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Telamon Lúpecyll-Atlon

Physical Description

Portrait done by EvilInspiration.
Race: Half-Elf
Homeland: The Mythwood
Age: 23
Occupation: Diplomat and mediator
Class: Sorcerer (starsoul bloodline) 20
Faith: Eluna

A dapper looking young half-elf, Telamon Lupecyll-Atlon stands a surprising five and a half feet in height, tallish for one of his kind. Slender and sleek in build, with the sturdiness that comes from being an adventurer, his hair helps him stand out: it's a wild shock of platinum-blond, almost silvery, the kind of color that nobles spend inordinate amounts of money to try and get with dyes and tinctures. His locks are styled in an unruly, just-got-out-of-bed look, and his eyes are dark, dancing with merry humor and good cheer. His is a face given more to smiles than frowns, more to laughter than to brooding or sullenness, and when he speaks it's in a clear tenor that asks -- but never demands -- to be heard.

His clothing is always elegant and tailored for comfort, appearance, and function -- proof that yes, you can have all three. Typically he wears a ruffled white silk blouse with silver buttons up the front, leather riding trousers in black, and polished boots fitted with silver buckles. Wrapped around his waist is a deep gray sash embroidered with golden thread at the edges, tied at one hip. Over this, he wears a kind of sleeveless coat or cloak in a deep blue, almost as dark as his trousers, the hems trimmed with geometric symbols, and set upon his brow is a gold and silver circlet.

Items of Note:

Engagement Ring: Telamon wears a simple golden band on the third finger of his left hand.

Hand Mark: His marriage to Ravenstongue is denoted by a marking on the back of his left hand, two inches wide, depicting a wreath of feathers surrounding a starry sky, with three stars prominently featured in the middle.

Star Chart: Not typically visible, Telamon has an elaborate tattoo on his back of a sunburst surrounded by a star chart, with references in Celestial. The tattoo does not appear normal, as it is in blue, silver, and gold, and those educated in such matters will be able to tell that the star chart does not correspond to Ea's skies.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Diplomat: Telamon is a diplomat by trade as well as an accomplished sorcerer. If something needs to be worked out, one could do a lot worse than call on him.
  • Magic: Telamon's magic is sometimes strange and esoteric, drawn from the moon and stars. His starborn bloodline gives him strange insights, but he remains well grounded in the realities of life.
  • Nighttime: Telamon can often be found at night, studying the stars or meditating on them. Or simply brewing another bottle of his 'Night's Kiss' wine for a friend.
  • The Fey: Thanks to his extensive adventures with Cor'lana, Telamon has picked up more than a little knowledge about the fey and their behavior. He's been asked to mediate a couple times between mortals and fey entities.
  • Marriage: Telamon recently wed Cor'lana Lúpecyll, each of them taking the other's name. As a result, they often adventure together and are something of a 'power couple'.
  • The Shining Chalice: Telamon has been elevated to a position of mentorship in the Shining Chalice. As a result, sometimes he can be found working on their behalf. He also enjoys helping teach neophyte sorcerers in the fine points of what he calls 'the talent'.

Associated NPCs

  • Telperius Atlon: Telamon's father is a tall, striking elf with dirty blond hair in a wild mane, usually dressed to the nines much like his son. While officially a royal diplomat from the Mythwood, subtle hints and rumors suggest he was something far more dangerous.
  • Telgari Atlon: Telamon's uncle, a rough hewn elven druid with a rather humorous reputation for being a 'skirt-chaser'. He has several children, and while he prefers to live in the deep woods proper, has moved back closer to civilization to spend time with a newly discovered daughter.
  • Ariana Atlon: Telamon's mother. A fiery, passionate red-headed woman who says what she thinks and doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. This intense nature was what drew Telperius to her. Nowadays she happily manages the Atlon household, keeping an eye on the extended family and any guests who might visit.
  • Keriga and Jalrik: Despite narrowly avoiding a crossbow marriage to Keriga, Telamon has remained good friends with this oruch power couple. While he doesn't get to see them much (their clan resides in the Dranei territories), he remains fond of both of them.
  • Kordo and Maria: Two of Telamon's childhood friends. While Maria and Telamon were somewhat sweet on each other, ultimately Telamon realized he couldn't drag Maria all over half of Ea while apprenticed to his father. He arranged for Kordo to court Maria, and the two would later wed. Telamon considers both of them good friends.

Notable Notes

  • A Man of Many Talents: Telamon possesses considerable, if eclectic skills. He's a maker of arcane wines (called 'libations') as well as potions, a remarkably good cook, he's loves to play the lute (especially as accompaniment for his wife), and has a knack for hair-braiding.
  • Clotheshorse: If Telamon has a vice, it's clothes. Only when adventuring does he deign to dress down, and even then his garments are typically tailored for maximum comfort as well as utility. He's on a first name basis with half the clothesmakers in Alexandria.
  • Everyone's a Friend: Telamon is good at making friends, and will rub shoulders with anyone. Despite his somewhat upper-class origins he only avoids certain areas because he doesn't like to get in scuffles.
  • Fastidious: That being said, Telamon can't stand being dirty (getting dirty is one thing, but he hates staying that way). He absolutely loathes any task that takes him into Alexandria's extensive sewer system. Tel will happily give advice on laundering clothes and will point people to the TarRaCe for a good hot bath if they're in need of it.
  • Languages: Telamon speaks a large number of languages, with at least functional fluency (if not near-native). His preferred tongues are Tradespeak and Sildanyari, of course, but he's conversant in Draconic, Khazdul, Sylvan, Yrch-Speak, Goblin-Talk, and the languages of gnomes and lucht. He also has an excellent grasp of the elemental languages, as well as the old tongue, Mynsandraal. He also knows Handspeech.


Sorcerer PC Badge
Bloodline: Starsoul
The Talent: Telamon typically casts with his voice accompanied by gestures, the language unlike anything heard on Ea.
Manifestations: His powers are strange and esoteric, and accompanied by phenomena like temperature shifts, the scent of charcoal, ice forming in fractal patterns, or distant whistling voices.
Development: As time has gone on, Telamon's powers have grown and blossomed. He likes to joke that 'breathing is something other people worry about' and he has no fear of cold or darkness now.

Scroll med.png

Organization PC Badge
Organization: Shining Chalice
Role: Master scholar and proctor in the Chalice
Landmarks: Telamon's contributions have been consistent and subtle, helping keep the Chalice on an even keel and not letting meetings dissolve into confusion.

Halfelf02 druid.jpg

Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: "There is something to be said for having ties to both worlds. Why not draw from both?"
Role: "Diplomacy is about trying to bring people together. Or at least browbeat them into being reasonable."
Faith: "I was never very dedicated, but recent events seem to have drawn me into Eluna's... heh, orbit."
Homeland: "Wherever Lana and I settle down will be home. That's all I need."


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Sun-Touched
Tier: Tier 3
Development: Remember that the sun is also a star. Telamon can draw upon that celestial power just as much as he can the trackless void of space.


Mythic Paths PC Badge
Tier: Tier 7
Progression: Epic Rise d10, Trance Dream, Enhance Magic Item, Guided Dream, Rally
Development: Telamon believes his mythic abilities are a gift from Eluna herself, and thus feels the responsibility of using them wisely and well.

"I am the guardian of travelers at night."