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Log Info

  • Title: Codices, Indices and Odysseys
  • Emitter: Jinks
  • Characters: Aisha Level 2, Garrin Level 4, Halani Level 2, Kirutas Level 2
  • NPCs: Codex
  • Place: Alexandria - Guild of Explorers, the Old River Docks, and the Heap
  • Time: May 25 2011
  • Summary: The war golem Codex is in a bad way and requires the aid of adventurers in retrieving a lost piece of himself. He informs them that the lost part can be found at the Heap - a sort of dumping grounds for things people want lost. After a trip through the shadier parts of western Alexandria, the intrepid group comes in contact with Gutmunch, the Heap's doorman.
  • APL: 3
  • Encounter 1: Gutmunch, 1 ogre, CR 3

The rain constantly plaguing Alexandria is taking the day off, for once, but there's the damp smell in the air, a taste of rain-to-be. The sun is setting and the moisture is settling near the ground as the streets cool, dewing what little green there is on the western side of the Highbridge. Of course, that's outside. Inside the Guild of Explorers is another matter entirely, however, and a junior member tends dutifully to the hearth at all times. A trio of bloodied and bandaged ruffians idle on a bench waiting for pay after a day's work, and a crook-backed, white haired halfing scratches pen to parchment in a tome that easily weighs double what he does, bindings and all.

All of this is rather inconsequential, ultimately. The one object of import -- or person, if you're a stickler for that sort of thing -- hunches in a corner under a bundle of rags, intent on some sort of plaque. The master of the roll will point you towards him as you enter. That's the fellow what needs help. Some kind of war golem thing. Person. Thing-person.

Aisha is not really the type of person to regularly work for the adventurers guild or for money, but she had heard that someone was in need of help, which is something that she does do fairly often, help people, even if most of them don't really give her that much kindness in return. Righting wrongs is especially very much in her alley so here she is now, having just walked in and looking around for whoever the person was who put that add out. She is quite fortunate that it doesn't rain today, as her white clothes look terrible when wet.

Kirutas stalks into the adventurers guild along with whoever else shows up before or after, now that the rain is slacking off for a bit. The towering Egalrin brushes some moisture from his thick, dark red feathers, slanted intense eyes darting here and there. Someone needed help? He would help, simply for that, and another new story of adventure to store away in his mind. And the pay? Well, even birds needed to eat, right? "This is the place for the job? Codex?" He speaks up with his deep, almost tuneful crowing voice, taking in the sight of the faces as they present themselves.

So Garrin runs a hand over his head and is showing up as well. Really, he's not even sure what to -do- just yet. He's muttering, too. "I feel naked without my hat. Gods damned armless SNAKE THING." The last words are uttered louder than he'd really intended.

Halani was already in the building, though had been keeping to herself. Maybe to see what sorts of other folk would show up showing interest in this particular job. Maybe hoping for familiar faces. Such prospects don't seem to be looking good however... a glance towards the door reveals the passing thought that maybe this is a job she'll skip on. But it's only a passing thought. Before it's even fully formed, she narrows her eyes. Maybe imagining what that little man will say if she backs out on this. So she sticks her chin up, turns away from the door... and approaches the raggedy man. Thing.

The war golem turns when it catches the sound of its name, snapped from its study like a springtrap. If the trap was old, a bit rusted, and more than a little neglected. A patchwork cloak of rags is stained with dried mud and other filth at its base and the eccentric construct wears what might have been the head of a mop, once, on its head as if it were dreadlocked hair. Brass lenses encircle cracked blue stones and serve as eyes set just too far apart on a face of smooth metal. In several places, pieces of plating are missing to expose Codex's inner-workings. Steel rods pivot or piston, little glass tubes are alight with arcane energies, and cogwork spins like dueling swordsmen.

"Gn.. gn.. gn.. Hello (greetings, salutations, good tidings, well met) friends. Thank you for gn.. gn.. gn.. answering my summons." It seems cheerful enough, even without a mouth, but there's something off about its voice. The tone fluctuates oddly, garbles in places, or just plain stutters. It occasionally goes flat as he rattles off redundancies -- like whatever passes for a mind gets stuck on a thought. It leans into a wooden staff flecked with what might be metallic motes or just oddly-colored sap, while its hands (one like a gauntlet, the other a skeletal framework) grips it for dear life.

"I need (require, wish, crave) for you to visit the gn.. gn.. gn.. Heap." Lightning crashes dramatically -- no, wait. That was just the boy at the fire cracking a stick on his knee.

