Tidehollow's Challenge

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Tidehollow's Challenge

Player DM: Xenarchy


Scoring: One point is earned per level of the summoning spell. Half of the points are subtracted for winning one round early. Totals are rounded down. No points are gained for a victory in the first round, a loss by defeat or a time out. Only a participant's best score is counted.

Hilal - Human Fighter 2 - Best Score: 0

Kirutas - Egalrin Ranger 2 - Best Score: 0

Jinks - Gnome Bard 4 - Best Score: 0

Jareth - Human Fighter 10 - Best Score: 0

Garthos - Human Fighter 4 - Best Score: 2

Owen - Human Cleric 3 - Best Score: 3

Mikilos - Dawn-elf Wizard 5 - Best Score: 0

Tyler - Human Fighter 2 - Best Score: 0

Bashkim - Human Rogue 2 - Best Score: 1

Kilroy - War-golem Barbarian/Sorcerer 2 - Best Score: 0

Koszhey - Human Fighter/Wizard 2 - Best Score: 0

Selia - Halfling Rogue 5 -Best Score: 0

Norii - Human Sorcerer 4 - Best Score: 0

Kanyk - Egalrin Monk 4 - Best Score: 0

The Scene Begins

"Welcome, challenger!" comes the augmented voice of Conjurer-Majestrix Tidehollow, calling from an elaborate raised platform on one side of the arena. She is a woman of austere appearance, regal and stately in a fashion that tells of deep confidence in her arcane power. The long robes of her office sit well on her.

"You have agreed to test not only your skill at battle, but your skill at knowing yourself. Even in strength, knowledge is power," she says, very much playing up key words in this tourney largely dominated by feats of physical force. "Once you have entered the ring, leaving it will be a forfiet. You must choose one of the flags laid out on the ground and raise it above your head. Each has a number of bands on it from one to nine, indicating the strength of the creature I will summon. When the signal is given to start, you will have twenty seconds to defeat the creature. If you defeat it earlier than the last five seconds, you will gain fewer points. Time your battle well. Know your skill and strength. May you make Angoron proud!"

Tidehollow gestures with a flourish and the ring, 60 feet across, lights up with a fiery green light at the edges. The nine flags are laid out in the middle. "Come, take your flag and raise it. Choose wisely."

Hilal vs Summon Monster II: Fiendish Giant Ant (worker)

And so stands Hilal, a young man recently freed from the rigors of enslavement, in the center of the ring. Although the chance to attain notoriety might hurt his escape from Veyshan in the end, he needed the coin. And the reputation may help him find further employment. He nods silently in acknowledgement to Conjurer-Majestrix Tidehollow in acknowledgement of her power and the rules.

He then makes his way to the flag with only a pair of bands on it and raises it over his head to the cheers of the crowd.

GAME: Hilal rolls 1d9: (1): 1

"Very well," says the Conjurer-Majestrix. "You will face a creature kin to the tiniest of vermin yet more vast and powerful. Fight well and prove yourself a master of your own strength." She incants her conjuration and a plume of green light issues forth from the ground. A giant ant the size of a pony crawls out of the aether and clicks its scissor-like mandibles. Tidehollow calls out, "Begin!" An assistant nearby invokes an illusion of a timer above the battlefield, the seconds ticking away.

Round 1

Hilal attacks the ant.
GAME: Hilal rolls melee+2: (6)+5+2: 13

No stranger to magic, but a stranger to conjuration, Hilal still manages to react swiftly. He slides into range of the giant ant and brings his sword about in a broad arc, it's decorated blade gleaming in the sunlight. His weapon strikes true, but it's only a glancing blow, dealing no damage to the ant while his blade slides awkwardly off of it's chitin.

The ant attacks Hilal.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (13)+3: 16

The ant is unfazed by the strike and lunges forward with its mandibles, clicking and chittering. Just as Hilal was unable to pierce the chitinous creature, it fails to bite through his armour. Tidehollow watches the battle impassively. "Twelve seconds remain!" the assistant announces.

Round 2

Hilal attacks the ant with sword and shield.
GAME: Hilal rolls melee+2-2: (4)+5+2+-2: 9
GAME: Hilal rolls melee-2: (8)+5+-2: 11

Hilal is definitely out of his element here. The bite fortunately didn't break his armor, allowing him to disengage momentarily and not be crushed by it's mandibles. He responds by coming back in with a spinning attack, first his sword and then shield coming in an overhead arc to try and smash through the exoskeleton on it's head. Instead, his sword swings wild, passing between it's mandibles. His shield strikes true, but is unable to even faze the giant insect.

The ant attacks Hilal.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (8)+3: 11

It's not going well for either combatant. The ant, in its mindless attack, pushes forward under Hilal's assault and latches its mandibles onto one leg. They scrape off and release him, leaving no more than some scuff marks on the armour. "Tarien is laughing on this battle, I see," says the Conjurer-Majestrix from above. The crowd is in a roar of amusement as well, at this slapstick combat. "Five seconds!" shouts the assistant.

Round 3

Hilal attacks the ant with sword and shield.
GAME: Hilal rolls melee+2-2: (6)+5+2+-2: 11
GAME: Hilal rolls melee-2: (14)+5+-2: 17
GAME: Hilal rolls 1d3+1: (2)+1: 3

Hilal's sword is thrust this time, but still unable to fully penetrate the giant ant's armor. It does leave just enough of a crack for Hilal to actually slam against it with his shield again, causing actual damage with the edge of the protective piece. But not much. And not enough for this challenge.

The ant attacks hilal.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (16)+3: 19

The ant fares no better, striking forward with its mandibles and scraping off the flat surface of Hilal's shield. After its attack, a horn blares loudly and Tidehollow dismisses the creature. It effervesces away in a plume of green. "You fought admirably and I observed your talent, but Angoron did not bless you today. Rest well and you may attempt this challenge another time." The light at the edge of the ring fades and the Conjurer-Majestrix dismisses Hilal with a wave.

Hilal sheathes his blade and bows before he exists the arena. He does all he can to just shrug off the jeers of the audience, but the look on his face screams his discontent and declares the he often wonders whether the gods truly bless everyone but him.

Hilal's Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Kirutas vs Summon Monster I: Fiendish Eagle

The Egalrin challenger makes his way to the center of the arena, slanted eyes focused on the conjurer up on her high stage. He pressed on hand flat to the chest plates of his leather armor and offers a subtle bow of his torso and head. "I am here to challenge," he states, and in an uncharacteric move, plays it safe as he plucks out a flag with a single band on it. He raises it over his head in signal he's ready.

GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d5: (2): 2

Tidehollow notes Kirutas' flag and says, "Are you ready to pit yourself against a creature akin to you? Which winged warrior will prevail?" Her summoning manifests in a plume of green fire. A great, white-winged eagle bursts forth from the spell. "May Angoron find you in his favour. Begin!" The illusory timer manifests above the battlefield, counting down toward zero.

Round 1

The eagle attacks Kirutas.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (19)+3: 22
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d4: (2): 2
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Kirutas for 2 points. 17 remaining.

