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The lot of you had been going about your business in Alexandria when an alarm bell began to ring. Following the sound of the bell will have brought you to the Botanical Gardens, an enormous brass-and-glass structure that houses tropical plants from far afield with the help oof ingenious artifice. It seems to be in the process of being evacuated, and guardsmen are barring entry to the main gate to the grounds.

Drakha happened to be fairly nearby on some totally unrelated business when he heard that alarm. Frowning as he turns towards the sound, he thinks it over for a moment, then shrugs and starts to head on over to see what it is about, he didn't really have anything else terribly interesting to do for the moment anyway, maybe this could be something that someone would pay a few gold to deal with if he is lucky.

Senia moves fast; she's able to hurry over thanks to a mix of light armor and a genuine enthusiasm for her tasks... or concern, in the case of this alarm. Trying to make her way through the crowds, Senia attempts to get a guard's attention and calling out: "What's happening? Is everyone okay?"

Azog was browsing nearby when he heard the alarm bells, and he arrives at a jog, disappointed at the lack of invaders or people to hit. Fire doesn't figure high on the list of emergencies when you're from a mud hut community, so he has to ask someone, maybe someone in a uniform, in his heavily accented Tradespeak, "What's going on? Is it an attack?" That'd explain people running.

Always somewhere, when trouble seems to happen, the hooded Dante wasn't that far, as of late he has been discussing and learning more about spell ingredients, and was rencently on the docks.. The hooded man walks over, with sword on his back, quietly, though considering the armor, its heard underneath

Drakha listens with some curiosity at what the guard is saying, somewhat skeptical of the plants just spontaneously coming alive. "Maybe you should get a druid instead to find out what is causing it first?" he offers in suggestion while giving a glance over towards the structure in question.

Azog scratches his head for a moment, puzzled in case he misheard. It's obvious Tradespeak isn't the language he grew up with. "Aren't plants always alive? Unless they're cooked, I mean?" At the mention of burning things, though, he looks more enthused, setting a hand on his swordhilt. "I can chop plants now. Why wait? Easy enough to burn the bits later if you want them cooked."

A glance over at Drakha, accompanied by a nod "The spellcaster is correct, however Drakha, are you not capable of creating fire as well?" the hooded young man says in the sith-makar's direction, though the others are glanced at as well, partial gaze resting on Senia, the one he doesn't know all that well..Another glance at Azog once again, the hooded one shakes his head

Senia offers hurriedly to Azog, "I think he means they're moving and doing things!" Then to the guard, "Burn them out? You could, but won't the fire spread? Or at least gut the building if we're not really careful? I..." She looks around the area, then nods to him, one hand tapping her scimitar handle. "I'm willing to go in with him," she heard Azog's brutishly simple offer, "And see if we can just cut through to deal with it."

The guard shrugs, "Sure, go right ahead. We're mostly here to stop anything vine-y from coming out, anway." He says, and then gestures to the others to let the adventurers through.

Azog grins as the guard steps aside to let him and the others through, taking a moment to pull his shield off his back and set it on his arm, then draw his bastard sword, which gleams in a well-maintained sort of way. He looks around to the others, then shrugs and heads forward to see what there is to see. And to see what there is to fight.

Drakha sees the others are going in right now and shrugs, casting a protective spell on himself just in case there is truth in the guards words before following while eyeing his spear, not really an ideal weapon for cutting down plants. "Why is Leisel never around when you would need someone who can talk to weeds..." he mutters to himself.

<OOC> Drakha says, "Casting mage armor" GAME: Drakha casts Magic Missile.

Dante follows behind the others, like normally bringing up the rear, who cares about the hooded guy, wearing clanking armor underneath a hooded robe?

With the guard having no real protests, Senia readies her scimitar and steps up toward the front. "I hope it doesn't come up, but if any of you get hurt? I do have some ways to tend to you, so let me know." She then moves along with the others, ready to go in when they are.

By the time the group make their way to the large glass double doors leading inside, people are done fleeing the place. Heading inside, the place is darker than you might expect for somewhere made of glass. Tall, tropical plants cast long dark shadows. Strategically placed mana-lamps have wines wrapped aroud them, their glass shattered as the vines slowly flex and squeeze. Plants push up between the tiles of the foyer, and seem to be growing at a visible pace.

Drakha looks around ponderingly at the behaviour of the plants. "I am no druid, but I can still say thats not natural... something is affecting those plants." he offers to nobody in particular, having no problems with letting some of the shield bearing types to lead the way.

