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Timmy's Uncle (Prodigal Sorcerer pt 2)

Tenebrae - Friday, March 04, 2011, 9:04 PM




Chiddle - 10th Level Gnome Wizard Had to Depart

Boshter - 9th Level Hobgoblin Monk
Xenarchy - 9th Level Human Sorcerer
Myrana - 10th Level Human Sorcerer


Mohrg - CR 8 Undead


The inn you have all arrived at is on Mill Street, north of the old Docks and East of the Old Factory District. You're here as a favor to a friend, meeting with a representative of Goblinton, "I am glad you have all come. We need help and the City Watch isn't paying attention. Unless something is done the entire district might be wiped out." The goblin is over weight, short even for a goblin, and wearing a pristine white suit and cap.

And, of coure, the overly tall Hobgoblin is right here.

"I am happy to help! What seems to be the problem? If it is a person problem, I will punch it in the face!"

Chiddle has made his way to the inn, and slips inside to hear what's going on. He nods his head a bit at that, "Well, I'll see what I can do to help." he agrees.

Xenarchy is along with the group, hands clasped behind her back as she enters the inn. She throws her customary glare at the patrons with the exception of the one goblin they have come to meet. "Let's not be hasty, Boshter. While I'm sure there will be plenty of things for you to punch in the face, we must take care to know who we are punching first."

"Well I hope it is something that can be punched in the face! Someone is gobnapping us! Most of those missing are never seen again." He pulls out a cloth and runs it accross his chubby forehead, "But some of them... come back.... as Zombies."

"But I like to punch things," counters Boshter to Xenarchy, "and if there are zombies, they definitely need *lots* of punching!" He cracks his knuckles.

Chiddle hrms, and nods his head. "I think that sounds like something we can deal with." He comments then. "Although we might need to get a cleric to help, if the zombies come from an unholy source. Any idea where we should begin looking?"

"I have nothing specifically for combating undead, but a summoned lantern archon can do reasonably well. Mindless undead tend not to be very good at telling illusion from reality," says Xenarchy. "Besides that, I will do what I can to ensure you perform better against them. I've recently mastered a spell that can bestow improved capability in almost any skill. Yes, that includes punching things, Boshter."

Chiddle ahas, "If you give me some time to prepare, I can create a dimensional gateway, and bring forth a creature of the higher planes to assist us." He informs the others then.

"W.well, I might have something..." The fat gob pulls out a piece of paper with some directions on them, "We asked one of our shamans for a divination, and he said that it comes from our greatest predator." Another mopping of the forehead, "This is the directions to an abaondoned factory. Nearly half a century..." a pause, "Maybe over half a century ago there was a man who decided to purge the city of it's new Goblin population, 'To purge the monsters'. That was where he took them."

"That is a great idea!" Boshter says to Chiddle, happily, then he beams at the fat goblin. "Okay. We will check it out! Then we will punch them a lot. Especially if they are making zombies there." He's slightly obsessed with punching things in the face, it seems.

Xenarchy gives Chiddle an uncertain frown. "Are you sure that's a good idea? As righteous as they might be, calling one down to destroy mere zombies might not make it fond of you."

Chjiddle Hmms a moment at Xenarchy, "You're probably right. I probably shouldn't."

The Boss Gob gets up from the table, "Thank you! I wish you well." He leaves the map on the table, "I am in here every evening, so when it's solved, let me know what it was."

So Boshter grabs the map, "Yes, of course." And with that, he glances at the others and says, "Well! Let us prepare. And then there is PUCNHING." He sounds excited. Very.

"Very well. If there is nothing else, let's be on our way," says Xenarchy. She looks at Chiddle and Boshter and turns to leave the inn. "Is there anything specific you think we need?"

Chiddle shakes his head on the topic of preperation. "I should be good to go." He tells the ohters then.

The old factory district is mostly abandoned, many of the buildings threatening to fall down. Most have been canabalized for the buildings of Goblinton to the south. This makes it even easier to locate the one on the map. It's covered in Goblin Warnings of Doom, and almost completely intact. Even the few windows around the building remain unsmashed, though most are boarded over or at the least opaque with dust and dirt.

"I can't think of anything," says Boshter, firmly, "Chiddle, if you want to bring a thing, that is okay! As long as it is not a demon. I do not like demons. Demons are bad." A nod follows, then he points at the building. "There it is! I will kick in the door!"

And there's Myrana, who was late for the Meeting at the Inn, but was given directions to follow the group by the Boss Gob.

Xenarchy looks up at the factory building, all covered in warning signs. She taps her fingers together. "Aha, there you are," she says, turning around to smile at Myrana. "Someone has been kidnapping goblins and turning them undead. We know not what other horrors await us within. So in the meantime..." The sorceress draws out a wand and grips her steel rod. "Let's make ready."

<OOC> Xenarchy is gonna cast a spell.
<OOC> Teena says, "Go ahead."
GAME: Xenarchy used a Wand of Mage Armor.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Mage armour self."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Does Boshter have bracers of armour?"

Myrana runs up with a clatter of heels, slightly out of breath and a little flushed. "Goblins," she gasps. "Undead! Right!" Then takes a moment to bend forward and brace her hands on her knees, catching her breath.

<OOC> Boshter says, "He does not. :)"
<OOC> Boshter says, "HE does have a monk robe, though."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "How much armour bonus to AC is that?"
<OOC> Boshter says, "It isn't. It just treats me as a monk that's five levels higher for my AC and damage."
GAME: Xenarchy used a Wand of Mage Armor.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "+4 AC for Bosh."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Who else wants some?"
<OOC> Teena nods, "And Wow on that? Does it actually raise your Monk Damage dice?
<OOC> Boshter says, "Yep."

