to darken for a moment as he lets out this fell roar that literally shakes people to the bones, before taking a step back as Aelwyn so dexterously manipulates the falling bone and sends it up by the point of his spear.


The bone touches the floor.

Followed by Chalmecacihuilt suddenly letting out his own warcry and assaulting Aelwyn. Stepping forward and bringing that Morningstar up towards the ruddy one's snout as they let out a deep warbling warcry, before moving forward and trying to lay his maw around Aelwyn's shoulder to bite at his scales!

<OOC> Rune says, "Move to 23,25. One stab with no special stuff because I'm not in a good position for it."
GAME: Rune rolls weapon-1: (20)+10+-1: 29
<OOC> Rune says, "Rolling for confirm"
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1-1: (6)+10+-1: 15
GAME: Rune rolls damage1: aliased to 1d6+1: (2)+1: 3

As the bone hits the ground, Rune moves into action almost the same time that the enemy does. She moves around, edging close to the fire in order to get herself to the opposite side of Xioyah. It gives her allies the best position to attack him should they need to attack from the front.

Her blade flashes out, looking for a weak point, but there is enough movement that it ends up glancing off of the Makari's scales. Her weapons raise, eyes intense and focused on the fight at hand.

<OOC> Aelwyn says, "I'm going to take a five foot to the right and then setup the territorial defender area as my full round action. ._."

Aelwyn gets a snoutful. A lot of snoutful. In a beatiful arc, the cheeky Dragoon's jaw is send flying with a spray of blood, along with teeth sinking into his shoulder.

Roughly snarling, the draconian stumbles back - before he offers a bloodied, and even more macabre than usual, grin. "Tch. This one should have known they dance different in these jungles."

The Dragoon's feet don't stop moving and his glaive keeps swaying in the air; held at a strange angle. Especially since he refuses to attack now.

<OOC> Fidget says, "Hideous Laughter at Chalm, will save to negate."
GAME: Fidget casts Hideous Laughter. Caster Level: 3 DC: 16
GAME: Harkashan rolls 4: (6)+4: 10

Making sure that at least one of the sturdier members of the group is between her and the charging Sith'makar, Fidget whispers something into her hands with an impish grin, and a purple tendril of magic snakes out and towards Chalmecacihuit, winding around his neck and then slipping up into his nose - and he's overcome with laughter from a joke that noone else can hear. Fidget gives a laugh herself, and leaves the upcoming beatdown to someone more suited to that.

<OOC> Geir says, "Okay, Geir is going to move to 25,27. I'll happily take flanking."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Roll it"
GAME: Geir rolls weapon1+2+1+1: (2)+6+2+1+1: 12

The copper-scale simply waits, leaning on his spear, while the bone travels through the air. As soon as Aelwyn gets his glaive onto the bone, Geir lifts his spear and moves forward to engage Xioyah in battle.

His spearthrust glances off of the black-and-silver scales, which elicits a huff of annoyance from Geir.

<OOC> Schara says, "well, going to smack them with the titan grip instead"
GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+4-2+1: (16)+4+-2+1: 19
GAME: Schara activates her Titan Armor, gaining: +4 Dex
GAME: Schara rolls 1d6+1: (5)+1: 6

Schara had her death ray out, but when she goes to use it, the target in front of her is instead rolling on the floor. There's a moment of confusion as their armor is already shifting back into place, making the obscuring wards even more confusing looking, and the artificer snaps into focus, overcoming whatever had shaken them so much. A large clamp springs up out from under their right arm, and attempts to grab the makari's throat. "Um, Aelwyn, Geir? I know Makari are able to breathe underwater for a long time, how long are you supposed to choke one to cause loss of conciousness without lasting damage?" The artificer queries, already having let go just in case.

