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Slixvah Unmesi

Physical Description

Character Details
Race: Egalrin
Class/Level: Witch - Wisom Patron (10)
Gender: Female
Deity: Dana and Gilead, The Holy Order
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 30
Average in height, but large in personality, Slixvah is an outrageously decorated Egalrin. Her rusty red and white feathers don't sully her outlandish garb; in fact, it makes it stand out even more. Colorful and plentiful, ribbons adorn her wing joints and arms to make a dazzling display of splendor, especially when those wings stretch out to their twelve foot span. Thick, magnificent feathers fill that massive span, and an entire rainbow of ribbons flutter from her wing spars to accent it all. The red ones are cut to look like feathers.

Loose fitting robes of a multitude of colors rest against her thin frame while shawls dangle and swoop from different sections of her clothes, changing constantly with each new meeting. A soft yet sleek face gives a near constant smile in her sky-blue eyes behind a raptor-like beak. A rainbow ribbon is tied around her head like a bandanna, and every second glance it seems like the colors are in different places. A multi-colored scarf is wrapped tight around her shoulder and neck, long with greens, reds, whites and maroons.

There is usually a white-plumed thrush nestling in one of the many nooks and crannies of her swishy attire.


The runt of a large family, Slixvah comes from all the way in the north from the Sky Curtain Mountains. She's traveled quite a bit, and after getting kicked out of a mage's school in Rune, she comes to Alexandria to further her understand of new and undocumented magics. She herself is privy to esoteric methods of the arcane, using her knowledge to mend, tend, weal, and without hesitation if need be, woe. Luck tends to follow her wherever she goes from her exploits, and that causes some... interesting situations.

It's hard to pin her down, from the many guises that she wears, but it's interesting how she's always there right when one needs her most.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Scholar: Slix loves theory, and will get into the nitty gritty of arcane matters with gusto.
  • Fashionable: In an effort to counteract her dull feathers, Slix dresses brightly with many different clothes. Her most famous feature being the rainbow of ribbons that adorn her wings.
  • Hard to Pin Down: With some magic items and a little bit of her own power, Slix enjoys putting herself in the shoes of different personas. It's hard to find Slixvah Prime from time to time, but enough attention paid to her shenangians will reveal her quite quickly.
  • Fortunamancy: The Tapestry is grand. The Tapestry is ever weaving. Slix's esoteric magics tap into this concept, tugging, snipping, and tying knots to nudge luck in different ways.
  • Lyrical Miracle: Careful, she's prone to bust a rhyme.
  • Stolen Methods: After snooping around the Arcanist's Society for some time, Slixvah can imbue her slapdash magic into wands for people.
  • Sprawling Family: Slixvah's family is zany, complicated, and sprawling with thirteen siblings and two parents!

The Unmesi Family

Slixvah's family is a complicated nest, with a sprawling amount of siblings and other ancillary members. Most tend to be moderate to tall in height, like most egalrin. But they're easily picked out of a crowd by having larger than average wing spans. Most of the family is some mix of red, green, white and black, and is raptor-like in appearance.


  • Brezunal (aka Papaw) - Six foot three, primarily white and green feathered.
  • Jinaru (aka Mamaw) - Six feet tall, rust red with black stripes, yellow eyes and plump. Moms anyone she comes across, quite jovial, even when tending to her healing duties.


  • Slixvah (aka Slivvie) - The only runt of the family, five foot eight. Rust red and white feathered.
  • Zanzimar (aka Zanzi) - Eldest at seventy five, six foot seven, green and white feathered. Tall and muscular, he's one of the main providers for the family as he brings in food for the Aerie from his hunting trips.
  • Banilex (aka Baby Bani) - the youngest of the family at ten, down feathers still peek through bright and fresh green feathers. She tends to be rather shy.
  • Kalthi (aka Kali) - Aged thirty and looming at six foot five, he works as an aerie guard. Oddball color of solid purple. Usually heard before seen, and is almost always found in his leather armors with his spear.
  • Xezmire (aka Xez) - Aged thirty and at a lanky six foot tall, he was born in the same clutch as Slix, but his egg kept him for too long. Brightly red feathered, he possess a tiny amount of lightning and air magic.
  • Kamieli (aka Kami) - At about five foot ten, Kami is green feathered with black stripes and 35 years old. She's quiet, but not because she wants to be, as she is typically found randomly asleep from narcolepsy.
  • Loekia (aka Lolo) - Five foot ten and proud of it, Loekia sports a dull green and red striped hue, she's the loudest of the family and gets excited over just about anything. Be wary when gambling with her.
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Witch PC Badge
Patron: Slix's magic comes from a little tiny emissary of Wisdom. Fiadh, a tiny thrush, who spouts far too much philosophy.
New Magic: One of Slix's goals is to get Witchcraft recognized as a valid school of magic. While the methods are new and unrecorded, she believes there is a structure to this. It has gotten her kicked out of wizard school in Rune.
Hexes: Her most famous hex is her prehensile feathers, them used frequently like another limb. Other hexes rely more on fortune, protection, or healing.
Occultist Manner: Her witchcraft manifests as ethereal strings, tapping into the Tapestry of magic, as well shifting winds of luck.


Egalrin PC Badge
Aerie: Sliabhgeiko Aerie, a trade and deal focused group that currently lives in the Hayatiento Aerie in Alexandros.
Role: Slixvah sees herself as a healer and scholar in an aerie. Were she to return to one.
Faith: Cernan and Ceiwen like most Egalrin, but dips her talons in a bit of everything
Rite of the Skies: She has not undergone the Rite of the Skies, but has had her First Flight with a friend named Integrity.

"One of the best-y, easy ta impress me, name's Slixvah Unmesi!"