The eagle is quick to the combat, surging forward on the air and plunging its talons into the egalrin. The spell upon this battlefield keeps the injury from being a lasting one, but the pain is no less real. The crowd cheers at this battle between feathered combatants.

Kirutas takes a five foot step back and attacks the eagle.
GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d20+5: (9)+5: 14
GAME: Kirutas rolls 1d8+2: (7)+2: 9

Kirutas snaps his attention to the eagle that appears, his eyes widen just a tad as he sees something so similar to himself. But all other thoughts are cast aside when the creature dives at him, taking a nip of his exposed feathers and skin. He manages to sidestep and backpedal away as it starts to flail it's wings, lifting his sturdy longbow, drawing back the heavy string with an arrow notched and sends the lethal wooden shaft directly into the other bird's body. His face is quickly covered by his free forearm once the bright green light bursts in front of him, then lowers it again to see his target ... gone. "...Hm.."

The timer vanishes and the assistant blows the trumpet to signal the end of the match. The Conjurer-Majestrix smiles down at Kirutas after the summoned creature receives that single strike. "You show greater prowess than you know. Your conservative choice of opponent earned you no victory here, for this is a challenge of self-awareness." She bows and gestures for him to leave the ring. The light around it fades. "Be mindful of your strengths, that they may serve you better. If you choose to try again, consider a greater test of your skill."

Kirutas' Match Ends

Result: Victory two rounds early. (0 points)

Jinks vs Summon Monster II: Lemure

Coyote laughs. The little gnome is no holyman but he can't but think the trickster had a hand in this, manipulative prick that he is. Swaggering for everything that he's worth, Jinks steps out onto the field of battle with his bow already in hand and a toothy grin threatening to split his goatee in twain.

A twist and a toss sends a sack of coin through the air and into the eager paws of gobber clad in techno-enhance armor. They exchange a brief, snarky bit fo dialogue and then the gnome eyes the flags laid out on the ground. He selects the second-simplest option, lifts it over his head briefly, and then tosses it out before him and past the others. "As Luck would have it," he mutters.

GAME: Jinks rolls 1d9: (8): 8

"What is more thrilling than the heroic vanquishing the dark and depraved?" calls Tidehollow, gesticulating dramatically. "Noble sir, give us a show of good versus evil and strike down this beast with impeccable timing and skill." The green fire bursts into the ring and a shambling thing of churning flesh spews out onto the ground. The crowd issues a unified gasp. "Begin!" A timer cast by illusion appears in the sky over the ring, counting down toward the match's end.

Round 1

GAME: Jinks casts Glitterdust.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (11)+0: 11

Jinks erupts in laughter when the fat boils out of the ground and forms up into the lowest order of infernal. "You smile on me tonight." His beringed fingers slide into a pouch and he sings a worldless melody, flicking his hand forward to produce a brilliant explosion over the sluggish beast. A good distance away from the blinded creature coated in diamonds' dust, the gnome manages to look supremely confident.

New save vs glitterdust.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (12)+0: 12

The fleshy mass ambles forward on knotty lumps and half-formed limbs. It groans mournfully and paws at its eyes, trundling in the direction it last saw Jinks. "Well done," says Conjurer-Majestrix Tidehollow, smirking lightly. "You have clouded its senses, but can you defeat it before the time is up?" She glances up at the timer, showing thirteen seconds remaining.

Round 2

Jinks shoots the lemure with a silver arrow.
GAME: Jinks used a Arrow.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+9: (17)+9: 26
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d4+2: (4)+2: 6

He slides away from the lumbering mass, neatly side-stepping its lunge. His grin only grows wider when he pulls free the ammunition. The missile's head is sparkling, treated with alchemical silver at its tip for just such an occasion. "What ruthless bastard of a god did you forsake?" He wonders as draws back on the bow. It's a short shot -- likely something he could make with his eyes closed -- and the specialized ammunition causes the flesh to boil, blacken and burst where it tears through. Overfull of confidence, the gnome can't help but laugh again.

The lemure makes an acrobatics check to not fall while moving at full speed while blind.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (15)+0: 15
The lemure attacks Jinks.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (19)+0: 19
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d100: (63): 63
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d4: (4): 4
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Jinks for 4 points. 17 remaining.
New save vs glitterdust.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (15)+0: 15

Following the direction the arrow came from, the lemure ambles, spilling ooze from the wound and almost rolling as it fumbles in the gnome's direction. By luck, it slashes out with crude, broken claws and hooks into him despite its blindness. The creature gasps still, wiping its face with the mushy paws. Tidehollow nods at Jinks' performance. "Your wounds will fade in mere hours. This arena's magic will make sure you are in no lethal danger, but you are in danger of losing this battle. Your attack was true, but can you complete your task in the few moments remaining?" The assistant calls out, "Five seconds!" to announce the match nearing its finish.

Round 3

Jinks shoots the lemure.
GAME: Jinks used a Arrow.
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d20+9: (7)+9: 16
GAME: Jinks rolls 1d4+2: (3)+2: 5

Five seconds? Pshaw! Plenty of time. Maybe he'll just drop here and take a brief nap first.

All joking aside, the gnome continues to scramble back and away from the mound of once-flesh. He taunts and teases it in a sing-song gnomish lilt. Finally finding his footing, he raises the bow again and lets fly another arrow. It flies true. Shears cleanly through the middle of the devil's face. Sadly, the resulting damage isn't enough to banish the creature from the material sphere. "Fall, damn you! Thul's rotted cock." He snarls.

The lemure flaps sadly at Jinks and then a trumpet sounds the end of the match. It boils away in green flame, leaving no trace. "A worthy attempt," says Tidehollow from above, "But not quite enough. I have watched several contestants try their skill here today, and yours has been the closest to a perfect victory so far. Alas, it was not quite enough. You may attempt this challenge again, after a time of rest." The Conjurer-Majestrix gives Jinks a wave of dismissal.

Jinks is issuing some other choice curses under his breath as the monster is dismissed, his dark eyes narrowed in contempt. He slings the bow on his back, shoulders tensed and manages to grunts out the notes of another spell before turning and stalking back the way he came. He has a gobber to find. And hit. And maybe kick a bit. Bet be damned, he wants his money back.

Jinks' Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Jareth vs Summon Monster V: Large Water Elemental

Standing at the edge of the ring, Jareth nods as he listens to the instructions. Eyeing the indicated flags, he considers them for a few moments and steps towards the middle, taking hold of the one with five bands and raising it above his head.

GAME: Jareth rolls 1d10: (6): 6
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d4: (4): 4

"An interesting choice," says Conjurer-Majestrix Tidehollow from her platform. "You call for power where you might battle in noble duel against angels or in vicious struggle against darker powers. Instead, you will engage with the power of the elements themselves!" She incants and from her plume of green flame a great amorphous shape rises. It bubbles and steams, surging in approximation of limbed form yet formed of roiling water. "Begin!" The timer appears above the ringed battlefield, an illusion counting down the seconds.