Chiddle grins a bit, "Be my guest." he says to the Hobgoblin as he offers to kick the door in. Chiddle himself moves up into position nearby, his fauntlet whirring into life as he prepares to support the monk.

<OOC> Teena says, "Had no idea that existed. How much does that cost?"
<OOC> Xenarchy also wants to cast some more spells, if we have time.
<OOC> Teena says, "How much time depends on how kicky Boshter is. :)"

Xenarchy goes around with the wand, prodding herself and then touching Boshter in the back, bestowing him with a shimmering protective field. "If you wait a moment, I will make your punching more awesome."

<OOC> Boshter says, "13k."
<OOC> Teena hmms and nods.
<OOC> Boshter does 2d6 per kick! And my AC is now 24. :)
<OOC> Teena says, "Nice."

"Really?!" Boshter then promptly goes to hug Xenarchy. Yes. Really. He's very pleased with the idea of being more kicky! More awesomely kicky, that is.

GAME: Xenarchy casts heroism.
<OOC> Teena says, "Yeah, Xenarchy's got a new trick that really rocks for Punchy types. :)"

"Oof! Ack. Leggo..." Once Xenarchy is free from the grasp, she invokes another spell on Boshter. Mystic energy flows through his body, bolstering him and making him more awesomely kicky, among other tihngs. She coughs and casts the spell on herself as well. "I can spare a little more if one of you need a boost to your abilities."

GAME: Xenarchy casts heroism.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "+2 to all attack rolls, saves and skills."
<OOC> Xenarchy has piles of social skills, grants morale bonuses to everything and has minor healing ability. She's turned into a bard. D:
<OOC> Teena sues for Concept infringement.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "I don't think we're following particular pose order right now while we prep. Chiddle, Myrana, do you want to add anything?"
<OOC> Chiddle says, "I'm all good, for now."
<OOC> Teena is ready to proceed whenever you guys kick in the door.
<OOC> Myrana says, "Sorry, had to grab something ^^"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Nope, I'm good!"
<OOC> Xenarchy is going to cast alter self but doesn't want to do too many poses in a row.
<OOC> Boshter was waiting for Chiddle to pose. :)
<OOC> Boshter says, "Before I kick in the door. :)"
GAME: Xenarchy casts alter self.

Myrana finally catches her breath and straightens up, flicking her heavy braids back over her shoulders and down her back. They bristle for a moment with static and the sorceress rebuttons her hardy wool peacoat, white fingers flying over the buttons. Seems she ran out of wherever she was without quite finishing everything first.

<OOC> Boshter says, "Okay! :0"
<OOC> Teena plotnapped Myrana
<OOC> Myrana XD

So Boshter lets go of Xenarchy and then is hit with a spell. His eyes get real big and then he looks even more thrilled. He sweeps Myra into a hug, sets her down and then rruns at the door.

He leaps at it and KICKS IT. Hard. As hard as he can.

Xenarchy turns back to the door and frowns. She speaks the words of another spell, doing a lot of spellcasting today. Upon its completion her skin darkens, features shift subtly and her ears become pointy. Xenarchy is now a shadow elf.

<OOC> Boshter says, "Want a roll of any kind, Teena? XD"
<OOC> Teena says, "Nope. ;)"

THe old Factory door opens inwards, and the Beams barring it shut are on the outside. With his natural Monkliness and enhanced abilities from Xenarchy, Boshter flies right through the old wooden door, the beam falling underneath him as the two halves swing to the side, the centers of the door splintered and cracked.

Myrana hardly has time to swear before she's set down again, and by then it's entirely censored by the crack of the doors. It does, however, sound like something to do with oranges.

Chiddle's gauntlet finally finishes waking up, and lines of energy highlight the runes all over its surface. He moves in after Boshter to try and take a look around the room for any obvious hostility- ready to blast it away with icy magical death at the first opportunity.

<OOC> Myrana says, "...RL just raised it's head"

The inside of the Facotry is dark beyond the light coming from the doorway. The boarded and dirty windows let nothing in, nor does the skylight that may or may not be up there. As factories go, this one is typical of the era, filled with tables and bins. The Tables are actually lower, clearly set up for people of the smaller stature to work. There /is/ movement in the darkness, flickering shapes moving behind objects, green eyes refracting what little light makes it that far inwards.

<OOC> Myrana says, "I need to vanish for a while. I'll be back as fast as I can, but don't wait on me ><"
<OOC> Chiddle says, "Hit it with a rolled up newspaper."
<OOC> Teena says, "Doh!"
<OOC> Myrana noms before she flees
<OOC> Myrana says, "It's an emergency or I'd stay ><"
Myrana has disconnected.
<OOC> Teena tried at least. :)
<OOC> Boshter Nodnods. Fingers crossed for Myra. ;P
From afar, Boshter has darkvision. Does that help?
<OOC> Teena says, "For those of you with Darkvision... Goblin Zombies."
<OOC> Xenarchy has darkvision currently. <OOC> Chiddle has low-light vision.

"There they are!" Boshter points into the darkness. Then? Then he runs at the darkness.

He's.. going to attack it, apparently.

<OOC> Boshter ..had to.
<OOC> Teena says, "Chiddle, Definately Goblin Shaped."
<OOC> Chiddle says, "Inits?"

"I see them," whispers Xenarchy-elf. She moves slowly, carefully, and then Boshter makes his declaration. Xenarchy refrains from shouting a warning, for it would help little and just draw their attention. Here we go...