<OOC> Jinks says, "I will take Knowledge (Local) rolls, if anyone has it. In regards to the Heap." GAME: Garrin rolls Knowledge/Local: (6)+8: 14 You paged Garrin with 'the Heap -might- be a dumping ground of sorts for illicit goods. There have been rumors, maybe. You think you heard something once.'

Aisha listens the golem explaining what it wants... well sort of at least, as it doesn't really seek to make much sense to her, she glances around at the others present to see if they got a better idea of what it meant. The Heap does not really mean anything to her, but she is fairly new in not just the city but this whole part of the world, so that is not a huge wonder.

Kirutas is rather in the same boat as Aisha as it were, boggling a little as the golem tries to explain the situation. "The Heap? Where is that? What is it?" The egalrin questions the metal contraption of a being with his simple, short words. This is the second of such he's seen so far... And out of the two, seemed entirely broken down and worn out in comparison.

Halani makes a face... "Heap. Sounds like garbage. First sewers.. then the garbage. And here I worried about adventuring being too glamourous."

"The Heap.. That sounds familiar, actually. You know where it is, then? I've heard it's a dumping ground for smugglers and the like who want to get rid of things fast," says Garrin, shaking his head, "but I've never seen it, myself."

There's a visible glow from behind Codex's head when Halani mentions garbage, like a blue halo. An arc of mana dances from the base of its 'skull' and strikes the right stone-eye, disappearing like a worm burrowing into the socket. "Correct (yes, affirmative, confirmation, right) you have been there before?" It bobs its head at Halani, the voice forced out by whatever arcane means power the thing. It practically jumps up and down when Garrin chimes in, as well.

The skeletal hand reaches under the rags, metal scratches against metal, there's a ping when a fan catches on a plate, and then Codex is holding out a roll bit of paper tied with a damp string. "A map. Gn.. gn.. gn... to the Heap. I was there once. Most don't come back. I did. Lucky me. Not all of me. Unfortunate." It waits for someone to accept the map. A slight tremor shimmies up from a leg, rattles at the hip, shakes the chest and then produces a little puff of smoke from a shoulder. It might have been dancing if not for the offending odor of a smithy. "Retrieve (scare up, collect, obtain, save) me, it. Be gn.. gn.. gn.. rewarded." It certainly seems like it's not all there. And it could certainly use a bit of help from those able to give it.

Aisha glances around at the others for a moment before shrugging and reaching out to take the map that is offered and looking it over, even though someone who knows the city better will likely be better for being their navigator, Garrin seemed to be knowledgeable in that, so she offers the map towards him after looking it over. "So you want us to retrieve your missing... parts?" she asks, just to be sure she understood right.

"I think that's what he wants," is what Garrin says to the shadow elf. For his part, he doesn't seem either bothered or surprised by her appearance. In fact, he seems a little amused. "Shadow elves everywhere I go," he says, more to himself than to anything else. "But, yeah. Okay. A map." He reaches out to take the map. "We'll find the parts, good sir. What did this to you?"

Kirutas folds his large arms over the breastplate of his studded leather armor, listening now, his eyes tilting down to the map as it's passed around and ending in Garrin's hands. The first question in his mind is already being asked by the aformentioned person, so he plays the usual Egalrin role and remains quiet and aloof for the moment.

Halani's left eye twitches. Not just visit the garbage.. but dig around in it? Her gaze goes distant for a moment, as if trying to imagine something pleasant. "How are we supposed to tell the difference between your missing.... parts... and all of the other garbage there?"

"Part of parts missing." Codex affirms, as it stares right at Aisha it's reaching for and pulling back the rags allowing a clearer view its trunk, the 'abdominal' area. The gauntlet-hand grips the wood staff tightly, making it groan, while the skeletal fingers reach into the empty space. Something chunk-chack-chunks in anger and the lower part of Codex's body ceases all movement, locking solidly in place. "Like (resembling, akin, comparable to) this gn.. gn.. gn.." It holds out a block the size of a gnome's fist, unlike anything normally fabricated with hammer and anvil. Etched with runes, folded and re-folded, made of a half-dozen composite materials. It has a glow that dies slowly the longer it holds it out. It's remarkable, really, if you're impressed by artifice. The construct replaces the part and siezes mildly, takes a stumbling step, and catches itself with the cane.

There's a sound like laughter that coughs out of the back venting, proving that the infirm construct is an optimist, at the very least. "Time. Misfortune. Malice. Can't remember." It shrugs and whistles out a sigh. "First part. Then gn.. gn.. gn.. more parts later. First bricks, then wall."

