Summer Scramble - Part A

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Log Info

  • Title: Summer Scramble
  • Emitter: Ravenstongue
  • Characters: Fidget, Rune, Eztli, Jacob, Lokir, Magpie
  • Place: Outside Alexandria - Beach
  • Time: Jan 10, 2011
  • Summary: A really nice day out on the shore by the Inmost Sea means it's a good day for some cooked meats as a celebration of the end of summer! Sponsored by the Society for Progressive Arcanists. Nothing can possibly go wrong!
  • APL: ??
  • Encounter: 3 Selkies

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Okay! We're getting started. Please be attentive when the timestop drops. Everyone gets one free reroll on a d20. I will try my best to be timely in responses."

It's a beautiful day out on the coast of the Inmost Sea. The Arcanists' Society has taken advantage of this wonderful weather and scouted out some warm sands and friendly waters. Which is what brings everyone here to the beach! There are little fire pits with freshly grilled vegetables, meats, and even fruits!

Except there's not much time to think about grilled fruits for those not familiar with the idea, because the heat is on! At some point, someone picked up a cloth ball and started throwing it around over a somewhat hastily-constructed, but surprisingly sturdy, ball-game net between two posts, and now there's two sides at ball-game war! Albeit with some people participating more enthusiastically than others in the game. There are, after all, plenty of delicious things over by the fire pits to eat.

A chance to eat, drink, relax, and enjoy time with friends? What could ever go wrong?

Rune is not quite dressed for the occasion. Despite the opportunity, there is no skimpy outfits on the half-elf. Though, her usual leather armor has been abandoned for a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt that is silvery in color with a few ornate enchantment markings visible. Apparently, this is as 'unclothed' as Rune gets in public.

She is also one of those more focused on the game than on the food, which may be a bit unusual for her. She really hasn't been as enthusiastic about banquets, buffets, and the like, after her time in Am'shere. It may also be because batting the ball back and forth gives her an excuse to eye up Harkashan, who is distinctly not wearing anywhere near the amount of armor he might normally be wearing. One can appreciate the eye-candy.

"I don't know that our opponents are all that interested in the game." She smirks.

Fresh food and a day at the beach where everyone was showing up? How could Eztli pass up such a gathering? The small makari was quick to prepare for the event, given the locale. The small makari was gathering a few skewers of meat, which disappeared with frightening ease, some of the meat not quite finished cooking, but enjoyed regardles.

"Can you blame them with this food?" The small makari chuckles, wearing a bright yellow two piece swimsuit. "But still, sounds like fun! Just give me a moment to finish this, and they won't stand a chance!"

Well, there may as well be some events in life to handle and assists to make in major events and criseses... but there's certainly a blessing in being able to rest.

Home after a long time away, Jacob Ben-Hassid is here! He's dressed in more relaxed robes today, a sash across his torso in addition to a robe-like skirt around the waist that descends to the shins, like a wonderous toga. His long hair is pulled into multiple braids as he watches people play a game.

"It's a beautiful day...when's the next time we're going to be able to rest like this?"

He asks nobody in particular, therefore he's talking to /everyone/. The cleric rolls his shoulder and is approaching the game...he's never played such a game where you hit a ball back and forth. COuld be a lot of fun!

One of the big draws of a party put on by the Arcanist Society; they put on a *great* spread, especially in the summer. The use of fruits and drinks kept cold with the aid of magic is *always* a big draw. Especially when you're Magpie, and you adore a good spread.

Also, the venue allows her to crack open her closet, and Prestidigitate something *new* to be clean enough for the occasion; a white copy of her scarlet halter-and-hose, a yellow-embroidered blue vest and matching light wrap, and comfy light slipper-shoes. Clearly dressing to keep the heat down at least a little bit, and be a bright shiny distraction at the food tables, for the people warring over who's better at hitting balls out of the air.

"Hurry up and eat and go kick butt!" she says, cheering on her fellow diners... proactively, one supposes. "I'm curious to see if Telamon'll even eat *sand* with a knife and fork!"

