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About Ulthan

Ulthan is a young Dran who recently reached Alexandria from all the way to Khardic Mountains. He has picked up the familial trade of couriering, and is trying to establish himself in Alexandria as a message-runner and courier.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Wants to establish a guild for messengers, right now looking for courier jobs
  • Seeking more information on why his Ancestral rage feels different from his kinsmen.

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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Dranei
Associated With: Messengers' Guild
Faith: Tarien


Bloodrager PC Badge
Bloodline: Bloodline: Arcane, it makes me tiongle when I notice someone casting spells nearby...
The Fury Inside: Discrete fury, sticking close and beating enemies up.
Fighting Style: Heavy flail with sinuous, flowing combat patterns
Inner Power: No spells - yet