<OOC> Teena says, "Sure"
<OOC> Teena says, "Actually.... no."
<OOC> Teena assumes that if Boshter pastes one without effort the two of you would save castings? <OOC> Xenarchy doesn't have offensive spells. <OOC> Chiddle doesn'tmind.

There's only a half dozen Goblin Zombies in the darkness, and all rush forward to swarm Boshter as he charges inwards. When the first one disintigrates under the monks Fist, the spell casters hold off on their castings. It only takes a few minutes of shouting and general mayhem on Boshter's Part, and then a pile of re-dead corpses lie in pieces around him.

It does not take Boshter too long to paste the zombies. He looks satisfied (though covered in zombie goo) when he's done. "That was easy! That is how it always should be. Punching zombies is a lot of FUN! Now we just need to find what is making them here. And then we will also punch it."

Chiddle nods his head a bit then, "Yes, we should. Zombies don't usually just appear for no reason." he comments, and then he begins exploring the room to search for any clues.

Xenarchy grimaces at the very gooey Boshter. "That was easier than I expected. There must be more to this. Could this merely be the site of unfortunate deaths and bodies left to rot and rise as undead due to not being buried properly?"

There are more bodies hidden in the darkness, not all goblins, though most of them are. Two more reveal themselves to be ZOmbies, but are quickly dispatched. What is unusual about all the Zombies is their speed. They move much more quickly than a typical Zombie, and lash out with rapid strikes. But they are still basic undead, not worth your consideration. But one thing you can tell about all of them is that they've been tortured and killed in a very specific fashion, with their necks strangled with a cord being their cause of death.

Not a Cord, something thicker, but cordlike

"..what is this?" Boshter drops down to a knee. He's examining the neck of one of the fallen goblins. "They look to've been strnagled by someone. Someone is *murdering* these goblins to turn them. That is worse. Much worse." He frowns, then straightens up and brushes his robes off of goo. "Can either of you detect any magical trails?" He asks of Chiddle and Xenarchy.

Chiddle nods his head, "I can try." He informs Boshter. He extends his gauntletted hand, the crystal on his palm projecting lines of green energy which sweep about through the darkness.

<OOC> Chiddle is using Detect Magic to look around.
<OOC> Teena says, "Roll a SPellcraft"
GAME: Chiddle rolls Spellcraft: (6)+21: 27
<OOC> Teena says, "Xen, if you're doing the same you can also make the roll."
Myrana has connected.
<OOC> Myrana x.o
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Welcome back."
<OOC> Xenarchy will give it a try.
GAME: Xenarchy casts detect magic.
<OOC> Chiddle snugs Myrana.
GAME: Xenarchy rolls spellcraft+2: (4)+16+2: 22
<OOC> Teena says, "WB. Boshter has been splatting CR1 Zombies. All of them (Mostly Goblins) have been strangled. Casters are now using Detect Magic and Spellcraft to figure out what's creating them."
<OOC> Myrana says, "Sorry about that. It was brief but pressing."
<OOC> Teena says, "NP"

When Chiddle starts doing his scan, Xenarchy does the same. She casts a cantrip to survey the area and detect what magic she can.

[RPOne] Teena waves, "Myrana, go ahead and make a Spellcraft roll if you want to. I assume you have Detect Magic as a Cantrip?"

GAME: Myrana rolls spellcraft: (10)+9: 19

"Thank you," says Boshter to the both of them. Then he asks, after a moment, "Do you see anything? Any kind of trail we can follow?" he's already starting to poke around himself. Search.

GAME: Myrana casts detect magic.

It's clear to all that examine the Magics on the Zombies that it is Necrotic Energy, which is no surprize. For Xenarchy she can tell there's something not quite right about the patterns of magic, but they are definately concentrated in the neck wounds. Chiddle is able to determine that the Energy is not a spell, but a natural (if that is the right word) infussion of magic focused at the site of the wound. Whatever caused these abominations did not cast a spell, or a ritual.

As for Boshter, it's hard to see at first in the darkness, but there is a door in the back wall, presumably leading to offices, with a second down the same wall a bit larger, possibly for storage.

<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Boshter has darkvision."
<OOC> Boshter nods. But if there's light at all, darkvision is futzy. :)
<OOC> Myrana says, "Oorg. Brb. ><"
<OOC> Xenarchy :(

"There! There is a door!" Boshter then heads for the door. He goes to... actually, he grabs the handle of the door and attempts to pul lit open. Instead of kicking it.

An expression of shock crosses Myra's face before she raises a hand to smooth it away. Before now, she wasn't entirely sure that Boshters knew exactly what doorknobs were -for-.

<OOC> Boshter laughs.

Xenarchy shrugs to Myrana. "I am quite surprised as well. Perhaps it was the spell I cast on him, improving his comprehension of doors."

<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Boshter has a +2 morale bonus to knowledge/doorknob"

Myrana coughs suddenly, blushing slightly as she realizes how easily read that thought must have been. "Erhm. Heh... you know, I'll have to look into a motion-trigger of that sort of thing. It'd save me a fortune on boarding."

<OOC> Teena Thinks we might have lost Chiddle.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Dang."
<OOC> Boshter nods. Prolly fell asleep. Let's keep goin'? :)
<OOC> Teena says, "Store Room or Offices Boshter, meant to ask"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Offices. :)"

Inside the offices things are surprizingly neat, tidy and actually lit by a couple continual light torches in corners. The spellcasters get a defintate 'prestidigitation' feel to the cleanliness, and there's a matress in one corner and several books of magic on one of the tables. The room is currently unoccupied that you can see.