Wearing a new outfit for the occasion, Fidget has brought a wizard hat made of summer-hat style straw, but with the stereotypical crooked point woven in, with her red and black plume of hair sprouting from a hole in the side of the hat. Below that is what could arguable be called a bikini, but it's made of draping ribbons of black and gold fabrics which dance around in the breeze or when she moves, yet never seem to fail to cover everything important. As for footwear, she seems to have abandoned that for knee-high stockings in blue and pink.

Fidget enjoys the snacks near the folly-ball court, watching the others jump around and certainly enjoying the collective outfits. Most people dress better for the beach than they do for everyday life. She does occasionally help the game out with a little nudge here and there for her team, it's good practice with the Mage Hand, and it lets her eat with the other hand.

GAME: Fidget casts Mage Hand. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15

Lokir is perched near Magpie, taking full advantage of the food. His earlier attempts at playing cloth netball were moderately successful, his elven agility making up for his limited initial grasp of the rules. Now relaxing amongst the buffet platters, Lokir munches on vegetarian fare. To his left, a small potato wearing a straw hat and sun shades appears to recline in a small lounge chair. "Aye...butts are to be kicked. Spike the ball through the goal, either within or outside the line, and then you must dance the dance of victory to earn a style bonus..."

GAME: Lokir casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 2 DC: 13

Over on the other side of the net, Harkashan's seemingly distracted by something in the water. The ball lands on his horn and it makes a little _pfffffft_ noise as it turns into a sadder version of a ball.

He has a good reason to be distracted, though. On this side of the game court, there's three figures rising out of the water. Women whose forms are half-caught between humanoid and seal, their mouths opening to reveal horrible jaws.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

       Ravenstongue has dropped a TIMESTOP!
       Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Ravenstongue to instruct you further. You may earn RPP by logging a scene for a GM.
       For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


<OOC> Lokir says, "currently RP-ing on my phone. I can see foundry, but doesn't look like I can move my token. Would someone mind scooting Lokir next to Magpie? :)"

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 27. It is now Selkie 2's turn! Rune is next!

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Okay. Selkie 2 will move forward out of the water, gaining legs seemingly in the process! Wow! (Maybe Ariel should have just tried that.)"

One of the Selkies moves out of the waves, snarling as it seems in the waves, her seal-like lower body forms smoothly into legs. She goes to approach Rune, those jaws of her on full display.

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 25. It is now Rune's turn! Selkie 1 is next!

<OOC> Rune says, "Rune will... back up towards the firepit where she likely had her weapons/gear stowed nearby. Grab her swords, and prepare for what she thinks is likely a fight." <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Yeah, they look like they want food, but not the stuff you're grilling. You."

"He probably does." Rune replies, in regards to Telamon's eating habits, a smirk pulling up the corner of her lips as she looks to Magpie.

Blue eyes turn towrads Jacob as she offers him a warm look, "Long time no see. Glad you're back." Not that Rune hasn't been gone in Am'shere, herself, but she seems glad enough to see him again.

Then, moving up to return the ball, Rune watches as it deflates on one of Harkashan's horns. "Hey!" She calls out in protest, just in time to notice the direction he is looking and the creatures making their way in from the surf.

"You said something about being able to rest?" Rune asks, one brow raised.

As one of the creatures comes towards her, teeth on display, looking distinctly 'hungry' for something more than grilled meats. Holding her hands out in a warding gesture, Rune backs towards where her swords stick out form underneath a beach towel, because the rogue never goes anywhere without being armed, and grabs for them.

"I'd arm yourselves if you have them. I don't think they are here for the buffet."

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 19. It is now Selkie 1's turn! Magpie is next!

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "This one does similarly as her Selkie-sister."

Another selkie advances from the waves, her lower half turning into perfectly good legs as she rises from the gentle foam of the sea. She gives a particularly hungry eye to Jacob in front of her.

