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The High Kingdom of Myrddion
Capital Bryn Myridorn
Population 3,739,660 (humans 85%, khazad 8%, An Lucht Siuil 2%, other 5%, and recently, arvek nar have been seen)
Government Feudal Monarchy (Free Commoners)
Religion Daeus, Althea, Navos, Reos, Angoron, Ceinara, Eluna, Gilead, Vardama, Serriel is making inroads
Imports Glass, ivory, spices, exotic animals, mercenaries, weapons, herbs, magic items
Exports Armor, carved ivory, cloth, coal, precious ores, food, swords, timber
Alignment NG, LG, LN, N, CG

The name Myrddion is sometimes used for the entire High Kingdom (meaning the collection of nations) as well as for the heart and centerpiece of the civilization, which carries the titles of The High Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Lion. The two uses are interchangeable and represent the same thing for it is within the kingdom of Myrddion that the ruling power of The High Kingdom of the Myrrish lies. The blood of the Highborn family along with celestial lineage runs strongly through Myrddion and though this nation expanded greatly during the turbulent years by uniting smaller territories beneath its banner, its cultural heritage has remained true. Myrddion can claim the most when it comes to relating its blood lineage to that of the fallen Millennium Kingdom. Many of its noble families can trace their lines back towards those ancient days and though the kingship has passed on into other hands, they have a strong and proud historical foundation to build upon.

Myrddion is a fertile realm of pride, mounted knights, forests and farms, herds and wealth. Much of its interior is largely empty and uninhabited save for rolling grasslands and a fertile region known as The High Plains of Myrddion. Travelers moving south through the High Plains of Myrddion find a well fed river basin that is nourished by the Great River as it winds its way down a continent long course towards the south lands. Centaurs, Wemics and other creatures both fair and fell roam these plains.

Griffons and lions are common along the western face of the Sky Curtain Mountains here and they are often taken and cultivated by the Myrrish for use as their Skyguard Mounts. The Griffon characterizes much of the fierce nobility within these people and the lion their strength. Halflings control river communities that line the Great River and their huge barges and merchant families ferry anything from travelers to soldiers on missions up and down the great river through a halfling-controlled region known as The Five Shires. The Halflings of this land often mingle here or in the human controlled cities of the region.

Land equals status in Myrddion with the nobles either earning their land or inheriting it. Individuals known as Governors who appoint local Judges from among the common folk to administer laws, collect taxes and support the local magistrates that rule the common folk in provincial groupings. The Governors in turn answer to members of the Nobles Council which themselves serve as advisors to High King Tristus Serenas. The Serenas family rules Myrddion and has for the past ten generations. Tristus Serenas the X is the current monarch and he is known as The Lion of Myrddion for his strength, bravery and skill and the mighty Dire Lion named Vigilance that is his noble companion. The royal family is wealthy and sophisticated and concerned with the well being of the people. Beneath them are a group of often-fractured noble families of equally long lineage and with varying degrees of loyalty to the crown.

The people of Myrddion are known as The Myrrish. The city dwellers in the High Cities tend to be somewhat proud and arrogant at times due to the fact that their cities are held to be the center of cultural and political development in the western land, surpassed only by Gustav in the east. They boast many priests and also paladins are often chosen from their numbers as well. Most of the Myrrish folk, however, are farmers, ranchers, foresters, horse breeders and craftsmen who maintain a steady down to earth nature who expect that better days are always ahead despite the troubles of the past and present. The Myrrish folk are well known horse breeders and riders and the Myrrish Calvary is considered one of the most powerful and dangerous forces in the world. Trained knightly cavaliers are among the champions of Myrddion and this is especially amongst those of The Highborn lineage who loved horses during the age of their glory.

Major Geographical Features

Myrddion boasts one major mountain range and a portion of the Sky Curtain Mountains, the longest river on Arcania and the most fertile river basin. It is mostly a rolling, green and pleasant land, flanked by the mountains and well fed by numerous farms and ranches. Old deep and lush forests dominate north western Myrddion and give it much of its characteristics while the great fertile basin known as The High Plains of Myrddion nurture the land. Animals like the stag, the unicorn and the dragon characterize the region of Myrddion known as The High West while the great plains are known for their great horses, tribes of centaurs and pockets of deep and mysterious woods. The sprawling expanses of the mountains are home to Griffons, Eagles and Mountain Lions.

The Silver Dragon Mountains: This is Myrddion's largest mountain range and it forms a backbone that frames the region known as Myrrish Prime, which is where the capital city sits. A number of settlements exist in these mountains, not the least of is a large independent dwarven realm.

Everwood: Myrddion's largest forest is an old, lush and deep woodland that may have once been part of the ancient continental spanning woods of the old ages. It runs the distance between the Silver Dragon Mountains and the coasts. Ancient remnants of the civilizations of The Millennium Kingdom and more, dot the expanses of The Everwood as well as a sovereign Wild Elf community.

The High Plains of Myrddion: This fertile basin is well fed by the Great River of Arcania which flows the full length of this land. Numerous farms, ranches, small towns and major ports along the river help characterize this land. The deep portions of the plains are home to wandering bands of nomads, centaurs and horses. Where the great river of Arcania forks into two massive rivers named The Lions Tide and The Kingsmarch there are countless river forts and ruined fortresses and broken stone bridges that remind the people of southern Myrddion that the kingdom's power is not all-encompassing.

Important Sites

Myrddion is a land of chivalrous knights, noble paladins, quarreling nobles and wealthy and verdant farms. Its people are freedom loving, independent and sometimes have a tendency towards arrogance and self-assurance in the might of their beloved nation but they are quick to complain about injustice and decadence if it shows its ugly face.

Bryn Myridorn (Metropolis, 857,661): The capital city of Myrddion is the major cosmopolitan power of the western world. Known as The White City, The City of Kings and The Heavens Landing, it benefits from the seat of the monarchy, an excellent harbor, a mighty military, a magicians guild and the headquarters of the strongest priesthood of the good deities. It is a city of great bridges, white towers, walls, banners, battlements, hanging gardens and public squares and parks that are filled with monuments of heroes, scholars and contributors to the common good. A tremendous amount of goods and commerce passes through this city which also contributes to small under cities and shantytowns where illicit doings do occur.