PrP: Escape to the Noble House of Mummies Part 1

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GM: Mab

PCs: Quint - Human Paladin - Lvl 3 Hrothgar - Giantborn Druid - Lvl 3 Jugga - Giantborn Barbarian - Lvl 3 Sharna - Half-Elf Rogue - Lvl 2 Alteri - Human Fighter - Lvl 3


CR 4 - 1,200 budget (1205 spent)

4 x Zombies 3 x Skeletons

CR 5 - 1,600 budget (1,600 spent) Mummy

No purchases.

Summary: Builders constructing a new home disturbed the ruins of a long-forgotten ancient one, and in so doing awoke the ancient homeowner from his slumber. But the ages had passed, and his mind had eroded... he knew he had tried to save his family after death, but it seems the sacrifices weren't made - so he set about sacrificing the fools who had awoken him.

The Heroic PCs turned up and put an end to all that with cunning, smarts, and lots of steel.

There's an emergency! But... when is there ever not an emergency?

The Explorer’s Guild has put out a call on behalf of the Stonemason's. There's been some awful disaster on the edge of town; whilst constructing a new house, the builders had uncovered an old crypt.

Details on what *exactly* happened next are somewhat sketchy, as the unfortunate soul who ran screaming for the nearest guardsman was not in a very clear state of mind. The general gist of it was though; something bad, and probably, something dead.

Which is what brings the adventurers to the building site. Everyone except the foreman has left, which leaves him standing in the middle of a half-constructed building of thick granite blocks... standing over a very old, very heavy oak trapdoor. The lock that had fastened it shut has rusted away with age.

The foreman looks to be in his fifties; human, balding, stressed. Harumph.

<OOC> Quint says, "Noble-y part of town? With the granite blocks and all?"

<OOC> Mab says, "Yeah, relatively; merchant district most likely, rather than actual nobility."

Hrothgar rubs his nose and peers with a scowl at the trapdoor in the ground. He remembers the last time he went down into a place like that. It didn't end well. "Hrmph." the giantkin rumbles, adjusting the weight of his massive hammer over his shoulder. "Dun like the smell of that." And neither does the little bear cub that's hiding behind the large man's leg, peering cautiously out from behind him. "Probably some wizard's crypt." he rumbles. "Nothin' good ever grows from burying wizards."

Absently adjusting a strap on her breastplate, Alteri takes in the building site with a long cast of her gaze. She nods a greeting to the foreman; they know each other, due to the fighter having had cause to moonlight at the building site now and then to supplement her income. Jerking her chin towards the trapdoor, she grunts, "That what your guys found?"

Jugga rushes to answer the emergency, slowing from a jog to a walk when she gets to the construction site. She looks this way and that as she explores a bit before discovering the foreman. Studying the trapdoor she grunts, "Well...looks like a door."

"This is, what? The fourth? Fifth? Time that we're heading into certain doom together. If I didn't know better, I would think you're stalking me." Sharna idly teases Alteri - business as usual - as the mottley group approaches the building site. She's munching on an apple, an ocassional gentle crunch as the fruit is bitten into adding to the more general noise of the city. The noise is constant, really - although lessened, here, by sheer lack of people. She lets Alteri talk, at least for a moment, what with her seeming to know the fellow in charge. Or, shall we say, the only fellow who has deigned to stay behind.

It's a short trip to the courtyards and open-air grounds that Eluna's faithful worship from and live in -- which is likely why Quint arrives on foot rather than astride his ornery warmount. The white surcoat, the leather skirt, and all the rest are quite thoroughly scrubbed and smell strongly of votive candles and incense as he stands there listening. His usual odd intensity is troubled today and while he endeavors to pay attention his gaze keeps dancing to one side -- as if someone is calling to him or shouting nearby. Instead of having his gloved palm loosely balanced on the pommel of his sheathes sword, his fingers knot around it in what is likely a white-knuckled grip. He stands a ways back, leaving plenty of space for all of the others to gather 'round and hear what has to be said.

The foreman looks at the gathered party and stamps. "About time!" He huffs, because it is his job to be agitated about delays.

"Yes, this is what the idiots found." He continues, waving at the trapdoor. "I don't know what is down there, and I don't much care neither. Nothing has come up yet, but unless the damn fools are playing a tasteless prank, it is only a matter of time. If you don't come back up by tomorrow, I'll just brick the whole damn thing up and call it there."

And with a wrenching grunt, he hauls the lid back. The entrance down is wide; big enough you could probably fit three people in side by side, and there are stairs descending into the depths. No light, so it is hard to see too far down there, but the stench of rot and the ancient workmanship is unmistakable.