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 18. It is now Magpie's turn! Lokir is next!

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Magpie! You're up."

<OOC> Magpie says, "Casting Mad Monkeys with Selkie 2 caught in the lower-right of the swarm's 10' square." <OOC> Magpie says, "Spell goes off next round." GAME: Magpie casts Fly. Caster Level: 7 DC: 18

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 14. It is now Lokir's turn! Fidget is next!

<OOC> Lokir says, "standard for inspire courage, move to scoot behind the table and draw longbow."

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 14. It is now Fidget's turn! Eztli is next!

"Of all the--" Magpie snarls as hungry selkies invade a perfectly harmless beach party. "HEY! SHOW ME YOUR INVITE, YOU SHARK-FACED PARTY CRASHERS?" Tossing an empty skewer on the table, Magpie brushes her sauced-up hands off on her skirt, then claps them together. "Actually y'know what maybe it's just time to call the bouncers."

Which point the blond gnome starts... bouncing in a circle and hooting like an Am'sheran lemur got into the *really* sacred wine.

There's magic behind her, though so... maybe she's doing something useful?


Lokir 's potato floats out of its lounge chair in mild surprise as their uninvited guests crash their party more forcefully than the surrounding waves. With a grim smile, Lokir reaches for his longbow and repositions behind the meat platter of the table for some cover. "Come, friends. Let's show these interlopers what dire consequences exist to attend a beach day without an RSVP..." Almost on cue, the tide of mad monkeys rushes out. "Oh good...someone has already reached out to Simian Security."

<OOC> Fidget says, "I'll move next to Rune and then hold casting Haste until Jacob is within 30ft of Lokir." <OOC> Fidget says, "Oh, forgot to ask, but can I also make a knowledge roll on the Selkies?" <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Knowledge/Dungeoneering" GAME: Fidget rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (9)+9: 18

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 12. It is now Eztli's turn! Selkie 3 is next!

<OOC> Eztli says, "a giant wall of fire all the way across, in front of selkie 3" <OOC> Eztli says, "facing out to sea" <OOC> Eztli says, "(Eztli will cast wall of fire there)" GAME: Eztli casts Wall of Fire. Caster Level: 8 DC: 20 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Roll your damage as well." <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "For the sake of balance (I'm not letting the gang over in the other group end your encounter early), it's limited to your side of the field." <OOC> Eztli says, "ah, screw it, sorry. I'll just use scorching ray on #1" GAME: Eztli casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 8 DC: 18 GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+8: (18)+8: 26 GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+8: (10)+8: 18 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Hit, hit!" GAME: Eztli rolls 4d6+4: (12)+4: 16 GAME: Eztli rolls 4d6+4: (20)+4: 24 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "VERY badly burned, that selkie's nearly down."

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 11. It is now Selkie 3's turn! Jacob is next!

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Selkie 3 is going to also emerge from the water with two legs, too."

"Oh, new guests!" Fidget says with surprise, "They don't look too friendly, though." She's reluctant to lob a fireball at someone who's only just appeared, though, so instead she helps the others prepare, calling over one of them "Jacob, come a bit closer if you'd like some help!" she yells, moving over to where Rune and the others are gathering and letting a mist of faint blue magic gather on her upturned palm in preparation.

The last of the selkies emerges from the water with fully-formed limbs instead of a seal lower-body. Her maw is open and growling at the group of people by the table.

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round One - Init 4. It is now Jacob's turn! Selkie 2 is next!

<OOC> Jacob says, "I'll follow Fidget's instruction and move closer towards the group till I'm within 30 of Lokir" GAME: Fidget casts Haste. Caster Level: 5 DC: 18 <OOC> Fidget says, "Target: Jacob, Rune, Magpie, Lokir, Eztli. Extra attack, +1 to attack/AC/Reflex, +30 speed" <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Okay! Move your token closer to Fidget on the map. You have a standard and a swift action remaining." <OOC> Jacob says, "Hmmmm...I'll cast spiritual weapon and put it right next to Selkie 1"

"Oh, you'll have to tell me where you got that bathing suit, Fidget, right?" The small makari asks, turning her attention back to the volleyball game. "Hey, Hark! I know it's easy to get distracted here, but try not to break the game in the process! Just give me a moment, and I'll fix it, though." Eztli laughs, only for the laughter to die down as several unpleasant, and uninvited guests show up.