Senia finds there is no particular shortage of those willing to brave the plant-life dangers head on, and thus is not particularly ahead of the group. "I hope everyone made it out... keep your eyes open for anyone trapped in here." Even as she says that, she finds the vines somewhat distracting and fascinating, pacing along while looking toward them. "I wonder how in the world this happened..." At least light isn't too much of an issue; there are errant lamps, and she has an 'everburning' lantern attached to her belt.

Azog is lucky to have Darkvision to rely on where the light fails. Not as good as using the light, but he won't be blind in the dark. He assumes the lead, everyone seems to like a big shield leading the way, and he keeps it at the ready in case the twining vines decide to twine around them. He grunts about fascinating, and says, "Something's definitely ... happening." He shrugs about how it might've happened. "Unless you can find a wand to stop it, I'm thinking it's time to chop some broccoli." And with that, he takes a hack at the nearest vine, hoping to cut it loose from whatever it's wrapped around.

The vine is tough and stringy, but Azog manages to chop through it anyway. Part of it drops to the ground, where other plants immediately begin grwing over and cannibalizing it. The remainder of the vine begins to sprout several smalller vines which branch out and resume wrapping around the lamp post. The plants don't seem to be in any way hostile, for now at least.

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Everyone make a perception check. Or, if you have it at a higher rank, survival or knowledge/nature will work." GAME: Drakha rolls perception: (17)+7: 24 GAME: Senia rolls Perception: (6)+-2: 4 GAME: Azog rolls survival: (15)+7: 22

Drakha reaches a hand up to Azog's shoulder. "Try to not disturb the plants if they don't disturb us, this has most likely been caused by someone on purpose, using magic. Lets try to find who or why first before starting to destroy the plants." he offers, motioning for them to continue further in to the greenhouse.

You paged (Azog, Drakha) with 'Most of the plants look harmless, but you notice some of the vines seem to be slithering along the ground, slowly but inexorably towards the group.'

Azog hrms to Drakha as he says that, brow furrowing for a moment, then he shrugs. "Maybe not these vines." He points to some vines further away but approaching. "Those, I think we've got to chop."

===== Current Initiative Order ========= ---------------------------------------- 18 Drakha ---------------------------------------- 14 Azog ---------------------------------------- 14 Dante ---------------------------------------- 8 Senia ---------------------------------------- 7 Vine2 ---------------------------------------- 3 Vine1

<OOC> Drakha says, "I will cast bull's strength to Senia and then move back a bit so that Azog and Senia are between me and the vines" GAME: Drakha casts Bull's Strength.

Drakha spots the approaching vines at about same time the orc does and nods, then grabs Senia by the shoulder and shakes a bit to get her attention and points to the approaching vines. "Those don't look friendly, destroy them with the might of the dragons empowering you." he says to her, and she can indeed feel great strength flowing through her as he does so, then he takes a few steps back to let the shield bearers to take the first contact, as he still has some more preparing to do.

GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (19)+7: 26 GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (2)+7: 9

Azog growls in defiance, though the vines perhaps don't seem impressed. It'd be hard to tell if they were, and Azig forgoes his usual display of martial prowess because he doubts they'd appreciate that, either. Stepping forward through the shop to the nearest vine, he hauls off like he means it and takes a healthy hack at one vine, damaging it noticeably.

GAME: Dante rolls 1d20+3: (2)+3: 5

        The hooded Dante, attempts to strike one of the weird plants, but is unsuccessful, and missess all together. For nowhe looks around, assessig the situation and what it will take for them to survive this encounter

GAME: Senia rolls 1d20+11: (16)+11: 27 GAME: Senia rolls 1d6+6: (1)+6: 7

Senia admits, "I wouldn't know anything about which vines to leave alone or bother... I'll just deal with the ones that seem like they're actually a threat to anyone." Incredibly enough, it takes her a few seconds to even realize which vines fit that description; the others notice them first, and there is even time to grant her supernatural strength. A quick nod and 'thanks' is given to Drakha, then Senia sprints off to the side of the battle, moving around the plants Azog is fighting... and makes a wide scimitar slash into it! Not enough to cut through entirely, but it follows up on his own efforts well enough.

GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (3)+7: 10

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Alrighty. Vine2 will use it's entangle special ability." <OOC> Chiddle says, "Everyone make a reflex save." GAME: Senia rolls Reflex: (3)+8: 11 GAME: Azog rolls reflex: (8)+2: 10 GAME: Drakha rolls reflex: (9)+5: 14 GAME: Dante rolls reflex: (18)+3: 21 <OOC> Chiddle says, "Alrighty, Senia and Azog are entangled." <OOC> Chiddle says, "Vine2 will now slam attack Senia" GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+7: (13)+7: 20 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d8+7: (3)+7: 10 GAME: Chiddle damaged Senia for 10 points. 16 remaining. <OOC> Chiddle says, "It gets a grab attempt now." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+13: (13)+13: 26

The vine writhes about at the slashes, oozing greenish sap where it's cut. And then it lashes out with surprising speed, uncoilnig to wrap about Senia's throat and begin to squeeze the life out of her. As it does this, the formerly harmless plants all around begin to grow longer, entwine the adventurers' feet and grasp for their arms.

GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (3)+7: 10

The other vine slithers past the group who are already entangled, moving towards those hanging a bit further back.

GAME: Drakha casts Shield.

Drakha sees one of the vines going through the front line and heading straight to him, so he prepares himself to meet it by further enhancing his defenses, making a blocking motion with his hand front of him while speaking a few words in draconic, causing a transcluent barrier of pure magical energy to form around him, soon fading from sight. He grips his spear then as he waits for the approaching thing.

GAME: Azog rolls strength: (18)+5: 23 GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (19)+7: 26 GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (20)+7: 27 GAME: Azog rolls 2d10+10: (9)+10: 19

Azog takes a wild swing at one of the vines going past him, but before he knows it, he's got plants trying to twine around him as well! No! He gives a harsh roar and flexes his muscles, tearing free of the vines and striding over to help Senia, winding back with his long blade and hacking ferociously at what seems to be the source of the vine holding her. There is mess.

GAME: Dante rolls 1d20+5: (20)+5: 25 GAME: Dante rolls 1d20+5: (20)+5: 25 GAME: Dante rolls 4d6+6: (12)+6: 18

With the first attack missing clearly, Dante puts his back into for the next swing, taking out a sizeable chunk on the vine near him and the sith-makar.. The sorcerer has made himself more defensible, but otherwise seems fine, as the warrior readies himself, having avoided the vines ability to grasp and such earlier

<OOC> Senia says, "Lay on Hands:" GAME: Senia rolls 1d6: (5): 5 GAME: Chiddle damaged Senia for -5 points. 21 remaining. <OOC> Senia says, "Attack on vine, adding in Entangled penalty..." GAME: Senia rolls 1d20+9: (7)+9: 16 GAME: Senia rolls 1d6+6: (4)+6: 10

Senia was not quite expecting this; she starts to dart one way to avoid the vines... only to move into another patch and find herself held, then choked. "Uhlk!" Not the most articulate response to the situation, suffice to say. With her limbs held, bringing her sword and shield down on the vines is harder... but she is trying to muscle her way into doing just that... and finds it is made irrelevant as Azog cuts her free. She falls to her knees gasping, then manages a "Thanks...", pressing a white-glowing hand to her throat to mend the crushing she just took.

Then she rises, lunging next to the remaining vine and swinging at it! She makes a deep cut through, but not quite enough to bisect it...

GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+7: (7)+7: 14

The remaining vine is hacked and slashed andchopped, and sprins out towards Azog. But the orc is too quick, and manages to jerk back in time to avoid havign it strangle him. It begins coiing up again on the ground, preparing for another assault.

GAME: Drakha casts Burning Hands. GAME: Drakha rolls 4d4+4: (9)+4: 13 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+1: (4)+1: 5

Drakha snorts as he looks around at all the vines and roots writhing around, making just the short distance to the dangerous vine a difficult trek, so he instead opts to not do it but simply breathes a cone of fire on it, which, while not seeming to cause much damage to the surface of the thing, must have dehydrated it from the inside as it still slumps down lifeless from it. He frowns at this result, moving over to poke it a bit. "There is something strange in these plants... they don't burn." he points out.

Senia goes wide-eyed as flames shoot out. "Ahh! Be careful! They might not burn, but the area around might. We came in to avoid having to torch this place..." She calms down after that however, since it seems the worst has been averted for now... and she retrieves a wand from her belt.