Round 1

Jareth full-attacks the elemental.
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+21: (4)+21: 25
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+15: (13)+15: 28
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+14: (20)+14: 34
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d8+11: (4)+11: 15
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d6+4: (3)+4: 7
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d8+11: (1)+11: 12

Standing before the summoned elemental being, Jareth taps his sword against the rim of his shield once in acknowledgement of his opponent. Suddenly, he explodes into motion. His sword cuts across what best approximates its torso, followed by his shield slamming into head and finished off with a thrust into its neck.

Jareth gets a free bull rush attempt.
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+19: (11)+19: 30

As he withdraws his sword, the Daeusite presses forward with his shield, rushing the elemental backwards towards the edge of the ring.

The elemental attacks Jareth.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+8: (8)+8: 16
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+8: (8)+8: 16

The crowd cheers as the warrior and elemental clash. The watery shape towers over him but appears on the back foot. Tidehollow comments, "A commendable start, but can you finish it in the time alloted?" Like a wave, the elemental crashes forward, columns of water thundering down around Jareth. It's impacts do little more than wet the man in the salty spray. "Twelve seconds remaining!" the assistant shouts.

Round 2

Jareth full-attacks the elemental.
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+19: (5)+19: 24
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+15: (6)+15: 21
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+14: (12)+14: 26
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d8+11: (5)+11: 16
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d6+4: (2)+4: 6
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d8+11: (4)+11: 15
Bull rush attempt.
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+19: (2)+19: 21

Raising his shield against the torrent of water, Jareth shakes the spray from his face before he renews his assault on the summoned entity. Again, the warrior's blade slashes through it here and there, and the stout shield smashing it back half a step.

The elemental attacks Jareth.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+8: (5)+8: 13
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+8: (11)+8: 19

Again, those formless shapes of pounding surf surge down on Jareth's shield. The elemental creature cannot break through the warrior's expert defense. "You are close, warrior of Daeus," says the Conjurer-Majestrix, "But the seconds are growing few and your opponent has fight left in it still." The timer shows four seconds left in the match.

Round 3

Jareth full-attacks the elemental.
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+19: (4)+19: 23
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+15: (10)+15: 25
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+14: (12)+14: 26
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d8+11: (4)+11: 15
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d6+4: (2)+4: 6
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d8+11: (8)+11: 19
Bull rush attempt.
GAME: Jareth rolls 1d20+19: (18)+19: 37

Jareth is relentless in his onslaught on the elemental. That blade with the symbol of Daeus on its pommel and the shield with that same symbol emblazoned on its face have proven their worth to the warrior as he cuts into his foe. One more slam forces the creature back even closer to the edge of the ring.

The crowd roars with cheer at this exciting battle. The elemental is nearly at its last and its form is pushed further and further toward the edge. The seconds count down. Three... two... The water elemental teeters, falling backward... One... ZERO! A trumpet blares and in that last moment before the creature exits the ring, Tidehollow dismisses it in a effervescing plume of green. "Amazing! Such a close battle I have never seen in my years. You have entertained the crowd greatly, good sir, and your efforts have no doubt pleased Angoron. However, you fell mere moments short of victory and so I compliment your skill but cannot award you for this match. Rest well, and you may attempt this challenge another time. May Angoron's strength be with you."

Jareth touches his sword to his brow in salute to the Conjurer, "I thank you for the praise and for the opportunity." and then to the crowd before walking out of the ring and sheathing the weapon.

Jareth's Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Garthos vs Summon Monster II: Fiendish Hyena

"Thanks for the chance." Garth calls to the woman, glancing over the flags in their neat little row upon the field. A moment of deliberation before he strides forth, plucking the one with a mere two bands across it. Perhaps playing it a little safe, and perhaps merely playing it smart for his first attempt. "Just a small request, yeah? Don't be summonin' any kind of angel type things on me unless they're Angoron's? Cause, I don't DO that kinda thing." he mentions. He won't fight a creature of light if it is unwilling to fight and forced by the magic, he means.

GAME: Garthos rolls 1d9: (7): 7

Tidehollow nods to Garthos and begins her incantation. "You will do battle with no force of heaven or hell, but a savage beast of nature! Fight well and make Angoron proud." The green flames plume into the ring and a spotted hyena emerges from the spell, cackling and grinning toothily at the warrior. "Begin!" The illusory timer above the battlefield starts counting down.

Round 1

The hyena attacks Garthos and attempts to trip him.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (17)+3: 20
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (2)+3: 5
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d6+3: (6)+3: 9
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Garthos for 9 points of subdual damage. 9 total.

The savage beast is quick to act, lunging forward into Garthos before he has a chance to react. It sinks its teeth into him and only thanks to the magic of the arena does it do no lasting harm. It still hurts, however. The hyena pulls on him, lacking the strength to throw him to the ground. "Be quick about yourself," says the Conjurer-Majestrix. "Can you turn the tide and throw down this beast before the time runs out?"

Garthos takes a total defense action.

Bitten savagely, Garth grasps his sword in a twohanded grip and, after a moment of deep pondering, chooses to... wait. His stance alters, raising the weapon protectively before him, ready to attempt to deflect the beast's next assault, eyes narrowed as he watches his shaggy opponent warily.

Round 2

The hyena attacks Garthos.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (10)+3: 13

"I see you bide your time, trusting in your skill and strength to carry you to victory in the last moments," says Tidehollow. The hyena lunges and snaps at Garthos, this time unable to penetrate his canny defense. It growls and paces in front of him, trying to get an opening.

Garthos takes a total defense action.

"Looks a bit flimsy, yeah, lady. Fought one of these before, wasn't that tough." Garth calls out to Tidehollow, but his eyes remain focused on his opponent. "Angoron, guide my blade, 'tis in your name that I bear it to battle..." he begins to murmur a prayer into his chin, sword held protectively before him as he stands his ground.

Round 3

The hyena attacks Garthos and attempts to trip him.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (19)+3: 22
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (5)+3: 8
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d6+3: (5)+3: 8
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Garthos for 8 points of subdual damage. 17 total.

The hyena ducks under the warrior's defense and clamps its teeth around one leg, biting hard. It growls and pulls mightily, yet cannot topple him from his stance. The crowd roars, anticipating the end of this battle. Tidehollow smiles. "A risky gambit. Will Angoron's blessing fall on you for this bravery or will he scorn you for trusting to luck?" The seconds tick away. Five... four... three...

Garthos power-attacks attacks the hyena.
GAME: Garthos rolls 1d20+5+4+1+1: (8)+5+4+1+1: 19
GAME: Garthos rolls 2d6+15: (4)+15: 19

Garth's eyes flick to the clock, and in that moment there's a canine on his leg. He grits his teeth against the pain. "IRON MOUNTAIN, GRANT YOUR BLESSING!" he bellows, drowning out the assistant's final callout of time. The blade goes down in what seems like slow motion and with insane force behind it, cleaving the hyena in twine. Thankfully, instead of leaving a horrid mess, the summoned creature dissolves into green flames under the blow, vanishing from the field.

Garth blinks a bit, as if unsure if that was the time-out or his blade that did that.

A trumpet sounds, issuing sounds of victory fanfare. Tidehollow raises her arms. The crowd cheers at the triumph. "We have our first victor! Warrior, you have proven you know your strength and defeated the beast on the last second. Angoron surely smiles upon you. If you choose, after at time of rest you may return to seek a greater challenge." The green edge of the ring fades away.