Jugga steps up to the trapdoor and peers down the stairs into the darkness. "Well. I hope someone thought to bring along some light. I brought smashing things, healing things, and cutting things. No lighting up dark holes in the grounds things. Really should add a few torches or candles or sunrods to my standard pack out. I got booze though if anyone is thirsty." She takes a few steps down into the darkness, but lowlight only goes so far

Hrothgar doesn't let himself be rushed. He peers from the foorman to the opening, leaning over the edge to glance into the darkness beyond. "Hrm." he remarks again, fastening a gaze on the foreman. "You have torches?" he asks simply. "They'll be needed... just a few I think." He glances sidelong at Jugga then, offering the other giantborn a nod. "We'll make do." he rumbles.

"Always has to be a door," Alteri mutters, nodding greets to the rest the Guild has sent. Except Sharna. Sharna gets a flat-eyed look, "I see you've got your hairpoof tamed." is all the Eldanar will say. Movement at the back catches her eye then, and she glances to note Quint's arrival. "Bright Lady's blessings," she greets, cautiously. Mouth open to say more, she is interrupted by the agitated foreman, and so it is snapped closed once more, as she peers past the taller ones in their party to see what-all.

"Don't know what's down there, hmm?" She settles her light-coloured gaze on the foreman, "Bricks... may not be enough, if those of us gathered here can't clear whatever it is out." and the corners of her eyes crinkle a bit. With that oh-so-reassuring statement, she loosens the drawstring on the small sack tied to her belt. From it, she draws forth an everburning torch, and slips it into a belt-loop fashioned just for it.

Sharna puts her hood into place, flipping the crossbow into her hand in a quick, smooth motion. The safety latch is removed, the bolt within checked. She peers into the gloom below, smiling at the burlier partymembers. In this case, that's everyone. "After you." she says, to nobody in particular. When light must be used and she cannot sneak terribly well as a result, she prefers to have a bit of muscle and steel in front.

"If we face the restless dead... then I am comfortable in the first rank." The armored human pauses, lips pressing into a thin line mid-thought. He might even sound a little irritated when he finishes his thought but its all pushed behind his normal impassive frown the next moment as he steps towards the crypt entrance. Nodding shallowly at Alteri, he pats at three brass, torchlike rods hanging from his own belt. Sunrods. "I am prepared as well should we require additional lighting."

He slides the scimitar from its scabbard and pauses one last time on the threshold before starting his cautious descent. The crescent-shaped shield strapped to his arm leads the way

Hrothgar glances over the gathered group, taking note of each in turn. Then he nods and steps up to join Quint, descending in the darkness. On the way down, he speaks a few rough words in some strange tongue, a faint shimmer of magic settling over his form as he, and the little bear, make their way through the opening

A blink is all Alteri gives to see Quint volunteering for the front spot. Chewing toughtfully on her bottom lip a moment, her pommel shifts in a slight shrug and she slips in after, keeping her position at a median to ensure enough light is cast forwards and backwards. Sword in one hand, javelin in the other, she steps lightly, feeling the press of the ancient surroundings upon her consciousness. This has the happy coincidence of keeping her ankles away from that little bear's nippy teeth.

Jugga squints into the darkness, "Hulloooo!" She listens to the echoes then looks back at everyone else, "Looks like Alteri gets to be in front. Anyone else..." She nods to Quit, "I guess you've got some light too. Too bad we don't have anyone that could make a weapon glow. Hate depending on things that we've got to drop if fighting breaks out."

The foreman shakes his head to Hrothgar, and then looks to Alteri. "Hrmph. We'll see. Whatever's down there hasn't come up in godsknows how long. But I'm sure a bunch of professionals like you lot..."

And by this time, the party is descending into the depths, spluttering torches providing enough dreary light to make out the impression of a very, very old passageway; about half a mile down into the earth until the stone steps start to shallow out and the impression of a doorway is seen.

<OOC> Mab says, "Perception checks!"

GAME: Alteri rolls perception: (4)+1: 5

GAME: Sharna rolls Perception: (11)+10: 21

GAME: Hrothgar casts Longstrider.

GAME: Hrothgar rolls perception: (19)+10: 29

GAME: Jugga rolls perception: (1)+10: 11

GAME: Quint rolls Perception: (15)+1: 16

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay, everyone can make out a kind of, groaning, shambling noise ahead. Sharna and Hrothgar will be getting more."

You paged (Sharna, Hrothgar) with 'You two can make out... a bit more than just 'there is something there'. You reckon there's about a half dozen entities moving about the room, and judging by how far away they are, that makes it a very big room; probably two hundred feet or more.'

Hrothgar hmrphs faintly as he pauses by the door ahead. "Big room beyond this portal" he rumbles as a warning. "A number of creatures... hard to tell exactly how many." he reaches to absently scratch at his beard. "But from the sound, I think we can rule out natural vermin."