The map is crude and on crumpled, recovered paper. Drawn with charcoal it seems to indicate cross streets, the odd landmark, and on the far right of the paper, what must be a bridge. The Highbridge, no doubt, and a firm landmark to orient one's self and affirm that your travels will take you further south from here.

<OOC> Jinks says, "We'll do a survival to make sense of the map. A Knowledge (Local) can also work, with a higher DC. Roll either." GAME: Garrin rolls Knowledge/Local: (20)+8: 28 You paged Garrin with 'So, yes, the map leads down Mill Rd., past the western residential district (there's a crude baby to indicate the orphanage), past the factories to the old river docks (there's a barred window to indicate the Jailhouse, too). There's an 'X' in the form of a red dot of paint were, presumably, the Heap is.'

Aisha frowns slightly as she watches that... whatever it is that the construct takes out and shows to her, as if memorizing the etails of it, before nodding slightly. "We will see what we can do." she assures the golem in return before turning to look towards Garrin to see if he can make out the map. "Are we ready to go, then?" she asks, not really directed to anyone in particular but to the whole group.

Halani briefly puts her fist to her palm, then turns away from the golem to look at the others.. shadow elf, eagle man, human.. she takes a half step closer to Garrin. "I'm ready." "..mmn.. Okay. That must be the orphanage.. that's the jailhouse.." Garrin is definitely able to decipher the map quickly. "Ah HA! There we are. Follow me!" And with that, he's on hsi way out the door, taking the lead and bringing the others right behind him.

"I am ready for the job," The Egalrin states aloud also, after listening closely to what's been said. He has an idea of what's going on. This isn't his forte, persay, but he'll go with it anyway. Once Garrin is in motion, he follows not long behind him.

Aisha follows after Garrin as well, letting the man to lead the way for now as he seems to know where he is going.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Alright. The trip there will be relatively uneventful. If anyone would like to roll a gather information-type check (Diplomacy) for more information en route, I'll allow it. We'll also say it doesn't take the normal 1d4 hours, sinc you're headed that way, anywho." <OOC> Aisha says, "I will use my domain power also to get +2 to the roll. Touch of Glory" GAME: Aisha rolls diplomacy: (13)+7: 20 You paged Aisha with 'You stop a nervous man on your way through the residential district. He doesn't seem particularly bright and keeps winking at you like he thinks you're bringing him in on some private joke. He describes the Heap, so far as he knows, as a place where things are brought to disappear. It's close to the river (and maybe has a feed-in to the sewer) so things have a habit of coming out and chewing on stuff. Maybe even, like, bodies people want gone.'

Aisha chats with some people along the way to the other side of the town, managing to eventually find out something that might actually be useful and relevant. "We would have to be lucky if the pieces are still there... things tend to disappear from 'heap'. We should also be prepared for running into... carrion eaters." she explains to the others afterwars.

Halani spends the walk wrapping her hands and forearms with long, blue ribbon-like strips of cloth, cinching them tight. "Carrion easters. Great." She flexes her fingers, then curls them into fists.

And Garrin pretty much steadily leads. He's more than happy to do it, though he also waits for Aisha to catch up when she gets distracted by the chatter. He's a patient sort, that Garrin.

That took much longer than one would probably expect. It doesn't help that waiting for the golem to finish an idea was like waiting for the winds to carve a passage through stone. The sun is set completely now and the dampness has settled down into a light, ankle-high fog once you pass south of the Orphanage and near the old city docks.

This is the rough part of town. The well-kept streets set with mana-lamps at regular intervals are on the other side of the Tornmawr along with the frequent Watch patrols. This is a place of deep, dark alleys, whispered conversations, stolen looks, and curtains that seem to peel back only when you aren't looking directly at them. Aisha might feel at home, for better or for worse, and Kirutas might be surprised by how much this area duplicates the hostile sensations of a deep, untamed wood.

By nightfall, the few honest factories and warehouses have closed, any of the small ships that would go out from these dock have been returned and tied into place. The sagging, skeletal remains of the abandoned places seem to be alive; canvas tarps make tents with overtuned wagons, small fires flicker in the shadows, half-obscured by rotted crates. It's not surprising a part of Codex is here -- it's almost as if this part of the city birthed the golem.

And then you find the Heap. It's a dead place, a warehouse that seems to be relatively intact, smack on the waterfront, part of it supported by stilts that disappear into the calm surface. A vibrant splash of red paint marks one of the walls. Codex isn't subtle.