Azog raises his shield to ward off the vine as it seems to lunge towards him, avoiding the nefarious bloom adroitly, then pivoting on his back heel and raising his blade for another mighty blow. Then FOOM, and there's smouldering plant where he was about to swing. "Right," he says, looking around the shop. "Anyone see any more plants that look more mobile than they should?"

Sheathing his weapon after Drakha burns it, the hooded Dante says nothing and merely looks around. Still the rather quiet man kneels down, and examines the plant, using his leather gloved hands, and merely looks at it, attempting to see if their is anything he can glimspe from it.. Finally after a few moments, rises looking somewhat in the direction of the others..

Senia presses the wand tip to her neck, causing the tip to glow... then she stands much more relaxed afterward, putting the wand away. "You have as good an idea as I do! Those things... ugh. If anyone else is in here, they could be in real danger. We need to hurry!"

Drakha hmms as he looks further in to the greenhouse in the direction where those vines came from. "Lets go further in, if anyone else is here, then its likely whoever is responsible for these things being here." he replies and starts to head further in.

Azog nods to the others, and grunts affirmatively to Drakha's advice, hefting his shield and getting it into a comfortable position before advanving deeper into the building, alert for plants being much more active than he's used to.

The large building seems to all be one room, filled with strange and tropical plants that make an indoor jungle. The environment is all maintained by artifice. The plants seem to be growing at an exceptional rate all over, and gradually expanding up the walls and along the floor. There's a shattering noise as one vine manages to push through a glass pane on the roof.

Dante turning to follow the sith-makar, he pauses allowing the others to go before him, and brings up the rear once more. the gaze of the hooded young man stays once again on senia, but he says nothing, merely offers a silent nod of approval

Drakha gives a slight nod at Senia. "There is never a druid around when you would need one." he notes in reply while pushing further in to the greenhouse, there has to be something or someone in there that is causing this.

Azog advances warily as we head deeper into the structure, using his bastard sword as a machete in places, hacking through the switfly growing greenery where he needs to for clearing his way.

The brush and vines get thicker and more wild as they progress fruther into the building, and going becoems rather slow. The vines here sport vicious thorns to snare and scrape the unwary, but at least they don't seem poisonous. Eventually, they will come upon an aritficial pond, at the center of which is an enormous mangrove tree, suspended above the water on half a hundred gnarled roots. The tree has a pair of faces, whos eyes snap open as the adventurers appear.

Drakha has fairly thick scales fortunately which should protect him from the thorns fairly well, but they do still impede movement, fortunately though the way is not too long. Once they get to the pond and he can see that tree with the faces he stops and points towards it. "What is -that-?"

Azog doesn't hesitate for a moment to hack vegetation out of his way. Azog's green enough without being enviromnentally friendly. Mail keeps the prickly bits off, but tends to snag, forcing him to bull through noisily, leaving bits of plant clinging to him here and there. When he finds the pond, he steps to one side so the others can see past him, and he rumbles, "I think this's what we're looking for."

Senia doesn't mind the thorns too much; even her light armor is good protection against the worst of their effects. She is however quite surprised by the pond and the tree with... faces? Distinct faces. It could be a coincidence. Then eyes open, laying rest to that theory. "It's... alive," she realizes.

Scimitar abruptly sheathed, Senia takes a single step forward and calls out experimentally to it, "Well met? Do you understand my speech?"

Dante following the others, the hooded young man seems to be searching out for any possible inherent evil, finding none, he speaks.."Well this tree isn't evil from what i can tell thus far, so therefore, it may only be fitting for its right to survive and exist" the otherwise quiet man says, studing the tree with eyes

"Of course..." one face says, and then the other finishes, "...It's alive." Their voices soft and melodic. The faces seem to push out of the tree, followed by necks, two pairs of shoulders. "All plants..." the second face begins this time, "...are alive." The first finishes. By ow, two figures have emerged, beautiful women, their naked skin seemingly made of bark, with vines hanging like many braids from their heads. "Too long..." "...Has the city..." "...crushed the forest." they swap back and forth. Finally the two of them speak as one, "Now the forest comes to take it back."

Azog barks a laugh at Dante's statement. "This is someone's ..." he doesn't know the word greenhouse, so settles for, "place. If it had a right to exist, it doesn't have the right to kick someone out of their place. Anyhow, the owner gave us to take it down, so we're here to exercise our rights and they can try and stop us if they like." He sighs at Senia, "See, that's what I said before we came in here, plants are alive." He sounds frustrated, bellowing loudly and flourishing his blade in a complicated and dangerous manner designed to show people just exactly what they are in for.

