Hunting the Spire (Part 2)

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Now, you turn a corner. And then another corner, and then another corner.

...surely the door must be here somewhere, yes? it seems obvious that there must be a door, and if you've checked three sides of the building, and there isn't one ,that that would make the door be where you started... where it wasn't. Odd, that.

Very odd.

.... which is about when you notice that the building is smiling at you.

... with giant, razor maw teeth.

You were wrong. It's not the station. It was just pretending to be.

Which is right about the point at which... It swallows you whole. The whole group of you. Into it's mouth.

Inside the mimic is exactly what you might expect of a guardhouse. A few tables, a few chairs. Only it's *inside a mimic*. There's even a door behind you and a door before you. Sitting there. Waiting to be opened.

This feels like a setup.

Which is when the tables and chairs start grinning at you too.

It's not your day.

GAME: Carver casts Hunter's Howl. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+6: (9)+6: 15
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+6: (12)+6: 18
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+6: (7)+6: 13
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+5: (6)+5: 11
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+5: (6)+5: 11
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+5: (13)+5: 18

Carver ruminates on the fact that she's been eaten twice by mimicry, all within a week or two of each other. Between the screaming. The screaming comes first as they are devoured whole by the giant sapient building, landing awkwardly inside a room. A room that she already knows is lies before the chairs and tables start a-wrigglin'.

She zips off, faster on the move in this case then the rest of the party, yanking down her hood and hair a-flying behind her like a flag. The coal-ringed eyes are wide and bloodshot and the screaming becomes primal, infused with magic even. It grows fangs and twists her face into something awful and wild.

GAME: Eztli rolls 12d6: (39): 39

Eztli was not expecting to be eaten by a building, but at least, they seemed to be all in one piece. One glance back to the others to figure out they were alright, and the small makari darts forward to one side of the room. Flames flicker across their hand for a moment before the sorceress shakes them away, and instead she rears back with a deep breath, exhaling what almost equated to a raging inferno straight through the grinning furniture on one side of the room. The small makari blinks, looking more than a bit surprised with theirself.

GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (1)+10: 11 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (9)+10: 19
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (10)+10: 20
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (12)+10: 22
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (3)+10: 13
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (12)+10: 22
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (4)+6: 10
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (1)+6: 7
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (4)+6: 10

A bubbling, sticky substance rises from the ground, as if... The guard house is... salivating.

Oh the joys of being eaten.

The other mimics are gleefully bounding forward, latching onto Carver and Eztil in turn. The two on Caver manage to tangle her up quite badly, but Eztli is not in much a better position.

GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (15)+11: 26
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (1)+5: 6
GAME: Harkashan casts Blessing of Fervor. Caster Level: 8 DC: 19
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (12)+10: 22

There should have been a door. When Harkashan removed the curse, touching the building, he'd hoped he would have sensed the plant-creature he was expecting.

But the Felwood.

The Felwood doesn't care what one expects. It cares only to cast one down. And as that building's giant razor maw teeth open wide, Harkashan grimaces at his own miscalculation. This isn't a guard-house! This is a trap.

"Everyone step back!" He roars out, motioning one hand to the side while grabbing for his blade. Only to suddenly... SWOOOMP!

They are within. Harkashan is momentarily disoriented. Something sinks at the pit of his stomach. He's leading this mess, and they already got into this situation? How could things go this badly this fast?

"I'll be trying to get spells going to enhance all of us. Be fleet, do not let the Grave's song touch your feet!" As his weapon begins to shine and a red-grey pulse of light ripples out, touching each and every one of his allies, empowering them!

Watching as Eztli gets into position, showing just how much alike a Dragon the Sith-makar can be. His eyes widening for a moment, watching the blast flare towards the mimics. Carver rushing in, getting hurt in the process.

He will do his best to support these amazing allies! But the moment the liquid begins to rise, he grimaces deeper. "Don't delay long. We need to find a way out. Rune, do you see a way out?" Harkashan inquires. "Those doors seem suspicious." As he raises his shield and fends off the mimic-seat.