Aisha follows after Garrin as well, letting the man to lead the way for now as he seems to know where he is going.

<OOC> Jinks says, "I'll need Perception checks, please.There will be a penalty for dim light. Aisha can make use of her 120' darkvision, Kirutas will benefit from Low-light vision. Garrin or Halani will be penalized, unless they have something else going for them. Aisha follows after Garrin as well, letting the man to lead the way for now as he seems to know where he is going. Base perception DC for this check is 10. 100' away (+10) make it 20 for Kirutas and Aisha. Poor conditions (dim lighting, +2) make it 22 for Garrin and Halani." GAME: Aisha rolls perception: (14)+6: 20 GAME: Kirutas rolls perception: (3)+11: 14 GAME: Halani rolls perception: (18)+7: 25 GAME: Garrin rolls Perception: (5)+5: 10 You paged (Aisha, Halani) with 'Still a good distance away from the warehouse, you do notice a figure verynear the door entryway facing the street. It's hiding under a cloak and cowl but seems to be quite large, likely a giantborn. It sits on the ground, its back against the warehouse wall, and seems like it almost might be as tall as a short man from that seated position. A guard, perhaps?'

Halani squints a bit.. a bit jumpy now, no doubt due to the hostile nature of the area, she walks a bit closer to the others. Nevermind that she wouldn't have known them from any other person likely to slit your throat in these parts. "I think there's someone there. Maybe they can help us out."

Aisha is not bothered by the dark, she can see in it just as well and clearly as in sunlight, if not better. Her skin color also merges quite well to the night, same however, can not be said of her white dress and hair, but she is not trying to hide anyway, she follows the light now, no longer lost in the darkness. Her eyes spot the figure ahead quite clearly, studying the form over a few moments before she says to the others. "A large man is sitting outside the warehouse, possible a guard, at least he doesn't look like he is going anywhere." she informs those not blessed with such nightvision.

And Garrin? Garrin is checking out Halani's behind right now. Hey, she must work out, right? At any rate, he looks up and around and then clears his throat. "Eh? What?"

It is odd when you think about it. All these places teeming with life (or something like it) as the dregs of society scrabble to survive. But then you have this one warehouse -- a dumping ground, admittedly -- that's under guard. It's certainly enough to make someone suspicious.

Halani half turns around, eying Garrin. Suspiciously. Hands on her hips, even. "Big man. In front of building." She offers him a smile that's not entirely pleasant. "You get to go talk to him!"

"Yes, yes. I am on my way. Hello!" Garrin has made his way towards the fellow, with a big grin. "I am Garrin Goodmountain, good sir, and do you actually have a miute or are you.. you know. You are very large."

Kirutas keeps his nerves cool despite the very unfamiliar - yet familiar in a way - territory of this part of the city. His lethally sharp taloned feet click lightly against the groun as he moves quietly with the group, he's already got his composite bow readied and slung on his shoulder if needed. His eyes were still adjusting a little to the foggy night surroundings, but the small details of it all did make him a bit on edge. For whatever reason, he decides to stick closer to the dark elf, she was picking out things a bit quicker than he was.

You pass another building, a shed of sorts, then cross the street not far from a heap of discarded fish offal. The closer you get to the red-marked warehouse, the larger the guard appears to be. Even in the darkness and under the cloak. When you're on the same side of the street you can hear his heavy breathing, then smell his unwashed stink. That creeping sense of hostility is almost palpable now. One meaty, massive hand slides from under the tent-like cloak, wrapped in a long strip of cloth dyed a deep blue with black ink spots. "Go 'way."

The monster of a man rumbles, guttural and accented. It makes the stomach flop and pinch. Something is wrong and it might not just be the smell of rotted meats.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Another Know (Local), Garrin. Also, if anyone has Knowledge (Geography) I will give you a chance to identify the accent." GAME: Garrin rolls Knowledge/Local: (6)+8: 14 You paged Garrin with 'It has layers. It's either an onion or... an ogre!' GAME: Kirutas rolls knowledge/geography: (15)+6: 21 You paged Kirutas with 'The guard is from Bludgun, his common is heavily influenced by his native language of Jotun (Giant).'

Current Initiative Order ====

19                  Aisha

17                  Halani

15                  Garrin

14                  Gutmunch

 4                  Kirutas


"Well, you see. I can't just go away," says Garrin to the very large fellow, "I believe there is something I want on the other side of that door. Would you so kindly take a bribe so that I can go inside?" He s ounds hopeful. Okay, not very hopeful.

