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Deity reos.gif
Position Greater Deity
Symbol A hammer striking an anvil
Colors Grey and Red
Celestial Symbol The Constellation 'Reos' Forge'
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Home Plane World Engine
Portfolio Engineers, Artificers, Craftsmen, Dwarves, Gnomes, Goblins
Domains & Inquisitions Artifice, Earth, Law, Rune

Order, Tactics, Spellkiller

Cleric Alignment LN, LG, N
Favored Weapon Vulrais (warhammer)
Other Names The Wonder Lord (gnomes), The Great Smith, Father of Artifice, Father of Dwarves, Lawgiver, Roa the Maker (khazad), Lord of the Unliving Earth, Forger of Worlds, The Anvil (The Vast)
Commonly Associated Organizations Temple of Reos, Exploratory Associates of Alexandria University
Some IC Hangouts Alexandrian Grid: A14: Artificer's Hall, A02: Lower Trades District

Main Grid: H05: Deluge Mines, H07: Stoneworks' Calzones

Deity reos symbol.gif

A burly smith with a workshop of worlds and filled with star stuff that enables him to craft the very fabric of the heavens, Reos is a brilliant, powerful, yet eccentric god. Venerated by humans, gnomes and khazad alike, Reos is also the savior of the remaining Artificers and responsible for their ability to heal.

Among most, he is hailed as the craftsman of the gods and the one who alongside Serriel, guides the progress of technology and invention. In some lands such as Clockwork Point, the city of technology and invention, his faith is anointed as the state religion. Most of the lands of Arcania have embraced the ideals of advanced culture and have begun to use Artifice to their advantages. This gives Reos great power for his tenants revolve around such things and so, though his church may not be the state power, he is widely followed, respected and venerated as the inspirational source to bring substance to ideas.

Reos is credited with the first creation of the khazad, and gnomes view him as their father as well. Despite this, he is not strictly a khazad deity although the khazad number among his most powerful and most eclectic servants. He is also an ally of Serriel, and married to Dana. Their relationship is often contentious, though it's said the two love one another dearly. Ceinara is their daughter.


Reos' followers are encouraged to contribute to the strength of craft guilds and their traditions, to the preservation of crafters' knowledge and tradition. They also support, generally, a civic and ordered way of life as much as they can. They are builders, craftsmen and those who would seek to lift society up and maintain it. His followers are told to be honorable and loyal.

They are taught to be persistent and to tackle problems with the same vigor that they would put the hammer to metal in the forge with. While he encourages order, structure and industry he is also keenly aware of the need for change and innovation in order to continue to promote industry in society. In societies of Light, this most closely allies him with followers of Serriel and Daeus. In societies of Darkness, Reosians most closely align with followers of Maugrim or Thul.

Temples and the Faithful

Cleric Forge
Paladin Hammer
Inquisitor Enginebreaker

Generally, Reos is honored in all parts of Gaea and is a fairly popular god. From the local smith in a small village to the steam-engineers in an industrial metropolis, his name is spoken often and done so with respect. His actual church, however, is concentrated in the Khazad-Duin region. This is no surprise given that Khazad-Duin is the ancestral dwarf home on the continent of Aeryth. Therefore, most of his clerics and priests happen to be dwarves.

Reos' church is split into two factions. These are The Priests of the Great Wheel and the High Holy House of Wonders. The traditional dwarven clergy of Reos are known as The Priests of the Great Wheel. These dwarves oversee the religious duties of the major clans and are organized from The High Holy Hall of Artifice in Duin's Delve; a city in Khazad Duin. Here the high priest is known as The High Artificer. In Clockwork Point another clergy exists of less power, named The House of Wonders and its order of High Holy Engineers. This clergy is primarily gnomish in origin with some human members as well.

Reosian Cleric Traditions: Reos' clerics usually bear witness to the forging of important artifacts, items and devices and bless them with Reos' favor. This is especially true where the dwarves are concerned and their greatest record keepers and keepers of family histories, legends and tales are of the clergy of Reos. In recent years, much to the chagrin of the dwarves and the sense of humor of the gnomes; goblins have turned to the worship of the Wonder Maker in some very small numbers.

Reosian Paladin Traditions: Reos has few paladins, with the greatest number among the khazadi. These paladins are normally considered champions of their kind, blending together all of the virtues of the khazadi race into their ultimate warriors. They are often promoters of peace, clan, and order, and other traditional, khazadi values.

Clerical Vestments

Reos' clergy favor the colors of gray and red, with robes or vestments sewn to resemble the form of a smock or traditional workman's outfit. Some, among the more 'radical' branches, favor more unusual vestments, composed of pieces of artifice and manadevice.


Reos' avatars are traditionally held to be dwarves. These great, thick chested and huge armed dwarves are almost always dressed solely as blacksmiths and bear little on them in terms of weapons and armor beyond his trusted hammer, The Wonder Maker, which was used to spark the first acts of creation during the dawn of history. His hair is usually red and his eyes black. Sometimes he appears as a burly human smith and sometimes as a large nosed gnome with all matter of artifacts and devices clattering around him. In recent years, goblins have come to believe that Reos has appeared to them as a goblin. Large eyes, large nosed and wearing great spectacles but also massively proportioned. Three feet tall and that and more across at the shoulders. The very concept of Reos being a goblin is blasphemous to dwarves who have engaged in more then a few fist-cuffs over it but stories of a few goblin priests in some parts of the world have left dwarves flabbergasted. Despite this, goblin priests who have appeared do so with order in accordance to the lawful nature of Reos and operate out of one of his main priestly branches.