Senia thinks on this... and realization hits. "This is a lot like what some of the people at the grove were speaking of, though they didn't want to force the point... listen." She lowers her shield arm, taking one more step closer to the figures that emerge. Still plenty of distance, but she's trying to appeal to their sense of reason all the same. "I haven't been here very long, so I don't know everything that's going on. What I do know is that if you have a problem... can we talk about it? Come to some sort of understanding? I know people who have the same concerns you do, but they're trying to find a way to co-exist. I...!"

That's when Azog begins twirling his weapon around. Senia abruptly jumps aside from him, alarmed and angry. "Put that away! There's no need for that!"

Drakha gives a look at Senia for her choice of words, but then as the tree women come out of the tree and start speaking he focuses his attention on them, really wishing that Leisel would be along right about now, she would surely know what to do. But he will have to try anyway. "You are mistaken, this city works together with the nearby druid grove, this place..." he explains, motioning around, " exists specifically to support plant life." he explains. "I have a friend who is a druid, who talks to all form of trees and bushes and flowers and moss and everything all the time, perhaps you have heard of her also, her name is Leisel. I could ask her to come over here to talk with you to find a peaceful solution to this that doesn't need anyone being chased away from anywhere." he offers. Not that he is anyway terribly tree huggy himself, but he sort of likes Leisel, and is sure she wouldn't be happy to hear them killing tree people, whatever they are.

"Lies!" Both the Dryads shout at once, "These plants were ripped from their home..." "we were ripped from our home..." "for your amusement." They insist, "The forest will stand for this..." "no longer!" They grasp at fines which straighten and stiffen in their hands, becoming crude spears, and prepare to eject the adventurers, forcibly, from their domain.

===== Current Initiative Order ========= ---------------------------------------- 20 Dryad2 ---------------------------------------- 20 Senia ---------------------------------------- 19 Azog ---------------------------------------- 9 Drakha ---------------------------------------- 9 Dante ---------------------------------------- 6 Dryad1

<OOC> Chiddle says, "She'll use Deep Slumber."

One of the two Dryads begins to whisper, softly, and a gentle, sweet-scented breeze begins tow ash over the group. Their eyes begin to feel heavy, and the ground begins to look like an inviting bed.

<OOC> Senia says, "Alright. Move and grapple suffices. This likely provokes." GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+7: (14)+7: 21 GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d6: (1): 1 GAME: Chiddle damaged Senia for 1 points. 24 remaining. GAME: Senia rolls 1d20+6: (8)+6: 14 <OOC> Chiddle says, "You fail to grapple."

Senia glares at Azog, disgusted as the dryads are provoked. "This is on you! This fight didn't have to happen!" Scimitar stowed, she nonetheless notices one of the wooden-women is chanting... that could be bad. Senia hurries across the low water, getting close and trying to grab hold of her. "Stop!" The dryad does not stop; she pierces through a little gap in Senia's light armor, and wriggles away from her grasp. "We don't need to fight!"

GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+7: (1)+7: 8

Azog shrugs off Senia's comment. "Of course it did. They're here, out for revenge, we here, fighting them. Fights happen, this is the way of things." He rushes in to attack, but he's far too busy with philosphy to actually take a credible swing.

<OOC> Drakha says, "Ok I will cast shield and move 15 feet closer." GAME: Drakha casts Shield.

Drakha hisses in annoyance as the wooden women turn hostile. "I take that as no you don't know her..." he mutters as he starts to advance closer at fairly slow pace, while moving his hand front of him and speaking a few words in draconic to recreate the magical barrier from earlier, not attacking them yet in case they might listen to what Senia is saying.

GAME: Dante rolls 1d20+1: (19)+1: 20 GAME: Dante rolls 1d20+1: (16)+1: 17 GAME: Dante rolls 4d6+6: (16)+6: 22

Walking towards the dryad, the hooded Dante speaks.."Eluna has taught us that magic should be used wisely in -ALL- situations, and not for purposes of selfish content".. hands once more coming from the folds of his robes, as he gets closer, in a flash draws his greatsword, and with a *THWANG* bops the dryad with the flat of his blade in the head, hard enough so that he isn't trying to hurt her, but just stop the spellcasting "This woman is trying to reason, my suggestion is that you listen to what she has to say".. he then resheaths it as quick as it was drawn..