<OOC> Burai would like to wildshape into a Dire Tiger and move to x:23, y:27

Burai's skin ripples. His muscles twitch. He falls forward into all fours, only instead of a half-orc, there's suddenly a huge tiger with oversized canines. It pads to the space in between Xioyah and Chalm, circling occasionally to face one and then the other.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Xioyah turns to Rune, who just tried to shank him."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 15: (10)+15-1: 24
GAME: Harkashan rolls 10: (17)+10-1: 26
GAME: Harkashan rolls 1d10+6: (1)+6: 7
GAME: Harkashan rolls 1d10+6: (6)+6: 12
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Jatziri will move southwards to approach Chalme, and cast Command on Aelwyn: Halt."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "She triggers Aelwyn's AoO first though"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "She triggers Aelwyn's AoO first though"
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (9)+11: 20
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Hit!"
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (5)+5: 10
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Aelwyn, DC 14 will save"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Chalme uses his move to <Stand Up>"
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Oh wait, first gotta resist"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 4: (4)+4: 8
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Never mind, he is still laughing his ass off."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls will: (12)+3: 15

As Fidget's spell takes effect upon Chalmecacihuilt, the man stoicly stares her down at first. Grimacing with a fierce scowl. Reaching up to try and remove that serpent... only for Fidge to laugh.

There's a crease in his eyes. Then that grimace gets bigger... and... a roaring laughter springs up. He grips at his stomach, trying to stop himself, confusion in his gaze, legs trembling, before he finally falls over, laughing further while Schara starts throttling him.

Xioyah calls out to his ally in draconic, "Get yourself together, Warrior!" <Draconic>. But Jatziri calls out; "I'll help him. He's under some kind of spell." <Draconic> As she rushes towards the man, only for Aelwyn to suddenly shifts, his spear catching her by the shoulder and piercing straight through. Jatziri cries out in pain, and tries to lay a spell upon Aelwyn. But Aelwyn resists her mind-affecting spell while she pulls her shoulder off of his spear.

The black-and-silvren Sith-makar then winds up, cutting at Rune's chest with his bastard-sword, trying to cut her in twain in two quick fell swoops. His muscles tensing with intense power as he slices at her with a fell look in his eyes.

<OOC> Rune says, "Full round, stabby stabby, no more shaken."
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+1+2-2: (14)+10+1+2+-2: 25
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+1+2-2: (15)+10+1+2+-2: 26
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+3d6: (3)+1+(11): 15
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+3d6: (5)+1+(6): 12

Sometimes, you put yourself into the line of fire in order to allow your allies to better position themselves for the attack. That is exactly the case for Rune as Xioyah turns his attention towards her. The rogue is quick-footed, but not enough to actually avoid the brunt of the attacks that come her way. They slice across the outer layers of her armor, cutting through leather and managing to make a dent in the silvery layer of mithral she wears beneath it.

A look of pain crosses her feature as Rune grits her teeth. "Well, hello to you too, handsome." She smirks, offering a wink to the black-scaled Makari. As she spots Geir taking up position on the opposite side of the enemy, she uses that moment of distraction to make her own counter-attack, lashing out with her twin blades. Both seek out those weak points in the lizard's armor, leaving deep gashes behind afterwards.

She gives a feral hiss of challenge, likely putting on some measure of Makari body-language in the process. Rune may have spent a bit too long among the Sith Makar, it seems.

<OOC> Aelwyn says, "I'm going to move one up, spend a swift action for dramatic display and then smack Xioyah."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12+2: (11)+11+2: 24
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (5)+5: 10
GAME: Aelwyn rolls dance+2: (11)+8+2: 21

Speaking of blood, the crimson liquid continues to fall over those bright, orange scales of Aelwyn. The orange eyes flick into motion when the bone witch starts to step closer - and he is already swinging his glaive, sinking it into her.

Mouth opens, a hum leaves his mouth, and he flashes her another bloodied grin. "One chokes, until one is finished, Brass."