Quirking a slight smile, the Highborn pats the sturdy fastening on the belt-loop that will hold the torch firmly in place, "Unless someone steals my belt, we should be all right," she assures Jugga. Further in, Alteri's footsteps freeze as the sounds of groaning and shambling impede upon her senses. She squints at the portal, nodding at Hrothgar's assessment. To Quint, she asks, "Is there aught your Lady can tell you, of what lies beyond this?"

Sharna squints into the darkness, eyes narrowing. "Maybe six or so that I can see. Could be wrong. He's got it right... seems like a real big room." she whispers as an addition to Hrothgar's recounting, slender digits tapping gently on the crossbow. It is at this point that she tries to find way to remain unnoticed - moving along the hall's edges, so as to keep out of sight of the room's occupants and stepping as lightly as she can upon the stone of the passage.

<OOC> Alteri says, "To clarify, it's a hallway ahead, no door between hall and us?"

<OOC> Mab says, "Yup; doorframe, no door."

Jugga looks around the rest of the crew, " one here happens to be a master of big balls of fire. Any casks of things that blow up or catch on fire when you pitch them into a big room full of monsters?" Quirking her lips to one side and pondering the crew again she shrugs, "So...we're going to charge in and smash things?"

Quint doesn't answer Alteri for some time, the polished metal of his barbute tilting just slightly. "Little," he finally speaks with a turn to look back over his shoulder, his halting speech quiet. "I must see the foe with my eyes before I can know the truth of it." A pause and then a nod to Jugga, "We have been called to do good works for the Grey Harpist. Goddess' blessing." And then he'll continue to advance cautiously, giving a subtle shake of his head.

<OOC> Sharna says, "If there's any possibility of stealthin', I would like to do so - crawl along the wall so I can't be seen from inside the room, maybe, since I figure with the party's light skulking in shadows is hard-ish. If not, c'est la vie!"

<OOC> Sharna says, "Not scouting, mind, just keeping out of sight. :("

<OOC> Mab says, "You can."

GAME: Sharna rolls Stealth: (18)+10: 28

Hrothgar lifts the hammer off of his shoulder, cracking his neck. "Roight. Let's see what lies ahead, shall we?" he rumbles as he follows Quint's advance. As he moves forwards, he mutter the words to another spell. Faded runes of some long-forgotten script dance faintly over his frame for a second, before sinking into his broad frame.

<OOC> Mab says, "I think that so far, Quint and Hrothgar are going in, likely side by side?"

"Hngh... I'd like to see what we're up against 'ere charging, myself." Six of anything will give even the young Highborn pause, and so Alteri simply nods and keeps up with the paladin's cautious advancements. At one point in the advance, she lifts her faintly glowing blade to her lips, murmuring a soft prayer to the Dread Lady. "As you have blessed this, let her bring rest to those late to your halls..."

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay, so Bear|Hrothgar|Quint and then behind them Alteri|Jugga and sneaking in from the side is Sharna."

<OOC> Mab says, "If that is all correct I shall pose again."

The room is big; very big. A burial chamber some two hundred feet long by fifty wide. There are a total of nine caskets in the hall, grouped in the center. All of them have had their lids removed, and a pair of lanterns - slowly dying as they run out of oil - illuminate these disturbed burying places, and a pair of bodies which are ominously still.

At the far end of the hall there is a second door, and through that a sickly pale purple glow.

Of more immediate concern, however, are the badly-illuminated shapes which shuffle through the darkness at the edge of the room. Now that the light bearers have entered, they are starting to move irregularly towards them, at a shambling pace. Low, guttural groans are heard - an unearthly moan all too familiar to those who have dealt with the living dead before.

Now that they are closer, Alteri notes an interesting little thing. Those shambling forms seem to have a specific direction that they are moving towards. A direction that happens to be Directly Towards Her. To further confirm things, she takes a broad step to the side Sharna is NOT sneakily sneaking along, just to see if that changes the direction of their shambles any.

Hrothgar grumbles as shambling shapes become visible on the edge of his low-light vision. He glances briefly over his shoulder as the light behind him begins to dance off to one side, furrowing his bushy brow as he seems to get an idea. Reaching into a pouch, he produces a copper coin between his fingers, speaking a single word to make it glow like the torch Alteri is holding. With a gesture of his hand, he flips the coin off into the darkness. Vaguely in the opposite direction Sharna disappeared to.