GAME: Dante rolls will+2: (9)+8+2: 19

As Dante strikes the spellcasting dryad, she lets out a shriek, and stumbles back, clutching her head. He legs turn to Jelly, and she supports herself against the tree- clearly the strike nearly knocked her out. The other one steps away from him, "No, don't you see?" She whispers, sultry tones, voice full of hidden promises, to Dante. "Your friends are the enemy. We know Eluna, we bask in her light... they do not..." she whispers. "Make them leave us..." she finishes.

GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+15: (18)+15: 33 GAME: Drakha rolls perception: (20)+7: 27 GAME: Senia rolls Perception: (19)+-2: 17 GAME: Dante rolls perception: (9)+5: 14 GAME: Azog rolls perception: (1)+0: 1

The Dryad who was just hit by Dante's sword seems to fall back into the tree, merging with it and apparently dissapearing, leaving her sister there alone against the adventurers. Or so it seems.

"It's not as if they're just here to loot and plunder! They have a reason for being here!" Senia hotly snaps back to Azog, scimitar in hand. "Listen. I'm going to..." Dante /smashes/ one of the dryads, likely saving the situation at hand from falling completely apart. She only has time to be silently impressed by that, instead quickly finishing her point to Azog. "...If any of them fall, you leave them alive, understand?!"

Then she's running past the remaining fey-woman, shield deflecting a spear-strike while getting behind and in position. Senia's ready, she just needs an opening...

<OOC> Azog says, "That'll be me moving into position to flank with her, if it's me?" GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+9: (10)+9: 19 GAME: Azog rolls 1d10+5: (4)+5: 9 GAME: Senia rolls 1d20+5: (11)+5: 16

Azog sees the one dryad woman thing fading into the tree, leaving one opponent. With Senia moving in behind the dryad, Azog takes his place before her and hacks with the large sword; not a subtle blow, but workmanlike and accurate enough to knock some bark off her trunk.

Senia sees her opening, making a low swing at the nature-woman's legs... and restraint in this case causes the blade to not even really do much more than 'nick' Senia's target; it's certainly not effective.

Drakha notices one of the tree people escape back into the tree, figuring that the tree must be somehow important to them, so instead of going to the dryad that the others are tag teaming, he walks over to the tree striking his spear to the ground before turning to face the dryad. "Even the patience of dragons has its limits, stand down now before I will burn down your precious tree to a charred husk with dragon fire!" he bellows, underlining the point by causing a gout of flame to erupt from his maw, though not really big enough to actually hit the tree, yet. It was more just to prove he isn't bluffing.

GAME: Drakha rolls intimidate: (10)+11: 21 GAME: Drakha casts Spark.

"Since you both bathe in Eluna's light, know that it doesn't have to come to death, for such creatures of pure magic.." the hooded Dante say kinda loud.."if our actions were anything less than noble, at least one of you would be dead by now.. We ask that you and your sister surrender peacefully please so that we can settle this in a peaceful manner" the hooded young man now looks around, but doesn't move from his spot, nor reach for his weapon

The Dryad's eyes go wide at Drakha, "NOOOO!" She screams, and she lashes out violently with her spear, attempting to sqewer Azog so she can get at Drakha and her tree, but succeeding only in scraping against his shield.

GAME: Chiddle rolls 1d20+8: (1)+8: 9

The other Dryad screams in unison with her sister, somewhere off in the brush, and an arrow seemingly plucked straight off a tree comes hurtling out of the undergrowth, only to land with a splash in the water. Seems that threat of his really has them worried.

<OOC> Senia says, "Full attack, non-lethal, on Dryad 1." GAME: Senia rolls 1d20+5: (16)+5: 21 GAME: Senia rolls 1d20+5: (16)+5: 21 GAME: Senia rolls 1d6+4: (6)+4: 10 GAME: Senia rolls 1d4+3: (1)+3: 4

Senia goes tense as the tree is threatened... that just escalated things, clever a move as it may have been. She'll have to work fast. This time, Senia makes a shield-spike bash low against the nature-woman's back along with the scimitar cut against the legs... the spike bounces off, but the scimitar effect seems to phase her somewhat. It's a start...