"What is this?! Necromancy: So you never have to be lonely again?! THAT IS GROSS. " Boshter drops the book back on the table after having picked it up to examine it. He shudders and then backs out of the room, heading to now check the store room. There has to be something in the store room.

"No dust? Someone is living here." Xenarchy peers around the room. She's not one to search in nooks and crannies, and leaves that for someone else. "Hold on. I might be able to see if anyone is here. And please, don't stand in front of me while I'm doing this. I don't need... distractions." Xenarchy casts another spell and stares intently at the walls.

GAME: Xenarchy casts detect thoughts.
<OOC> Xenarchy is searching for thinking minds. It'll go through a foot of stone and three feet of wood, so the walls shouldn't be a problem.

Myrana absently licks her lips as they enter the room, skirts murmuring about her legs. She doesn't follow after Boshter right away but instead pauses near the books. A thoughtful expression touches her face as she looks down at them, blue eyes half-vieled beneath dark lashes. Without thinking, she reaches out, running fingers softly over the spine of a red-bound book. For the moment she forgoes searching, hardly noticing Xenarchy's casting. Mind seemingly a million miles away.

The book is very old, not the one Boshter picked up. Thick and radiating power, it seems to call to Myrana, encouraging her to take it. Xenarchy's spell seems to get nothing at first, then there's a voice from the doorway, "Put that down! It's mine!" It comes from a young man, no more than 18, if not younger. He's got a cat on one shoulder and is dressed in black. Not quite as stylish as Xenarchy's Goth look, but still the same Aesthetic.

You paged Xenarchy with 'The Cat is way smarter than it appears, even for a familiar.'

"Eh? What the?" Boshter puts the book back down and then he eyes Myra. A finger is pointed at her. "No books for you!" And then he's looking around for the man. And the n there is a man and a cat. "...what the. Are you responsible for these dead goblins that are now zombies? If you do not surrender, I will be forced to punch you until you do."

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Gah, sorry."
<OOC> Chiddle says, "I did fall asleep."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Welcome back."

Myrana looks 'round sharply, fingers automatically curling around the top of the book possessively and her dark eyes flashing murderously. "YOUR book?" She snarls-- then blinks, and swallows, jaw tightening and her gaze flicking up at the cieling briefly. "I-I... I mean...Nevermind! Who the hell are you?"

<OOC> Chiddle says, "My leg is actually physically burned from falling asleep with the laptop on it x.x"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Oh dang, Chiddle XD"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Maybe you should go to bed."
<OOC> Teena says, "Ouch. Yeah man, take care of yourself."

Chiddle turns around at the noise as well, and he holds out his hand towards the boy, "Who goes there?" He demands.

Xenarchy clasps her hands behind her back and smiles politely at the man and cat. "There's no need to be rude. Let us introduce ourselves and we may discuss things in a forthright manner. I am Xenarchy Malzash, the Witch of Versis." She keeps her eyes on the two of them.

<OOC> Xenarchy is going to try to read the guy's mind.
<OOC> Xenarchy braces for dirty thoughts... D:
<OOC> Chiddle says, "I have a laptop rest thingy I normally use, but I forgot. I actually have a big burn on my leg now from my laptop o.o I think that's what woke mee up."
<OOC> Boshter says, " dork. xCD"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Is it bad?"
<OOC> Myrana says, "..."
<OOC> Myrana says, "Go take a cool bath or summat, Chiddle"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Or put aloe on it."
<OOC> Chiddle says, "It's not blistered or anything, just stings."

The cat turns to face Myrana and Hisses at her, it's spine arched as it stands on the man's shoulder, "My name is Timothy Darkweaver. This is my Uncle's Home, and you have destroyed his protectors. Leave now or he will deal with you all." The Cat jumps off it's shoulders and starts to circle around the room. For Xenarchy, the thoughts are mostly about getting you guys to leave, some concern for himself, and a desperate need to get the book Myrana is holding.

<OOC> Myrana says, "Thigh burns are nasty business unless you intend to go around in your skivvies."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Oh. sorry. He gets a save vs detect thoughts. But then those thoughts are pretty obvious."

"You're kidding, right?" is what Boshter says. "You do understand that murder is illegal, right? You, and your uncle, are under arrest!"

Myrana plucks the book from the shelf, tucking it into her arm. "Your uncle's been kidnapping gobbers, hasn't he?" She asks, gaze flicking at the cat before returning to the boy. The book nestles in the crook of her arm whilst her opposite hand rests atop it. It is a bizzarrely natural pose for her, and though she's on guard, her shoulders ease and a certain tension goes out of her pale face. /My/ book.

Chiddle blinks a bit at that, and then shakes his head. "Zombies are bad, ok." he informs the kid, though Boshter covers it first. He doesn't seem to notice the changes in Myrana, yet.

[RPOne] Myrana says, "I don't have a problem"
[RPOne] Chiddle says, "Suuuure."
[RPOne] Myrana says, "I can quit Evil Bibliophilia'n any time I want :("

"Darkweaver." There's a serious look in Xenarchy's eyes. "It's best if you tell us all about your affairs here. I can see your thoughts. If you try to hide anything, I will pry the secrets from your brain one at a time." She turns and addresses the cat. "And do not think you can hide from us. Your little disguise isn't fooling us. Show yourself and kneel. You face powers beyond you."