"Carver, I will heal you in just a moment - hang in there!" As he moves as close to Carver as he can while making room for Rune to maneuver as well

GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (4)+10: 14
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (3)+11: 14
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2: (14)+13+2: 29
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2-2: (13)+13+2+-2: 26
GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+2-2: (11)+13+2+-2: 24
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2-7: (12)+13+2+-7: 20
GAME: Rune rolls weapon2+2-7: (5)+13+2+-7: 13

Aelwyn's eyes widen at the sight of the door expanding into a set of teeth - and he has only a moment to look towards Rune before the mimic overwhelms them.

Or all of the mimics.

Hearing the howl, the ruddy sith-makar only has time to give a passing glance towards Carver before he instantly feels the fire from his left.

"... a true display, Flamebreather." Aelwyn calls out, before by near instinct, he throws his blade at a passing mimic. Soon, his steps take him past the other two, until he turns around and swings his blade at yet another; taking a miss this time around.

GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1d6+4d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1d6+4d6: (2)+1+(4)+(11): 18
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1d6+4d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1d6+4d6: (2)+1+(1)+(17): 21
GAME: Rune rolls damage2+4d6: aliased to 1d6+1+4d6: (2)+1+(16): 19
GAME: Fidget rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (14)+8: 22

"Oh shiii-" And then the entire group is turned into mimic food. Why? Why is it always mimics with this place? At least Rune hasn't been grabbed by a giant tongue yet. YET.

Finding themselves suddenly in a place that looks like a guardhouse, if it were a particularly toothsome one. Sputtering the end of her curse, Rune turns her eyes onto the additional, smaller mimics. "--iit."

Thankfully, she still has her weapons on her, so the rogue just tightens her grip and looks in one direction, then the other. To Harkashan, her response is: "Everything looks suspicious."

With the mimics moving in on them, Rune steps up to the closest one, brandishing her blades as she turns blow after blow onto it, slashing into the creature with the vengeance of someone who has dealt with these sort of monsters before, perhaps a bit too intimately. "I don't know, stab the walls or something? I've never seen one /this/ big before. Probably more of this damn Felwood magic."

She says as the mimic before her is all but slashed into little chunks.

GAME: Fidget casts Hideous Laughter. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+6+4: (10)+6+4: 20
GAME: Carver rolls cmb: (1)+6: 7 (EPIC FAIL)

Looking a little startled by the sudden change of venue, Fidget shuffles back a little, taking in the room and trying to figure out how to best lower the threat of all these creatures. She weaves magic in the air, her fingers pulling purple sparkles from the aether and launching them at the chair in tendrils of enchanting power. But the magic can't quite find a way into the mind of the strange creature, it seems that the humor of her magic finds this audience rather too wooden. The goblin gives a toothy frown, "Tough crowd!" and she lets out a little laugh of her own.

"Don't!" Carver gasps out, between painful munches out of her side. "Kill them! Then maybe?!" She can sense how bad the situation is for herself, being the painful recipient of the mimic's first attacks. She desperately tries to pull herself free only to be snatched back with a howl. Adventurer's life, sometimes a single mistake can get you killed.

GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+5: (1)+5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (19)+10: 29
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (15)+10: 25
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (5)+6: 11
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (1)+6: 7
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (3)+6: 9

Eztli winces from the mimic latching onto her, and the small makari raises one hand seeing the state the others were in, but it gets dragged out of the symbol it was weaving, causing the spell she was casting to fizzle out. "I'll be fine! Just take care of the ranger over there for now!" She shouts out to the others.

The liquid is getting thicker. It's starting to burn away at boots. It's... getting stronger. The smaller mimics are chortling as they smash and bite and snap. Carver is bleeding heavily and the two who are attacking her are playing tug-of-war with the poor woman. It's no better for Eztli who finds themselves being similarly tugged upon. Even Aelwyn is finally caught up.

Things are starting to look a bit grim.