Garth grins, offering a raise of his entirely too large (compensating for something?!) sword in a salute to the crowd and the summoner. "See ya soon!" he promises Tidehollow. And with that, he's sheathing the weapon and striding off the field.

Garthos' Match Ends

Result: Perfect victory. (2 points)

Owen vs Summon Monster III: Fiendish Leopard

Owen steps out into the arena, looking not quite happy about the situation, but not downright sullen. He listens to Tidehollow's words and steps towards the flags. He hesitates between the first, third, and second banded flags, going back and forth between them. After a deep breath, he reaches down and takes the third flag, holding it up. "Know this. I will not raise a hand against a creature from the Kingdom of Heaven."

GAME: Owen rolls 1d12: (11): 11

"They come to fight honourably in Angoron's name, but very well. You will duel no celestial agent. Here you will combat a paragon of natural strength, a wild beast," announces the Conjurer-Majestrix. She incants her summoning spell and a green plume of fire heralds a spotted wild cat, a lean and dangerous leopard.

Round 1

The leopard attacks Owen.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+6: (10)+6: 16

"Begin!" Tidehollow calls, and the timer appears above the arena to count the seconds. The leopard springs into action, leaping toward Owen and just barely missing him. It lands gracefully in front of him, growling and tail swaying.

GAME: Owen casts Sanctuary.

Owen's eyes widen. He wasn't expecting a creature to be on him that fast. But luckily, his chain shirt prevents him from being shredded entirely. He wards the summoned feline off with his staff, long enough to free up a hand so that he can call upon a prayer of protection from Althea.

Round 2

Will save vs sanctuary.

The jungle cat paces in front of Owen, watching him with golden eyes like it would stare at its prey. It rumbles a low growl, unable to comprehend why it can't just jump on him with claws and teeth. "You defend yourself well," says Tidehollow, "But mere survival will not earn you victory. You must defeat the beast." The time counts down. Eight seconds.

GAME: Owen casts Cause Fear.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+2: (10)+2: 12

Owen paces around the now non-threatening extraplanar feline, staff still at the ready should the creature overcome the spell. Once he has it cornered, in asmuch as something in a circular arena can be, he throws his staff forward as he casts his spell, "Know the wrath of Heaven's Queen and flee in shame at your sins!"

Round 3

The leopard has no idea what any of that means but it does seem to change its stance, now regarding Owen as some kind of more terrifying predator instead of something to munch on. The cat's ears flatten and it lowers itself, then darts directly away from the priest. As it passes beyond the permiter of the ring, the creature vanishes in green flame. The crowd is in a mix of cheers and murmuring confusion at the unusual but successful battle. Tidehollow claps. "You have won without striking a single blow, and with excellent timing. Congratulations. After a time of rest you may come and seek to test yourself against a greater challenge."

Owen dips his head, taking a bow, while raising the rosary wrapped around his wrist in the air. "Praise be to the Mithril Lady, the victory was hers." He pulls himself back up and walks out of the arena, sighing a deep breath of relief.

Owen's Match Ends

Result: Perfect victory. (3 points)

Mikilos vs Summon Monster III: Fiendish Cheetah

Mikilos pauses a moment at the edge of the ring to give a respectful bow of acknowledgement to magus Tidehollow before proceeding towards the flags. Stepping foreward, he picks up the third flag, and waves it high.

GAME: Mikilos rolls 1d12: (5): 5

The Conjurer-Majestrix invokes her spell, the ring's edge lighting with green as her summon manifests in the battlefield's centre. "You will be matched against wiry and agile beast, a hunting cat from the great savannahs. Can your thought and will defeat its natural cunning?" A lean spotted cat erupts from a plume of green fire and lands on all fours, issuing a sing-song noise, odd for a feline.

Round 1

The cheetah attacks Mikilos.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+6: (11)+6: 17
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d6+3: (2)+3: 5
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Mikilos for 5 points of subdual damage. 5 total.
Trip attempt.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+5: (19)+5: 24

The cheetah bounds forward, reacting in a flash. The fast animal leaps onto Mikilos, clamping hard with its teeth and pushing him down onto the dusty ground. The cat's bite does no permanent harm thanks to the arena's magic but the hurt is felt.

Mikilos makes a concentration check to cast color spray.
GAME: Mikilos rolls 1d20+5+5: (16)+5+5: 26
GAME: Mikilos casts color spray.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+2: (9)+2: 11
GAME: Mikilos rolls 1d4: (1): 1

Mikilos yelps at the large cat's sudden apperance and attack, and is swiftly brought to the ground. Overcomming his initial shock, the wizard focuses and fends off claws with one arm while the other draws a handful of sand from his pouch. A muttered phrase, and a blast of arcane illusion overwhelms the summon's sences, giving the elf a bit of breatheing room to scramble to his feet again, careful to move sideways, not backwards out of the circle.

Round 2

The cheetah stands there, stunned senseless and blind. It blinks and sways helplessly. Tidehollow looks on with a smile. "A fortuitous opening, but the time is ticking away. A merely disabled opponent is not enough for you to win." The seconds are counting down and the assistant calls out, "Twelve seconds remaining!"

GAME: Mikilos casts scorching ray.
GAME: Mikilos rolls 1d20+4: (17)+4: 21
GAME: Mikilos rolls 4d6: (14): 14

Mikilos winces some and tries not to favor the phantom wound too much. Still work to do before can relax. Murmruing another archane phrase, the wizard hesitates a short moment. He's a cat person, hurting such a noble example of feline-kind, even one trying to attack him, is not a plesant task. But, such is life. Finishing the spell, he points, and a blast of magical fire shoots from his fingertip, searing fur and flesh.

Round 3

Even pelted by searing fire, the cheetah is unable to shake itself out of this haze. It still stands there, blinking to try to dispel the effects of the colour spray from its eyes. The Conjurer-Majestrix says, "Your time is almost up. Can you grasp victory from the jaws of defeat in these last moments?" Four seconds remain on the clock...

GAME: Mikilos casts lightning bolt.
GAME: Mikilos rolls 5d6: (18): 18
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+7: (16)+7: 23

Mikilos frowns, eyeing the stunned feline a moment before spiting one more arcane chant. Holding out his hands, a ball of crackleing blue light hovers between them and instant before blasting forth in a powerful lightning bolt, sizzeling away more flesh and fur, but not quite dropping the summon. Though the wizard did take an instant of effort to keep noncombantants out of the line of fire, he's somewhat thankful to note the far end of the bolt fizzles at the line of the ring.

The assistant blows the trumpet to signal the end of the match, and the cat is still standing (albeit burned and scorched). Tidehollow dismisses the cheetah in effervescing green light. The crowd is suitably entertained by the flashy show of magic, especially the lightning bolt at the end! They cheer. The Conjurer Majestrix gestures appreciatively, "A wonderful show of magic and remarkably close at the end, but your spells did not earn you a victory today. Know yourself and your strengths, rest for a time, and you may return to make a second attempt." She waves to dismiss Mikilos from the field.

