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About Culix

Culix is a thief. She grew up in Alexandria as part of a large family, in Goblintown. She was frequently in trouble as a child and teen, stealing from market stalls and picking pockets. As she grew older, she fell in with the Syndicate- but they betrayed her, and left hanging and red handed. She has spent the past five years in Alexandros's gaols, and intends to find out who, and why, she was strung up by the Syndicate.

Intro Monologue

A set of bars fade into view, behind which is a goblin in a dingy little cell, with a cot and a chamber pot and nothing else.

"So. Things didn't go to plan. Things were going well, in the Syndicate."

The goblin speaks, as the sound of rattling keys and footsteps approaches. A guard opens the cage and guides the goblin out.

"I got set up for a fall, don't know who did it, don't know why- but I have some ideas."

She is shuffled along to a desk where she collects a bag with what meagre belongings weren't confiscated on her arrest.

"But you know, I've always been good at hitting the ground running."

She is jostled out into the harsh daylight, shielding her eyes against it for a moment, she begins to make her way through the city streets of Alexandria. Once in a back alley, she sneaks through a little crack in a wall into a sealed up basement. Inside of a half rotten barrel, she pulls out a pile of gear.

"And I intend to hit the ground running. I'm going to find out who set me up-"

She pulls a dagger out of the pile of gear, runs a thumb along its edge and draws a bead of blood.

"And I'm going to make them regret it."

She pulls on a hooded cloak the gear was bundled up in, and disappears into the shadows.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Ex Con - Culix has spent time in the court and prison system in Alexandria, only recently being released. Her face is known to some of the watch, as well as to organized crime groups in the city.
  • Illothite - Culix worships Illotha, though not openly. She is superstitious that failing to honor this patron of thieves and criminals will curse her with bad luck. She has a crossed dagger tattoo on her shoulder.
  • Goblintown Local - Culix was born and raised in Goblintown, and is part of a large family- her father is a merchant, and her mother a barmaid, and both survive and work to this day. She also has a pair of twin brothers in the Syndicate, and three younger siblings.
  • Strange Tastes - Culix has unusual and exotic tastes when it comes to food and drink.



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