Mildly startled by the sheer scope of the place, Quint's guard dips a fraction of an inch and his gaze leaves the slow-moving forms for a moment. An unintelligable, whispered prayer crawls furtively from between his lips and his eyes narrow. The shadowplay of Alteri's torch, the distant glow... it makes the abnormally large hall seem almost surreal. Pauldron scrapes quietly against breastplate when he rolls his shoulder, setting his jaw behind the barbute and making sure to keep himself between the expirementing woman and the risen. "They may be fresh from their torpor -- slow and stiff -- but do not take their awkward movements for granted. Many undead abominations are exceptionally quick..." He warns them all quietly even as he tries to pick out any particularly distinguishing features of attributes of the animate corpses, taking a step or two closer.

<OOC> Quint says, "Can we see well enough for a Know/Religion roll to identify them, Mabster?"

<OOC> Mab says, "Give me a perception check first - that could probably go for all of you - and then most likely yes."

GAME: Jugga rolls perception: (4)+10: 14

GAME: Hrothgar rolls perception: (15)+10: 25

GAME: Alteri rolls Perception: (4)+1: 5

[RPOne] Alteri says, "I'm consistent. *cries softly while trying to comfort herself*"

<OOC> Sharna says, "I'll creep after the others."

<OOC> Sharna says, "Trying to keep out of sight, though."

GAME: Sharna rolls Perception: (7)+10: 17

GAME: Quint rolls Perception: (1)+1: 2

Sharna stalks forward, following the others - keeping to the shadows and cover, if any, now that she's been given some room to maneuver. The crossbow is held at the ready, but she does not do anything to betray her presence. Yet.

Jugga rolls the thick shaft of her earthbreaker in her hands as she eyes the shambling creatures revealed first by Alteri's torch, then Hrothgar's coin. She releases hold of her club with her left hand and pulls her fighting mask down over her face. Once the mask is settled into position she rolls her neck to loosen it up, faint pops coming from the joints.

The undead do seem to be congregating towards the light at least; that much is for certain. There's a total of seven of them, three of them seem to be moving (if you rolled a 16+) somewhat faster than the other four, but not by a huge amount. It will still take a few moments for the first shape to reach the light; about sixty feet away from the gathered group...

Quint's warning is appreciated, and Alteri nods, keeping her movements smooth and unassuming. No telling what else draws the attention of these beings. Eyes narrowing, she studies their reactions, lips pursed in thought. "Well, it appears light does gain their attention."

Jaw tensing, Alteri spots a wall sconce at a, perhaps, halfway point between the party and the moving figures. She gives a firm nod towards it, "I plan to plant my torch th..." her words die as Quint brings up his suggestion. "A much better plan," she compliments. Unlatching the torch, she slips it back into her carrysack and pulls the drawstring tightly closed that no light leaks out.

Hrothgar hrmphs faintly and glances to where the corpses are gathering. "Hrmph. I don't know what unholy power lets them see at all" he rumbles. "A fine idea to circle them... but best be ready should they not fall for such." With that, he makes to move in a wide circle around the glowing coin.

Sharna waits, tense. Simply... waits. What else is there to do, truly? She's not jumping the proverbial gun - or is that crossbow? - at the very least. Crouched low, inside the room with the group, she just waits for their cue to proceed.

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay, if you guys wait, quietly, whilst they gravitate towards the light, and then sneak around the /far/ side, they will be gathered in that spot. Which will allow you to investigate the door at the far end of the hall no problem."

The undead are not known for their cognitive reasoning skills. Gathered around the light, the group are able to slip past them, and make it around to the far side of the room.

The door is, in a word, grand. Ancient symbols have been moulded into the bronze of it, and it is clearly very old. The sickly purple light spills from the cracks around it, but the door is shut fast, and there is no sound from within...

<OOC> Mab says, "Knowledge religion, history or local if you have it."

GAME: Quint rolls Knowledge/Religion: (12)+7: 19

Jugga watches the slow moving creatures from beyond the grave drag themselves across the burial chamber towards the coin. Once it seems the plan is working she nods to the others, waiting for those in the lead to start moving so that she and Alteri can follow.

You paged Quint with 'Hard to be certain, but those symbols bear some resemblance to modern day Thul iconography; actually, now you think of it, almost certainly is - the whirls in the bronzework make up a stylized depiction of The Commandment.' The knowledge that these are, quite likely, restless dead, keeps Alteri's footsteps light as she can make them. Tippy-toeing around the figures, she never takes her eyes off where they are gathered. Hey, you never know if one might suddenly grow a brain and come after them.

You paged Quint with 'Probably, therefore, a prayer room.'

A purple glow is rarely a good sign. Hrothgar hrmphs and absently reaches to scratch the bear behind the ear. "Mighty pretty door" he rumbles in a muffled tone. "Ah say we break it open an' see what's on the other side. Nothin' natural sheds light like /that/"

"The Seller of Souls." Quint offers bluntly, disgust creeping into his tone. "Thul, lord of Undeath," he clarifies for those that might not be familiar with the regional name fo the black god. "We do indeed need to get through this portal and disable whatever defiling craft is at play beyond. Once the immediate threat is vanquished the Mourners will want to investigate the site thoroughly..."