GAME: Harkashan casts Burst of Radiance. Caster Level: 8 DC: 17
GAME: Harkashan rolls 2d8+8: (8)+8: 16
GAME: Eztli casts Liberating Command. Caster Level: 7 DC: 16

"I've got it." Harkashan answers as Eztli remarks on the Ranger, already stepping to Carver and staring down at the Mimic-table and Chair that are near him. Reaching out, touching Carver in that moment and sending a pulsing wave of healing energies through her!

"Fidget! Focus on finding us a way out while we hold off these mimics!" Harkashan calls out. "What do you know about fiends like these?" As the acid begins to bite at his scales. He's not wearing boots per-se.

GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (1)+11: 12 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (19)+11: 30
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (8)+11: 19
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (5)+5: 10
GAME: Rune rolls weapon1+2: (7)+13+2: 22
GAME: Rune rolls damage1+1d6: aliased to 1d6+1+1d6: (4)+1+(6): 11

Aelwyn snarls as the... chair manages to bite him. Pretty badly as well; blood flows from the wound. "Tch, this one still believes the whole woods be burnt down! Let the gods find a gentler place of respite!"

With refreshed fervor in his eyes and step - the Dragoon lets his blood flow off his spear tip, trailing off the very tip. Then he begins to swing his blade around him, body twisting in the air like a snake - and then he whacks, whacks, and whams at the mimic, until it rests there, in perfect two halves.

The fact that Carver is dealing with more than a little problem with two mimics draws Rune's attention, following behind Harkashan as he moves to try to back up the ranger. "I'll see if I can draw their attention."

Darting into motion, Rune presses herself near the wall in order to get opposite of Carver, slashing a blade forward in an attempt to try to slice into whatever exposed areas of the mimic she can to try to help by not only causing some pain, but also drawing attention to herself.

"Come on you ugly tongue-beast. You know I'm the tastier target. Come at me!" Do mimics even understand the common tongue? Probably not. Their tongue is far from common. Still, worth a shot.

GAME: Rune rolls diplomacy: (18)+6: 24
GAME: Fidget casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
GAME: Fidget rolls ranged+2-4: (10)+6+2+-4: 14
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d6: (9): 9
GAME: Carver rolls cmb: (15)+6: 21

Carver isn't sure which is worse, the ripping of flesh on her arm or that she thinks for a moment that the whole limb will be left useless by dislocation or worse, but the satisfaction that comes with finally being free is too sweet to voice any complaints. She grits her teeth against the pain and grabs her bow finally with both hands as she stumbles away.

GAME: {*} Aftershock rolls 1d20+5: (5)+5: 10

The age-old goblin adage, if whatever you're doing isn't working fast enough, then add more fire! Fidget knows it well. She circles around the group trying to protect Carver - one of the chair mimics seems to be distracted by Rune's attack and taunt, so Fidget whips a lance of fire at the table also attacking Carver and scorches one of the legs, leaving a little patch of smoking wood where the magic landed. "Nope," Fidget says to herself as the creature seems unconcerned, "not enough fire."

We need more fire to solve this problem.

GAME: Eztli rolls 12d6: (33): 33
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (9)+10: 19
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (16)+10: 26
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+10: (9)+10: 19
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (1)+6: 7
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (7)+6: 13
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (4)+6: 10

"TASTIER?" The mimic... the chair mimic can talk. They might all be able to given their chuckling and laughing as they try to eat you all. The mimic wraps its tongue around Rune and slams her into the ground. "TASTIER!" Carver is being stalked by the table-mimic, and it re-grabs her, dragging her toward its maw. Eztli is similarly being gnawed upon.

GAME: Harkashan rolls Sense Motive: (8)+16: 24
GAME: Harkashan casts Magic Circle Against Evil. Caster Level: 8 DC: 18

Harkashan is getting no sense of evil from the mimics they are fighting right now. But the presence around them, as Felwood does, is laced with that same vicious intent that has him gritting his teeth. As his allies continue to battle hard around him, Harkashan begins to move back to the center of the chamber.

"I'm going to try something." Harkashan calls out, as the acid keeps biting into his feet. Searing his scales. The Sith-makar gritting his teeth as he steps through the rising acid. Sloshing around him. Heavy steps until he's at the center...