The Dragoon's tail slides around in the air and he falls back towards his glaive; picking it up once more in his grasp, for a moment it looks like he was dancing with his spear - but then it thrusts into the back of their quarry, Xioyah.

<OOC> Fidget says, "It worked once, let's do it again, target Xioyah with Hideous Laughter, then move to 20, 30 to stand behind Schara."
GAME: Fidget casts Hideous Laughter. Caster Level: 3 DC: 16
GAME: Harkashan rolls 9: (20)+9: 29

Still giggling at her success and the frustrated dragon-speak that she doesn't understand, Fidget squints her eyes to see Xioyah throught the crowd, and with an even wider grin, speaks soft words into her hands again, sending her enchanting magic across the group and winding between battling combattants to reach the Sith'Makar and seep into his slitted nostrils. But this time it doesn't take, and Fidget frowns at him. "Should have known that one doesn't have a sense of humour." she says with a return to cheer, then noticing he glances over at her, she scoots just behind Schara to evade his gaze while she prepares another spell.

<OOC> Geir says, "Geir will spear him him."
Dice Discord: Geir - Request: 1d20+2+1+1 Roll: 5 Result: 9

Geir's brow-ridges rise up as Xioyah turns away to slice at Rune, and then attempt to face three combatants. The copper-scale shrugs and stabs out with his spear once more, with similar results, scraping along the black and silver scales. "This one wonders if there are other magics afoot here." He huffs and readies his spear once more.

<OOC> Schara says, "going to attack the prone one again"
GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+4+1+2: (11)+4+1+2: 18
GAME: Schara rolls 1d6+1: (1)+1: 2

"That doesn't really help Aelwyn, do you realize how easy it is to accidentally cause lasting damage attempting to knock someone out?" The artificer huffs. Still occupied by the uncertainty and struggling to get a grip on the makari in spite of the large clamp on their arm, all they manage to accomplish is a few superficial cuts.

<OOC> Burai will try to attack Chalm as well, full attack using power attack
GAME: Burai rolls 12: (11)+12: 23
GAME: Burai rolls 12: (11)+12: 23
GAME: Burai rolls 12: (12)+12: 24
GAME: Burai rolls 2d6+10: (10)+10: 20
GAME: Burai rolls 2d4+10: (7)+10: 17
GAME: Burai rolls 2d4+10: (6)+10: 16

The giant tiger is still circling, shifting it's focus between Xioyah and the cackling Chalm. In a relatively small space, it's almost a whimsical kind of movement, the kind a cat might make when playing. But then the monstrous creature lashes out, first biting with fangs the size of small daggers, then slashing with giant clawed paws. Chalm is left savaged and bloodied. Burai's voice emits from the tiger's mouth, clear as it had been when he was in his normal form. "They'll heal him," he says confidently. "Afterwards."

<OOC> Harkashan says, "Xioyah will Cleave at the Tiger & Rune."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 15: (20)+15: 35
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Confirming on tiger"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 15: (4)+15: 19
<OOC> Harkashan says, "That does not confirm."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 15: (12)+15: 27
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Damage on Tiger:"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 1d10+6: (9)+6: 15
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Damage on Rune:"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 1d10+6: (6)+6: 12
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Jatziri steps south one, and then casts Cure Serious Wound on Chalmecacihuilt."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 3d8+5: (19)+5: 24
GAME: Harkashan rolls 4: (20)+4: 24
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Chalmecacihuilt saves."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Chalmecacihuilt will get up."
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Schara, Aelwyn, AoO"
GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+4+1+2: (13)+4+1+2: 20
GAME: Schara rolls 1d6+1: (1)+1: 2
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 11+2: (7)+11+2: 20
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 1d10+5: (5)+5: 10
<OOC> Harkashan says, "He's going to go all-out on Schara."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 11: (5)+11: 16

Xioyah's blade shifts quickly when Geir comes for him, deflecting the blow as well as he can. But in that moment, thanks to Geir, Rune gets her own weapons in there. Cutting across the sides of the Sith-makar, adding more scars to his collection by getting through his armor. The man stumbles back, glaring down at her, hissing and opening his mouth at her. Spraying her with spittle at first. But she also can spot a green light starting to flame up, suggesting something is coming.