Sharna can't help but keep glancing over her shoulder. There's a whole pile of disgusting, foul-smelling undead over there, milling around that coin, and that's enough to set anyone on edge. "Alright. Let me have a look at this thing. Feel free to give a hand - just look for anything suspicious." the part-elven woman whispers, setting about carefully inspecting the door for booby-traps and other such unpleasant manner of thing.

"Grandfather Winter" Hrothgar rumbles in return to Quint's explanation, shaking his head with a disgusted scowl. "No honest death await beyond these doors... step careful." He closes both hands around the giant hammer he carries, looking all but ready to smash the door open himself. He does step back to let Sharna do her work, though.

<OOC> Mab says, "Give me a perception, Sharna."

<OOC> Sharna says, "I was thinking take 20, but can I do that in a room full of disgusting albeit distracted zombies?"

<OOC> Mab says, "Probably not the smartest move. ;p"

GAME: Sharna rolls Perception+1: (1)+10+1: 12

Jugga looks at the door and the glow, then turns her attention to the creatures behind them as Sharna works at the door. "You know...Won't we have to destroy those anyway? Can't have undead under whatever building they are putting up...but I guess they might all go to sleep if we finish off whatever is making the purple glow."

You paged Sharna with 'Doesn't seem to be trapped; in fact, it looks like the door was opened recently - the latch is a sphere in the whorl of bronze, and it has been rotated, so all you need to do is push it in.'

"Looks clear. Let me see if there's a lock." Sharna says. Mind you, she spent the entire inspection looking over her shoulder to see if the undead have moved. She glances down the door, finding the opening mechanism. "Looks like it's been opened not too long ago. I think this is it..." And yes, confidently reaching out for the opening mechanism! Hooray!

The enquiring expression Alteri had directed to Quint, bleeds away at his disgusted declaration. All that is left behind is a coldly implacable mask, and she slowly slips her javelin back into its low-slung quiver. "Indeed." The ring of her contralto sounds hollow, personality seceding to purpose. With deliberate care, her throwing hand slips to join its brethren in a twohanded grip that tightens, creaking the leather wraps around her blade's hilt. Trying her best not to loom while Sharna works, she too, looks the door over, hawkish gaze seeking almost, to sear right through the barrier into whatever awaits behind.

<OOC> Mab says, "I'm going to ask for two things now which you are all going to hate me for."

<OOC> Mab says, "The first, is initiative; this is likely not too unexpected."

<OOC> Mab says, "The second is a will save."

GAME: Hrothgar rolls initiative: Roll: 2 + Bonus: 2 = Total: 4

<OOC> Mab says, "I remember being annoyed by where the actual helpfiles were last time; it is not +prhelp"

GAME: Sharna rolls initiative: Roll: 6 + Bonus: 5 = Total: 11

GAME: Hrothgar rolls will: (18)+5: 23

GAME: Alteri rolls initiative: Roll: 17 + Bonus: 2 = Total: 19

GAME: Alteri rolls Will: (4)+2: 6

GAME: Sharna rolls Will: (16)+0: 16

Quint pages: If this is fear: You're Welcome.

Quint pages: mt!

<OOC> Alteri says, "I'd say +1 for Fear effects but like that'd help."

GAME: Jugga rolls initiative: Roll: 2 + Bonus: 2 = Total: 4

<OOC> Sharna says, "Quint has an aura for that."

GAME: Jugga rolls will: (20)+3: 23

Hrothgar pages: Bear needs to save as well?

You paged Hrothgar with 'And do init.'

Hrothgar pages: It has a better init score than me, isn't it easier to just let it act on my turn?

GAME: Mab rolls 1d20: (14): 14

You paged Hrothgar with 'Sure'

GAME: Hrothgar rolls 1d20+2: (19)+2: 21

<OOC> Hrothgar says, "bear is iron will!"

The door slides apart; the contraption it is made of making near-invisible lines slide to one side in a way evocative of the way the night sky would move stars above around a single point. It is almost beautiful, in a strange kind of way.

What is not beautiful is on the other side; a wretched creature swathed in old linen cloth is stooped over an altar on which a heart has been set; glowing a bright, unhealthy purple as it is suffused with unholy power.

The mummy turns, and bellows in incoherent rage, every scrap of the being purely evil, radiating fear like the sun radiates warmth. Everyone feels it... and poor Alteri is frozen in terror.

<OOC> Mab says, "4 rounds of paralysis I'm afraid Alteri."