"Oh, gods damn it, I was hoping to have time to relax." Eztli grumbles. "Yeah, not waiting around for them to try to bite into anyone."

Eztli snaps their right hand, and conjures a pair of flaming spears, which hurtle towards the first Selkie, and burn it badly. "Just leave us in peace, or there's more of that coming!"

GAME: Jacob casts Spiritual Weapon. Caster Level: 5 DC: 15 GAME: Jacob rolls BAB+Wisdom: (14)+3+3: 20 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Hit! Roll damage." GAME: Jacob rolls 1d8+2: (7)+2: 9 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Kills it!"

GAME: NEW ROUND! Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round Two - Init 27. It is now Selkie 2's turn! Rune is next!

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "She's gonna walk up to Jacob and then bite him." GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 1d20+10: (6)+10: 16 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "That's a no!"

"Good to see you too, Rune." Jacob regards Rune warmly, a kindness in his eyes. "I apologize for being away for so long. Hopefully you didn't miss me too much." A joking wink is sent her way before he looks at the ball that lands on Harkashan's horn. "...oh well, I can try playing next time..." He seems saddened for a moment, but he catches something out of the corner of his eyes.

"Serriel's grace..."

Jacob shakes his head. "You know well that much of what I say ends up not working out." It's a weird curse, sometimes! Upon Fidget's suggestion, Jacob nods and heads towards the group! Though as soon as he makes it to the group, he conjures a weapon of golden light that looks a great deal like Serriel's spear, and he sends it towards one of the Selkie with a gesture, piercing the beast through the skull and spraying blood behind it as it's rendered from the neck.

"Don't let them touch you!"

...Sure enough, a Selki tries to come up and bite him and he just manages to get out of the way! "Case in point!"

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round Two - Init 25. It is now Rune's turn! Magpie is next!

<OOC> Rune says, "5ft step towards the one attacking Jacob. Full round attack with Improved Two-Weapon Feint. (Activate 'will it blend' mode)" GAME: Rune rolls bluff: (8)+20: 28 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Successful feint." GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2-2: (5)+14+2+-2: 19 GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+2-7: (14)+14+2+-7: 23 GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2-7: (12)+14+2+-7: 21 GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2: (2)+14+2: 18 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Hit, hit, hit, hit." GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1+5d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+5d6: (2)+1+1+(24): 28 GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1+5d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+5d6: (2)+1+1+(23): 27 GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1+5d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+5d6: (1)+1+1+(24): 27 GAME: Rune rolls damage2+1+5d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1+5d6: (2)+1+1+(20): 24 GAME: Rune rolls 3d6: (7): 7 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Quentin Tarantino called, he wants you to own the rights to the name Pulp Fiction, because that's what you did to the selkie." <OOC> Rune says, "Last bit is for acid damage, because I forgot"

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round Two - Init 18. It is now Magpie's turn! Lokir is next!

Sometimes, an enemy can make a fatal mistake. The Seklie that steps towards Jacob and bites at the cleric becomes an immediate target.

Rune steps forward, slashing one of her blades out, causing some of the sunlight to reflect into the creature's eyes before she follows up with a series of quick and deadly slashes. The movement is almost too quick to follow, given the effects of Fidget's magic on the rogue.

In the end, the creature stands there for a moment longer, gnashing teeth. Then, it seems to realize what is happening as there is a small gurgle, and the Seklie falls over, spewing a bit of blood onto the sands. Rune's weapons, however, look absolutely coated in gore, as does her clothing.

"Right, took care of any risk of it touching you." She offers a wink to Jacob, then uses her arm to wipe a bit of blood from her cheek. "Going to need a swim after this, I think."