Noticing that his ally is under fierce attack by Burai however, he steps in, stomping the ground and swinging his blade with so much force, it slices across Burai, and at the end of the blow, still manages to go through, aiming towards Rune near the head - cutting swaths of blood onto the ground!

Chalmecacihuilt on the other hand, finally gets over the laughter. But he's clearly groggy. As Jatziri reaches him, healing his body, it doesn't help with the bloodloss from Burai's multiple blows. Including the one as he gets up. He's panting, stumbling at bit. He tries to bite Schara, but he doesn't manage to lay hand on her!

<OOC> Rune says, "Full attack again, stabby stabby on Xio."
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+1+2-2: (7)+10+1+2+-2: 18
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+1+2-2: (12)+10+1+2+-2: 23
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+3d6: (1)+1+(7): 9
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+3d6: (1)+1+(14): 16

"Oh come on now, I don't swap spit on the first date." Rune quips back towards the obviously irritated Makari. Even so, it's obvious that the rogue is more than a little bloody. Her breaths come in quick heaves, blood dripping down along one of her arms. "Not quite going how you hoped, is it?" The longer she can keep his attention on her, the more likely she is to allow others to not have to deal with the full brunt of that anger.

But she can almost sense something is coming. However, she has little choice but to continue to press the attack. "Be careful, he looks about to belch up something nasty." The warning is offered out, just incase she isn't annoying enough to draw it her way.

With Xioyah still distracted, the rogue is able to sneak in a few more slashes, aiming for exposed areas on his sides and the back of his legs, trying to slow him down with the pain from multiple wounds.

<OOC> Harkashan says, "I'll assume a repeat of the last action. Stabbing and looking pretty!"
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 11: (20)+11: 31
<OOC> Aelwyn says, "Confirming"
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 11: (19)+11: 30
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (6)+5: 11
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (8)+5: 13

There was definitely something in the air in these jungles. As a makari who has spent all their life so far away from the native lands, it was still a strange sensation. Yet now, he could so freely move. His tail balances his movements out, as he slowly sways and dances to a rhythm of his own doing, spitting a macabre grin at Rune's way. "Tch, at least a little blood."

And bloodied they were. Schara gets his attention and then he flicks his head up, as the very large and intimidating red sith-makar starts to stand. "Tch, Brass. To knock one out," He rumbles - and then _flings_ his glaive at the tall warrior's neck. "... one must take one to the very edge."

His tail slowly stretches out behind him for balance as he keeps his glaive there.

GAME: Fidget casts Hideous Laughter. Caster Level: 3 DC: 16
GAME: Harkashan rolls 9: (19)+9: 28
<OOC> Fidget says, "Same as the last time, let's try telling Xioyah a better joke. Three nuns walk into a bar? Then scoot to 26, 30"

Some of the battle is getting a little close for comfort, so Fidget dashes over to behind some others, and then sends more magical tendrils creeping through the air towards Xioyah, who once again, refuses to find the humour in the situation. The goblin frowns, "I gotta learn more, and more powerful spells!" she says and adds it to her mental todo list, where it is promptly forgotten.

<OOC> Rune says, "Geir will move to 24,25, trigger an AOO, Cast Cure Serious Wounds on Rune."
GAME: Rune rolls 3d8+5: (12)+5: 17

Geir has not been having the best of luck utilizing his Khopesh in order to do damage against Xioyah, and it seems that this has left his companions needing a bit of healing. Risking the possible danger, he moves closer to the rogue, his shield blocking the brunt of a strike, and a glowing healing spell over Rune.