<OOC> Mab says, "Well, the mummy got a fourteen... so... it is going to hit the person in front of it, which would be Sharna."

GAME: Mab rolls 1d20+14: (6)+14: 20

<OOC> Sharna says, "That is most certainly a hit."

GAME: Mab rolls 1d8+10: (5)+10: 15

<OOC> Alteri lolwuts, is not interested in that pettanko. :(

<OOC> Mab says, "And a fort save. :("

GAME: Sharna rolls Fortitude: (9)+2: 11

<OOC> Sharna fails.

<OOC> Sharna says, "What was the onset?"

<OOC> Mab says, "1 minute."

Bellowing with a furious wail, the mummy brings both arms forwards, and bodily slams into the thief who would dare to disturb this most sacred ritual. There's a billowing cloud of dust left from the impact, which likely causes Sharna to cough and choke, not to mention the pain of the impact... the unnatural strength could shatter stone! But thankfully it hasn't yet broken her in half.

<OOC> Sharna says, "Delay until after Quint and hope he'll allow me flanksies."

<OOC> Mab says, "Quint, you are up."

<OOC> Mab says, "Feel free to roll knowledge/religion to go"

<OOC> Mab says, "'OHMY MUMMY'"

GAME: Quint rolls Knowledge/Religion: (10)+7: 17

<OOC> Mab says, "Oh my, it is a mummy."

<OOC> Quint says, "swift to declare my Smite target, 5' in to melee, full attack (PA, TWF)"

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay."

You paged Quint with 'It is vulnerable to fire!'

You paged Quint with '(As something you might want to relay specifically)'

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+7: (11)+7: 18

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+7: (10)+7: 17

<OOC> Mab says, "Miss and a miss."

<OOC> Mab says, "Or, more likely, you are hitting it, and the power of the thing is beating back your blows."

<OOC> Sharna says, "If I take a 5' step diagonally, does it put me in flank with Quintz0rz?"

<OOC> Mab says, "Yes."

<OOC> Sharna says, "Then I would like to stop delaying and take my action, please!"

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay!"

<OOC> Sharna says, "I will drop the crossbow, 5' into flank, pull shortswords, stab it once due to using move to draw weapons."

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay."

GAME: Sharna rolls 1d20+1+5+1+2: (5)+1+5+1+2: 14

<OOC> Sharna poses a miss!

Quint's prayer spills out of his lips, rich and full and overtaking itself when echoed by a decidedly cold, feminine voice. Silver and blue energies begin to play about his armored figure when he steps forward to engage the shambling, wrapped monstrosity with a leading stab from the scimitar and a hook-arc slam with the crescent-shaped shield. Form reinforced by profane magics most foul, the mummy bats aside the sword with a gnarled claw of a hand and simply lifts a forearm to absord the impact from the shield. Divine energies writhe and coalesce around Quint as he bears down on the undead thing. "The ritual oils make it vulnerable to fire," he voice echoes, two speaking in tandem as he channels the divine through his very soul.

Sharna's eyes widen. Dear gods what-- And then the undead is upon her, and she shudders, barely even remaining on her feet after the assault. She huffs for a moment, sweat beading on her brow - and seeing Quint slide into attack position springs into action herself. The crossbow is discarded in favor of her twin blades, one of which is brought around in an attempt to bury it in the monster's side. It is deflected harmlessly, much like the paladin's own strikes.

GAME: Hrothgar rolls weapon1: (8)+7: 15

Hrothgar grunts as the undead monstrosity screeches at the group and launches its' attack, stepping up with the rest, swining his hammer with a vicious backhand sweep. The blow of the earthbreaker glances harmlessly off whatever foul magic animates the monster, though.

<OOC> Jugga says, "Step into the gap left for me by Hrothgar, Rage, Power Attack with MW Earthbreaker."

GAME: Jugga rolls 1d20+9: (11)+9: 20

<OOC> Mab says, "A tie is a hit IIRC."

<OOC> Quint says, "Yessir"

<OOC> Mab says, "Roll damage!"

GAME: Jugga rolls 2d6+11: (2)+11: 13

<OOC> Mab says, "It notices!"

Jugga starts to huff and puff as the door is opened and the waves of magic wash over herself and her companions. Her body tightens and her muscles bulge as the pressure of her fury builds up within her. With some bestial growls she grinds her hands on the shaft of her maul as her faster companions lead the attack and for a moment it looks like her fury will be denied a target on which to vent it, but Hrothgar clears a path for her and she jumps forward eagerly as soon as she's got a spot to swing from. She swing heavily but misses the creature in her haste, but with a strain of tendons and joints she sends her maul in reverse, scraping the iron shod tip along her foe, not the cleanest connection but it makes the woman behind the mask happy, and she starts to laugh merrily almost immediately.

