PrP: Teena's Bad Day

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Mogrinaar: Level 3 Ork Fighter Teena: Level 5 Goblin Bard APL: 2

Encounter 1 – Fast Human Zombie x2, Human Skeleton x3

There have been disturbing reports of unrestful dead in the nearby coastal village of Porthaven. As such, a contract has been issued by the guild of explorers to go and investigate. This contact has fallen to you and, along with a map and directions, you are quickly sent on your way to investigate the disturbance.

Teena is riding a borrowed Dog, and isn't quite sure she's comfortable in the saddle. She doesn't like animals she's come to realize, they're just to unpredictable. She's got her keyboard slung accross her back, with no visible weapons out.

Mogrinaar walks alongside Teena and her dog. The huge Oruch looks around and has been mostly quiet as they move along. With a snort he notes, "Seems like a simple enough job..." he notes plodding along. One hand's fingers tap lightly on the hilt of his Falchion.

The trip doesn't take too long, about a half a day's travel by foot. When they arrive, the place is desolate- windows are boarded up and doors are closed and locked. A cold mist hangs over the village, rolling in from the sea. The stench of death hangs in the air, especially down towards the beach.

Teena says, "I hope you're confidence is not misplaced my large companion." in the speech of the Orcs. "I have no doubt the two of us can deal with the Undead minions, but I hope their master is not a problem.""

GAME: Mogrinaar rolls perception: (16)+1: 17 GAME: Teena rolls perception: (15)+12: 27

You paged Teena with 'You spot among the mists a ragged ship out to sea. It looks like it should sink, and its sails are torn to shreds. A small landing craft is heading towards shore, with about five roghly human sized beings aboard.'

Teena stands in her Stirups as she looks around the town, then shakes her head, "I think I see our problem, and I am /not/ going swimming." She pulls out a pistol and aims it towards a ship on the horizon, "That's a ghost ship, and there's a Ghost boat coming in off it."

Current Initiative Order ====

20                  Mogrinaar

19                  Teena

8                   SkeletalPirates

5                   ZombiePirates

<OOC> Mogrinaar says, "I will fire away with my c longbow" GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+4: (3)+4: 7

Mogrinaar pulls out his composite longbow and aims at the boat. Its about at the max distance he can effectively fire. "This aint gonna be easy for me, much rather the up close n personal fighting. But I figures we can soften em up before they storm the beach." he fires but the arrow sails into a wave quite far from its intended landing.

The Goblin slides off her mount, letting it wander off. She raises her voice so that it can not only be heard by her companion, but also the villiagers in the houses, "My name is Teena Longshot and this is my companion Mogrinaar. We are heroes from Alexandrios come to assist with your problem here. We will defeat this incursion without difficulty and will let Alexandros know of the nature of your Plight! Come now my green friend, let us smash these unnatural corpses!"

The boat continues coming towards shore at an Unearthly pace, and as soon as it does, the creatures aboard leap off, wading up tot he sand and waving cutlasses in the air. They make horrible, gargling noises. They're dressed in rags that are easily recogniziable as being wear typical of Pirates, despite their advanced state of decay.

Mogrinaar nods his head to Teena, listening to the music and allowing its encouragement to sink into his mind and stir the adrenaline in his blood. "Indeed. Let them tell the tale of our victory against these vile foes! For Blood and Honor!"

GAME: Teena rolls int+2: (8)+int+2: 10 <OOC> Teena says, "And, I can't remember what attack type is useful against zombies, so shoots one." GAME: Teena rolls weapon1+2: (1)+10+2: 13

Teena continues to speak as she draws a bead on the first Zombie, "These are monsters from old stories, not modern heroes with modern weapons. We will take care of them in no time." She proceeds to aim her pistol at the nearest Zombie and pull the trigger.... 'click'.... "Um....." 'click'...... There is a short burst of cursing in Gnomish.

<OOC> Chiddle says, "The two zombies charge Teena. The skeletons charge mog. Use your readied action, mog." <OOC> Mogrinaar says, "slice and power attack it" GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+9+2-1: (16)+9+2+-1: 26 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 2d4+6+3: (5)+6+3: 14 Mogrinaar's inititave total changed to '7'.

Current Initiative Order ====

19                  Teena

8                   SkeletalPirates

7                   Mogrinaar

5                   ZombiePirates

Mogrinaar waits for just the right moment and as the skeleton approaches, he slashes out with his blade, taking it down. "Oye, Teena....them Zombies don't like edged weapons so much." the blade crunches through the bones and he grins, "Though if ya hit em hard enough it wont matter haha!" he grins.

<OOC> Chiddle says, "The Zombies charge Teena." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4+2: (6)+4+2: 12 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4+2: (9)+4+2: 15

<OOC> Chiddle says, "And now I'll resolve the skeletons." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+0+2: (6)+0+2: 8 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+0+2: (17)+0+2: 19

The creatures disembark the boat, and raise their Cutlasses into the air. The Zombies let out gargling cries with their decaying throats, while the skeletons bones rattle as the lot of them charge up the beach- with terrifying speed and agility, something that may come as a surprise to those accustomed to fighting undead. The scimitars come down on Mog, first, even as one of the skeletons is shattered by his mighty swing, but they are deflected uselessly against his armor and tough skin. The zombies fall upon Teena then, pounding her with rotting, bony fists but with little effect. The smell is horrible.