And reaches out.

Splashing his hand into the acid, grimacing as the acid bites at his body. Dragging with his nails, a pattern into the ground. Rapid motions, his tail boiling. But when he's done... nothing. "Damn." He grimaces.

GAME: Aelwyn rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (16)+5: 21
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (7)+11: 18
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (13)+11: 24
GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (18)+11: 29
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (2)+5: 7
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (10)+5: 15
GAME: Rune rolls escape artist: (5)+13: 18

Aelwyn turns his head as Harkashan moves towards the center of the... room? Mouth? Seeing nothing happen, he then looks up and narrows his eyes momentarily.

"... it is a mimic, Lava!" His own tail whips up from the acid as he snarls at the feeling, slowly dancing his way across the water's way. Glaive around his waist, he spins for a moment until he slice, slice and dices the table into pieces.

"Just as evil and intelligent as the rest of these cursed woods." The Dragoon spits.

The fact that the mimic /talks/ is what catches Rune off-guard, more than anything else. Enough so that she manages to get snagged by a tongue and shoved towards the ground. Ground which just so happens to be mostly stomach acid at this point. She burbles a sound and beneath the liquid and starts to struggle, trying to escape before she can be drown or digested.

It's about this moment when Rune realized, she fucked up.

Despite her best efforts, she isn't quite able to slip free from the hold of the chair and that acid is starting to burn. Forcing her eyes shut, she makes an unpleasant sound with a flailing of limbs beneath the acid.

GAME: Fidget rolls strength: (14)+0: 14
GAME: Carver rolls cmb: (10)+6: 16
GAME: Fidget rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (9)+8: 17

"If we get the doors open, the acid will flow out before it becomes a big problem. Someone come help me with this! I'm smol and this is a stubborn door." Fidget shouts over the noise of the battle, pulling on the door with all her might to little success.

Carver knew freedom for roughly six seconds, and then it was cruelly snatched away. Eaten up. Rather like how it looks like she herself will be shortly. "Smoke. A lot of it!" It's a wild guess, but... maybe the giant building needs to breath too? Desperation is sorta like that though.

GAME: Eztli casts Enlarge Person. Caster Level: 7 DC: 16
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d4: (4): 4
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d8+6: (8)+6: 14

The acid is turning more acidic, the stench of it is rising into the air and making it harder to breathe. One of the mimic's drags Carver through the acidic liquid as it chases after Fidget. "HA HA HA HA!" It mocks. The other one is chewing on Rune's legs, eating her as she's sloshed through the acid.

GAME: Harkashan rolls 4d6: (10): 10

Eztli is freed, of the last of the mimics, and the small makari nods once to Aelwyn, but she looks, angry? Disappointed? "I'm still unhappy with you, Aelwyn. That wasn't nice of you to say." Eztli huffs as she brings her hands back up in several short movements. "Keep in around thirty feet Aelwyn, It'll be easier to force the doors open if you're bigger!" <draconic>

"I know! I was hoping that casting this Circle against Evil would give it indigestion!" Harkashan calls back to the Dragoon. "But it seems it'll take more than that." Luckily, Carver offers the solution of fire. Unfortunately, no matter how fiery 'Lava' may seem, aside from a smaller Spark spell, there is little he has in the ways of fire.

A wave of light ripples over everyone - healing their wounds, holding back the acid's damage on their bodies.

GAME: Aelwyn rolls weapon12: (9)+11: 20
GAME: Aelwyn rolls damage12: aliased to 1d10+5: (3)+5: 8
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 1d6: (6): 6
GAME: Rune rolls escape artist: (14)+13: 27

Aelwyn sees the acid rising and the others starting to succumb to the mimics and the water - breathing in deep, he looks over towards Eztli. "This one does not know what she means!" Then towards Harkashan, "Ram the door open!"

Wading through the muck, he shakes his head, looking at his blade. Then with an - excessively exaggerated - flick of his arm, he flings his glaive up with a muttered word. It suddenly bursts into flames; and Aelwyn just rams it at the nearest fleshy thing.