<OOC> Schara says, "Cure light wounds on Chalmecacihuilt(gesundheit) to stop them from dying"
GAME: Schara casts Cure Light Wounds. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
GAME: Schara rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12

With the makari in front of her standing up again, the artificer panics and thrusts their arm forward, slicing them in the side while others are much more effective. "Aelwyn, that is too much!" They call back, taking a knee and pulling a small metal object out of a pouch, while keeping an eye on the other nearby sith-makar. The object is jammed a bit forcefully directly into Chalmecacihuilt's abdomen, where the rectangular casing unfolds out against the scales, revealing a vial of blueish liquid that glows faintly and drains quickly. "They should be alright now, but do not heal them again just for them to get up and risk more injuries, or worse." They warn.

<OOC> Burai nods I'll go there (25,27) the and make one attack on Xio - think it might draw a AoO as well but so be it
GAME: Harkashan rolls 15: (7)+15: 22
<OOC> Burai says, "Nope if I'm mathing correctly AC is 27"
GAME: Burai rolls 14: (16)+14: 30
GAME: Burai rolls 2d6+6: (7)+6: 13
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Xioyah is going to move to 22,23. Triggers AoO from Rune, Aelwyn Geir and Burai."
GAME: Burai rolls 14: (6)+14: 20
GAME: Burai rolls 2d6+6: (8)+6: 14
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+1+2: (2)+10+1+2: 15
<OOC> Rune says, "Gonna take that reroll"
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+1+2: (15)+10+1+2: 28
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+3d6: aliased to 1d6+1+3d6: (3)+1+(8): 12
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (20)+11: 31 (THREAT)
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (10)+11: 21
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Confirmed."
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (9)+5: 14
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (2)+5: 7
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (8)+5: 13
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Jatziri moves & Channels Positive Energy"
GAME: Harkashan rolls 3d6: (14): 14
<OOC> Schara is not going to take one
<OOC> Harkashan says, "Alright. He will attack Schara."
GAME: Harkashan rolls 12: (4)+12: 16

As Chalmecacihuilt gets downed, there isn't even a moment of stillness amongst the warriors. Xioyah continues to engage with people, while Jatziri already prepares to head her ally. That morningstar still held stiff within her fallen comrade's hand.

As Schara leans down to heal him, Jatziri pauses for a moment, pulling him from the edge of death. But at the same time, this is a proper challenged combat. There is no reason for these Sith-makar not use this opportunity to their advantage!

Right as Jatziri is about to run to him to heal him, Xioyah goes down as he attempts to reposition himself, green light flickering and flaring along his maw still as he goes down.

Jatziri repositions, healing Xioyah and Chalmecacihuilt, but it's not enough to get Xioyah up. Chalm gets up swinging drunkenly, confused, swinging at Schara who is still closeby.

<OOC> Rune says, "Whelp, this is what Rune would do. She's going to hold a knife to the prone form of Xio, and threaten people."
GAME: Rune rolls intimidate: (10)+6: 16
GAME: Burai rolls intimidate: (15)+4: 19
GAME: Aelwyn rolls intimidate: (7)+10: 17
<OOC> Aelwyn 'll reroll.
GAME: Aelwyn rolls intimidate: (8)+10: 18

The moment that Xioyah moves, Rune calls out, "He's moving to blast us!" That is her warning, even as she is quick to lash out with her blade, joining with others as they move to stop the black-scaled dragon in his path. As the leader goes down, she turns to look towards the healer, her teeth bared in a look of warning.

And yet, they keep fighting. It's not surprising at all, knowing how the tenacious the Makari tend to be. Seeing the other fighter stumble to his feet and lash out at Schara, rune moves to press a knee into Xioyah's chest and slip one of her blades up underneath his throat.

"This fight is over. You've lost. Yield now before one of your people actually ends up dead." She snarls. "Don't fucking tempt me, because I'll start with this one if I have to."