<OOC> Teena says, "Drop my jammed pistol, draw the second with a 5 foot step, and shoot." GAME: Teena rolls Weapon2+2: (4)+10+2: 16 GAME: Teena rolls 1d8: (1): 1

THe first gun is discarded for repair and cleaning later. Teena's hand dips into the Haversack and draws out a second identical pistol as she steps back, drawing a bead on the Zombie. The bullet fires off, though the sound is a bit off as it whings off the side of the zombie's head. "Oh come off it."

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Skeletons' turn. One of them 5' steps to set up flank against mog, and they both full attack." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+2+2: (5)+2+2: 9 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+2+2: (7)+2+2: 11 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+2+2: (1)+2+2: 5 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+2+2: (5)+2+2: 9

The skeletons continue to slash and claw at Mogrinaar, their bony fingers screeching against his armored plating, and their rusted old cutlasses clanging against his armor. Though they attack him from two fronts, they are unable to penetrate his armor.

<OOC> Mogrinaar says, "ok I will pa/cleave the first one and hopefully be able to hit the second?" GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+9+2-1: (8)+9+2+-1: 18 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 2d4+6+3: (5)+6+3: 14 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+9+2-1: (9)+9+2+-1: 19 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 2d4+6+3: (4)+6+3: 13

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Ok, Zombies will both 5' step back up to teena, and establish flank. They will also full attack." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4+2: (4)+4+2: 10 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4+2: (6)+4+2: 12 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4+2: (14)+4+2: 20 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4+2: (17)+4+2: 23

The skeletons continue to grab and pound at the slippery little goblin, but they are unable to get ahold of her long enough to do their favorite maneuver- sink their teeth in and take a bite. But they come uncomfortably close more than once, and the little goblin is no doubt feeling rather surrounded by now. And stinky.

<OOC> Teena says, "NExt weapon, Longsword!" GAME: Teena rolls weapon3+2: (17)+5+2: 24 GAME: Teena rolls 1d8: (6): 6

"Oh thank you EVER so much." Grumbles the goblin as she drops a second pistol and pulls out a longsword. She feels rather embarassed to be using such a primitive weapon, especially after her initial speech, but the blade sinks in to the undead flesh with a reasonable crunch.

<OOC> Mogrinaar says, "move into flank with tenna maybe?" <OOC> Mogrinaar says, "ok I will pa one :)" GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+9+2+2-1: (19)+9+2+2+-1: 31 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+9+2+2-1: (7)+9+2+2+-1: 19 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 4d4+18: (12)+18: 30

Mogrinaar moves into a flanking position with Teena and grins. "Lets clean this mess up and maybe..." he motions to the ship, "We can think about how to handle that" The large Oruch takes his falchion and slices an X on the Zombie's back. It falls to the ground in four equal chunks, in a pool of rotting bloody ooze.

<OOC> Chiddle says, "The remaining zombie '5 steps to be on the opposite side of Teena to Mog, then full attacks." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4: (14)+4: 18 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+4: (12)+4: 16

The remainign zombie doesn't even seem to notice as his comrade is splattered most thoroughly by the Oruch, but does put the goblin between itself and him, then he grabs ahold of her arm and tries to bite into it, but she's able to pull it free of his grasp before he's able to sink those yellow, rotting teeth in.

<OOC> Teena says, "Frank with Mogr and hit" GAME: Teena rolls weapon3+4: (2)+5+4: 11

WHile Teena moves to flank the final Zombie with Mogr, her blade swings wide and thunks into the ground, "We are NOT going to speak of this day, you understand." Her words are in Orc, meant for her companion not the townsfolk.

<OOC> Mogrinaar says, "ok pa the last one in flank" GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 1d20+9+2+2-1: (9)+9+2+2+-1: 21 GAME: Mogrinaar rolls 2d4+6+3: (6)+6+3: 15

Mogrinaar moves himself into a good position to take advantage of Teena's attack and then slams his blade into the side of the zombie. It hurks a but and then falls over in a heap. "I dont see why not, seems like a pretty good day to me. No injuries....and a bunch o dead undead heh." he grins and states, "Not often I get to hear such a good battle hymn during battle. It was definitely a help." His eyes look out towards the ship. "Should we attempt to board em?"

There are sudden, thunderous bangs in the distance, as the ship fires it's cannons. There's a few seconds delay before fireballs come hurtling towards the shore- and these are no ordinary cannonballs. Bundles of tar-soaked bones, slam into the shore, and one of them catches the boathouse at the docks, sending flaming bone shrapnel and globs of burning oil scattering. The boathouse ctches fire, and those that land on the sand leave gory, burning craters. A second volley fires, as the boat begins to turn- ready to set sail, and two more of the gruesom projectiles smash into the docks proper before the ragged sails unfurl, and the boat moves off, dissapearing into the mist, with the remnants of long-dead pirates and flaming oil the onlysign they were ever here.

"Well, I don't think I would count this as a Win, though we can definately let these people know that we'll be briefing the Council in Alexandria fully on these matters." This is from Teena to Mogr, before she turns to give a similar speach to the villagers to keep them calm.

GAME: Teena rolls perform/oratory: (6)+11: 17

Mogrinaar hrms for a moment as the cannons fire. "Aye. We need to take care of that thing before it causes anymore trouble. Another day perhaps...with a priest. Good battle Teena."

Teena glowers at Mogrinaar.