Kirutas already knew from the accent.. Being a mountain and forest dweller by nature himself, that it was the Jotun accent. And once Garrin just strolls right up to him, he tenses even more. "That's a giantfolk..." the Egalrin murmurs to those close enough, or even listening, to hear him. If that's important or not at this point, that's also up to interpretation. His slanted, sharp eyes focus on the monsterous man and Garrin now, lingering still near the dark elf.

Aisha is not an expert on various races, but well, it does not take a professor to figure out that is one giant of a man, whether he is 'officially' a giant or not. She stands back a bit and just watches the conversation between Garrin and the jotun, as one sided as that might be.

Halani winces faintly at Garrin's chosen tactice in dealing with the giant, stinky doorman. Then she takes a step away.. not to avoid fallout from the hostility she assumes will happen in a few moments. Rather to give herself some space. Her fingers curl up again.

The monster's response to Garrin's offer isn't exactly verbal. It starts to move, like a boulder disturbed begins to roll, gaining momentum. As it stands the cloak pulls away, likely snared on some exposed nail or hook of metal, revealing the thing beneath like a hedge megician might reveal a white hare held up in a hand. His head is small in relation to his body, obscured by a thin, greasy map of black hair. Beady eyes rest above a mouth that seems too big. He raises to a full ten feet in height, his muscled arms scarred and tattooed heavily with gang markings. Both fists are wrapped in that same blue cloth.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Alright! Sense Motive (super easy) and then a Perception, from everyone!" GAME: Aisha rolls sense motive: (4)+9: 13 GAME: Aisha rolls perception: (1)+6: 7 GAME: Garrin rolls Sense Motive: (3)+5: 8 GAME: Garrin rolls Perception: (18)+5: 23 GAME: Kirutas rolls sense motive: (3)+4: 7 <OOC> Aisha says, "Damn my rolls suck" GAME: Kirutas rolls perception: (15)+11: 26 GAME: Halani rolls sense motive: (8)+8: 16 GAME: Halani rolls perception: (2)+7: 9 <OOC> Jinks says, "Alright, Sense Motive is DC10 to notice that the monster is intent on violence. If the check was made, you'll act in the surprise round (Garrin is convinced haggling has begun!). I will page the Perception results as soon as Halani has rolled." You paged (Garrin, Kirutas) with 'The ogre has the item you're looking for! A leather thong hangs loose around its neck, decorated with hands from a menagerie of humanoid races in various states of rot. The two at the front-center are sewn together to cup the golem's missing component, which still glows ever-so-faintly.' <OOC> Jinks says, "Aisha, you may act. It's the surprise round, so a single standard action (or move if you'd rather)." <OOC> Aisha says, "I will command it to fall" GAME: Aisha casts command. <OOC> Aisha says, "DC 14" GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+3: (7)+3: 10

Aisha narrows her eyes as she sees the giant about to tear the silly human apart, she is not going to let that happen so easily. "Fall!" is the simple order she gives to the giant with authoritary voice, even pointing down with a finger.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Alright, surprise round, Halani. The giant is standing and is clearly hostile, Aisha cast a spell. The giant is standing for now." <OOC> Halani says, "five foot step in front of Garrin, then, and total defence." <OOC> Jinks says, "Pose it. The giant falls (free action) in response to Aisha's command. He spends a move action drawing his weapon. Kir and Garrin did not act in the surprise Round. Aisha -- first full aroundof combat." <OOC> Aisha says, "I will cast bless, and draw my sword." GAME: Aisha casts bless.

"Watch out!" Halani blurts out, obviously not liking what she's seeing from the giant. She butts in front of Garrin, maybe even elbowing him back a bit as she puts herself right in front of the doorman, bouncing on the balls of her feet and keeping her hands out in front of her.

The ogre's eyes cross as if physically hit in the face and he folds over himself onto the ground with a plank-cracking slam. Fallen, on his knees, he's still taller than some standing before him. He reaches out with one bulging arm and snatches at a discard log -- no, a club -- that was half-hidden beneath refuse.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Pose, Aisha. Halani, it's you. The giant is prone and you threaten." <OOC> Halani says, "Stunning Fist :D"

Aisha lifts her arms up as she does a short chant in celestial, before continuing in common. Feel the blessed light of Eli lifting your spirits, fear not the darkness." and indeed, her allies can feel their spirits rising, she draws her short sword then, just in case. "We do not need to fight, we are simply looking for some... misplaced property." she offers then, even if it might be a bit late for diplomacy.

GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+5: (10)+5: 15 <OOC> Jinks says, "Hit. Save DC?" <OOC> Halani says, "14" <OOC> Jinks says, "Oh, wait. Real quick; miss chance (20%) for dim ight." <OOC> Halani says, "Low misses." GAME: Halani rolls 1d100: (46): 46 GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+6: (17)+6: 23 <OOC> Jinks says, "He resists, roll damage." GAME: Halani rolls 1d6+1: (1)+1: 2 <OOC> Jinks says, "Garrin!" <OOC> Jinks says, "5' back if you don't wanna be in swinging range. :D"

Halani aims a kick, with her heel, down at the fallen giant. "You better stay down!" she tells him while she aims for something vital.

<OOC> Garrin says, "I'm a five foot step back and hit him with a blinding ray." <OOC> Garrin says, "Illusionist Domain power." <OOC> Garrin says, "I figure he has more than four HD, yeah?" GAME: Garrin rolls 1d20+4: (9)+4: 13 <OOC> Garrin says, "If that hits him as a touch attack, and he has more than 4HD, he is dazzled for one round. XD" <OOC> Garrin says, "If he is 4 hd or lower, he is blinded." <OOC> Jinks says, "You have precise shot, I'm assuming?" <OOC> Garrin says, "ANd no, I don't, so -4. XD" <OOC> Jinks says, "So it's a miss, since he was prone when you shot him." <OOC> Jinks says, "While we wait for that; Halani, AoO, the Ogre is standing up." <OOC> Halani kicks him again! GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+5: (19)+5: 24 GAME: Halani rolls 1d6+1: (3)+1: 4 <OOC> Jinks says, "Halani, don't die. Ogre attacking Halani." GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (1)+7: 8 <OOC> Jinks says, "Natural 1 stil fails, though." <OOC> Jinks says, "Gimme a post, Garrin. Halani, I'll add your AoO to the ogre's. Kir! You're up!"

Garrin watches as the big old fellow goes prone and is attacked. He.. for whatever reason, thought he could charm the fellow with his smile and a sack full of jingling coins he was reaching for. Still, he's not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and, instead, he quickly utters an arcane word and fires a bolt of energy that hits the ground right next to the giant-kin's head. "Uh.. the next one hits you! IN THE FACE," he says, loudly, "if you don't give up right now!" Yeeah, that'll show him!

<OOC> Kirutas says, "Going to use my shortbow and precise shot to fire into traffic from Kiru's angle, hopefully getting a HIT this time!" <OOC> Jinks says, "Roll it!" <OOC> Aisha says, "Don't forget to add the +1 from bless to your attack rolls"

The ogre roars, breaking free of the enchantment and pushing up from the ground with all the grace of a rampaging bull. He accepts a swift kick to the head (he doesn't keep anything vital up there!) as he rises, taking his club in both fists. The tree-trunk lifts high into the air only to come crashing down. It misses Halani cleanly, snapping a plank and sending fragments smashing down into the water below.

GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d20+6: (17)+6: 23 <OOC> Jinks says, "Hit, roll damage. :)" GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d6: (5): 5 <OOC> Jinks says, "Alright, pose it! A solid hit, but he's still in good shape. Aisha!" <OOC> Aisha says, "I cast shield of faith and move a bit closer, but still staying far enough that he can't reach me with 5 foot step."

Kirutas swivels his shortbow with a practice from his shoulder with one hand, his left reaching over his shoulder and plucking an arrow from his quiver. In a seamless, smooth motion, he aims right past Garrin and Halani, notching, drawing.. And then releasing. The arrow whips right past them and strikes the giant center mass, hopefully helping to prove the point that this group is -serious-.

<OOC> Jinks says, "I would imagine you're not too far away, as it is. So you probably don't need to move closer." GAME: Aisha casts shield of faith. <OOC> Jinks says, "Pose it. Halani, the winner is you." <OOC> Halani says, "okay. Fluuury."

Aisha studies the fight with careful eye while taking a few steps closer, murmuring a silent, more personal prayer to Eli this time, which makes it appear like she would have a shimmering golden halo for a moment, until it fades, while she waits for a good opening.