<OOC> Magpie says, "Okay! Well without a target, 10' x 10' monkeys drop out of the sky right in front of Jacob and Rune, and tear-ass to Selkie 3 with my move action. Which point Magpie will dig around in her things for her morningstar." <OOC> Magpie says, "Selkie 3 gets an attack of opportunity when the monkeys move into her space." GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 1d20+10: (9)+10: 19 <OOC> Magpie says, "Hit, half damage." GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 1d8+6: (5)+6: 11 <OOC> Magpie says, "16 hp left in the swarm. Selkie takes 2d6 damage, and makes a DC 14 Fort save." <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Roll your damage!" GAME: Magpie rolls 2d6: (3): 3 GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 1d20+4: (7)+4: 11 <OOC> Magpie says, "It is nauseated for 1 round, *and* Deafened for 1 minute because monkeys are screaming in her actual ear. XD"

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round Two - Init 14. It is now Lokir's turn! Fidget is next!

<OOC> Lokir says, "so, with haste, can i shoot twice at range?" <OOC> Lokir says, "in any event, it'll be free action inspire courage, then shoot the selkie." <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "You may shoot your bow twice!"

Watching the invading selkies be turned into fine, charred mist is an oddly satisfying show. Right after the giblets settle to the ground, a hole opens up in the sky, and an almighty *H O W L* sets up as dozens of dozens of furious, red-eyed monkeys fall onto the beach, right in front of the two. Magpie whistles, catching the attention of a majority of them, and points to the last currently-standing selkie.

All heads turn the selkie's way, and the tide of shaggy fur and whiplike tails rolls over her. Some few critters fall in the initial onslought, but soon the poor invader is covered in a scratching, biting, screeching roil of pissed-off monke.

No fewer than six of them manage to climb up the creature, grab ahold of her head, and just *SHIREK* into its ears.

Almost leisurely, Magpie turns, and starts digging around in her things, straightening and bouncing a morningstar in her hand.

GAME: Lokir rolls weapon2+1+1: (10)+6+1+1: 18 GAME: Lokir rolls weapon2+1+1: (13)+6+1+1: 21 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Hit, hit!" GAME: Lokir rolls damage2+1: aliased to 1d8+1+1: (6)+1+1: 8 GAME: Lokir rolls damage2+1: aliased to 1d8+1+1: (7)+1+1: 9 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Very nice hits! This selkie's bloodied!"

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round Two - Init 14. It is now Fidget's turn! Eztli is next!

<OOC> Fidget says, "Magic missile!" <OOC> Fidget says, "Otherwise stay where I am." GAME: Fidget casts Magic Missile. Caster Level: 5 DC: 16 GAME: Fidget rolls 3d4+3: (8)+3: 11 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Another really solid strike into the Selkie. One more and it'll go down!"

GAME: Ravenstongue advances the initiative order. Round Two - Init 12. It is now Eztli's turn! Selkie 3 is next!

As soon as Jacob comes close, Fidget waves her hand and the faint blue magic rushes out to each of the others, filling them with energy and speed. She watches as Rune blends one of the unfortunate Selkie, and another dies to a glowing spear through the eye. "Huh, I guess going straight to fireball would have been fine. Next time!" Fidget notes and charges up mana between her fingertips, then with a throwing flick of her wrist, sends a trio of glowing darts with a spiral shimmering trail rushing towards the standing Selkie, and the three burst against its chest with a flash of magic, causing it to stumble back a step.

Lokir 's potato floats behind Lokir's shoulder, retreating from Rune's fearsome chopping display. Observing the Selkie massacre, Lokir is uncharacteristically lost for words for a moment. "Ugh..scellent catch, Rune!" Shaking his head to clear his slightly red vision, Lokir notches an arrow and takes aim at the distant Selkie. THWANG! Almost as an afterthought, Lokir finds himself holding a second arrow. Notch--Thwang! The two arrows find their market. "Keep it up, everyone. Especially you, Monkeys! Love your work!"