Mikilos nods with a faint smile, please with his showing, if not the final results. Bowing respectfully once more to the Conjurer Majestrix, he turns and exits the field, waving to the crowd as he departs.

Mikilos' Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Garthos vs Summon Monster IV: Hound Archon

"Hey again, lady." Garth, the uncouth hick of a man, calls out to the esteemed conjurer. "I'm sure ya remember me. Same as before, don't be summonin' anything that don't wanna fight, else I'm leavin' the ring soon as it starts, yeah?" he tells her with a grin. A moment to regard the flags. His eyes flick between two options. "Well. No pain, no gain, right?" he says eventually, grin widening, as he picks up the flag with -four- bands and lifts it high, something that may well and truly be beyond his skill and power. But he's totally used to being unconscious by now, it's fine!

GAME: Garthos rolls 1d13: (10): 10

"Well met and welcome back, sir warrior," says the Conjurer-Majestrix. "We are nearing the end of this tournament and so you will do battle with a noble agent of the heavens!" She incants her spell and a humanoid figure with canine features and face steps forth, a regal appearance to the armoured outsider. "Noble archon, you have been called forth in Angoron's name to duel on his holy day." The hound archon is not perplexed by this sudden arrival - summoned creatures wouldn't be so useful if they came in disoriented - and nods to Garthos, speaking in its resonant voice, "As you command, summoner. I will fight with honour to please the Patron of Heroes." The hound archon takes a ready stance. "Come, hero. May our duel be a worthy one."

"Archon?" Garth asks. He blinks, once, his brain trying to put two and two together. "... Oh, you're one of those! What did she call you... um..." Think think. 'Dog'?... no...

"...hound archon! Holy cr-- crumpets!" Don't curse in front of the angel. The large man grins just about ear-to-ear. "It's an honor! Let's have us a good one in the Iron Mountain's name!" HappyGarth is actually rather happy.

Round 1

The hound archon attacks Garthos.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+9: (20)+9: 29
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+9: (20)+9: 29
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 4d6+6: (15)+6: 21
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Garthos for 21 points of subdual damage. 21 total.

"Hound archon; that is right," states the angelic warrior, dashing forward moments before Garthos can react and swinging the celestial greatsword down toward him. The blow is a terrifying one, cutting downward in way that would fell several lesser men at once. The magic of the arena staves off any great injury, this being made nonlethal but no less painful. "You have greater strength than that, noble human. Come at me!"

The hound archon gets an attack of opportunity.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+9: (10)+9: 19
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 2d6+3: (10)+3: 13
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Garthos for 13 points of subdual damage. 34 total.

"Here, what are you doing?" the archon asks in a calm tone, swinging the blade to catch Garthos as he skirts around.

Garthos attempts a grapple.
GAME: Garthos rolls 1d20+5+4: (3)+5+4: 12

"Ain't no way my sword's gonna go through that hide." Garth says, grinning in spite of the horrible wounds. He hops forward to try grab hold of the divine being with his bare hands, but the creature easily leans back out of the way of it. "Welp. Was nice getting to meet one of ya, at least. Guess the Brawler ain't on my side today!" he says. He's... not gonna hold, he knows it.

Round 2

The hound archon attacks Garthos.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+9: (16)+9: 25
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 2d6+3: (7)+3: 10
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Garthos for 10 points of subdual damage. 44 total.

Tidehollow smiles, looking down at the battle. "Do not give up yet, warrior. You fight a champion of good and word of your resolute soul may be carried up into the heavens if you do well. Fight on, and may Angoron smile on you both." The hound archon gives Tidehollow a gesture not unlike a salute and plows into Garthos with another blow. The arena's dampening effect keeps the strike from being lethal but down he goes, falling unconscious on the ground. The timer above the battlefield vanishes. The celestial being kneels by him and invokes a measure of divine power, bringing Garthos back to awareness. "Noble warrior, you fought bravely. Although you lost this duel, I wish to know your name. We may meet again one day." The Conjurer-Majestrix announces, "A worthy attempt but the force of heaven prevailed." She does not dismiss the archon immediately. "Do not feel ashamed. Few have the opportunity to partake in such a competition. When you are ready, I will dismiss him and you may leave the ring." The crowd roars in applause.

"Ya just got lucky." goes Garth from his merry position on the ground, lifting a hand to wipe a bit of blood from his lip. It's good-natured, though - he's not a sore loser. "Name's Garth." he offers. "Didn't expect ya to have such a strong arm. Rematch one day?" he asks, as he drags himself to his feet and offers a hand for a shake.

Garthos' Match Ends

Result: Defeat. (0 points)

Tyler vs Summon Monster II: Fiendish Giant Ant (worker)

With a small axe in one hand and bread in the other, Tyler walks into the arena... snacking as she does. "I can't stand watching this anymore, everyone acting like they're so great when they're protected by whatever it is you've done to this place." She gives a bored look to Tidehollow, calling to her. "Let's make this interesting! Take down your protections, so this thing can really fight me!"

She just assumes Tidehollow will comply, pacing over to the flags. Her first impulse is to just pick the ninth flag, then she reminds herself she's hardly a halberd-master yet if that 'stupid halfling with a big stick' was able to defeat her in a previous event. Good sense wins out, and she finishes her bread before picking up the second flag and holding it up.

GAME: Tyler rolls 1d9: (1): 1

Tidehollow shakes her head. "I cannot remove the precautions. A reckless death is not what this challenge is for. You are to test your strength and skill, not your foolhardiness." She incants the eldritch words of her spell and a plume of green brings a man-sized insect into the arena. It chitters and clacks its mandibles. "Begin!" The timer lights up above the arena and starts ticking down.

Round 1

Tyler attacks the ant.
GAME: Tyler rolls 1d20+6: (14)+6: 20
GAME: Tyler rolls 1d6+4: (5)+4: 9

"Like the crowd's even going to care, at that rate..." Axe ready, Tyler smirks while studying the massive insect before her. "So I have to toy with you before I put you down?" As if it can understand her; Tyler enjoys taunting it anyway. Her smirk turns predatorial now that she has the bug's attention, rushing in and smashing her light axe into its back!

The ant attacks Tyler.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (10)+3: 13

The Conjurer-Majestrix says, "Give the crowd a real show. You must time yourself well and take victory not too early nor too late." The ant chitters forward and bites up at Tyler, snapping its jaws and failing to grasp her. The timer ticks away. "Fourteen seconds remain!" shouts the assistant.

Round 2

Tyler takes a total defense.

Tyler jumps back from the mandibles, dropping her axe. This might seem like an act of cowardice, and bringing her halberd out to twirl around herself even moreso; she's just swinging the weapon about as a defensive measure, occasionally feinting at the ant to make it be more careful in its attacks. It may not be smart, but it should have a survival instinct...

The ant attacks Tyler.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (16)+3: 19

The ant has no idea what the defensive maneuvers mean and keeps trying to grab at Tyler in its simple way. The skilled defense proves fortuitous. The ant nearly strikes home with those large mandibles. Tidehollow comments from above, "You have only enough time remaining for a single strike. Can you finish it?"

