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Sjach the Wanderer

About Sjach

Sjach is a hunter and warrior of the Sith-Makar. He is quiet, often seeming sullen, and prefers the company of animals to people most of the time. He has spent many years wandering, alone, in the wild spaces of Am'shere, but has finally sought to return to society on the other side of the portal.

Character Monologue

A wild grouse picks its way through the dirt, looking for insects or other morsels. An arrow hurtles towards it, piercing it through the chest. Sjach emerges from the nearby Brush.

"The wild iss my home."

The sith pulls the arrow free from the fowl's chest, and turns it over in his hand, inspecting it for damage. Satisfied, it is wiped clean on his sackcloth trousers and returned to his quiver.

"It wass not alwayss so."

The scene changes to a village, deep in the jungle. The sith, crouched over his catch, watches on like an incorporeal observer as hulking reptillian figures creep into one of the buildings. Sounds of combat and grief follow shortly after.

"The wildss are cruel, too. But fair."

Back to the forest, and the catch, he binds the legs with a length of twine, and then slings it over his back. A juvenile swiftclaw emerges from the brush, and he knuckles its scaled brow.

"Thiss one will protect them."

Sounds of footsteps and the clanking of metal approach, and the sith draws a new arrow to his bow, slinking back into the brush. The swiftclaw follows.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Hunting - Sjach is a hunter and a predator, and can often be found hunting for meat, hides, horns. He does not, however, hunt for sport, and takes a dim view to those who do.
  • Conservation - The wilds must be protected, and so Sjach is interested in efforts to preserve the wild spaces of the world against the march of industry.
  • Socially Maladapted - Having spent a great length of time in the wilds, and being from distant lands besides, Sjach is relatively naive about the social mores of civilized society.
  • Animal Rearing - Sjach enjoys spending time with animals, and rearing wild or domestic beasts.



Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Hunter-caste
Draconic Ancestry: Mixed Chromatic, Black Dominant, Green Recessive
Tribe: Vutha-edar, the black earth, so named for the rich dark soil of their lands. Based in a waterlogged mangrove swamp deep in Am'shere, this tribe is beset by both Troglodytes from the nearby hills and Sahaugin who also lay claim to their swamp as ancestral land. Live in stilted huts above the swamp's surface.
Faith: The Green Word
Politics: Loosely supportive of the empress, but largely indifferent. Attitude may be swayed if those passing through the portal bring with them undesirable elements in his eyes- such as firearms, war machines or magitech in general.


Welcome Silence (Social)
Hunter's Market (Social)

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