When those hands stabilize the first makari, Aelwyn cleanly peels his glaive away - which was just as well, since blood begins to flow from the blade towards his hands. "It is..." He rumbles - and then his blade swings towards the other side, landing on Xioyah's back.

A low growl and a snarl leaves his teeth, as the blade makes its way towards spine, before the large makari falls down.

Standing straight again, covered in his and other's blood, the small runty sith-makar looks at the healer.

And he flashes his teeth at her, filled with little tendrils of crimson red hanging between his teeth.

Burai stands next to Xio's body and lowers his head, sniffing a few times. Even though it was a team effort the way he's positioned calls attention to the fact he's standing over the leader's fallen form, for when he lifts his head and bellows a mighty tigerish roar!

When Rune's demand comes, Chalmecacihuilt is quick to snarl towards her, bringing his weapon to the ready. Clearly all too prepared to continue the fight. Blade at his leader's chest!

Jatziri steps forward however, touching Chalmecacihuilt's shoulder...

Which means she has to reach aaaaall the way up with her hand to his shoulder.

"They are victorious." <Draconic> She reminds him. "Xioyah began this battle letting them outnumber us." The blue scaled one reminds him. Chalmecacihuilt lets out a grunt, but lays down his morningstar to the ground.

"You are victorious."

Jatziri then steps forward, lifting a hand. "Step back. I'll heal him and make sure he doesn't swing at you." She notes. Firmly staring anyone down who might not move aside. She may be the weakest fighter, but she's strong-minded.

While she was winding up for another attack, Rune calls out and Fidget realizes with dismay that the fun is all over. The flames that were beginning to form around her hands flicker out of existance, and she pauses for a moment before walking over to the guard holding her dragonspitter, "Give me my stuff back" she instructs with a smile, holding out her small purple hands.

The guard bows their head at Fidget, kneeling down so they are at least /somewhat/ at the Gobbo's level, and pass back the dragonspitter.

Burai shifts back into his normal half-orc form. He steps away from Xioyah to make room for the healer, then begins moving towards Vabon. It would be a shame for their quarry to somehow get away after all this.

There is a brief moment where Rune continues to kneel there, eyes narrowed at the healer. Then, she pushes herself up withdrawing the blade and stepping back out of reach of the Makari leader. The last thing she wants is to be caught in a sudden swipe of that blade if he is feeling aggressive upon waking.

"Geir, help Burai with Vabon, would you?" She asks of the cleric, giving him an appreciative look for the healing. The rogue still looks like a bit of a mess, but there is only the faintest hint of actual pain on her features.

"It's probably good we managed to end it when we did. I think our friend here had a pretty potent attack he was lining up for us." She takes a cloth and wipes off her blades, then sheaths them along her back.

While their armor is not pierced by the disoriented flailing of the flail, It still reverbates from one of the impacts, and the artificer looks over, just as the fighting seems to die down. It didn't take much convincing for Schara to step away and let the cleric work. "I don't feel victorious." The artificer states simply. "I feel like we were fighting people we didn't really need to fight and risking serious injury for a person who does not deserve to be fought over. Why did you wish to hold on to Vabon so much?"

The artificer looks over to Aelwyn and Rune, and sighs. "I am sorry, I had to use what healing I have to make sure that they did not bleed out, I was really hoping that would not be a bad decision. I can bandage your wounds at the very least for now, but I would need more time to prepare more devices."

Aelwyn's slow movement seems to slowly die as the rest of the battle starts to wind down. Wounds are counted and healed, and the bodies arise. A low breath leaves him and he leans his glaive against him. "This one would hope as much - lest he was playing with us, Twin." He flashes another bloodied, and a bit snout crunched, grin at her. "And one can see how deadly that can be." To Burai , he bows his head. "In a mighty form, Tiger." The Dragoon compliments.

Yet his attention is turned towards Schara very quickly, and with the less bloodied expression on his face, he moves over the artificer. "Is Brass alright?" The Dragoon asks. "This one feels Brass is being expected to pay more than she is willing."