GAME: Rune rolls acrobatics: (9)+16: 25

The feeling of teeth biting into one of her feet causes another of those burbling sounds from underneath the acid as well as a splash of red. Besides the fact that she can't really breathe, or see, or do much of anything, it is the pain that causes Rune to lash out, jabbing her free foot against the mimic and pulling her other leg free in the process.

Between being covered in liquid and just being quite agile in general, she manages to pop one wrist free, then uses it to wedge her arm beneath th grappling tongue and push off. The elf pops up from beneath the acid wash and gasps for breath, then kicks a few more times for good measure before scrambling away, putting some distance between herself and the mimic. Not enough distance, but...

Gasping for breath, the rogue mutters, "I /really/ hate mimics." She may be developing a complex.

GAME: Fidget casts Acid Splash. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+5: (17)+5: 22
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+5: (2)+5: 7
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d4: (9): 9
GAME: Carver rolls cmb at 0: (1)+6: 7 (EPIC FAIL)

"Please let me go," Carver wails as she is dragged splashed in the mimic's wake.

GAME: Eztli casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 7 DC: 17
GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+7+2+1: (12)+7+2+1: 22
GAME: Eztli rolls 4d6+4: (11)+4: 15
GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+7+2+1: (1)+7+2+1: 11 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Eztli rolls 1d20+7+2+1: (4)+7+2+1: 14
GAME: Eztli rolls 4d6+4: (9)+4: 13
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d4: (1): 1
GAME: Aelwyn rolls reflex: (1)+5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Harkashan rolls Reflex: (10)+4: 14
GAME: Rune rolls reflex: (20)+12: 32 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
GAME: Eztli rolls reflex: (3)+8: 11
GAME: Fidget rolls reflex: (3)+5: 8
"Grow!" The sorceress hisses, gesturing one finger at Aelwyn and causing him to turn into a massive, lightning spewing monster! 

Or just a bigger Aelwyn, at the very least. The immediate threats to her dealt with, Eztli flicks her wrist and conjures a pair of flaming lances, sending them hurtling into one of the remaining mimics attacking Carver.

The floor roils underfoot, and everyone looses their footing save for Rune who's somehow managed to dodge as Aelwyn is dragged to the other side of the now-tilted room. The acid is draining quickly out the doors in the back of the room...

A doorway that poor Aelwyn is stuck in!

GAME: Harkashan casts Prayer. Caster Level: 8 DC: 18

Harkashan quickly tries to grab onto the floor as the entire room begins to shift. Acid flooding away, Aelwyn being dragged southwards. "There's a throat back there. I don't think we want to go /that way/." As he sends out another spell to everyone, bolstering their abilities, and weakening the remaining Mimics!

GAME: Aelwyn used a Alchemist's Fire.
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 1d6: (4): 4
GAME: Rune rolls reflex: (3)+12: 15
GAME: Aelwyn rolls reflex: (2)+5: 7
GAME: Harkashan rolls Reflex: (20)+4: 24 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
GAME: Eztli rolls reflex+1: (20)+8+1: 29 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
GAME: Fidget rolls reflex: (15)+5: 20
GAME: Carver rolls reflex: (18)+8: 26

There's a burst of flame behind Aelwyn and then... A BOOM! A massive explosion of fire roars out of the back of the mimic's throat and shoves Aelwyn rapidly toward the front of the room. Harkashan thinks quick, grabbing the other's tightly-held spear and shifting his weight in a circle so that Aelwyn doesn't slam face-first into the...

The door opens and you are all forcibly expelled from the creature's mouth. Onto the ground. Eztli lands on her feet, and Harkashan manages to prevent Aelwyn from slamming into the ground at a rate that would surely have hurt. Rune is on her butt, but everyone else is more or less fine.

The guard house stares down at you hungrily, spilling its acidic water all around you and when it's finally done expelling water it quickly begins to hop the other direction making a high-pitched whining noise.