Round 3

Tyler attacks the ant.
GAME: Tyler rolls 1d20+8: (10)+8: 18
GAME: Tyler rolls 1d10+6: (2)+6: 8

Continuing to twirl her halberd, Tyler bats the handle of her weapon at the ant's head to deflect its next bite. She counts down the seconds... three... two... one... Tyler brings her halberd back, then thrusts at the ant's head with a yell!

She pierces it, but not as on-center as she wanted...

Just before the ant makes another strike at Tyler, the trumpet sounds to call the end of the match. The creature effervesces away in green fire. "An admirable combat and I saw you timed yourself well, but fortune did not favour you. May Angoron smile on your battles another day. For now, you may rest and return another time should you wish to try again." The glow around the edge of the battlefield fades and Tidehollow waves to dismiss Tyler.

Tyler kicks at the ground, teeth grit as the ant vanishes... she is very unimpressed with Tidehollow and makes no secret of it. "You must be joking. All these protections, then you let it run away before I've finished... like I'm supposed to learn anything from some 'play fight' like that." Scoffing, she retrieves her axe, puts her halberd away, and stalks off...

...All while pulling out a bit of trail mix from a pouch and opting to munch on that. It takes the edge off her irritation.

Tyler's Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Bashkim vs Summon Monster I: Fiendish Pony

Appearing even younger than his biological age, Bashkim is wide-eyed as he regards the glowing ring and the intimidating figure in her robes and oh so confident in her powers. "Uhh.. Right." The lithe Tsurani rubs the back of his head as he considers the flags, reaching over and timidly picking up the flag with one band. "This one?" He says, giving it a cheery little wave.

GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d5: (4): 4

"Do you have the will to strike down a fiendish steed of the pits?" Tidehollow incants and a plume of green appears in the centre of the arena. Out from it steps... a pony. A dark pony that does look rather angry at Bashkim. "Ready yourself. Your time is limited, but you must not prevail too soon." The illusory timer appears above the battlefield. "Begin!"

Round 1

The pony attacks.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20-3: (7)+-3: 4

The pony attempts to nicker fiercely. It fails and is just cute. It runs forward and attempts to strike Bashkim with a dark hoof, failing entirely. This creature is not made for battle, but the challenge still remains: To defeat it at exactly the right time.

Bashkim feints.
GAME: Bashkim rolls Bluff: (10)+10: 20
Bashkim attacks the pony.
GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d20+5: (15)+5: 20
GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d6+1: (5)+1: 6
GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d6: (1): 1

Kim can't help it. The moment that the fiendish pretty pony appears, he has to put his palms over his face and shake his head. "Oh, Althea's cavernous c..." And then the pretty, pretty pony from hell is charging him, and cutely attempting to clip him with those dark hooves. "Whooah! Pretty, pretty pony." He yelps, and shifts his weight to the left, flicking his eyes in that direction. He then abruptly shifts to the right and attempts to deliver a blow with his rapier.

Round 2

The pony full-attacks Bashkim.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20-3: (19)+-3: 16
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20-3: (19)+-3: 16

This is one furious pony! It retaliates with as much fervor as the adorable thing can muster, rearing and striking out with both hooves. They are close, so close. The blunt strikes brush Bashkim's clothing closely. Any more and they would have hit, although it doesn't look like there is all that much force behind them. Tidehollow calls out, "You strike well and true but your time runs out." The assistant calls, "Ten seconds remaining!"

Bashkim attempts to feint.
GAME: Bashkim rolls bluff: (5)+10: 15
Bashkim attacks the pony.
GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d20+5: (5)+5: 10

Sticking with what works, Kim attempts to feint the fiendishly adorable pony again. He begins to dart to the right, and attacks from the left instead. Unfortunately, his aim is off and he neither fools the little thing nor does he actually manage to land a blow.

Round 3

The pony full-attacks Bashkim.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20-3: (10)+-3: 7
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20-3: (20)+-3: 17
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20-3: (12)+-3: 9
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d3: (3): 3
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Bashkim for 3 points of subdual damage. 3 total.

Nickering with rage, the fiendish animal attacks Bashkim again, this time giving him a solid bop with a hoof. Even that is just so cute, doing no real harm. Awwww... The Conjurer-Majestrix speaks, "Be warned! Your time nears its end. You must fell your foe as soon as you can or victory will flee from your grasp!" The assistant shouts, "Four seconds!" The timer is ticking down.

Bashkim attempts to feint.
GAME: Bashkim rolls bluff: (2)+10: 12
Bashkim attacks the pony.
GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d20+5: (18)+5: 23
GAME: Bashkim rolls 1d20+5: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Bashkim rolls 2d6+2: (9)+2: 11

"I will never be able to show my face in public again." Bashkim moans, staggering slightly as the pony hits him. "They will laugh me out of the tavern!" Perhaps the iminient threat of public humiliation gives the lithe little Tsurani man a brief bit of luck, because although his feint is weak and doesn't fool anyone, his strike with his rapier is true and, forelock billowing in the heat of green fire and squeaking out a neigh of dismay, the pony from hell is defeated and leaves no trace.

Kim just sort of collapsed into a sitting position, unable to help himself, and laughs almost hysterically. "A pony. From hell."

Tidehollow laughs. "Congratulations! You have bested your foe on the last moment!" The performance has the crowd in laughter and cheers. It was a pony, after all. "Go from here in the proud knowledge that Angoron has smiled upon your skill and strength." The green ring around the battlefield fades. "Fare well, and should you wish to test yourself against greater beasts, you may return here after a time of rest."

Bashkim gets to his feet, still giggling to himself. He shakes his head ruefully and salutes Tidehollow with his rapier before sheathing his blade. "Thank you, Madame. But with my luck, I'd draw an abyssmal starfish and be eaten alive." He says, rubbing the back of his head. "For now, I need to get mindlessly drunk and pretend I almost didn't lose this."

And with that, he turns on heel to make his escape. To get mindlessly drunk, apparently.

Bashkim's Match Ends

Result: Perfect Victory. (1 point)

Kilroy vs Summon Monster IV: Fiendish Deinonychus

In a loud voice, the large war golem in the ring announces, "I am Kilroy. It is said that fortune favors the bold. As the highest score is three, I shall challenge the fourth flag, so that I may win this contest, Reos willing." The basalt hulk retrieves the fourth flag and holds it aloft to begin the challenge, then hefts a long-hafted hammer in one hand with the other readied for a spell.

GAME: Kilroy rolls 1d13: (3): 3

"You are very brave, warrior," says Tidehollow from above. "If you insist, I will summon for you a savage beast from Am'shere, a flurry of teeth and claws to challenge your skill." She begins her spellcasting and a green ring lights up to denote the battlefield's edge. In the centre of the field a plume of green fire erupts and once passing, a reptile-like creature with great claws on its feet and sharp teeth emerges. The illusory timer above the arena lights up. "Begin!"

Round 1

GAME: Kilroy casts shield.

Kilroy draws an arcane sigil in the air with one hand, long-hafted hammer in the other. A disc of force appears in front of the war golem, who then takes up the hammer in both hands while casting wary optics on the foe.