<OOC> Halani includes bless this time GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+4: (20)+4: 24 GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+4: (20)+4: 24 GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+4: (16)+4: 20 GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+4: (2)+4: 6 GAME: Halani rolls 2d6+2: (9)+2: 11 GAME: Halani rolls 1d6+1: (2)+1: 3 <OOC> Jinks says, "Alright. Now your miss chance. And don't miss your crit. :P" GAME: Halani rolls 1d100: (71): 71 GAME: Halani rolls 1d100: (98): 98 <OOC> Jinks says, "Garrin. Mr. Ogre is not feeling well." <OOC> Garrin says, "The others are beating him up. I'ma try to take theitem. :)"

Halani's eyes go wide as the club goes crashing down beside her. She doesn't move for a moment, ribbons flapping about as they're disturbed by the huge weapon's passage. Then she moves. She hops onto the brute's club steps up, elbowing him in the face once before somersaulting back off.... catching the ogre in the chin with the heel of her foot as she does so. She hits the ground much more lightly than the club did, bringing her arms up in another defensive stance.

<OOC> Jinks says, "And, as one indian chief said to the other; 'how?'" <OOC> Garrin says, "I am hoping to use my rapier to hook it and remove it. :)" <OOC> Garrin says, "Since he's wearing the whole thing around his neck." <OOC> Jinks says, "Well, you'll need to get adjacent. You can attempt an acrobatics check to avoid the AoO from passing into and through his threat. Then I'll give you a... disarm check?" <OOC> Garrin shall try it! GAME: Garrin rolls Acrobatics: (14)+7: 21 <OOC> Jinks says, "That beats his CMD" You paged Garrin with 'Do you have Improved Disarm?' <OOC> Garrin says, "It looks like he gets an AOO." <OOC> Garrin says, "Roll it, Jinks! :D" <OOC> Garrin's AC is 16. GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (16)+7: 23 GAME: Jinks rolls 2d8+7: (10)+7: 17 GAME: Jinks damaged Garrin for 17 points. 15 remaining. <OOC> Jinks says, "Roll your CMB" GAME: Garrin rolls 1d20+1: (15)+1: 16 <OOC> Jinks says, "That, sadly, does not work. :("

So Garrin gets a bright idea. The item. The one they want! It is right there! He even says so, "IT's right there. Let me get it!" Garrin draws his rapier and attempts to spear the thong around the ogre's neck and flick it off him. Sadly, he only gets picked up and slammed into the ground, face first, for his troubles. His rapier skitters a little to the side as he just lays there. "Ow."

<OOC> Jinks says, "Halani, duck!" GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (1)+7: 8

The ogre is reeling, enraged to he point of frothing at the mouth and suffering from broken bones and cuts and scrapes aplenty. It won't have anything to do with Garrin's shenanigans and it soundly crushes the would-be thief. Halani, somehow, manages to be shorter than the ogre perceived and his return-swing is wildly high. It misses the islander and takes a chunk out of the warehouse wall behind him, making the ogre growl between clenched teeth.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Kir, it's you." <OOC> Kirutas says, "Nooo :( Poor Garrin! Alright, precise shot again, taking another crack and felling the giant from afar with composite short bow." GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d20+6: (19)+6: 25 <OOC> Jinks says, "A hit! Damage!" GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d6: (4): 4 <OOC> Jinks says, "He teeters at death's door." <OOC> Jinks says, "Aisha." <OOC> Aisha says, "I move to within 10 feet and try to disarm him with my swordwhip, which gives him an AoO since I don't have improved disarm (stupid reach monsters!). Hopefully he doesn't hit my ac 20. :)" GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (20)+7: 27 GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+7: (12)+7: 19 <OOC> Jinks says, "Well, it's not a crit, at least." GAME: Jinks rolls 2d8+7: (10)+7: 17 GAME: Jinks damaged Aisha for 17 points. -4 remaining.

Kirutas remains in his place, taloned feet gripping the stone of the street. The Egalrin archer draws his shortbow once again, slanted, wickedly keen eyes afixed on his target. He waits for the right moment, Garrin getting slammed away, Halani finishing her hollywood worthy kung fu move.. Then the release. The arrow from the towering bird-man's bow sending the arrow whizzing by over head and sticking the giant solid once more, just inches from the first arrow he planted into him, in a nice shower of blood as it buries in deep.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Go ahead and pose it, Aisha. Halani, you better not miss this turn. ;)" <OOC> Halani says, "flurry" <OOC> Jinks says, "Roll it." GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+4: (9)+4: 13 GAME: Halani rolls 1d20+4: (9)+4: 13 <OOC> Jinks says, "Misses. Garrin?"