GAME: Xenarchy rolls intimidate+2: (4)+21+2: 27

You paged Myrana with 'Do you speak Infernal'
From afar, Myrana nodnods
From afar, Myrana hopes you don't mind the sort of improvising with the book thing XD
You paged Myrana with 'Actually Myrana... that's pretty much EXACTLY what I had in mind when I introduced the booxs.'
Myrana pages: It sort of lines up with a problem she's having in her background and so on to do with another red book, so XD
Myrana pages: Oo! Cool! :D

<OOC> Xenarchy uses her human reroll!
GAME: Xenarchy rolls intimidate+2: (6)+21+2: 29
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Oh well. It's still a lot. D:"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Oh, only pants-crapping terror. Nothing serious."
<OOC> Xenarchy checks the chart. A 29 is...
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Marilith."

The Cat has Vanished.... it's not visible anywhere in the room, having slipped out of Xenarchy's cone of Detection while she was addressing the boy. Speaking of him, he blanches even whiter at Xenarchy's threats. In Myrana's ear... or perhaps in her mind... comes the whisper 'He doesn't deserve this book'. The boy turns and bolts towards the other door, calling out 'Uncle!'

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Is it my pose again?"
<OOC> Teena says, "Sure!"

"Hey! No one said you can run away!" Boshter is going to give chase, you know, but he's actually going to let him 'go' far enough to find his uncle. Or at least try to.

<OOC> Xenarchy is liking detect thoughts. Not a combat spell at all, but great for messing with people. :D
<OOC> Teena says, "Indeed, I have to check out it's limitations before my last pose, but yeah."

Chiddle scowls a bit and he saysto to boy- "Show us to your uncle, so we can arrest him."

Myrana freezes, and for no discernable reason whirls round with wide eyes, setting her full skirts to flow outward around her legs, braids swinging outward with the sharp, sudden motion.

<OOC> Myrana is checking to see if there's anyone behind her, more or less
<OOC> Xenarchy was looking at the boy and cat, and picked up that the cat wasn't a familiar.
<OOC> Xenarchy didn't get to read its thoughts, though.
<OOC> Teena says, "Yeah, then the Cat exited the Cone."
<OOC> Teena says, "Yep"
<OOC> Teena says, "Myrana, nothing's visible"
<OOC> Xenarchy will give the room a sweep for minds other than Chiddle, Boshter and Myrana.
<OOC> Xenarchy keeps them out of the cone so not to interfere with detection.
<OOC> Teena says, "Nothing."

"I don't see anything. The creature must have left." Xenarchy looks back at the fleeing boy and nods to Boshter. "Get him."

Myrana scans the room, shuddering when there's nothing there that she can see. Nothing that wasn't there before they entered the room, that is. Cheeks colouring, she turns around again, more slowly this time, and faces the boy, nails scraping slightly over the binding of the red book.

The other door slams behind the boy, nothing emerging right away. "He abandoned the book, it's yours now." comes the whisper/thought to Myrana. The group of you can gather at the storeage area door, and it doesn't appear to be locked. There are two minds inside, one is the boys, and there is another, and while Xenarchy can't detect it's thoughts until she sees it, they are vile and malevonant. Not the Cat's to be sure.

<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Detect thoughts goes through walls if they're not too thick."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "If its int is 28 or higher, I'm stunned and the spell ends."
<OOC> Myrana says, "Should I be rolling Will or something?"
<OOC> Teena says, "Yes, which is why you detect them. But unless you can see the person you can't focus on them to read surface thoughts, because you don't know exactly where it is."
<OOC> Teena says, "Let me check Myrana."
<OOC> Xenarchy isn't reading your mind.
<OOC> Teena says, "Right." <OOC> Myrana says, "Not for that ^^"
<OOC> Teena says, "Myrana, Will 15."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "I mean, the spell allows me to read the thoughts of 'any mind in the area'."
GAME: Myrana rolls will: (1)+13: 14
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "But doesn't give location except 'in the cone'/."
<OOC> Myrana says, "Yay! XD"
<OOC> Myrana gets to be nasty! XD
<OOC> Teena takes another look at the spell, "Well that's stupid. If you don't know /where/ the mind is, why should you be abile to focus on it to read the thoughts.
<OOC> Xenarchy shrugs?
<OOC> Teena says, "So on the 3rd Round of being at the door you'll get surface thoughts on Big Bad."

"There are two beings behind that door. One is the boy. The other is... something else. A demon, or other evil being," says Xenarchy, following Boshter and gazing at the closed door. "Be ready."

GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+9: (19)+9: 28
<OOC> Teena says, "It saves vs Detect Thoughts."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Okay."
<OOC> Xenarchy can't try again for 24 hours.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Oh wait."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "For the remainder of the casting. I could cast again to have a second attempt, but meh. Let's do stuff!"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Boshter?"
<OOC> Teena nods.

So Boshter goes to kick the door open. Just like that. BOOM! He's totally kicking it. Hard. "YOU WILL GIVE UP. NOW."

<OOC> Boshter says, "Yeah. Sorry. Got distracted. :)"
<OOC> Teena says, "Now a STR and/or Damage roll."
GAME: Boshter rolls Strength: (3)+5: 8
<OOC> Boshter FEH.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Heroism doesn't add to ability checks, sadly. :("

Myrana closes her eyes for a moment, ear cocked ever so slightly. Listening. After a moment she steps forward, shaking her head a bit to toss the tousled mess of her bangs out of her face. "Mind if I help?" She smiles, and gestures at the door.

<OOC> Myrana could blow it open if the kick didn't do it xD
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Lightning bolt?"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Energy does pretty much no damage to objects. Halved before hardness. :("
<OOC> Boshter says, "Is the door acutally locked? :("
<OOC> Myrana has fire spells
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "He just ran through it and slammed it, so probably not?"