Kilroy gets an attack of opportunity.
GAME: Kilroy rolls 1d20+5: (1)+5: 6

Kilroy wheels his hammer in a great arc, the weapon slamming into the ground with tremendous force as it goes wide, the onrushing beast unaffected.

The deinonychus pounces Kilroy.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+7: (18)+7: 25
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+7: (17)+7: 24
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+7: (6)+7: 13
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+2: (11)+2: 13
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d8+2: (5)+2: 7
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d8+2: (5)+2: 7
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Kilroy for 14 points of subdual damage. 14 total.

The dinosaur rumbles in its throat and launches forward at Kilroy, all limbs and teeth bearing down on him. Its vicious kicks break past the mystic barrier but its claws and teeth bounce off it. "You may be well over your head, golem. Can you turn this battle around?" says Tidehollow from her platform. The seconds tick away.

Round 2

Kilroy attacks the deinonychus.
GAME: Kilroy rolls 1d20+8: (9)+8: 17
GAME: Kilroy rolls 1d12+9: (9)+9: 18

Kilroy's optics turn a furious red, steam venting from his internal systems. "I will destroy you, beast!" Again he swings his hammer in a great arc, bringing it down on the creature of tooth and claw with bone-crunching force. His rage sated, his optics return to their normal sea-green color.

The deinonychus full-attacks Kilroy.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+5: (9)+5: 14
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+5: (7)+5: 12
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+5: (5)+5: 10
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (9)+0: 9

The savage beast pushes against the invisible barrier, snapping and clawing and pressing its toothy face against it. With all its efforts, it fails to break thought to the war golem behind the shield. The crowd cheers at the desperate struggle. Tidehollow laughs. "You are faring surprisingly well, golem. But you have little time remaining. Can you fell the beast in a single strike?" The timer above shows nine seconds remain.

Round 3

Kilroy attacks the deinonychus.
GAME: Kilroy rolls 1d20+8: (6)+8: 14

Kilroy steps back and raises his hammer overhead. "Reos, guide my hammer!" Unfortunately, his divine request goes unanswered, and his attack is deflected by the beast's thick hide.

The dinosaur leaps at Kilroy again, claws outstretched. Just moments before it reaches him, a trumpet sounds and the Conjurer-Majestrix dismisses the creature. It fades away in a plume of green that washes over Kilroy. Tidehollow claps. "An incredible battle. You chose to face a creature of great power than many would dare to face and almost came out victorious. Unfortunately, Angoron's blessing did not fall on you so I cannot award you today. Go and have a time of rest and you may return another time to seek your victory." She waves to dismiss the war golem.

Kilroy bows briefly before the Conjurer-Majestrix and to the crowd. He says in a loud cheery voice meant all, "Perhaps fortune favors the wise!" With this, he exits the arena with what passes for a smile on his stone face.

Kilroy's Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Koszhey vs Summon Monster III: Fiendish Aurochs

Koszhey draws his sword as he steps into the ring, holding it to the side as he pauses by the flags. After a short moment of decision, he bends down and grabs the one with three bands upon it, lifting it above his head.

GAME: Koszhey rolls 1d12: (3): 3

"A courageous choice," says the Conjurer-Majestrix. "You will fight a great sturdy beast, empowered by the touch of the planes. Fight well, and time your victory accordingly." She invokes her summoning spell and in the middle of the arena, a great black bull appears in a burst of green fire. It snorts and faces Koszhey, lowering its head to point its large horns. The illusion of a timer appears above the arena. "Begin!"

Round 1

GAME: Koszhey casts grease.

"Certainly more common than expected." Koszhey murmurs to himself, before switching to the Eldritch tongue to unleash a conjuration of his own. The surface before him takes on a glossy sheen as if frozen by ice, giving it an eerie sparkle from the green flames around the ring.

Acrobatics and reflex vs grease.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+0: (8)+0: 8
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (15)+3: 18

The bull stamps the ground and charges, thundering over the dusty ground until it reaches the slippery surface. It stumbles, losing grip on the ground and slides. The animal is totally confused and loses its momentum, slipping and doing all it can to stay upright. It does not fall, but is right there next to Koszhey.

Round 2

GAME: Koszhey rolls weapon3: (4)+6: 10

Koszhey misjudges the speed at which its sliding forward, and times his swing wrong at the vulnerable beast. His strike clatters off the creature's horns, rather than sinking into its head as he intended. "Chert voz'mi!" he curses.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+7: (15)+7: 22
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d8+9: (8)+9: 17
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Koszhey for 17 points of subdual damage. 17 total.

The black aurochs finally manages to steady itself long enough to swing its heavy head into Koszhey, bowling him over. The impact is enough to knock him unconscious outright, but the arena's warding magic keeps the strike from doing permanent harm. A time passes, and he awakes at the touch of an assistant with a simple healing spell. The bull is gone. Tidehollow looks down from above. "Angoron did not bless your battle today, warrior. You were defeated, but after a time of rest you may return and attempt this challenge again."

"I did not ask for his blessings." Koszhey murmurs with a disdainful tone as he pulls himself up from the ground, and goes to retrieve his sword from where he fell. "But I will try again." he adds, bowing to Tidehollow politely, before heading out of the ring.

Koszhey's Match Ends

Result: Defeat. (0 points)

Selia vs Summon Monster II: Fiendish Giant Spider

Selia grins, waving cheerfully to the crowd as she confidantly makes her way into the ring. Giving a good show is half the fun, after all. Stepping up to the flag with two bands, the halfer tosses it up into the air, catching with a minor flourish before turning serious, ready to battle.

GAME: Selia rolls 1d9: (4): 4

"Steel yourself, warrior, for you are to face a crawling horror that dwells in nightmares, a verminous thing of legs and fangs!" Tidehollow plays up the summoning incantation, and in a burst of blue flame a giant black spider appears in the middle of the arena. It makes a bizarre hissing sound and rears up. The timer appears above the battlefield. "Begin!"

Round 1

The spider throws a web.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+5: (17)+5: 22

The spider scuttles forward on its many legs and hurls a sticky web at Selia, enwrapping her and gluing her to the ground. This is an unfortunate start. The crowd gasps at the terrifying display. Tidehollow calls, "Fear not. You cannot become the creature's feast here. However, you must both free yourself and defeat it in the time remaining if you wish to be victorious."

GAME: Selia rolls escape artist: (20)+11: 31

Selia blinks in mild susprise. "Oy, big spider..." And then it's upon her. "....fast, too." The halfing scrambles to defend herself, wiggeling and scrambeling like mad, tearing off webbing and dodging away from a few too many legs to escape across the ring. Well, escape for a moment at least.

Round 2

The spider attacks Selia.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+2: (10)+2: 12

The spider turns as Selia circles it then lunges forward, trying to land its large fangs in her. The creature fails, skittering a short distance the wrong way and stares at her with those eight unblinking eyes. The Conjurer-Majestrix's assistant announces, "Ten seconds remaining!"

Selia feints uselessly.

Selia turns, eyeing the spider a moment, bobbing and weaving a little on the balls of her feet. Suddenly, the halfer throws herself off to the side. Or so it appears at first; for while her arms and upper body go one way, her legs are thrown the other, and the dancer just does a flip in the air, staying where she is, ready to take advantage of her opponents distraction. Well, if it had actaully been distracted by the effort.