<OOC> Mab says, "What's your raging AC Jugga?"

<OOC> Jugga says, "AC? What/s that? looking"

<OOC> Jugga says, "13"

GAME: Mab rolls 1d20+14: (5)+14: 19

GAME: Mab rolls 1d8+10: (1)+10: 11

GAME: Mab damaged Jugga for 11 points. 25 remaining.

<OOC> Mab says, "And a fort save please!"

GAME: Jugga rolls fort: (15)+6: 21

<OOC> Jugga says, "Oh...figured my damage incorrectly Mab. Should be 1 higher."

The mummy rounds on Quint at first; completely ignoring his companions whose blows do not even break its momentum. Apparently, being a paladin in the presence of such a powerful undead monster has gotten its attention. "You... can't... interfere...!" It starts to rasp, horribly, in a voice slowly heating with rage... and then Jugga's massive maul strikes it across the front, and the tip cuts through some linens.

With a horrendous bellow the creature throws itself back at the giantkin, and easily connects with the laughing woman, though whether the force of the blow is enough to knock the wind out of her remains to be seen.

<OOC> Mab says, "OK"

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+9: (1)+9: 10

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+9: (20)+9: 29

<OOC> Quint says, "threat"

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+9: (6)+9: 15

<OOC> Quint says, "no confirm"

<OOC> Mab says, "Okay - first successful attack, so +2 damage/level"

GAME: Quint rolls 1d4+1+3+3+1: (3)+1+3+3+1: 11

<OOC> Quint says, "ignores DR :D"

Muscles locked, Alteri's eyes dart back and forth, the whites showing bleakly in her eyes as she tries but fails to fight free of the numbing fear that has gripped her in its claws. The tendons of her neck strain and beads of sweat trickle down her temple as she watches her comrades battle the evil she cannot, for the life of her, pull free to join.

<OOC> Alteri puts in a pose while waiting for 4 rounds to end. ^_^;

<OOC> Mab says, "Definitely noticed that one."

Intending to sieze the opportunity presented by the feral woman's distract, Quint cuts down and across with the dull-black blade of the scimitar only to have his wrist caught by the mummy's own iron grip. Grimacing, the whispers of prayer still girding him in faith's own armor, he brings to bear his shield-arm. A heavy metal thump and the crack of ancient bone couples with a silver flash as the defensive-item-turned-weapon. "The Harp players for you... creature," he challenges, his voice oddly serene

GAME: Sharna rolls 1d20+1+5+1+2-2: (20)+1+5+1+2+-2: 27

GAME: Sharna rolls 1d20+1+5+1+2-2: (19)+1+5+1+2+-2: 26

<OOC> Sharna says, "Two threats."

GAME: Sharna rolls 1d20+1+5+1+2-2: (20)+1+5+1+2+-2: 27

GAME: Sharna rolls 1d20+1+5+1+2-2: (2)+1+5+1+2+-2: 9

<OOC> Sharna says, "One crit. :("

GAME: Sharna rolls 2d6+4+1d6: (7)+4+(6): 17

GAME: Sharna rolls 1d6+1+1d6: (6)+1+(6): 13

<OOC> Mab says, "Wow, nicely done. Okay, you score across its back, ripping open ragged wounds and sending out a tumble of old petals and dried up husks of flowers. You are now situated almost directly behind it, which will allow Hrothgar to move to where you were, and therefore the bear to move to where he was."

<OOC> Mab says, "Do the mummy-slaying conga."

<OOC> Mab says, "After which, Hrothgar is up."

<OOC> Hrothgar says, "If I move, I flank with Quint?"

<OOC> Mab says, "Yup."

<OOC> Hrothgar nods and will do this, then. Both of us! Then attack, power attack style

GAME: Hrothgar rolls weapon1+2-1: (2)+7+2+-1: 10

<OOC> Hrothgar says, "blah"

GAME: Hrothgar rolls 1d20+5: (2)+5: 7

GAME: Hrothgar rolls 1d20+5: (12)+5: 17

GAME: Hrothgar rolls 1d20+5: (2)+5: 7

Hrothgar swings his hammer in another wide arc, growling as the weapon bounces harmlessly off the mummy's thick hide. The nameless bear has given up tugging on Alteri's shoelaces and instead move into the open space around the dead creature, roaring as it tear at the monster with tooth and claw. To little effect, however.

Sharna ducks beneath flailing fists and trailing bits of bandage. She's breathing quite heavily - something's wrong with her, she can tell, but she can't put a finger on it. Scared out of her wits, she focuses herself on something more productive... like tearing this thing apart.