Boshter kicks the door once It does not open. Then he checks to see if its actually locked. You know. He should've done that earlier.

The doorway remains solidly secure to the kick, resulting in a higher pitched laugh from inside, probably the boy. The door itself is not locked, and you can open it easily. While the two people inside are not immediately visible, you can enter without being attacked, and see... the boy and a skeleton, still with internal organs dripping goo and glowing green eyes. Xenarchy can tell that /this/ is the second mind, though it's thoughts remain inpenetrable to her spell.

<OOC> Teena says, "Whatever KNowledge skill is used for Undead can be used."'
GAME: Xenarchy rolls knowledge/religion: (4)+5: 9
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "It's a thingy!"
GAME: Myrana rolls knowledge/religion: (16)+6: 22
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "I think Chiddle is asleep again."
You paged Myrana with 'Mohrg, undead mass murderer. Can Paralyze with it's tounge.'
Myrana pages: As in, it lashes you with the tongue? Or it talks and you go still?
You paged Myrana with 'Lashes... tounge will extend out around 5 feet.'
Myrana pages: Okie!
<OOC> Boshter returns from minor RL. Yeah. :)
<OOC> Teena says, "Hope he got his laptop holder. :P"

"Oh. That is not okay. That is very bad," says Boshter, pointing a finger at it. "I am going to beat you to death. Again. So you know. I hope you will enjoy dying a second time!"

<OOC> Teena says, "Init time"
Xenarchy rolls initiative: Roll: 12 + Bonus: 6 = Total: 18
Myrana rolls initiative: Roll: 2 + Bonus: 3 = Total: 5
Boshter rolls initiative: Roll: 5 + Bonus: 3 = Total: 8
You roll initiative for Uncle: Roll: 16 + Bonus: +8 = Total: 24
You roll initiative for Timmie: Roll: 14 + Bonus: +3 = Total: 17

Myrana pages: What effect is the book having on her? Can she warn anyone?
You paged Myrana with 'The book? Absolutely Nothing... ;)'
You paged Myrana with 'It's powerful, that is all.'
Myrana pages: Well, that voice that she made a will save against I suppose XD
You paged Myrana with 'Oh, you mean the VOice... it's just making a perfectly reasonable suggestion that you keep the book.'
Myrana pages: Okiedokie!
From afar, Myrana just wanted to make sure.
You paged Myrana with 'And since you failed the Save vs Suggestion, it /is/ perfectly reasonable.'
From afar, Myrana nods.

Current Initiative Order

24 Uncle
18 Xenarchy
17 Timmie
8 Boshter
5 Myrana

The undead thing faces you, it's mouth opening to speak, "YOu /are/ powerful. You will make much better servants than those wretched Goblins." As it speaks it's tounge coils out of it's mouth, lengthening to over five feat as it advances forward.

With a soft sound, the red book goes sliding into Myrana's satchel. She closes the flap, then freezes where she stands, eyes wide and fixed on that ghastly corpse. "Wait!" She blurts, hand snapping out to catch at Bosther's shoulder. "It's a Mohrg! Watch out for the--" But then the tongue is lashing out, and the warning's come a bit late.

<OOC> Teena says, "Boshter, you're out in front right?"
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+10: (3)+10: 13

The tounge lashes out as the creature advances, but it bounces off the mystical shield erected around boshter by Xenarchy.

<OOC> Teena says, "Xen, you're turn."
<OOC> Boshter says, "And yeah, Teena. :)"
<OOC> Xenarchy will cast displacement on Boshter.
GAME: Xenarchy casts displacement.
<OOC> Teena says, "What's that add to his Dodge? Or is that 50% miss?"

"I don't like the look of that tongue," says Xenarchy. "Boshter, you hold it and keep it from us. Myrana, blast its bones. I'll deal with the boy." She levels her petrifying gaze on the young man.

<OOC> Xenarchy says, "50% miss chance, yeah."
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+5: (19)+5: 24
<OOC> Teena says, "LOL"
<OOC> Teena says, "Xen, high or low to trigger?"
<OOC> Teena says, "Lets say 1-50 Miss, 51+ hit"
GAME: Teena rolls 1d100: (42): 42
<OOC> Chiddle says, "I'm going to need to crash. It's 7AM here :p"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Beeed! XD"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Thank you for the RP! o:"
<OOC> Chiddle says, "Sorry I kept falling asleep. it's been fun. One day I#ll manage to stick out a plot to the end :p"

Timmie shakes a bit at the glare, but seems intent to try and help. He throws his hand out, and a ray of necrotic energy flies out to strike Boshter right in the chest... at least it would have, if Boshter had been there. (Ray of Enfeeblement)