Round 3

The spider attacks Selia.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+2: (2)+2: 4

The spider just stands there. It doesn't react to Selia's leap at all. Maybe it helped. Maybe it didn't. But the giant arachnid is even less successful in trying to bite Selia this time, not even getting near her. Tidehollow calls out, "Mere seconds remain and you have not landed a blow on your target. Can you defeat it in a single strike?"

Selia attacks the spider.
GAME: Selia rolls 1d20+10: (5)+10: 15
GAME: Selia rolls 1d4+1: (2)+1: 3

Selia frowns darkly as the spider fails to react to her efforts. That was some good stuff! Diving foreward, Selia attacks, blade diving for the spiders vitals. But with it's defence actively againt her, the blade falls far short of a killing blow.

A trumpet sounds the end of the match and Tidehollow dismisses the spider in a plume of effervescing green. "An entertaining battle to say the least, but you did not defeat your foe. This tournament nears its end but after a time of rest and recuperation, you may find the time to return here and attempt a second time." The wizard waves to dismiss Selia from the field.

Selia continues to frown mildly to herself. "...too dumb ta be tricked.... huh." Vaugely distracted by her own ponderings, the halfling cleans the ichor from her blade, waving to the crowd again as she departs the field.

Selia's Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Norii vs Summon Monster III: Fiendish Giant Ant (warrior)

Norii has been looking for a way to prove herself again. Ever since that botched job up north she hasn't had an adventuring work in months. This provided a chance to show that she was worth giving a second chance. Striding into the green lit ring the young Xain chooses the third flag down and holds it over her head. It would be tough Norii was confident she could do it.

GAME: Norii rolls 1d12: (1): 1

"Many have fought against the great insects of the wild, the industrious giant ants, but today you will face a greater member of their kind; a warrior," announces Tidehollow. She incants her spell and a plume of green fire appears in the middle of the ring. From it steps a massive insect with powerful, clicking mandibles. The timer appears above the battlefield. "Begin!"

Round 1

GAME: Norii casts Mage Armor.

Norii moves back not expecting a giant insect of all things. Not wanting to be caught easily in its manacles she wraps herself in protective scales of translucent energy. Now protected against the mage armor she gaurds against the monsters advance.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (3)+3: 6

The ant skitters forward on its six pointy legs, carapace glistening a ruddy black-red. It is mindless and goes straight for Norii, trying to snap at her with its powerful mandibles. It misjudges the distance and misses completely.

Round 2

Norii attacks the ant with her claws.
GAME: Norii rolls 1d20+5: (4)+5: 9
GAME: Norii rolls 1d20+5: (18)+5: 23
GAME: Norii rolls 1d4+3: (2)+3: 5

Realizing perhaps a bit too late the monster hailed from some infernal plane Norii tries to rethink her situation. Fire was about the only thing she did well, and claws are not a good option even for her. Nails extending out she focuses her dragonic blood to her hands turning them into deadly weapons she swipes ineptly, distracting the ant enough to catch it with her second hand, cutting through the carapace. "I got it!" she announces, as shocked as the crowd might be.

GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (17)+3: 20
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+3: (13)+3: 16
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d6+2: (1)+2: 3
GAME: Xenarchy damaged Norii for 3 points of nonlethal damage. 3 total.

The ant is a warrior, able to bite and sting. It lurches forward despite the blow and snaps its mandibles onto Norii's leg, breaking past the mystic barrier guarding her. It lets go and moves to sting but this time, the warding keeps it back. Tidehollow calls out, "You have only moments remaining, draconic one. Can you prevail in that time?"

Round 3

Norii attacks the ant.
GAME: Norii rolls 1d20+5: (16)+5: 21
GAME: Norii rolls 1d20+5: (19)+5: 24
GAME: Norii rolls 1d4+3: (4)+3: 7
GAME: Norii rolls 1d4+3: (2)+3: 5

Fighting past the pain of the mandible coming down on her leg Norri swings madly trying to use every bit of her last few seconds left to end the beast. Claws both sinking in she tares through it but to no avail as the last second ticks to a close she curses loudly the thing barely clinging to life.

The timer ticks away its last as the ant rears up again to bite - and the trumpet sounds to call the end of the match and the creature vanishes in a plume of effervescing green. "An admirable combat," says the Conjurer-Majestrix from above, "And it was an enlightening experience to see one of draconic nature take to battle, but luck did not aid you here. The foe was defeated a moment too late. Be well, mystic warrior, and may Angoron smile on your battles to come."

Without the ant's mandible around her leg, Norii falls to the ground, landing onto the hard stone ground. "Oh come on I had it!" smoke rises from her nose as she huffs in frustration. "Monsters don't vanish in the middle of a fight!" mad more at herself for messing up yet another chance to earn back some respect than at the tournaments rules she leaves the area pride hurt more than the bleeding wound on her leg.

Norii's Match Ends

Result: Loss by time out. (0 points)

Kanyk vs Summon Monster III: Fiendish Constrictor Snake

Kanyk looks upwards, his eyes closed. He seems to be meditating... for the most part. Finally, after the announcer finishes speaking, he opens his eyes and moves towards the flags. He eyes them carefully, his arms hanging loosely at his sides. He looks down at the flags quietly, looking at each one. As if trying to make a quick judgement of himself and his abilities.

The crowd watches Kanyk, waiting for him to choose a flag. There are shouts and cheers, all suggesting different ones unhelpfully. Tidehollow suggests, "Do not be afraid to choose conservatively. This is a test of how well you know your strength, not a test of bravado."

Kanyk reaches down, grabbing the flag with 3 bands on it. He looks at it, investigatively, before finally raising it over his head and waving it gently, trying to make his selection clear. Once he does that, he lays the flag back down on the floor and takes a step or two back, remaining close to the center of the ring but not right within it.

GAME: Kanyk rolls 1d12: (6): 6

"Very well," says the Conjurer-Majestrix, smiling. "You look ready to spar with a slithering serpent. Fear not; this one has no poison, but be wary of its grasp." She invokes her summoning spell and in a furious plume of green, a large python appears. The timer appears above the ring and she calls out, "Begin!

Round 1

The snake attacks Kanyk.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d20+5: (13)+5: 18

The snake reacts suddenly, sweeping its coils out and trying to enwrap Kanyk. The agile monk is too quick by a sliver, and the serpent cannot get a solid grasp on him. It is eerily silent in its attack.

Kanyk flurries.
GAME: Kanyk rolls 1d20+7: (20)+7: 27
GAME: Kanyk rolls 1d20+7: (18)+7: 25
GAME: Kanyk rolls 1d20+7: (14)+7: 21
GAME: Kanyk rolls 2d8+8: (12)+8: 20
GAME: Kanyk rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12

The crowd roars with applause when Kanyk pulverises the python. Tidehollow claps and says, "A stunning performance but you claimed your victory too soon. Know your strength, warrior, and be confident in your skill. You have earned no points today, I am afraid." With a wave she dismisses him from the field.

Kanyk's Match Ends

Result: Victory two rounds early. (0 points)