The blades dance as she darts in, ducking low, a couple of jabbing feints to distract before making the actual strikes. The profane defenses of the thing falter under the assault - the slender sword cuts deep, spilling aged flora as the woman twists the weapon with a vengeance. The other blade joins, tearing the bandages on its side and leaving its painful mark there.

GAME: Jugga rolls 1d20+3+6+1-1: (8)+3+6+1+-1: 17

Jugga thumps the mummy, and gets thumped back pretty hard. The blow cracks her mask, knocking it across her face, blood flowing from a smashed nose. Shaking her head to clear her vision she sheds the remnants of the mask while she lashes out with broad strokes of her maul. Some semblance of control allows her to keep from smacking any of her neighbors in the brawl, but her strikes don't find any solid connections as the mummy it hit from all sides, which has her angrier than ever. "Damn you. I'll crack your motherless skull open you pig ****ing **** **cker!"

GAME: Mab rolls 1d20+14: (1)+14: 15

The creature is surrounded on all sides, and the beings which had, at first, seemed like naught but buzzing insects are starting to cut into it; this is unnerving. Blindly, it thrashes out in all directions - wild swings might have been aimed at Quint, or Jugga, or even the bear but it is difficult to say. Thankfully, they don't seem focused enough to really land home. This is not an emotionless, mindless creature, and it is starting to panic.

"BARGAIN... Must... complete... HRAAAAARGH!"

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+9: (18)+9: 27

<OOC> Quint says, "threat!"

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+9: (16)+9: 25

<OOC> Quint says, "crit"

<OOC> Quint says, "HOORaaaaaaay"

<OOC> Quint says, "OH"

GAME: Quint rolls 1d20+9: (19)+9: 28

<OOC> Mab hahs

GAME: Quint rolls 2d6+4+6+6+4: (7)+4+6+6+4: 27

GAME: Quint rolls 1d4+1+3+1: (4)+1+3+1: 9

<OOC> Quint says, "both ignore DR :D"

<OOC> Mab says, "Yup, that destroys it."

Klefnaft finally strikes true with a backhanded slash that cuts deep into the mummy's flank even as the shield mirrors the action to slam in at head level. The scissoring attacks utterly destroy the foul undead thing, crushing the head to spin away a tangle of pulped, ancient bone and yellowed, rotting bandages even as the assaulted torso drops down into two dusty, bulb-filled pieces. The encircling energies playing around the paladin immediately begin to pull apart, sucked away to some distant plane now that the borrowed power is no longer needed. "We are victorious," he comments in his own voice between heavy, deep breaths.

"Not yet" Hrothgar rumbles to Quint as the paladin finishes the mummy, gesturing with his earthbreaker as he strides towards the altar, indicating the pulsating heart glowing with that ominous purple glare. He raises his hammer with both hands, ready to smash the vile thing to pieces. "Lord of Frozen Death, this is not your place!" he growls as he swing the hammer.

Jugga spits out a stream of invective at the fallen mummy then winds herself down from her rage, crunching her maul into the floor. She coughs and hacks up blood, spitting to clear her mouth and throat of the blood from her broken nose. She looks over at the glowing heart, "You going to take..." she starts, but Hrothgar looks to have it covered. Given that, she reaches up and snaps her broken nose back to the middle of her face where it belongs.

Sharna had been preparing another strike, but as the mummy crumbles beneath Quint's onslaught, her arms lower. Her weapons are sheathed, the crossbow reclaimed. Shaky on her feet from that bone-shattering blow she'd received, the half-elven woman holds a hand to her chest. "I think one of my ribs might be broken." she says quietly, wincing and twitching at the feel of her own touch. More like FOUR ribs or so.

Quint sheaths his weapons, looking between each standing combatant, eyes narrowed. "How do you feel?" He asks in his odd, halting manner, eyes dancing between Jugga and Sharna. "Such creatures can bring to bear vile curses with their very touch. Extremely painful and ultimately life-threatening should they take root..."

Jugga grumbles between her panting and sweating, "Mmmph. I feel fine. Better if I'd got the death blow on that thing." She grabs at her nose and tugs and pulls on it with lots of grimacing and hissing, "Is my nose straight?"

Crushing the heart kills the purple glow, and with it, the soft sound of dead flesh hitting stone and bones clattering to the floor echoes through the hall.

With the mummy defeated and the sacrifice averted, the heroes can return to the surface; there to rush Sharna for medical attention... and, with the immediate crisis no longer a concern, to allow cleanup to occur.

It transpires that this was once a noble burial place, consecrated to Thul in days long past. Somehow, the ancient rituals hadn't taken, until the builders had disturbed the casket of the dead nobleman's wife. In so doing, they awoke his sons and daughters, and himself...

The taint of evil will take some time to erode, but at least all concerned can take solace in the fact that the tormented souls have met their final rest.