Aisha sees how badly the man is mauled and figures that she will need to remove that club from its possession, and she moves closer to do that, but unfortunately that brute has a bit longer reach than she is used to, and is also faster than it seems and she gets smacked by said club before she has time to try whatever it is she was going to do, and is knocked straight out.

Halani is clearly unnerved by how close that massive club keeps coming... particularly since she's seen what it does to Garrin and the elf woman. She tries to skip in to land a telling blow, but the ogre's rags and filth disguise his weak spots too well and her punches are ineffective.

<OOC> Garrin says, "Magic missile." <OOC> Garrin can flip back if needed. :) <OOC> Jinks says, "Casting defensively?" <OOC> Jinks says, "Or roll Acrobatics, either." <OOC> Garrin will try acro first, yeah. GAME: Garrin rolls acrobatics: (9)+7: 16 <OOC> Jinks says, "Oh, wait." <OOC> Jinks says, "It used its AoO." <OOC> Jinks says, "You're clear." GAME: Garrin rolls 2d4+2: (6)+2: 8 <OOC> Jinks says, "It had 1hp." GAME: Garrin casts Magic Missile.

"..ow," is what Garrin says, seeng the world through this bloodied, intense haze of pain. He looks at the giant humanoid, then at his sword. Then at the humnaoid. He pushes himself up a bit more, falls onto his rear, utters a pair of magical words, and puts two holes in the creature's chest as twin bolts of energy fire through it. "Aw, shit," he wheezes.

<OOC> Kirutas says, "Not sure what Kiru with Heal 2 can accomplish >_>"

The ogre was already tearing the club from the wall, readying another attack. The twin force projectiles explode against his massive frame and something important breaks. A snap like the sound of a felled oak is muffled by a muscle, fat, and a thick skin. The ogre coughs, surprised, and brackish blood bubbles down its chin. It falls on its ass, pauses, and then slouches down unconscious, gurgling shallow breaths.

<OOC> Jinks says, "Kir, you can move to Aisha and +roll Heal in an attempt to stabilize her." <OOC> Kirutas says, "Alright, I'll move in to try that." From afar, Garrin is gonna stabilize the ogre, on account of his being someone's ogre. XD GAME: Kirutas rolls heal: (6)+7: 13 <OOC> Jinks says, "Sucess!" <OOC> Jinks says, "You administer first aid, Kir, and Aisha stops slipping closer to death." <OOC> Garrin says, "Shall I roll too, Jinks? D:"

Kirutas slings his bow again as the giant goes down. His active awareness and alertness kept him in the loop of the situation. Aisha went down, and went down hard. He rushes to her aid now, skidding to a kneeling position right next to her. He administers initial first-aid to the downed dark elf, keeping her stable until she can be transported to a proper apothecary or cleric.

<OOC> Jinks says, "OK, Garrin, go ahead."

Halani dances back on her heels to avoid the falling giant and his weapon... her fists remain up and ready until she's sure the brute isn't going to move again. "Sweet heavens," she breathes out, then, relaxing. A little bit. Until she remembers Aisha nearly had her head taken off. She turns about, seeing Kirutas dealing with her.

GAME: Garrin rolls heal: (14)+1: 15 <OOC> Jinks says, "You stabilize Mr. Ogre as well."

And it would appear that Garrin is doing to do the same for their opponent, mighty and horrible as he was. Once he's done that, he reaches down to take the thong around its neck. "This looks like one of the parts here, if I'm not mistkaen," he says, nodding towards a bit of metal upon it. With that, he gives him an inspection and says, after applying a few bandages, "He'll live. I'm no killer. If someone else wants him dead, that's your decision. But I'd rather ask him some questions and maybe even find out some things."

The ogre lies subdued, seriously wounded but out of Vardama's reach for now. The piece of the jigsaw war golem has been recovered. The Heap, however, lies unexplored. As Garrin shifts the massive brute, a single key clatters out of its belt pouch, along with a rotting melon, and another armless hand that was destined for his necklace fetish.

Codex will be eager to have his insides returned and, hopefully, this will help to return the construct closer to proper working order.

"You do that." Kirutas speaks up toward Garrin as the object of interest in retrieved, nodding his beak once toward the human. He's just glad this one is over and done with "We won. Lets get what we came for," he adds, stabilizing Aisha's neck, applying bandages to her from his small back of limited supplies. Probably using one of his own leather bracers for support, just in case. Big giant, big club, small dark elf. Can't take chances.