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Deity ceinara.gif
Position Lesser Deity
Symbol A tongue of flame encompassing a wreath
Colors Green and Red
Celestial Symbol The Constellation 'Phoenix Song'
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Home Plane The Cradle of Nature
Portfolio Patron of the arts and invention, Bards, Artificers
Domains & Inquisitions Charm, Luck, Fire, Chaos, Liberation

Conversion, Zeal, Fervor, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment CG, CN, CE
Favored Weapon The Wild Dance (rapier)
Other Names Muse, The Storyteller, The Lady of Inspiration (khazad, gnomes), Vaire (sildanyar)
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Ceinara, Alexandrian Theatre District (see grid), Liberators, Order of the Purple Rose
Some IC Hangouts Alexandrian Grid: A04: Theatre District

Ceinara is the patron goddess of the arts, craft, and inspiration. Enveloped in ever-changing fire, she is a Voice to many, communicating through the hearts and minds of all. To the sildanyar she is named Vaire the Lady of Inspiration and the Hymn of Fire. Hers is a spirit that touches all cultures and she is known by many names in countless cultures and in numerous regions.

Ceinara enjoys attention but avoids those who are horrific or boorish. There are those who attempt to cast her as flighty, vain, and superficial but harmless yet those who depict her in this fashion soon learn otherwise for her power touches upon both good and evil. Ceinara has a special place in her heart for the Lucht Siuil community. She believes that their energetic nature and the simple beauty of their way of life is worth preserving and protecting. The Lucht consider her one of their primary patrons and in halfling communities there can always be found a cleric of Ceinara, promoting the common good and the welfare of their kind. Such priests often serve as even cooks or chefs, delighting in new preparations, or walk alongside of Gilean farmers, planting beauty among the harvest.

Though known primarily as a female beauty, in truth Ceinara honors both forms and has been known to take the occasional male guise. In truth, as a deity she embodies all aspects of beauty, not just male or female, or of a particular race or species.


Live life for the moment and to the fullest and don't be afraid to take chances. Follow through on your impulses because you never know where they may take you. Those who follow Ceinara learn to appreciate even the most minor of creative acts and forms of creativity. They revel in the scribble of a child's first picture and they pour over the minutia details of a gnomish inventor's handiwork. Baking becomes an art, and through cooperation with Reos, they bring invention to society.

Activities that other individuals might find boring, the people of Ceinara watch and observe with a fascination born from the attempt to understand just what the true 'spark' of creation means. Taken to the extreme, some spend their entire lives in pursuit of the understanding of that one ultimate 'moment' when creation begins and inspiration strikes true. Be impulsive, inspirational and quick to act when the drive comes to you but do not despair if you find it slow to come to your mind. Ceinara favors all true artists in time.

Clergy and Temples

Cleric Muse
Bard Voice*
Inquisitor ...coming soon!
* As in "Voice of the Hymn." See the bard and magic pages for details on the Eidolon Hymn. Those who take this title are often dedicated students of the Hymn itself, and Ceinara's role within it.

Ceinara's clerics pray at morning for spells. Ceinara loves those who follow her and treats them well. However she is not above being quick to render judgment for consequences of actions taken and is quick to take offense to those who follow her who shame her name in some fashion. For Ceinara, image is everything and her clergy does well to keep this in mind. Members of Ceinara's clergy often seek out inspiration, craft, and art. The pursuit of such things and the creation of forms of art are among the elements which drive them forward. All members of her clergy strive to create beauty in a personal way and her faith lacks any true structured hierarchy. These smaller groups enjoy the patroning of adventurers and they go out of their way to aid those who are working against forces that seek the random destruction of forms of art. They may undertake quests to the wild, seeking ingredients to craft an art previously unknown, or follow even the smallest of ideas to the ends of the earth.

Clerical Vestments

Ceinara's priesthood invokes no 'dress code' for the organization. They espouse creativity and individuality over functionality and uniform but all of them are required to gain some use in a musical instrument or to develop some type of artistic talent, even if it is as minor as woodcutting.


Ceinara has numerous forms and depictions of her, as befitting a goddess of inspiration and art. Some say she appears as a beautiful woman or man of human origins with red hair that seems to segue into flames behind and about her. Other tales suggest that Ceinara loves being adored most of all; these tales suggest she takes the form of a child, who is universally loved and adored.