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Roleplay is central to Tenebrae, and consists of a mix of scenes, grid, and PrPs. Here you may read some of the logs our players have posted, or wanted to share. This page may also be used to post logs for PrPs, to share an item for staff review, or to tell players about a great scene. Remember too, if you're RPing in a public area, a log may end up on this site! All areas ongrid, and Plot Rooms, are considered public areas.

Most recent logs are at the bottom.

Archived Logs

2011 Logs


Date Log People
Jan 2 2011‎ PrP: The Competition Younger, Achala, Syrivan, Thistle, Karl
PRP: Falcon Point: Teeth of the Deep Syrivan, Wilma, Mogrinaar, Seanait
Jan 5 2011 PrP: Huggin' Ugly Bats Aruk, Shadair, Caillyn, Zarkhan
Jan 7 2011‎ PrP: Brothers of the Storm Part I Sophia, Nin-galad, Xenarchy, Ceres
PrP: Rats! Freya, Cirian, Aruk
Jan 8, 2011 DPrP: Machinists Grand Parade Chiddle, Abrahil, Kaliara, Valadhiel, Craft, Vasilly, Nasirri, Lyme
Jan 10, 2011 PRP: A Little Batty Aynssyrn, Syrivan, Karl, Kraken
Jan 18 2011‎ Social: Dragon in the Garden Svarshan, Tiramen, Scarlet, Younger, Zarr
Jan 20 2011‎ PrP: Bacon Liberation Team Mogrinaar, Katari, Rik, Selia, Seanait, Cyrin - Sith-makar - Fighter 2


Date Log People
Feb 9 2011‎ PrP: Daggers in the Dark Garrin, Craft, Valadhiel
Feb 12 2011‎ PrP: Wolves in the Winter Norii, Thistle
Feb 15 2011 PrP: Chicken Chasers! Zerridwyn, Quint
Feb 19 2011‎ PrP: Adventurous Rivalry Younger, Esilwary, Galadhir, Aegremar
PrP: That's not Timmy! Askharr, Warden, Aegremar


Date Log People
Mar 4, 2011 PrP: Timmy's Uncle Chiddle, Boshter, Xenarchy, Myrana
Mar 8 2011‎ PrP: Black Ring Rising Selia, Karl, Ladislau, Marek, Esilwary, Craft
Mar 13 2011‎ PrP: Teena's Bad Day Mogrinaar, Teena
PrP: Fistful of Chitlins Garrin, Shaelyn, Minka, Zerridwyn
Mar 15 2011‎ PRP: Hell's Medicine Part 1 Selia, Valadhiel, Shaelyn, Karl
Mar 17 2011‎ PRP: Gnap! Younger, Nin-Galad, Helmuth, Karl, Arissa
Mar 23 2011‎ PrP: Watt's Mine is Mine Karl, Selia, Mogrinaar, Grolin, Abrahil, Jinks
Mar 29 2011‎ PrP: 3375 Cubic Feet of Terror Achala, Craft, Thistle, Mordak, Nasirri


Date Log People
April 5, 2011‎ PRP: Why Did It Have To Be Rats? Adina, Arissa, Colrick, Seanait, Shaelyn, Wilma
April 10, 2011‎ Social: The Poisoning of the Myrrish Ambassador Karelin, Svarshan, Myrana, Ylva, Sakari, Mako, Chiddle, Xander,
Younger, Jenner, Roland, Aurelie, Eira, Mikilos, Lucia
April 20, 2011‎ PrP: Necromancer's Folly Sakari, Arissa, Garrin, Karl
April 25, 2011 A Veyshanti Sort Of Arrangement Characters
April 28, 2011 Tears in Dust Part 1, Part 2 Sophia, Chiddle, Boshter, Ionus, Myrana


Date Log People
May 4, 2011 PrP:_Godbusters Characters
May 4, 2011 PrP:_Adventure,_Inc.Part 1, Part 2 Characters
May 4, 2011 PrP:_Earthshaper Part 1, Part 2 Characters
May 11, 2011 Heroic_by_Proxy Characters
May 16, 2011 DPRP:_Run,_Thief,_Run! Characters
May 16, 2011 Hell's Medicine, Part 1, Part 2 Characters
May 23, 2011 Tooth_and_Sky Characters
May 25, 2011 PrP:_Codices,_Indices,_and_Odysseys Characters
May 29 2011‎ PRP: The Hauntening Zarr, Arissa, Karl, Jakub
May 31 2011‎ PrP: Codex Bifolium Aisha, Garthos, Halani, Teppus, Zerridwyn
Tournament Paramount: Magic Competition Round 1 Kayla, Addleburg, Devon, Zerridwyn, Arissa, Baldwin, Craft, Sakari, Mikilos, Garrin, Eira