<OOC> Chiddle says, "Thanks for the rp, now excuse me while I keel over."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Bye."
<OOC> Teena says, "Night Chiddle!"
[RPOne] Teena says, "I'm amused that I would have gotten that spell off... a 1st level spell that would have hurt Boshter... if not for the Displacement."
Chiddle has disconnected.
<OOC> Boshter flex.
<OOC> Boshter says, "Mty turn, yeah? :)"
<OOC> Xenarchy forgot to pose casting on Boshter in her pose. Whoops.
<OOC> Teena says, "Go ahead Boshter."
<OOC> Boshter says, "CHARGE at the horrible undead monster!"
<OOC> Boshter says, "PUNCH"
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+11: (3)+11: 14
<OOC> Boshter says, "Man. The dice hate me. :)"
<OOC> Teena says, "No Charge, it's in your face. But a miss anyway."
<OOC> Boshter says, "Oh, for some reason I was thinking reach."
<OOC> Boshter will flurry, then. :P
<OOC> Teena says, "CHecked, "Okay go ahead."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Don't forget +2 for heroism!"
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+14: (19)+14: 33
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+9: (19)+9: 28
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+9: (15)+9: 24
<OOC> Teena says, "You're attack goes up when you flurry?"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Yep."
<OOC> Boshter says, "+7/+7/+2/+2"
<OOC> Teena thought it dropped by -2
<OOC> Boshter says, "Pre PF. :)"
<OOC> Teena says, "Well it's still -2, but okay..."
<OOC> Teena says, "So... last 3 hit"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Well, yes. It still winds up higher, thugh. :)"
GAME: Boshter rolls 2d6+5: (6)+5: 11
GAME: Boshter rolls 2d6+5: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Boshter rolls 2d6+5: (8)+5: 13
<OOC> Boshter says, "Oh, wait. Is Heroism +2 damage?"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Just attack, saves and skills."
<OOC> Boshter says, "Okay, good. Just making sure."
<OOC> Teena says, "Okay, so you beat it around alot... well maybe not /alot/ but a good dent or two."

"Whoa!" Boshter is getting a lot of attention. It must be the BRIGHT ORANGE of his personage. He then steps towards the undead abomination and proceeds to punch it. Repeatedly. "THIS," he announces, "is what you get! You should die again really fast at this rate!" Nevermind that the creature seems to be weathering the assault pretty well.

<OOC> Teena says, "Myrana"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Would Bull's Strength help?"
<OOC> Teena doesn't think Boshter has any straight Enchantments to strength, unless he has a Belt.
<OOC> Myrana will do that.
GAME: Myrana casts Bull's Strength.
<OOC> Boshter says, "He does, but its only +2."
<OOC> Boshter says, "So that's extra strength for me :)"
<OOC> Teena says, "Top of the Round. Uncle Full attacks, 2 Slams and a Tounge Lashing"
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+15: (9)+15: 24
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+15: (1)+15: 16
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+1: (20)+1: 21
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+10: (18)+10: 28
<OOC> Teena says, "Ignore the +1"
GAME: Teena rolls 2d8+5: (7)+5: 12
GAME: Teena damaged Boshter for 12 points. 76 remaining.
<OOC> Boshter says, "Do you need a save? :)"
<OOC> Teena says, "Yes, just checking which one"
<OOC> Teena says, "Fort 19"
GAME: Boshter rolls Fort: (6)+11: 17
<OOC> Boshter says, "+2!"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Heroism saves the day."
GAME: Teena rolls 1d100: (22): 22
GAME: Teena damaged Boshter for -12 points. 88 remaining.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Did you remember Boshter's displacement?"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "OH, that was the roll there. Never mind."

'Uncle' seems intent on returning the beating, fists lashing into Boshter, one breaking through the Mage Armor to strike him hard. Again this would have occured if not for Xenarchy's glammer. The second blow is deflected, but the tounge lashes around him, sending a wave of paralysis that he almost fails to fight off.

<OOC> Teena says, "Xen"
<OOC> Xenarchy will hideous laughter the boy.
GAME: Xenarchy casts invisibility.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Bloodline. Throwing out a 2nd level spell equivalent."
<OOC> Teena says, "Save DC?"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "22."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Falls prone and can take no actions. A new save each round as a full-round action."
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+3: (14)+3: 17

Xenarchy moves back after casting an illusion on Boshter, warping his image into a blur that's hard to place. She directs her attention on the boy and casts a spell on his mind, compelling him to laugh uncontrollably and fall over.

Timmie looks ready to try and cast the Ray again, then he sniggers, snerks. He puts up a credible attempt to avoid the effect of the spell, but cannot help himself as he keels over with laughter.

<OOC> Teena says, "Boshter."
<OOC> Teena says, "BTW, its' pretty clear that this monster strangles people with it's tounge after paralysing them."
<OOC> Boshter says, "Second verse same as the first."
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+14: (6)+14: 20
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+14: (4)+14: 18
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+8: (14)+8: 22
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+8: (7)+8: 15
<OOC> Boshter says, "Except with shittier rolls."
<OOC> Teena says, "None hit"

"Wha! Watch where you are putting that thing!" The tongue, really, is horrific to Boshter and he bobs and weaves trying to avoid getting hit by it. He steps back, then, and does his best to counter attack.. but, really, defense seems to be prioritized at the moment and he doesn't land an effective hit. At all.

<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Was that counting heroism? D:"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Yep. :)"
[RPOne] Myrana says, "I can't think straight-- do undead have resistance against electricity or cold?"
[RPOne] Teena says, "No energy resistances."
[RPOne] Myrana says, "Ah, okay!"
<OOC> Teena says, "So what are you doing?"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Who?"
<OOC> Teena says, "You're up after Boshter"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Oh! I think I missed your saying it was my go x.x"
<OOC> Myrana will cast Cone of Cold
GAME: Myrana casts Cone of Cold.
<OOC> Myrana says, "At the Mohg. If I can avoid catching Boshter or Xen"
<OOC> Myrana is really out of it
<OOC> Teena says, "Roll Damage"
GAME: Myrana rolls 10d6: (37): 37
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+10: (3)+10: 13
<OOC> Teena says, "Well, we're getting a consistent Damage total when you hurt him"
<OOC> Boshter laughs.
<OOC> Teena says, "Everyone make a Sense Motive Roll"
GAME: Xenarchy rolls sense motive: (5)+0: 5
<OOC> Xenarchy doesn't care what other people think!
GAME: Myrana rolls sense motive: (3)+5: 8
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+15: (13)+15: 28
GAME: Teena rolls 1d100: (64): 64
GAME: Teena rolls 2d8+5: (5)+5: 10
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+15: (12)+15: 27
GAME: Teena rolls 1d100: (46): 46
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+10: (10)+10: 20
GAME: Teena damaged Boshter for 10 points. 78 remaining.
GAME: Boshter rolls Sense Motive: (2)+10: 12

<OOC> Teena says, "No one made it."