GAME: Aelwyn used a Alchemist's Fire.
GAME: Aelwyn rolls 1d6: (6): 6
GAME: Carver rolls ranged -3: (14)+8+-3: 19
GAME: Fidget casts Magic Missile. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
GAME: Fidget rolls 2d4+2: (8)+2: 10
GAME: Carver rolls ranged-3: (18)+8+-3: 23

The moment the Mimic begins to shift and undulate once more, Harkashan's claws dig in and he slides down a bit, grabbing Aelwyn's Spear to keep him from tipping over the edge. "I've got you, Kin!" Harkashan calls out to the ruddy one.

And out they go, dumped onto the ground of the Felwood, and the massive Mimic - unhappy - starts wobbling away!

Harkashan hisses in pain for a moment, as he gets back to his feet. It seems the Towers will not so easily be reached.

As the others tear down the remaining Mimic, Harkashan adjusts his armor and rumbles; "Let us retreat from the forest. We need to come up with a better way to find the guard-houses. Someone or Something is taking extra steps to keep us from completing our mission."

Aelwyn feels the surroundings shift around him - and even more so when he gets pulled backwards towards the room. It didn't take much of inspection to realize he was teetering near the mimic's throat.

"Tch! Not today," A draconic word that does not sound nice, "Not tomorrow!" A bottle is flung from his belt and cracked against the edge of his flaming glaive, before flung behind him.

Moments later the party is out on the ground. "Hnnh... this one is grateful. Takes time to adjust." Another bow is given to Eztli in thanks - after which he straightens and throws the last of his Fire's at the retreating mimic. "Hmmh. This one is ready to burn and leave this place, yes."

Between tumbling giant lizards, fire explosions, pleading rangers, and the sudden upending of Rune's world a second time, she ends up toppling boots over tits and lands squarely on her backside back in the forest. Her swords are spat out next to her, one landing point down ominously close to her.

So, Rune stares at it for a moment before getting to her feet, watching the barrage of ranged attacks as she takes out a waterskin and begins pouring it over her blades to try to prevent any serious damage being done to the metal. Oh, and her hair dye is completely burned away by her impromptu acid wash, leaving her tips white.

"Fuck this place and it's tricks." She sighs to herself, then sheaths her swords before shaking her head. "What you mean is, someone has a perverted obsession with mimics." Rune folds her arms across her chest, seeming to enjoy the sight of the others taking out the 'tower'.

Squeezing magical light into a small orb in her hands, Fidget lobs it, and a second, at the retreating mimic with glee. "Yeah, try to run away! Noone gets to eat me!" She grins as it crumbles and falls, "Finally got one!" she cheers, then turns around to Harkashan, "I suppose, but couldn't we just rest up a bit and keep going deeper? We've dealt with the ambush, so there's fewer things in the way now. Maybe not if we head back and give the forest time to build a new obstacle."

Eztli is tossed unceremoniously out of the sentient not building, and the small makari tumbles backwards, landing on her feet. The sorceress raises one hand, then lowers it, but the others seem to have it in hand.

"Is everyone okay?" Eztli asks as she wipes off her clothes as best as she can with a bit of magic. She stops and picks up her shoes, which fall apart as she does so, straps hanging loosely every which way. "Does that mimic know how difficult it is to get custom made shoes?" They grumble to theirself. "You're right, we should get out of here and regroup probably. Or at least catch a breather, I know I was saying I was fine, but every inch of my scales are aching right now."

Carver's world is a spill of pain, flecks of acid, and dollops of blood = a lot of her own. She spills out across the ground but is up, ears pounding with blood pressure as adrenaline floods her senses and sets everything to a burning hot point. Including her anger. It isn't clear if her arrows shot at the retreating house-mimic has any effect, but when it collapses to goo, she tosses her bow down.

The entire night's event, her shame at the helplessness felt, the intoxicating fresh air on acid-pitted skin, the sensation of death earned but miraculously saved from by everyone else's efforts while she was a helpless damsel? She pours it into beating on the melting mess of the corpse with her axe, sending bits and bobs flying with each desperate stroke.