<OOC> Azog says, "Normal attack, w/flanking, yes?" GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+9: (19)+9: 28 GAME: Azog rolls 1d20+9: (7)+9: 16 GAME: Azog rolls 1d10+5: (3)+5: 8

Azog is unclear on why his erstwhile allies are pulling punches and restraining themselves in the face of a determined foe, but Azog at least believes in taking a fight as seriously as it's given. He keeps his shield up as he fights the dryad, trying to whittle away at her defenses, and cut her down to size, taking off another slice of bark from a limb.

GAME: Drakha casts Magic Missile. GAME: Drakha rolls 2d4+2: (4)+2: 6

Drakha sees an arrow come up from the tree that was probably aimed towards him, though rather poorly, but it still helps him to pinpoint the location of the second dryad, looking up to the tree, then lifting his hand up to point his fingers towards her. "If you don't want it to burn, then stop fighting and yield so we can settle this in less drastic means." he growls and then sends two red beams of energy from his fingertips which dart up, going around any branches on the way and striking unerringly at the wooden woman hiding up in the tree, doing enough damage to take her out and cause her to fall down from the branches to the ground.

"Your sister has fallen, only your -immediate- surrender will do, or your magical ways will be returned, as you will die, should you persist in this manner.." The hooded Dante says as he walks meanacing towards the remaining dryad, though at the moment, his weapon isn't drawn.."What say you, being of magic and forest?"

The remaining Dryad watches her sister fall from the tree, and the Dragon-man threaten to kill her tree. She drops to her knees, and puts down her spear. "Please, We will stop. Just spare my sister, and my tree. Please, I beg you, return us to our home. This tree was taken far from it's germing grounds, its roots are too shallow and the roof too low. We must be free, we cannot live like this. The forest cannot live like this." She begs the group then.

Senia has a split-second to think on why her shield bounced off. She's not entirely sure, but 'ineffective' is obvious enough and she opts to focus solely on sword-fighting. With Azog making lethal cuts, she starts to cut at the legs again, and... stops mid-slash, as the dryad begins pleading for mercy. "That's what we were trying to accomplish to begin with! Listen... none of us here immediately can do as you ask? But we know some people who probably can. You can stay here or come with us to the druid's grove..."

Senia makes a single, deep nod. "Either way, we're going to get their help with your problem. They'll understand it better than I could. Are you willing to work with them on this?"

Drakha sees the other dryad finally come to her senses, walking over to her. "As I was trying to tell you before you attacked us, there is a druid grove nearby, with many trees and a large forest right next to it. I can show you the way there, I am sure they will be more than happy to help you to either settle to the grove or find you a place in the forest if you prefer." he explains.

Azog withholds his next strike when the Dryad puts down her weapon, and he takes a step back, but remains wary. He nods gravely at the Dryad's request, and looks to the others. "We'll have to roust the shopkeeper, and find out if he's willing to return the tree. Perhaps he didn't know what he was taking?"

Walking closer to the Sith-makar to make sure, the other dryad doesn't try anything sneaky, merely listens as both Senia and Drakha speak.. Like most times, he remains quiet and solemn, then Azog speaks.. and the hooded Dante looks over in hsi direction

"No, No. Our tree must be returned. It will die here." The Dryad insists then, and places a hand on it. "It must be returned, to Am'Shere." Now that right there is a monumental task in itself. "It... it might not survive the journey, but we would rather die free than live here..."

"Listen!" Senia tries to insist, "That's precisely what we're trying to arrange. We, the people here, don't have the abilities or understanding to do what you ask. We're /willing/ to, though. We just need to go get people who /can/ do what you want. Will you either come with us, or stay here while we go get them?"

Drakha tilts his head to the side some as he listens to what the tree woman is saying. "Well, if anyone can help you with that it will be the druids in the grove. I will go talk to them and get them to send someone here to come talk with you directly. But in the mean time, you have to stop attacking people, and please return the vegetation like it was. People come here to enjoy the beauty of nature safely, attacking them will only hurt your cause. Stop trying to drive people away while we go to talk to the druids and make them aware of your problem, I am sure they will know what to do. But if you continue to attack people they -will- burn down your trees, this is your last chance to settle this problem in a good way."

Azog smirks with amusement. "Perhaps the store owner will be amenable to aiding these creatures when he understands what he has done?" he suggests. "If the tree has come all the way from Amshere .... that is a long way." He nods to Drakha, "Yes, they will know what to do to help them in the meantime." To the dryads, he says, "Their shamans have great craft in the ways of things."

"I sill stay with my sister." She insists, "And we will not hurt anyone. I promise, if you will help us, I promise."