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Thurid Freeborn

About Thurid

Thurid is a cheerful cleric of Angoron, Jotunblooded by birth. Raised among humans in an Althean temple, wanderlust and an excess of energy lead her to seeking an apprenticeship with the Temple of Angoron in Alexandros. She is passionate about physical fitness, freedom and goodness and not shy about sharing these beliefs with anyone who will listen.

Character Monologue

Thurid steps towards center stage, her massive Earthbreaker over her shoulder. She drops the weapon, weighty head down, onto the ground and gestures with her arms wide.

"I was born to slaves, though I never knew that life, myself. My parents braved the deserts of The Desolation to give me a better life than the one they had. My father didn't make it- all I have ever known of him is this Icon of Angoron he wore when he was alive."

She holds out the Icon- Angoron's Maul, strung at the end of a simple chain, both made of rough cast iron.

"The Altheans took good care of me, it's true, but I was too boisterous for their halls. All I wanted to do was to run and climb and swim and fight. That's why when I was a girl, I begged a passing Warrior of Angoron to take me back to his temple in Alexandros, and to train me."

She makes a fist with one of her hands, pacing back and forth as she speaks.

"Training was hard, but I was harder. I earned my vestments as I bloomed into womanhood, and life was more fulfilling than it had been. But I still longed to travel, to see the world and help where I could. So when my chance came to take the vows of a travelling Warrior of the faith, I jumped at the opportunity."

She places one hand on the haft of her Earthbreaker.

"I don't know what waits, but whatever it may be I intend to face it head on, with a grin. Life is too precious to waste on frowning."

She hefts the enormous maul back up onto her shoulder, with a grunt of effort and a bright smile, then steps off stage.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Divine Duties - Thurid is a Cleric, or 'Warrior' of the Temple of Angoron in Alexandros. Her duties range from acting as bodyguard, to healing battle weary gladiators at the arena, to striking the mighty drums of the mountain temple.
  • Fitness! - Thurid is a fitness maniac, whether it's lifting heavy weights, running marathons, swimming in ice cold lakes, wrestling, tug of war or a friendly spar, she can often be found engaging in some kind of physical training and encourages others to do the same.
  • Drinking & Eating - Thurid is almost as passionate about good food and drink as she is about fitness, and can be found in taverns and inns when her duties and training permit. By no means a gourmand, she knows what she likes, and it is usually hearty and home cooked.
  • Stories - Thurid is always happy to listen to tales of adventure, and hopes to have a few tales of her own to tell in time.



Giantborn PC Badge
Heritage: Cloud Giant
Clan: None. Born to Slaves. Raised among Humans.
Lodge: None. Devoted to Temple.
Faith: Angoron

Org order paramount.png

Organization PC Badge
Organization: Order Paramount
Role: Healer and Athlete
Landmarks: Assisted in organizing a sports festival at the Alexandros Colosseum


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Sunday Social Fight Night Social
What the Wind Blows In Social
Colosseum Wrestling Wednesday PrP
Sports Festival Thursday Meetup
The Relative Danger of Gnomes Social
Glutton Mutton, part 2, part 3 PrP
DEVA AF FFS, part 2, part 3, part 4 PrP
Caldera Saute, part 1, part 2, part 3 PrP

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