<OOC> Eztli says, "yeah I'll just scorching ray the last one" GAME: Lokir spends ONE use of BARDIC PERFORMANCE. GAME: Eztli casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 8 DC: 18 GAME: Eztli casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 8 DC: 18 GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+8+2: (2)+8+2: 12 GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+8+2: (8)+8+2: 18 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Miss, hit." GAME: Eztli rolls 4d6+4: (11)+4: 15 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "JUST enough. Pose and we're out of timestop!"

"Oh, alright well, that's enough biting people, I'd like that to be over with." Eztli sighs, taking another moment to conjure a pair of flaming spears, firing them off at the remaining selkie, burning for a split second before they stop moving. "Everyone alright?" She asks, taking a glance around.

GAME: Ravenstongue removes the timestop.

"It's Magpie," the gnome calls over to Lokir... just as another flaming sphere kills the selkie out from under her monkeys. There's a moment of *confused* angry screaming, then with a snap of Magpie's fingers, the entire troop puffs into extoplasmic steam, dissipating on the ocean breeze. "Well that was fun! Is there another ball?"

<OOC> Magpie says, "FIX. Sphere was supposed to be 'spear'"

Jacob had managed to evade that bite from the Selkie and it appears as though Rune was very much so an a guardian angel.

If the guardian angel was also the angel of death, lacking in mercy. Jacob watches with wide eyes as Rune quite literally picks this thing apart, his hands somewhat up as if in defense. "Woah." Jacob says in surprise.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side." He gets up on his feet and wipes himself off. "Oh, you have something..." He reaches to try and wipe blood from Rune's cheek. "Thanks for keeping it from touching me. I owe you one. Either that, or just some fun in the sun now that we're not about to get devoured by angry sea creatures."

He turns his attention to Fidget, giving her a thumbs up. "Thanks for the help. Your magic made this a /very/ quick fight." He looks around. "Is anybody hurt?"

He snaps his fingers and the Spiritual weapon vanishes in golden light.

Lokir nods. His potato finds itself wearing an apron and holding a tiny feather duster, and floats towards Rune's crime scene. The blood and mess begin to evaporate. The wood elf nods to his tiny gnome companion. "A pleasure, Magpie. Call me Lokir. Your monkeys sure know how to liven up the place."

<OOC> Lokir says, "can i roll dungeoneering to consider if the selkie behavior was out of the ordinary?" GAME: Lokir casts Prestidigitation. Caster Level: 2 DC: 13 <OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Sure!" GAME: Lokir rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (8)+5: 13

For a moment, Rune's hands remain clenched on her weapons as she looks around, checking to see if there are more threats present. Her eyes flit from screaming monkeys over to the others still fighting on the other side of the beach. So, her weapons lower slightly as she appraises the situation, "Think they may have matters in hand over there."

"If you need help over there, give a hollar, okay? Otherwise, just don't die." Rune calls out.

Grabbing the towel, Rune sets to wiping off her swords and then setting them down again, "I'm fine, just a bit of a mess. Getting up-close and personal with monsters will do that." She nods her head to Eztli. Then Jacob has to go pointing out the blood smeared on her face. "Oh, yeah. Thanks." A bit of color rises on her cheeks as she lifts the towel to try to help matters, there. "Nothing a dip in the sea won't fix. That is... so long as we don't get more nasties coming on shore."

Then, with Lokir's magic, most of the matter is dealt with. "Huh... or that, I suppose. Handy magic, that is." There is a nod to Magpie and Fidget as well. "Great teamwork. Love the monkeys, though. They were a nice touch."

"Well, that was certainly unpleasant." Eztli sighs, wiping her face but finding nothing to actually wipe. "Bit of a mood killer, but maybe salvageable, right?"

The small makari glances over at the fence, and blinks. "So, they can deal with that, but they'll lose at a sports match? You think they're doing bad with the game to make us feel better?" She wonders. "And Fidget, you never did tell me where you got that swimsuit from, you know."