Myrana's heels clack as she strides into the room, voice ringing out and hands drawing up all the winter cold from the air itself. Sleeves snap back and frost floods forward over her skin, crackling and spiking out larger and larger till finally a burst of frozen air flows out from her palm and slams into the corpse, coating it in sparkling, hard-cracking hoarfrost.

The Undead monstrosity strikes out with both fists, one going towards one Boshter-blurr, the other to the other. He strikes one finally, a solid but not life threatening blow. He then steps back, toward Timmie.

<OOC> Teena says, "Xenarchy"
<OOC> Xenarchy hmm.
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Mirror image self."
GAME: Xenarchy casts mirror image.
<OOC> Teena says, "Okay."
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+3: (15)+3: 18
GAME: Xenarchy rolls 1d4+3: (3)+3: 6
<OOC> Teena says, "And include the fact that Timmy's still laughing in your pose. Boshter."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Six images."
<OOC> Teena nods, "Plenty of IMages to go around. :)

Xenarchy casts a spell, invoking illusion and spreading out her image. Six more of her appear, all seeming as real as each other. All seven of the currently-shadow-elves look down at the young necromancer as he rolls hilariously on the ground. "Hrm," they all say. "Where did that thing masquerading as a cat go?"

To Myrana, "What a silly thing to worry about when that /thing/ is going to kill Timmie."

<OOC> Teena says, "Boshter You're up."
<OOC> Boshter says, "Full attack!"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Step towards, punch away."
<OOC> Teena says, "Roll it. :)"
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+14: (2)+14: 16
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+14: (7)+14: 21
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+8: (13)+8: 21
GAME: Boshter rolls 1d20+8: (5)+8: 13
<OOC> Boshter says, "Man."
<OOC> Teena says, "BTW, I believe you are at 15 and 9 (+1 Strength) But still misses"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Oh right. Yeah. Forgot the extra +1."

Really, Boshter is squicked out about all of this. Timmy is eyed (since he's laughing) and he proceeds to attempt to wail on the horrible TONGUE MONSTER more.

Alas, the laughter is sort of distracting.

<OOC> Teena says, "Myrana"
<OOC> Myrana will cast Cone of Cold again
GAME: Myrana casts Cone of Cold.
GAME: Myrana rolls 10d6: (39): 39
GAME: Teena rolls 1d20+10: (11)+10: 21
<OOC> Teena says, "DC?"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Reflex"
<OOC> Teena says, "Target?"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Er-- wait wrong page"
<OOC> Myrana says, "oop, still reflex"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "I keep those on handy record. :D"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "For all my spells."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "It's a level 5 spell."
<OOC> Teena says, "Still need a number. ;)"
<OOC> Myrana says, "I don't know what you mean"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "So 10 + your cha mod + 5 + any spell focus evocations."
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "Plus other modifiers if any."
<OOC> Myrana has focus and greater focus, evoc
<OOC> Myrana and a +5 cha bonus
<OOC> Myrana needs to sleep really soon to work in the morning
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "So that's 22."
<OOC> Teena says, "So I failed the Reflex, and you freeze it to re-death"

Another blast of wintry magic, and the Mohg freezes, bones splintering and necromantic organs shattering, full of ice. Myrana draws her hands back toward herself, arms fogging in the relative warmth of the room and fingers wreathed in a whorl of diamond dust.

With 'Uncle' destroyed, you manage to collect up Timmie without any difficulty, along with the possessions of the Undead. There are two books missing, the big red book and the third book no one touched. When Myrana gets home she finds out that the Red Book is nothing but a book of Infernal Stories... the power she felt was an illusion on the book, nothing more. Timmie is revealed to belong to a line of Infernal Sorcerers, some who revelled in their wickeness such as Uncle Goblinslayer, others who tried to fight it, such as Timmie's now deceased father. The 'Cat' was an advisor, offering 'wisdom' and tutelage in necromancy and infernal speech. The convocation takes control of Timmie to teach him the propper use of his power. The goblins are very happy with your results, and offer to 'let you keep' anything you found in the Mohrgs lair. There's a small reward from Timmy's Mother too.

<OOC> Boshter says, "It's good :)"
<OOC> Boshter says, "Thanks for running, Teena. :)"
<OOC> Xenarchy says, "TFRP!"
<OOC> Myrana says, "Thank you! X)"
<OOC> Myrana is gonna keep the book.
<OOC> Teena says, "So Myrana now has a book of Infernal Bedtime Stories. Definately not for kids. :) Some of the stories are quite... erotic."
<OOC> Teena grins.
<OOC> Myrana says, "... oh for crying out loud XD"
<OOC> Xenarchy will make sure not to have detect thoughts running while around Myrana for a while.
<OOC> Teena is tired and silly.
<OOC> Myrana says, "Thank you for the scene!"
<OOC> Teena says, "But this /is/ infernals we're talking about. ;)"
<OOC> Teena says, "BTW Xen, the reason you didn't find 'the Cat' when you did the search was that you excluded Myrana. The Cat was right above her."
<OOC> Teena replaces Myrana's Familiar with an Imp, lets see if anyone notices.