Xioyah startles awake when a new wave of healing travels over him as well as the group. Notably, it seems that Jatziri heals the Adventuring group in the same moment, letting positive energy wave outwards.

Xioyah roars, about to breathe green into the skies, when Jatziri immediately puts her hands on his muzzle and just... holds it shut. Xioyah stares in surprise... and there's this big 'POOF' of green smoke coming from his nostrils and the sides of his maw.

"You've lost, Hunter." Jatziri reminds him, then steps back and helps him up. In as far as the small Sith-makar can aid him.

The black-and-grey one soon is standing, leaning a bit on Jatziri as she continues to heal him. "Take your trophy and depart." He grunts at the Adventurers. It's clear that his ego is a bit bruised - more-so than the rest of him. As Rune had mentioned earlier, things had not gone quite as he'd desired it to go.

But at the same time, there was a reason he'd not pulled more of his camp into the battle.

"Because such is the way." Xioyah answers Schara.

Jatziri helpfully adds; "He had caused grief to our people. So, he was indebted to us. Just giving him away would not pay that debt." She answers Schara. Before agreeing; "You should go now."

Burai stops next to Vabon, examining him with a look of disaste. "We should bind him," the half-orc announces suddenly. He reaches into a satchel he wears at his waist, and produces a length of thick leather cord. "Fitting, given what he's done." Indeed Burai seems to take a savage joy in wrapping the leather bindings around Vabon's hands, far more times than would normally be necessary for a being his size.

The interaction between the healer and Xioyah is given a curious tilt of the head from Rune, perhaps seeing some measure of familiarity there. It isn't something she brings up, especially as it is all too obvious that he is nursing a bruised ego more so than actual wounds.

Turning to Burai, "Let's make sure he's bound /and/ gagged. If he has the ability to mess with people, I'd rather not let him go playing with us on the way back."

Then, giving another look at the exiled Makari. "I assume this will end the smuggling of creatures into Alexandros? There's no profit for you in it. Though, if you're interested in real trade, I could send a few people your way who could help in that regard."

To Schara, she shakes her head, "I understand your choices. Don't worry yourself."

Schara shakes her head as she flips back a switch in her armor, causing the artificer to double over for a moment as parts return to their normal positions. After a moment, they stand back upright and look to Aelwyn. "I am alright, I am only doing what I can, and I could heal more people if I had prepared accordingly." The artificer answers. "I guess I understand, you don't expect us to help, especially after the last person who was seeming to want to help was controlling people. He isn't a trophy, though, just a person who needs to be brought to justice."

The artificer tilts their head for a moment, and tilts it back. "When we bring them back to face justice, I will remember that your group is one of the harmed parties, and whatever restitutions come from their return, I will do what I can to make sure you receive a fair share of them."

"I will worry because I care about the people I am working with." The artificer answers. "But I will do my best to not let it become a problem."

Xioyah rumbles at Rune, and shakes his head a bit. "My business with Vabon hereby comes to an end. It is... good to see that /some/ softskins know how to keep up their end of a bargain." Referring to the Adventurers.

"My people are well armed now." Something Fidget had wondered at upon seeing so many magical weapons. "We do not require any particular trade at this time." It isn't like they cannot go to the Great Plains for at least some matter of trade.

Still, he nods to Schara and Rune. "But... 'thank you' for the considerations." Two words he probably doesn't use very often.

"Be on your way, and Peace upon your Nest, Marked One... Adventurers." He rumbles, looking at Rune's markings with a pregnant pause, before turning.

"Come on." Jatziri then notes, taking the Sith-makar by the arm and leading him to a nearby stone hut, no doubt for healing.

Vabon is too out of it to really resist or do much of anything. Largely paralyzed and semi-unconscious. He won't be a problem until later. But gagged, he won't have much of a chance to try and convince anyone of anything.