Lokir returns Rune's nod. "Happy to be of service. Though, I can't make heads or tails of that beach invasion. Anyone know much about those Half-Seal beasts to confirn if that was a typical example of their hospitality, or something out of the ordinary?"

<OOC> Rune says, "Since Lokir is asking, may I also roll a dungeoneering to see if anything rings a bell?" <OOC> Lokir says, "can i give her guidance?" GAME: Rune rolls Knowledge/Dungeoneering+1: (10)+14+1: 25

"Yeah, I like that spell, it's very efficient. But it's not as cool as the fireball. Shoulda went with fireball" Fidget says, looking out to the water to see if more are coming before looking over at the other side to see how the others are doing with their guests. "Looks like they've got it well in hand." she says and steps around the puddle of Selkie to walk over to Etzli, then with a quick shuffle at her wrists, which had similarly coloured ribbons draping down them, her entire outfit vanishes and leaves her in a one-piece swimsuit for a few seconds, long enough to notice that the light shimmers through it oddly, and then just as quickly the elaborate outfit reappears. The hat stays there the whole time though. That part's real.

"For now, it's a realized imagining of mine - my needlework skills aren't quite up to the outfit - but I'm working on that. Plus, I can change how I look on a whim!"

"Been *dying* to try that spell out," Magpie says, grinning at all the compliments her spell had gotten. "But there's just no call for rage-monkeys in town, y'know? I mean don't get me wrong, a good fireball solves a lot of problems, but me? I like to keep em *guessing.*"

Her atention is snagged by Fidget's swimsuit maintenance, and the gnome's grin widens yet further. "Okay *that's* good work! People don't appreciate how much goes into a really good illusion."

Jacob smiles softly towards Rune. The color in her cheeks is pleasant to note and he says nothing regarding it. Though he turns his attention to the others. "Which one of you dropped the monkeys? Very good touch indeed, though I would like to know so I can know to avoid monkeys falling on me." He shivers a little bit. Is Jacob...slightly scared of monkeys?

Everyone has a flaw.

He looks across the way and it looks like they've already kicked all the ass! "Oh good." He turns his attention to Fidget. "Fireball is pretty cool. I wish I could know it." He lifts his shoulders in a shrug. He looks at Magpie...and he looks vastly intimidated by her.


Lokir's question has Rune giving the creatures a closer look. "I believe they're called Selkies." She starts, still oddly keeping a distance between herself and the food as she folds her arms across her chest. "They can be known to seduce humans, but I don't get the impression that is what our ocean-dwelling 'friends' were trying to do."

With a shake of her head, she explains, "My guess? Probably hunger. There's been a run on small game recently and a lot of food sources haven't recovered. So it's possible that the oceans are a little on the lean side, too." The rogue lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug. "Whatever brought them out of the water, it wasn't to have a friendly meal. More likely a snack on us."

Reaching up to touch a pair of white scars that look like bite wounds on one shoulder, Rune shakes her head, "I've been gnawed on by a few too many things lately."

the suggestion from Eztli about salvaging the festivities is met with a nod and a smile. "Yeah, let's make the best of it. Still good food, good friends." And a few more corpses. But what's a few corpses between friends?

Lokir nods. "Good to know. Candidly, there aren't very many of these party-pooping Sulk-ies among the woods and forests of my youth. But indeed...let's not spoil the fun. This will make for a great tavern tale...the Bloody Beach Massacre..."

"Oh, it's an illussion? Well, still looks real nice on you." The small makari chuckles. "Shame, I'm always on the lookout for new things to try out."

Eztli stops, and frowns slightly, for a moment. "Well, I don't know if they're always hostile, but, I don't think I made the wrong decision in stopping them." She sighs. "Yeah, I get a desire to not be eaten for certain. "How about we clear the beach, and I'll see about mending that ball? I still want to make do on getting back into the game!"