Date Log People
June 4 2011‎ Tournament Paramount: Tidehollow's Challenge Hilal, Kirutas, Jinks, Jareth, Garthos, Owen, Mikilos,
Tyler, Bashkim, Kilroy, Koszhey, Selia, Norii, Kanyk
June 6 2011‎ PRP: Caller in Darkness Kirutas, Kanyk, Garthos, Owen, Arissa, Sophia
June 9 2011 Social: Shadowfall is Coming Hilal, Jarnbrost, Kirutas, Owen
PrP: T&T&T Drakha, Arissa, Gerjon, Teppus
June 11 2011‎ Dramatic Scene: Guild of Explorer's Meeting: Dwarven Citadel Expedition Eira, Drakha, Kayla, Arissa, Karelin, Wilma, Zerridwyn,
Karl, Garth, Craft, Colrick
June 14 2011‎ PrP: Hell's Medicine Part 3 Karl, Garthos, Arissa, Shaelyn, Jinks
Delve Log Work Arissa, Garthos, Ylva, Halani, Kanyk
June 23 2011‎ PrP: Beneath the Church Drakha, Kilroy, Garthos, Zarr, Arissa
June 30 2011‎ PrP: Old Wounds Drakha, Craft, Jinks, Owens, Garthos


Date Log People
July 14 2011‎ PrP: In The Thick of Things Tillianne, Drakha, Arissa, Garthos, Kilroy
Social: The Young Herbalist Svarshan, Kama'o
July 24 2011‎ Social: Wyvern Hugger Karelin, Alteri, Svarshan, Agril


Date Log People
Aug 1 2011‎ Social: Twins Quint, Myrana, Serene, Agril
Aug 6 2011‎ Social: Silver Wings: Why the Egalrin are the Way They Are Svarshan, Kama'o
Aug 7 2011 PrP: Just Lion Around Nasirri, Karl
Aug 12, 2011 Scene: Kill Ted Alteri, Laoise, Owen, Selia, Shyntae
Aug 22 2011 PrP-Tutorial: You Dirty Rat! Sharna, Bagrat, Dante, Alteri


Date Log People
Sept 1 2011‎ Social: Agril, Axe Murderer Alteri, Agril, Halani, Zarkhan
Sept 6 2011‎ PRP: Botanical Gardens Drakha, Senia, Azog, Dante
Sept 9 2011‎ Dramatic Scene: Is It Lynch Time Yet? Kama'o, Alteri, Svarshan
Sept 24 2011‎ PrP: Escape to the Noble House of Mummies Part 1 Quint, Hrothgar, Jugga, Sharna, Alteri


Date Log People
Oct 2 2011‎ PrP: A Tangled Web Quint, Azog, Darella, Alteri, Sharna
Oct 9 2011‎ PM Plot: Ezra's Golden Parachute Spike, Mab, Alteri, Sharna, Azog
Oct 17 2001 PrP: There and Back Again Karl, Nasirri, Garthos
Oct 13 2011‎ PrP: Boiling Point Cesran, Drakha, Halani, Kanyk, Alistine
Oct 21 2011‎ Social: Cabin in the Woods Alteri, Svarshan
Oct 23 2011‎ PrP: Team Heart Face the Hydra Drakha, Alteri, Sharna, Bagrat
Oct 27 2011 PrP: Fey-tasia Kraken, Nasirri, Alteri, Sharna


Date Log People
Nov 2 2011‎ Two and a Half Men Strike, Abrahil, Usha, Boshter, Zahd
Nov 8 2011‎ PrP: Mouse Hunt Octavia, Kraken
Nov 15 2011‎ PM Plot: Just Another Bug Hunt Owen, Teppus, Quint, Sharna, Minka, Ormarr
Nov 27 2011 Social: Small Halfling, Big Tale Kal, Vasilly, Cesran


Logs Unavailable