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Cor'lana "Ravenstongue" Lúpecyll-Atlon

Physical Description

Cor'lana wearing an inherited dress from an ancestor. (Art commissioned from Evil Inspiration.)
Race: Half-sil
Homeland: Rune
Age: 22 (b. Eatonis 18, 1003 in Llyranost)
Occupation: Adventurer and poet
Class: Sorcerer (arcane-blooded) 18
Faith: Ceinara

The young half-elf woman known as Cor'lana "Ravenstongue" Lúpecyll-Atlon stands at a somewhat average height for her ancestry, although her five feet combined with her slender and petite form might be considered diminutive by many others. Her somewhat short pointed ears and her black waves of hair (usually worn freely to her waist or tied up in a braid over one shoulder) are tell-tale signs that she is half-sil, as the hair color is rare in her sylvanori lineage. Her violet eyes peer at the world around her, sometimes behind sensible circular spectacles in a dark wood frame.

The nearly-constant presence on Cor'lana's shoulder, Apotheosis, or Pothy for short, is an unusual white raven. His light blue eyes are curious like his mistress's, but they usually fixate on food. By the miracle of being a familiar, Pothy never balloons above the average size for a raven despite his eating habits. If he's not gazing longingly at food, he's usually tugging at Cor'lana's hair for her attention.

Items of Note:

Engagement Ring: Cor'lana wears a golden band with three stones--a small diamond flanked by two amethysts--on her left finger.

Feather Mark: Most recently, Cor'lana has acquired a slightly large mark (four inches tall from end to end) on her chest, right over her heart: a black feather that runs along where her sternum would be beneath the skin. Inside the feather mark painted in silver are a set of judgment scales, similar to the goddess Vardama's symbol. Jutting from the end of the mark are a set of knotwork-style lines, reminiscent of tree roots, that curl up around the sides of the feather mark. The symbol slightly shimmers if exposed to light regardless of day or night.

Hand Mark: As a result of her marriage to Telamon, Cor'lana has a mark (two inches tall and wide) on the back of her hand: a wreath of feathers surrounding a starry sky, with three prominent stars in the middle.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Keeper of Apotheosis: Cor'lana's white raven familiar, Pothy, is a menace to all things culinary. He doesn't need to eat, but does anyway, and seems to react reverently when Navos is mentioned.
  • Sorceress of Renown: Cor'lana is widely known as a sorceress of considerable note. Most people recognize Pothy before they recognize her, however. Her specialty is enchantment magic, which has led to a couple of unscrupulous rumors.
  • Power Couple: Cor'lana's married to Telamon Lúpecyll-Atlon, and the two half-sil sorcerers are known to adventure together. When they're not out together on adventuring work, the couple are usually arm-in-arm somewhere in the city.
  • The Poet: Cor'lana performs her poetry often in the Theatre District. A couple of shows at the playhouses have commissioned lyrics for a song or two now.
  • There's Something Fey-shy Here: Cor'lana and Telamon's home in the University District have a couple of garden pixies that maintain the garden. In fact, there may even be more than pixies afoot...
  • Lady's (Former) Apprentice: Cor'lana was known to be the apprentice of Lady Sandiel, the (in)famous sorcerer.

Halfelf02 druid.jpg

Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: "I was born in Llyranost to a sylvanori father who did not want me and a human mother who loved me enough to die for me. I stand now because of them and without them."
Role: "I'm a sorcerer and an adventurer. I make my own way the way I see fit."
Faith: "Vaire gives me verse and hearth."
Homeland: "Born in Llyanrost, raised in Rune, moved to Alexandros... Home is where I make it."


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Fae-Touched Aspect
Tier: T3 + Major Tattoo
Development: The mark of a black feather with Vardama's scales of judgment in the interior adorns Ravenstongue's chest. It symbolizes her descent from her ancestor, the Feathered One.

Blood pact.png

(RPP) Blood Pact PC Badge
Entity: The Feathered One
The Contract: T7
History: The Feathered One is Cor'lana's fey ancestor. At Cor'lana's request, he has amplified the fey magic in her bloodline using strange and esoteric magic.
Other Landmarks: The mark of the black feather has lines that descend down from the feather and partially frame around it, almost resembling tree roots in delicate knotwork.

"I am the child of the Feathered One."